The Seducer

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Big Tits

I was bored as hell. My friends if you can call them that were all busy. I had recently broke up and so I couldn’t go and pass on the time with her. Ugh! What to do? I suddenly had an inspiration. I proceeded towards the park. At least I could check out some hot babes. And usually the park always provided entertainment.

I sat down on a bench at a busy spot. I saw a group playing ball, some people jogging, two hot babes playing badminton. Damn! Those boobs. While I was busy perving on those babes I saw someone stumble in my peripheral vision.

I looked and noticed a middle-aged woman, no cut that thought; a very hot, foxy and sexy milf. She was in good shape with no excess fat or atleast I couldn’t see it in her garb. Her shirt was unbuttoned on the top and her boobs, only one word came to my mind- delicious.

She had long wavy black hair and had fine pair of legs in a stockings and shoes. Overall she was one fine sexy woman. Stumbling she sat beside me. I was sneaking glances at those luscious boobs what I thought was covertly. I could see she was tipsy. She was mumbling something but I couldn’t figure it out.

I sat there simply admiring her curves when she turned towards me. I quickly averted my eyes but she spoke up,

“Hey. Excuse me.”

Her words were not slurred. I was confused. She looked drunk but she wasn’t slurring. I looked at her but my eyes wandered towards her boobs but I quickly concentrated on her face and said,

“Yes. What can I do for you?”

She had an amusing smile on her face which showed she knew what I was thinking of. And damn if I wasn’t thinking. All the naughty thoughts were running a dozen through my mind. She spoke up,

“Do you like what you see?”

If she wanted to embarrass me, she surely did. I sputtered and coughed and blushed beet red. I tried to speak but it was so pathetic even to me. I simply stared at her. The lady laughed a warm throaty laugh and flicked her hair aside.

She said, “It’s alright. I just want to know what you think of me?”

I calmed myself breathing deeply. When I got my emotions under control I spoke up softly, “Yeah. You look beautiful.”

She flashed me a smile which sure melted my heart. This lady was brimming with sexuality and confidence. She was silent for some time and I was aware she was checking me out. I wasn’t nervous regarding this since I take care of my body very zealously. I was very much in shape and was proud of it.

After her assessment I believe she smiled again and said confidently, “Will you fuck me?”

Twice in a row I was stumped. I couldn’t process what to say. Will I fuck her? Oh yeah. Who won’t? But what does she want with a virgin like me (yeah, yeah I am a virgin) and whom she does not know a thing of? She patiently waited for me but my voice was lost completely for the first time. Instead I nodded my head.

She smiled that sexy smile and said, “Oh great. Let’s go. Do you have anything important to do?”

Yeah like I would miss something like this. No way. College be damn and my job too. I shook my head no. She got up and motioned me to follow her. I was upto it. I was walking behind her seeing the way her hips swayed side to side.

God! My dick was so hard it hurt. And these jeans weren’t helping me any. But I would gladly suffer it. Her ass was mouth watering. Like all horny young adults I was a breast and ass man. This didn’t mean I wouldn’t notice anything else. No way everything about a hot girl or lady tempted me.

I heard her chuckle and I raised my head. She said, “You will get time to see and feel them up close later. Now walk beside me. We can talk a few.”

I nodded like a dog trying to please the master. I walked up beside her. She took hold of my hand and smiled. I nervously smiled back. On the way I learnt small things about her. Her name was Esther. She was on a job and was staying in a hotel. She wouldn’t say what she did but assured me that she would tell afterwards. She asked about me.

I told her about my solitary life. I didn’t have any relatives nor parents to take care of me. I grew up in an orphanage and completed junior college from there. I had a part time job which paid for my bare essentials. The whole way she listened to me truly unlike my girlfriends who put up a show.

Her keeping silent about her work made me wonder. Even shocking was why such a beauty could not settle down? At last we Manavgat Escort reached her hotel. Wow. I only saw these pricey things from afar and people of my category could not even set foot on the premises.

But no one stopped me today. Instead they welcomed us with a smile. The way everyone tried to help her gave the impression she was well known and an important client. She asked me whether I would like to eat dinner at the hotel restaurant or go upstairs and order room service. The latter was said with a wink and a mischievous smile.

And that sealed the deal. I said room service would be fine. She nodded and flashed her sexy smile. We proceeded towards the elevator and entered her room. It was unlike anything I saw. The carpet, chandelier, the furniture, big and I mean really big TV, the king sized bed with silk sheets, the grand bathroom with a marble tub.

Esther could understand my fascination and so she let me be. Instead she went to her closet and took out some comfortable clothes. She broke my admiration and said,

“Enjoy and see anything and everything. I will be in a few.”

She winked and left towards the bathroom. I settled on the couch luxuriating in its comfort when I spotted two remotes. I picked one up thinking it must be of the TV and pressed a button. I heard some rustling and turned towards the sound. It was the curtain which opened and what a mind blowing view it was.

