The Seduction Of Daddy

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He’s wanted her for as long as he’s known her, Even more so after she has grown up. Now at 18, she is a beautiful, hot, sexy, young lady. They live in a big house and he has carman every where, for protection, at least that’s what he told her. the one in hr room is for his pleasure only, he’s watch her suck on her boyfriends cocks alot, and once she let one of them fuck her. He wanted to kill him, because he didn’t wait for her to cum. He hope the outfits he got her today, she would like them, all of them he imagine her wearing them. {knock, knock] “Come in Honey. ” he call out. “Hey dad, you wanted to see me?” she question. “It’s over there baby. ” he told her. She walk over and open the box. Pulling out thin sheer, piece’s of out fits. “Oh dad they’re beautiful. ” she said. “Would you model them for me baby?” he ask. She nodded yes and went in the other room.

Sitting at the desk hide him form her view. And he could stroke his cock while she showed off the clothes he gave her. He was close to cumming. He look up when she came back into the room, she was wearing one of his favorite, sheer black bodysuit with matching cover up. “You make it soooooooo hard to be good. ” he said. Walking over to him, she saw his hard cock. She straddle his lap, rubbing the fabric that cover her pussy over his hard cock. “Why do you have to be ataşehir escort bayan sooooooo good when I know you want me sooooo bad. Be bad daddy, be bad inside me daddy. ” she told him rubbing her pussy over his cock.

Reaching down he pull the fabric apart, ripping it, and push his cock inside her juicy pussy. “UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH baby, daddy’s getting to fuck his baby soooooo good, your not going to let any one else have your hot pussy. ” he told her. Grabbing her hips he push and pull her on his cock. Pulling back far enough for his cockhead to rest there, and pushing deep into her pussy. He was filling her pussy with his enormously large cock. She wanted him, has for a long time. She knew about his camera, found them about six months ago. Her head fell back, and she felt his mouth on her nipple, sucking hard. Between that and his cock she slip over the edge.

He held her while her climax took her, he lost it and his cum shot deep inside her pussy. Leaning back in his chair, taking her with him. “Oh baby, so good, baby, You fit me so good, Tell me you love it?” he whispers between each kiss. Sitting up she look at him, feeling his cock, which was still hard, going deeper in. “Oh, daddy, Let’s go up to your room, We’re going to very busy tonight and every night for the rest of our lives. Take me, escort kadıöy fuck me, suck me, kiss me, and fuck my ass. ” she told him.

With out a care in the world he lifted her and carried her to his room, kicking the door close he followed her onto the bed. Kissing her, while his hands travel her body he felt her hands squeezing his balls, rubbing them on her and the under side of his cock, as he move in and out of her pussy. Licking, kissing, and sucking on his ear. “MMMMMM, Daddy tell me, Are you filming us tonight?” she whispers. He stops, and looks at her. ” How did you know?” he asks. “Think it’s a great idea, known for a while now, why do you think you’ve got alot of me and my boyfriend having sex alot. ” she told him.

Moving again he told her that he had been wondering that. “Easy daddy, I wanted you get you so hot that you’d want to fuck the real thing, me that is, and I’d get to feel that hard cock of yours I seen a few times you didn’t think I saw. ” she told him. “I’ve had visions of you bending over the couch, chair, my desk, the hood of the car, and over the bar down stairs with me fucking your ass, or pussy. ” he said. “That’s great, we’ll have to try those out, but I’ve always wanted to get under the breakfast table and suck on your cock while you have your eating your breakfast. And I’d maltepe escort like to try sucking your cock while your in a meeting. ” she told him.

Pulling out of her pussy he step back and look at her. “Oh baby how would you feel about fucking two men at the same time?” he asks. “Would depend on who the other man was. ” she told him, as she move behind the couch and bent over it. “Come fuck my ass. ” she said looking at him. He walk over and push his finger up her asshole, bending over her back he cup, and squeezes her tit. ‘ Oh sweet baby, your ass is so tight, MMMMMMM, going to love having my cock up that tight asshole. ” he whispers. Turning her face she licks his mouth. “Not as much as I will. ” she tells him. Putting her hand behind her she grabs his hard cock and places it at the entrance of her asshole. “Fuck my ass, daddy. ” she tells him.

He took her hard and fast, leaving his cum deep inside her asshole. Pulling close they fell asleep. When he woke a few hours later, felt his cock still inside her. {the -phone rings] Reaching for the phone he slipped out. “Hello, yes Mr. Billiards, just fucking a beautiful young lady. Don’t know, let me ask. ” he said. “Hey baby, Mr. Billiards would like to know if you’d be interested in having him here with us?” he asks. Getting her mouth real close to the phone. “Sure would love having two cocks, Come over and I’ll suck, lick, kiss your cock till you cum all over my face. ” she whispers into the phone. moving she climb over him and stands up. “Tell him he has 10 minutes to get here if he wants to fuck me. ” she said, then walks out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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