The Seaside Excursion Pt. 01

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There aren’t many perks where I work, so when one comes along, you grab at it before thinking. This was one such time.

I work for a water retail company, specialising in waste water treatment. Yeah, I know, hardly a glamorous job to wow the chicks with!

I’m 39 and have been divorced for 5 years. The single life suits me and I get more sex now than when I was hitched.

The ‘perk’ when it came along, was an overnight stay in Blackpool, accompanying my boss, for a two day conference on innovations in waste treatment.

I jumped at the chance, before I had time to think about it. My boss, Graeme, is gay and married and I knew our company wouldn’t pay for two rooms, so I would have to share a room with a gay guy. I’m not homophobic, I just felt a little uneasy.

In all honesty I’d often thought that if I had been gay, then he would have been my type.

He was younger than me, at 35, a couple of inches shorter at 5’9″, a cheery full face, blue eyes and always had his auburn hair spiky. He didn’t do the gym but was in trim and had chunky legs from cycling.

He would sometimes cycle into the office and before he changed, those skin-tight shorts revealed a shapely arse and a healthy bulge.

We departed from Edinburgh Waverley to go to Blackpool via Preston and as it was the early train it was quiet. We had a table and sat opposite each other and had no trouble talking.

The first twenty minutes were taken up by work, then we put that to the side and started to get to know one another.

I went for the jugular but not maliciously.

“So when did you know you were gay?” I asked, curious to learn.

“Probably the same time you knew you were straight.” Graeme answered.

“Are you top or bottom?” It was cheeky I knew but I genuinely wanted to know.

“That’s a bit forward! But I’ll play along. I’m actually versatile.”

“Versatile? Like a footballer playing different positions” I must have sounded so naive.

“Well yes, I suppose so. Before I met Stu I was a top but now I’m the bottom most times.”

I was quiet for a moment as I digested these facts.

“So you take his cock up your arse then?”

Graeme was getting a little agitated.

“Yes but there’s more to it than that.”

“Like what?” I probed.

“We suck each other off, I love that.” He added with a dreamy smile.

“Wow! You get all the things men beg eryaman escort women for and so rarely get.”

Our intimate chat ended as an old couple got on the train at Carlisle. Finding out about what my boss did sexually, had aroused me and thankfully the table prevented him from seeing the bulge in my pants.

We each settled to read a book but my mind was solely on what it would be like to suck my boss’s cock.

At one point I was looking over at him and he looked up and smiled. It was a smile that made my legs weak.

We changed trains at Preston and this time it was busier. We had to sit beside each other and there was no table.

What on earth was I thinking? He was a happily married gay man and I was straight but I could not get the thought of touching his cock out of my mind. My hand ‘accidentally’ landed on his thigh at one point and he reciprocated minutes later.

We arrived in Blackpool and went straight to the conference, which started at 10am. We were a little early and so sat in a cafe over the road, both on cappuccinos. Seeing the froth on his top lip, all I could think of was my spunk being deposited there. The way his tongue licked it off had me hard again.

I won’t bore you with the conference details. We did what we had to do, even separating at lunch as he went with some fellow bosses.

Our hotel was a typical cheap one from a chain our company had an account with. Not for us, staying at the hotel that accompanied the conference centre.

It was a ten minute walk and we decided to go along the promenade.

It was mid-March and so devoid of a lot of tourists. Thankfully, it was dry and not too cold.

Graeme suddenly piped up, as we walked “I lost my virginity here….”

“Tell me more.” I urged, intrigued.

“I was part of a straight guys stag do, the only gay guy in the group. I’d just come out and my pals were great, it was like ‘tell me something new’, they were a great support.”

“That’s good. Was it one of them?”

“No, it was a local guy. All he wanted was a one nighter, we fucked each other and the next morning I joined up with my pals again.”

“Are you going to search him out tonight?” I probably sounded disappointed.

“Lord no! That was years ago. Anyway, I’m married now.”

“Married men cheat, straight and gay.” I retorted.

“Is sincan escort that you suggesting something?” He said in a flirty manner.

My face reddened and I couldn’t speak coherently.