I could see so far away. Everywhere there were tall buildings and a few taller. The park from where we left. The lights. And the vehicles moving down on the street. It was breathtaking. I was so immersed in the view I didn’t realize Esther behind me.

Only when I felt her arm wound around me and her boobs squashed on my back and her freshly showered smell I came back to earth. She breathed in my ear,

“This is why I love this room. I love to see the view after work.”

She was slowly moving her hands which made me tingle and my cock rock hard. I gulped from the nearness of her body, from her body heat and nervousness of the encounter. She must have read my thoughts because she said,

“No need to be tense. Everything will be fine.”

I nodded. She turned me towards her and stepped back. My eyes were roaming all over her body. She was wearing a short gown which was cinched together by a belt. Her valley was offering a tantalising view. Not brazen enough but just on the line to tease.

And her long, toned legs. Shaking these thoughts I concentrated on her face. She smiled and said, “No need to ask about my look. That answers it.”

I looked down where she was obviously pointing- my hard cock. She spoke up,

“What shall we order?”

I was ok with whatever she would have and so she placed a call to bring dinner. She was assured it would be up in about 15 minutes. She smiled and gestured towards the couch. I sat beside her. Our thighs touched and she smiled.

“Are you a virgin?”

I was a bit acquainted with her line of questioning and so I said without hesitation, “Yes. I haven’t gone all the way.”

She smiled wickedly which made me feel uneasy. She said, “Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to learn? Do you want to please others?”

I nodded yes to all the questions. She was satisfied that I was a willing participant. She leaned towards me and so I prompted by leaning towards her. Our lips and faces were so close. We were looking into each others eyes when she leaned fully and kissed me.

Her lips were so full and so soft. It was a kiss which conveyed so much passion I shivered. We kissed without opening our lips for a time. All of a sudden her lips parted a fraction and her tongue darted outwards, caressing my lips, asking me to open my mouth. I didn’t have any objections. I opened my lips and her tongue darted inside my mouth.

I parried my tongue with her in a duel for supremacy. But I was inexperienced before her. The ways in which she used her tongue and lips was stimulating. She sucked my tongue between her lips. She sometimes teased me, licked my teeth and bit my lips. We were breathing through our nose but had to break the kiss.

Her chest was heaving. Her nipples were erect and so mouth watering. Her hair tousled. She smiled sexily and said,

“You sure know how to kiss.”

I smiled at her appreciation. The door bell rang before we could speak. She got up and checked Manavgat Escort Bayan herself before opening the door. She brought the tray towards the couch and we settled down to eat. The meal was the best of my whole life. No wonder these rich people loved these pricey hotels.

After a satisfactory meal we sat and gazed at each other. I could lose myself in those pools- her eyes. She was truly a Goddess. I wanted to take an initiative and with apprehension leaned down and kissed her. This kiss was as amazing as the first one. I couldn’t get enough of the kiss.

Finally we broke apart and Esther said, “Good. You are learning well.”

She stood up and pulled me up too. Taking the ends of my T-shirt she pulled them upwards and threw them aside. She paused a moment her eyes roaming and said,


She then moved towards my jeans and caressed my lump through the pants. I was on edge and barely controlled the eruption. She snapped open the jeans and pulled them down with the boxers. My dick stood at attention. I won’t lie and say I had a giant cock which I waved at her face or such. It was an average 6.5′, big enough to satisfy my partner and small enough not to cause them pain. But it was thick around the girth.

She caressed it sensuously and said, “It is beautiful. Not too big and not too small.”

I smiled at the compliment. She started stroking me and the movement caused her boobs to jiggle deliciously. Noticing my stare she said, “Soon enough.”

She wrapped her fingers and stroked me. Her hands showing she knew what to do. The sensations spreading through my body was wrecking me with pleasure. My only thought was to cum. At last I was at

edge and said,

“Esther, I am going to cum.”

She dropped on her knees unexpectedly and wrapped her lips around the mushroom head. This was by far the most intense feeling. And I started shooting with moans and grunts. I fired 4-5 shots and then dribbled last few drops. She sucked me complete and swallowed.

Not allowing me to recover she kissed me hard and fast. I could taste myself but delighted myself by groping her delectable ass. Esther broke apart and said,

“You are a better student. You did not shy to kiss me with my cum filled mouth. Women expect a kiss when they pleasure their man. That is the first thing you should remember. And always reciprocate.”

I was drained but nodded my understanding. Seeing my state she pushed me on the sofa and straddled me. Her boobs were in my line of vision and teasing me mercilessly. Noticing my gaze she laughed and said, “Men.”

She opened her gown and those God made beauties were revealed to me. They were in every sense perfect. Big and firm with little sag they sat proudly on her chest. Her areolae a pink shade and her erect nipples brown. My mouth watered at the tasty sight and my mouth and hands itched to feel and taste them.

Esther spoke up with a grin, “Are you just going to stare at them or do something?”

I was delighted to play with those ta-tas. With a shit eating grin I covered them with my hands. Even then there was so much tit flesh remaining. I gently rubbed her boobs. I pressed them, hefted them and caressed them. Esther moaned with these ministrations and this made my cock twitch.

