The Seduction Ch. 02

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We only barely had 3 hours of sleep when Lisa’s alarm clock rang. 8:30am.

Another day of the tour was ahead.

I kissed her good morning as she went to clean up in the bathroom. I put on my pants back on and hurried back to my own room, anticipating a morning-call. Sure enough, within 2 minutes, there was a loud and urgent knock on my door.

Knock knock knock…

“Greg!!! Wake up!! Breakfast’s at nine!”

Knock knock…

I throw my clothes on the sofa and hurriedly took off my pants. Wrapped in blanket, I pretended to have just gotten out of bed and went to greet her at the door. There she was, my Aunt Lucy, my companion for the trip in England, mom’s younger sister.

“Yes aunt, I know! Come in and help yourself,” I said cheekily as I went to the bathroom.

“Help myself huh! You meant help you clean your room!” She nagged as she shut the door.

I laughed and stepped into the shower. My head and body needed some clearing up after a night of steamy hot sex.

It may seem weird for a nephew to accompany his aunt for a holiday. Well, I was supposed to be at home had it not been that fucking husband of hers. It was supposed to be a planned romantic holiday (they call it second honeymoon) for them, but after finding him sleeping with a girl half his own age (he was 45), Lucy promptly kicked him out of the house and filed for divorce. Not wanting to waste the ticket, she asked my mom to go with her, but she in turn requested me to go with her since I was having my school break and mom was busy with work. I would have volunteered anyway. Who would turn down a free holiday? After a change of room arrangement with the hotel, here we are in England!

Aunt Lucy was a good, traditional Chinese woman. She always wore conservative clothes so as not to attract the attention of other men. A faithful woman like her certainly did not deserve a cheating husband. At 42, though she did not have a drop dead gorgeous body, she did maintained relatively well.

I stepped out of the bathroom to realize that room was clean and tidy again. There was Lucy sat on the sofa, watching the morning news and waiting for me.

“Hurry up, or we’ll be late…” Lucy sang it to a tune as I caught her staring at my half naked body.

“I’ll be done in a bit. You look good today by the way,” I replied. It was true. She was in a bright yellow spaghetti top which showed her white bra straps clearly. It was probably the first time I saw her so lightly dressed. I heard her sighed as if to disapprove my compliment.

During sight-seeing that day, Aunt Lucy was hounded by the English men. She didn’t seem to enjoy the attention though, as she was always looking for me, hooking her arm under mine which make other Travesti men get the hint and walk away. I quite like the way she held onto me all day, as I got to brush her breasts a few times. We were like a couple to everyone else, but to us, I was just her “bodyguard” for the day.

7:30pm and it was free and easy time. Aunt Lucy wanted to follow me to the hotel pub tonight, much to my surprise. We both went back to our rooms to wash up.

45 minutes later, Aunt Lucy greeted me at the elevator where I had been waiting for her. She was in a strapless black top, showing her bare shoulders. This time, I could not see any bra straps on. We went into the same elevator where Lisa and I was in last night. Same elevator, different woman, but the same sexual urge in me. She didn’t talk, and I just admired her body. I was beginning to view her as a desirable woman now, my cock started to get stiff but that was the limit I would go with her. She was my aunt after all.

As we entered the pub, I immediately spotted Lisa there and motioned to my aunt to join her. After introducing Aunt Lucy to Lisa, we sat there and talked about general stuff. Aunt Lucy seemed kinda surprise that I was so close to Lisa. She then excused herself and moved over to the bar table, seemingly to give us free space to get alone. She didn’t need to do that as all three of us were enjoying the company of each other.

After about 40 minutes I saw Aunt Lucy rather agitated as two men had their arms around her. I immediate rushed over, where I could hear her shouting “No… No… NO!!” Lisa saw us having a scuffle and walked over to break the fight. Apparently, the two men were her colleagues.

“I’m sorry Lisa, I have to bring my Aunt up as I think she’s a little drunk.” I was apologetic.

“Actually I’m done for tonight too. Let’s go together.” She replied.

Aunt Lucy must have drank very little because she didn’t smell much of alcohol, but I know she was a no-drinker. She was tipsy anyway. Her bare shoulders were knocked against me, as I held tightly onto her as we walked to the lift.

Inside the lift, Aunt Lucy pressed her body on mine, determined not to fall. Her breasts rubbed on my arm, so much that I could feel the full size of her breasts. She must be at least a C cup. Lucy looked into my eyes as if Lisa was not in the lift too. Smiling, she whispered into my ears.

“Thanks honey for saving me, or else, I would be in those bastards’ room tonight.” It was just a simple thank you, but yet her whisper made my cock stir again under the pants. Was I excited by the fact that my aunt could have been fucked by other men?

I half-carried Aunt Lucy into her room while Lisa went back to hers. She unsteadily went Ankara Travesti to the bathroom, saying that she needed to change her clothes. After 10 seconds, she came out with only her top and panties on. She began to search for something in the wardrobe.