We arrived at the reception desk and Graeme signed us in. The room was on the third floor and was spacious, mainly due to one fact. There was only one double bed.

“I didn’t arrange this, it’s our HR team that book rooms.” Graeme apologised and continued “I’ll get us moved.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’ll be an experience…..” I said, lightly.

“It sure will, I always sleep naked.” Graeme announced.

“Me too.” I was lying but I felt a strange compunction to get with him.

“All these questions today. It was because you’re curious to try cock, was’nt it?”

I had no option but to nod my head.

“Well let’s have a shower first. Make the way for some clean exploring. It’s too small for us both to fit in, so you first.”

I undressed down to my briefs and made my way to the shower, followed by a wolf-whistle.

Fuck! What was I doing? I wasn’t gay, I couldn’t be. The words cascaded round my brain.

Yet the one thing I was dying to see was Graeme’s cock and it clouded my other thoughts.

I came back through with a towel round my waist.

“Aww, I wanted to see if you were pleased to see me.”

Graeme had also stripped to his boxers and I focused on the pronounced bulge.

He moved slowly to the bathroom, knowing I was admiring his arse cheeks, so plump and firm.

Graeme seemed to take an age but when he came out of the bathroom, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. His cock was soft but swang side to side and must have been seven inches without being erect.

He saw that I was entranced with his dick and smiled knowingly at me. He knew I wanted it.

I was scared, so scared of what it could do to me, that I just stumbled over my words.

“Shush! Remember I’m the boss.”

He flicked away the towel covering my member. It was hard, at its full seven inches but I felt so inferior beside Graeme.

“That’s a very suckable cock you have there. Can I?” He didn’t wait for an answer as he put his full lips round my bulbous head and licked around and under the helmet.

He was so much better at sucking than any girl I’d known, apart from a pro in Hamburg one time years etlik escort ago.

His luscious lips slid down my shaft, thrilling me more by the second.

He knew just how far to take me, without me exploding in his mouth.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth Don?”

“Oh yes, so much.” I panted out.

He started to suck longer and faster and I knew I was fit to burst. I let out moans of pleasure as at least four ropes hit the back of his throat.

He was a real trooper and swallowed it all.

“How was that for you, lover boy?” He asked in a sultry tone.

“Amazing! Just amazing.” I replied.

“Do you want to try?” Graeme encouraged.

I let him lie on the bed, legs spread apart and although I was as nervous as hell, I touched his semi-hard cock. It twitched at my touch and gave me a fright. Graeme just laughed but in a reassuring way. It was now nearly ten inches long. The cloak of foreskin had now been discarded and his purple head throbbed in front of me.

I gripped his shaft with one hand and slowly put my lips to his knob. My very first cock and it tasted out of this world. My tongue was working overtime, making sure not a single bit was missed. I was struck by the veiny shaft and my tongue ran down it eliciting moans of pleasure from Graeme. I then started to play with his balls and sucked on them, well aware they were filled with cum.

I knew I could not take his cock in fully but tried my best before gagging.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth.” Graeme asked.

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted.” I heard myself say but couldn’t quite believe it.

“Okay Don, open wide.” He ordered me.

I did as he bid and suddenly a huge rope of cum flew into my mouth. I had to swallow, as another rope shot forth, then another. I gulped as much down as I could, then licked the last drops from his huge cock.

“For a first timer you’re a natural.” Graeme praised me.

I was still high on the moment and replied “Not the last time I hope.”

Graeme looked at me thoughtfully and spoke. “Can I let you into something?

“Of course.” I keenly replied.

“Stu gave me his blessing before we came here. He knew I could get you into bed.”

I was shocked but not angry.

“So Stu was happy at the thought of me draining your cock?” I asked, still surprised.

“Oh, he did have one condition.”

“What’s that, pictures?” I laughed.

“No. He wants to fuck you.” Graeme said in a matter of fact way. He continued.

“He knew my cock would be too much for you but his is only six inches, a great fit.”

“When?” I surprised myself at how keen I sounded.

“Tomorrow night. I’ve booked another night here.

I couldn’t wait.

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