I took hold of her nipples and rolled them

gently. Afterwards I pulled them and elicited another moan from Esther. She had her eyes closed and was gripping my shoulders. I could no longer wait and so I leaned down and wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked.

Esther growled with pleasure. I was happy I could provide her with ecstacy. I gently sucked on her tit and flicked my tongue to and fro. Esther pulled me to her chest. Her nails were digging my scalp. She was bucking her hips to intensify her feelings. Not wanting to ignore her other tit I changed positions and lavished it with the same attention.

I don’t know why but I bit down on her nipple gently and pinched her other nipple. This was the final straw and Esther shuddered in climax. A long moan escaped her lips. Seeing all this and hearing her sexy moan I blasted my cum all over her backside. I came and came without any stimulation.

We both were panting. My hands on their accord went towards her bum. I grabbed, rubbed and pulled her cheeks making Esther moan and giggle throatily. She opened her eyes and kissed me with Escort Manavgat such intensity my toes curled. If I died I would die a very happy and satisfied man.

After the kiss she said, “Here I am trying to teach you and seduce you and you are a natural born in this. With a little more experience you can pleasure anyone.”

After so much I gained confidence and said, “Thanks. I have a great and sexy teacher.”

She laughed. Sitting on her knees she sucked my cock which owing to teenage recuperation hardened again. Esther smiled and said “The final lesson.”

I was ready. Ready to fuck her and lose my virginity. Esther removed her gown and I could finally see her pussy. Her pussy was swollen and her lips open. It was wet with her secretion and her clit was prominent. She had a strip of hair above her mound and the rest was shaved.

She straddled me and stroking my dick a few times she pointed me towards her opening. My dick was instantly wet and surrounded by silky heat. Her pussy muscles gripped and released me. The pleasure from those nerve endings was unlike any I ever felt.

At last she straddled me impaling herself fully to the hilt. Esther moaned out in pleasure. Even after coming two times I was nearing climax. Her pussy was so good. Esther without moving was massaging my cock. I was rubbing and pressing her tits.

Esther started moving upwards. Keeping the tip inside she slammed herself down. We both moaned. Esther started riding me for all she was worth. Sometimes she would grind her clit on my pubic bone. The way her muscles gripped me I wasn’t sure if Esther would climax before me.

I grabbed her hips and moved her. Esther was panting in my ears. I wanted to always try doggy and so I asked her if we can. Esther giggled and shifted with her ass facing me. I knelt behind her admiring her ass when she jiggled it. I moved forwards and entered her hot chasm.

This new angle enabled me to go deeper also allowing me to slam faster. I was driving my hips in a rapid pace. Esther too was groaning and moaning in pleasure. I was on the verge and I said,

“Esther, I am gonna cum.”

She cried out, “Yes. Cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your hot jism. Cum.”

With that I emptied my final load inside her. Esther feeling me shoot, climaxed with me. We were basking in our own pleasure for some time. Finally the spasms died down. My cock fell out of her pussy and I could see my cum leaking out.

Esther stood up and went to the bathroom and brought the washcloth. She wiped my dick and cleaned herself. She came and snuggled close to me. I was rubbing her hair and just enjoying the intimacy. I was no longer a virgin.

Esther suddenly looked at me and said, “I forgot to ask your name.”

We started laughing at the situation. After the laughter died out I said, “My name is Jack.”

Esther kissed a sweet kiss and said, “Well Jack. You have learned the basics. I am here one more week and I will teach you other things too. But I can confidently say you can pleasure others and enjoy too.”

A week passed. And I learned a lot. I learned to eat pussy and it became my favourite thing. I did anal and loved it. I tried a little bondage which did nothing much for me but Esther loved it. I tried it on Esther, and pretty much we both loved it. We tried every kinky sex we could think of atleast once. On the final day after a mind blowing bout of sex Esther said,

“Jack, you asked me about my work.”

I nodded. I was wondering where she went the whole day and what she did but respected her privacy. Esther said,

“I own a company named ‘The seducers.’ We are called to seduce people and satisfy them.”

I was silent. Wow. I had a doubt and so said, “Isn’t it prostitution?”

Esther laughed and then said, “No. It is a kind of escort to those who are in need of satisfaction, need to be seduced, need to have intimacy, dominated, to dominate. It is safe. The pay is good. You will get a choice whether you want to take the client or not.”

I was stumped. Were there these kind of companies too? But what was wrong in them. They provided pleasure and happiness. I asked,

“So what are you planning to do? Why me?”

Esther replied, “I saw you that day after one of my meeting. And I was also lonely. After knowing your history I wanted to offer you a job in my company. So I seduced you the whole week.”

Esther kept quiet letting me digest everything. Surely I didn’t have anything or anybody here. What did I have to lose. And I could live life like this always. I smiled thinking of so many beautiful women.

Noticing my smile Esther said,

“So are you ready? Will you pleasure others? Will you become a Seducer?”

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