“Greg… it’s a little dark here. Can you help me find my pink nightgown pls…” Aunt Lucy requested while motioning in the dark.

She was standing unsteadily so naturally I held her from her lower back to support her. She was so close to me that I could not resist sniffing the scent of her long black hair, while my left hand moved around in the wardrobe and grabbed whatever felt like a nightgown.

“That’s not a nightgown honey, but I’d take it.” She giggled.

In one swift motion, she turned around and took her black top off, as I stood motionless, staring at her getting naked. Her breasts were slightly bigger than Lisa’s, but they were both soft and white. Her nipples pointed outwards, She then put on the tshirt that I got for her, and then bend over to take off her white panties, exposing her bare ass to me. Damn! She had firm, perfect ass that I would have loved to grabbed right there. She then turned around kissed me good night, but not before I had a glimpse of her shaven pussy.

I left her room afterwards. As I walked past Lisa’s room, as if anticipating my arrival, she opened the door, pulled me in and kissed me hungrily.

“How’s your Aunt?” She asked while sucking onto my lips. She then went on to unbutton my shirt.

“Ready for bed” was all I said.

I was surprised by Lisa’s initiatives tonight, as she carried on to undress me. I tried hard to seduce her last night, but tonight she was pouncing on me. Unbuckling my belt and taking off my pants, she rubbed my cock with both hands and started to suck my cock. She wasn’t just sucking it; she was putting 4-5 inches into her mouth every time she moved her mouth forward.

The 3 minutes long of blowjob she was giving me was the best I ever had. She sucked so hard and deep that she was making pop sounds. I could see juices flowing out and dripping down her neck onto her breasts.

“She could have gotten fucked tonight eh…” She managed those words from her mouth.


“Your aunt, she could have gotten fucked by my colleagues.” She explained.

“Yeah, ahhh…. I ah… guess…” I replied as I realized I got harder thinking about my aunt. I pulled her head back out as I realized her distractions nearly caused me to cum prematurely.

She took off her last pieces of clothing as I followed her to the bed closely. Pinning her onto the bed from behind, I kissed and sucked her neck as my hard cock rested on her ass crack. She needed no foreplay İstanbul Travesti tonight, as she guided my cock straight into her pussy — my first contact with her pussy tonight. She was already very wet.

“Tell me…..” She started as I penetrated her doggy style.

“Uh huh…” I urged her to carry on.

“Did you… touch… your aunt in the room just now?”

I wondered why she was so interested in Aunt Lucy.

“No baby. I would never do that. She’s my aunt.” My mouth said one thing, but my actions suggested another, as I fucked Lisa even harder while thinking within myself if I would ever fuck my own aunt. Her body shook heavily as I pounded hard and deep into her while she had her first orgasm of the night.

After settling her down, I turned her over and rode her missionary.

“You like her don’t you…” She asked.

“Uh huh…” I replied as I made love to her pussy as slow as possible.

“You want to fuck her don’t you…”

“Lisa, she’s my aunt. I’ve never thought of that.” It was the truth, well, at least up till tonight.

Again, I unknowingly sped up. I was fucking her harder and deeper now that made her moan into my ears.

“She could be masturbating now, Greg…” She whispered into my ears which nearly made me shoot into her pussy right there.

“You think…” I said as I slowed down.

“Uh huh… drunk women are horny. I could see it from the way she looked at you, Greg. She wanted more… she could be…. Ugh… pleasuring herself right now…” She said as I sped up.

“You really think…”

“She …. has a …. decent body…. doesn’t she… Smooth skin… nice tits… her nipples were poking out in the lift… waiting to be sucked…” Lisa panted.

I bent over to kiss her mouth, which breathed out hot air into mine. Our tongues licked and sucked each other, as my hands moved to fondle her soft breasts, wet previously by my cock juices, and rubbed her nipples with my thumb. I grabbed and squeezed her breasts like two sponges, and sucked each of them repeatedly, making those nipples pointed out so hard

Nipples that looked so much like Aunt Lucy’s.

Lisa orgasmed a second time as I fucked her breasts with my mouth.

Lisa was bent to get an answer.

“You would fucked your aunt wouldn’t you…”

I remained quiet and focused.

“Fuck me, Greg… fuck Aunty hard…” She hugged my hip with her legs, making me go deep into her.

My lips remained tight, trying hard not to reply, trying hard not to cum……

She pulled me close to her and whispered into my ear, “Cum in Aunt Lucy’s pussy for me Greg, do it…”

That did not make cum…

“Cum into auntie’s tight pussy…” She moved her hip up to meet my thrusts.

Picture of Lucy’s tiny pussy began to flash through my head……

That did it within seconds. I shot 5 times into the back of her pussy.

“I told you… you wanted her, you dirty boy…” Lisa whispered, as I laid on top of her with guilt.

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