The Secret Place

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It had been such a long week. They had been promising each other that they would get together again for weeks. It just seemed to never work out. Their schedules had clashed at every turn. And it looked like this weekend wasn’t going to work out as well. Something was going to have to give way or she was going to go crazy with need for him.

The temperatures this week hadn’t helped either. The days had been sweltering and the nights weren’t much better. If she were going to be dripping, she’d much prefer it to have something to do with the extra workout she could be having from making love to him. At least that would be worth all the sweating. But instead she had woken up each morning with the sheets sticking to her, needing a shower before she could even think about getting dressed. It was fortunate that she never wore anything to sleep in. By morning it would have been drenched as well.

Today promised to be just as hot as the rest of the week had been, with no relief in sight. At least she only had to work half of it. She’d put in enough extra time this week to allow her to take the afternoon off. There were a few things she needed to pick up on her way home and then she planned to just relax the rest of the day. Anything to get some respite from the heat. At least her apartment would be cool. Her electric bill was probably going to be outrageous, but she was determined to at least be cool in her own home.

She finished up the last of her work and then made her way to the car. The errands didn’t take long and she soon found herself nearing her apartment building.

Just as she was driving into her parking space, she saw her neighbor coming out of the building. He didn’t look very happy. The heat must be getting to him as well, she thought. She opened her window to speak to him and was greeted with a look of exasperation.

“Don’t even think about getting out of your car!” He called out to her. “You don’t want to set foot out of the cool you have in there.”

“But, Steve, I’ll just be a few minutes until I can be inside. It’s cool in my place. I make sure of that!” she told him.

“Well, you might try to keep it cool, but there’s nothing you can do if the system fails. And that’s what happened today. The landlord said something about overload. Too many people trying to keep it too cool. So the whole thing just shut down. There’s been no air since early this morning. He said it should be fixed by tonight though.” He ran his fingers through his wet hair. It was obvious that he had spent his day in anything but a cool apartment.

That’s just great, she thought. An entire afternoon to herself and nothing but a sweltering apartment to come home to. She couldn’t stand the idea of sitting in the heat inside. And not even the thought of trying to endure the heat out in the pool would help. The temperatures lately had rendered the pool water almost unbearable as well. So now what?

“Thanks, Steve, for the warning. I think I’ll just find myself somewhere else to spend the rest of my day then. I hope you manage to find someplace cool as well.” She put her window up, hoping her car air conditioning would catch up again and cool her off once more. Now she had to think. Where could she go for the rest of the day? Shopping was not the answer. And just sitting at a coffee shop was not appealing either. There had to be something!

That’s when the thought hit her. The perfect place to spend the afternoon. She hadn’t been there since…hmmmm…since last spring, when he had surprised her that beautiful afternoon in May. He had picked her up early for their date. All he would tell her was to bring a blanket and a towel. She had been extremely curious about where he was taking her. When they got near their destination, he had told her to close her eyes and not open them until he told her she could. That made her all the more curious!

They finally pulled to a stop and he led her out of the car. They walked a short distance and then he positioned her in a particular direction. Then he told her she could open her eyes.

There before her was the most magnificent sight she had ever seen. Ağrı Escort They were standing next to a small lake that was surrounded on three sides by huge boulders and trees. It was fed by a beautiful waterfall that fell smoothly over the rocks. The water was a deep azure blue and the water droplets that splashed up below the falls twinkled in the sunlight. Wildflowers grew all along the banks of the lake. Their fragrance was soft and their colors reflected in the water. She could not believe there could be such a perfect place such a short distance from the turmoil of the city.

They had spent the afternoon there, just enjoying the sound of the rushing water and the soft smells. He had also made such sweet, passionate love to her there by the bank of the lake. The soft spring grass was the perfect bedding for their lovemaking. She could not remember a more beautiful day spent anywhere else in her life.

So now that was where she decided she would go. Perhaps there would be a breeze across the lake and, with the shelter of the rocks and trees, it was bound to be much cooler there, even at this point in the summer. It was strange, but she seemed headed in that direction even before she remembered it existed. It must have been there in her memory all along. She found herself smiling at the thought of being there again. She only wished he could be there to share the afternoon with her.

