The Sebastian Files: Gary

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SEBASTIAN: Tell me about your concerns.

GARY: Well, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a disaster.

SEBASTIAN: In what way?

GARY: In what way? In every way. If our parents find out—what a nightmare. If anybody finds out. What is she telling her friends? That’s what I worry about. And what are her friends telling her? I’m pretty sure that’s where she got the idea in the first place.

SEBASTIAN: So she initiated this.

GARY: Yes. It was during the summer, when she was back from college.

SEBASTIAN: She is nineteen, and you are twenty-three, correct?

GARY: Yes.

SEBASTIAN: Very good. How did she approach you?

GARY: Like a truck. Didn’t see it coming. Nothing subtle about her seduction technique.

SEBASTIAN: How did you react?

GARY: I thought it was a trick. Like she was secretly recording me. I wasn’t falling for that. But then she backed off and started acting normal. But still talking about sex. Listing the reasons why we should do it. And I was like, she’s serious? I thought she lost her mind.

SEBASTIAN: What were the reasons she gave you?

GARY: Oh, I don’t know. Something about being curious, being horny. She said she’s always liked me. Where did that come from? She’s never liked me.

SEBASTIAN: Feelings for siblings can be expressed in confusing ways. How did you respond to her?

GARY: I kicked her out of my apartment. Told her she was crazy. Didn’t even want to think about it.

SEBASTIAN: But you thought about it.

GARY: ataşehir escort bayan Couldn’t stop thinking about it.

SEBASTIAN: You were tempted.

GARY: I have to admit, there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks. She has an awesome body. But she’s my little sister, I didn’t think of her in that way.

SEBASTIAN: But you do now?

GARY: Yes. I guess I do.

SEBASTIAN: What changed your mind?

GARY: I just got worn down. She runs a hard campaign. She kept bringing it up. Like she was obsessed. Little miss incest, I called her. As a joke. But she was so serious. And after a while, I was like, well, maybe? Maybe we should try it? If she wants to do it so bad, what’s stopping me?

SEBASTIAN: What is stopping you?

GARY: I don’t know. It’s so messed up. So, you’re an expert in this?

SEBASTIAN: I’ve been researching adult consensual incest for years. I understand it better than most.

GARY: It’s a crazy thing to do, isn’t it?

SEBASTIAN: It’s unusual, but it happens more than you might think. Incest is a major transgression, but it can be a powerful and positive experience.

GARY: Really?

SEBASTIAN: Absolutely. If you have trust and secrecy, and you have desire and love, a very special relationship is likely to occur.

GARY: I just don’t know.

SEBASTIAN: Have you told her what you’re feeling?

GARY: Sort of. We’ve talked. And we’ve done some stuff.

SEBASTIAN: Like what?

GARY: Kissing. escort kadıöy To see what it would be like.

SEBASTIAN: How was it?

GARY: Weird and pretty hot. She really liked it. She gets so excited. It’s hard to say no to her. And we’ve done some touching.

SEBASTIAN: Touching?

GARY: With our clothes on. Well, she took off her top, but kept her pants on. Although, actually, it got a little wild and I… slipped my fingers down her pants.


GARY: She really got off on that. Then she offered to give me a blowjob, but I wasn’t sure we should, so she just jerked me off.

SEBASTIAN: And you’re worried about having sex with her?

GARY: Well, yeah. It seems like a big step.

SEBASTIAN: Is it? Because you have already started a sexual relationship with your sister. It’s very clear. It’s undeniable. You have passed the point of no return.

GARY: I guess so.

SEBASTIAN: Do you not see this? You have committed incest. If you’re worried about a line, you’ve already crossed it.

GARY: So you’re saying I might as well sleep with my sister?

SEBASTIAN: I’m saying that sexual intercourse with your sister is a tiny step compared to how far your relationship has progressed.

GARY: Yeah, I get it.

SEBASTIAN: How would you describe your experiences so far with your sister?

GARY: Pretty amazing. Yeah, pretty hot.

SEBASTIAN: There you go. And it’s very likely that it will only get better. But you’re maltepe escort still worried.

GARY: Yes. I worry about her friends.

SEBASTIAN: Do you think she would tell them?

GARY: I think she already has. She has three close friends in college, and if you could see them together… I’ve hung out with them sometimes and I just know something is going on.

SEBASTIAN: Like what?

GARY: Here’s the thing—they all have older brothers.

SEBASTIAN: Interesting. So you get the feeling that they’re in incestuous relationships?

GARY: Oh yeah. A definite vibe. Huh, I suppose I give off the same vibe now. I’m part of the club.

SEBASTIAN: If you ever get the chance, could you mention me to them? I’d love to hear their experiences. As part of my research.

GARY: I guess so. If it ever comes up, yeah, I guess I could.

SEBASTIAN: And of course I can offer them guidance as well. Incest is a tricky and delicate path. But it can be rewarding. Now that I’m up to speed on your situation, we can discuss a way forward for you.

GARY: What, you mean like a plan to have sex my sister?

SEBASTIAN: A plan to fully actualize your relationship with your sister. I can describe what others have done in your situation, which approaches would be most successful, which dangers you should avoid. Isn’t that what you wanted when you sought me out? The anxiety and confusion you’re feeling is because you’re facing the unknown, you are in a situation outside of societal convention and normalcy. But I can tell you about the hidden world of incest, and what people have discovered there, and you’ll see that there is nothing to fear.

GARY: Okay. Yeah, that sounds good. If you can tell me the easiest way to fuck my sister, that would be great.

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