As she drove around the last curve, she realized she was holding her breath. It was as though she was worried it might not be there. That it had all been something she had dreamt. But in the very next moment she expelled the air she had been holding inside her as her eyes beheld what she had been looking for. If possible it was even more breathtaking than before. It was greener now, and the flowers had taken over everywhere. The trees had their full complement of leaves now and there was a breeze rustling them slightly. The only thing that could have made it a more idyllic spot would have been a huge white swan floating across the surface of the lake.

She stopped the car and reached into the back for the blanket she always carried, just in case it was needed. She also grabbed the book she had in her bag. Might as well take the opportunity to read some of it. Normally she never took the time to read even though she loved to do so. There were always too many other things to get done. But today all of that was pushed aside. This was going to be her afternoon. To do just what she wanted.

As she walked toward the water’s edge, she dropped her things next to a tree. Slipping off her shoes along the way, she felt the coolness of the grass on her bare feet. When she reached the water she stuck her toes in to check the temperature. She was amazed at how good it felt. She stepped in a little further. After the heat of the city, this was heaven. Looking around, she realized she was totally secluded from the outside world. He had told her very few people even knew this place existed. That was enough for her at that moment.

She walked back over to where she had dropped her things and began to slip out of her clothes. Her blouse had been sticking to her back from the heat. The only thing she could think of right then was how good it was going to feel to let the water slide over her skin and cool her down. Once she dropped the last of her clothing, she looked around once more, feeling just a bit unsure. But the coolness of the water beckoned her on, and she slowly began to walk into the water.

Heaven. That was all she could think of. It was so wonderful to feel the cool water easing away the heat. She moved slowly, not wanting to rush the process, allowing the water to very slowly move around her body. It was very sensuous. Almost like a lover caressing her skin. She found herself moving her hands along her body. Allowing her own hands to become the hands of her lover, stroking her breasts. Lightly pinching her nipples. One hand moving downward to find that one place that warmed even more with her touch. She slowed her progress into the water as it reached her thighs. Her thoughts had taken her Ağrı Escort Bayan to the point that she felt she had to seek a release.

As she continued to caress her breasts with one hand, the fingers of her other hand slipped inside her. She moaned as they began to move in and out. In her mind, it was her lover making such sweet love to her, not her own fingers. She began to remember the time before when they were here. He had been so gentle with her and had brought her to such an exquisite climax. And now he was doing it all over again. She could feel her muscles begin to shudder and then, like an explosion, she was swept along with the passion that rushed through her body. Her whole body shook from the power of this orgasm. She couldn’t believe how strong it was. Never had she experienced anything quite that forceful.

As her body calmed a little, she bent over to put her hands into the water, bringing them up and allowing the water to flow down across her breasts. The coolness made her nipples harden even more. She started to move deeper into the water, when she heard a slight noise from behind her. Startled, she turned her head in the direction of the bank. What she saw brought an intake of breath and a smile to her lips. Hardly believing her eyes, she blinked once and looked once again. But he still was there. How had he managed to be here…now…and how had he gotten there without her having heard his approach? As she started to move toward him, she heard him call out, “Stop! Don’t move!”

She didn’t understand what he wanted. She just wanted to go to him. To assure herself that he really was there. But he continued to hold out his hand, motioning her to stay where she was. “I just want to hold that image for a little longer,” he told her. “You are the most incredible sight I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He stood on the bank just looking at her. The afternoon sun was glinting off the water and seemed to give a glow all around her. “I want you to turn around and face the other direction. Don’t turn back around and don’t react to any sounds you might hear. Just stay like that for a few minutes,” he told her. The words seemed to come out haltingly, as though he had difficulty getting them out.

She knew what he wanted and decided to give him a good show. She turned around and moved just a little deeper into the water. As she moved, she seductively let her hands move back to her hips and stroked her buns slowly up and down. The water was just to the top of her thighs and she dropped her fingertips down and swirled the water, sending ripples all around her body.

He watched her for a few moments and then started ripping his clothes off as fast as possible. But as he entered the water, he made sure to make no sound. The need to be next to her was growing with every step.

Just as she thought she could stand it no longer and started to turn, she felt his hands on her shoulders. She only jumped slightly. The feel of his soft hands was exquisite. He moved her hair aside and kissed her neck, “I always wanted to make love to a beautiful mermaid, and here you are.” She moaned softly as his left hand moved around to caress her breast and the other dropped down to her stomach. He pulled her close to his body. The feel of his body next to hers took her breath away. She still couldn’t believe he was actually there.

He slowly turned her around, placing his fingers under her chin, tipping her face up to his. He kissed her softly, tasting her lips, then letting his tongue gently push between them. She moaned again as his tongue swept into her mouth. His arms wrapped around her as the kiss grew more intense. He loved the taste of her and wanted more.

She managed to slip her arms up and around his neck. This brought her breasts in full contact with his chest. She moved her body slightly from side-to-side, letting her hardened nipples brush against him. His sharp intake of breath told her it had excited him even more.

He began to move them into deeper water and the buoyancy of the water allowed him to easily lift her up. Her legs wrapped around him and he supported Escort Ağrı her with his hands on her buns, massaging them gently. He lifted her just a bit higher and then let her slide down onto him. The warmth of her as she surrounded him made him gasp. She threw her head back and moaned as he started to move in and out of her.

He kissed her neck and groaned as he pulled back again. “As good as this is, I think I want more. I want to be able to feel more of you and have you able to respond more to me.” The need that she saw in his eyes was intense and she knew it only mirrored her own needs at the moment.

“Let’s find out if the grass is as soft as it was last time. I have a blanket. I’m sure it will be perfect.” As she said the words, he kissed her mouth once more and then allowed her to slide back down until she was standing. She moved ahead of him slightly and as they moved farther out of the water he watched as her hips appeared at the surface of the water. She slowed her walk and let her hands caress her buns just a bit and looked back at him. She watched his tongue lick his lips as he saw what she was doing. Just as he started to reach out to pull her back to him again, she laughed and pulled away, running toward the bank. He ran after her, overtaking her quickly, and grabbed her arms. They slipped down to the ground and he pulled her down on top of him.

“You are a little devil! You knew exactly what that was going to do to me!” He laughed and kissed her neck. His hands began to roam down her body until they found what they wanted. He squeezed her buns with each hand, massaging them slowly. He kissed her mouth firmly and then rolled her over onto her back. Looking down into her eyes, he smiled. “I would love to give you a massage that you would never forget. However, you have me needing you so badly I can think of nothing more than being inside you again.” With that he raised his hips and placed his cock just at her entrance. Her legs opened more and he once again slowly slid inside her. Her heat was exquisite as it enveloped him.

Their moans mingled as she felt him begin to move in and out of her. Her need for him was just as strong and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper. The feel of him thrusting into her was better than she ever experienced before. She heard someone cry out, then realized it was herself; the feelings were so intense she could not hold back her gasps. Then she felt her body building up to that point of release. She almost wanted to will it to hold back, to lengthen the time of anticipation, but she knew it was impossible. She cried out to him, “Now, my darlin’, now!”

He had known she was at the peak. Her muscles had tightened so around him he thought she would never release him. It was sending him over the edge as well. When he heard her cry out he thought he had hurt her, but then realized it was a cry of shear pleasure. Just as she cried out “Now” he felt his own release building up. He thrust his hips harder against her and they both exploded in a climax that left them both gasping for breath.

She pulled him down on top of her, not wanting to let the moment pass too quickly. They lay there wrapped in each other’s arms. Kissing him tenderly, she looked into his eyes, seeing such a look of love that her own eyes filled with tears. He had managed to come to her and fulfill every dream she could ever have. There could never be anything better than what they had shared today in this place.

“I still don’t understand something. How did you manage to come here today? How did you know I was here? No one knew I was coming, not even me until I was almost here!” Her eyes now were wide with wonder.

He smiled, “That’s the strangest thing. I was trying to get some work done and I kept having this memory of this place pop into my head. No matter how hard I tried to put it aside, it kept tugging at my mind. I finally realized I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish anymore work, so I just hopped in my car and drove out here.” He grinned at her again, “I guess you were calling out to me, my dear.”

She loved the thought that she could have such an effect on him and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. She started to get up, but he pulled her back to him. This time the kiss was not on the cheek, nor as tender. When he finally let go of her mouth, he whispered, “Next time will be even better!”

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