The Set Up

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I’m writing the story backwards since originally I didn’t plan on writing more with the same characters. This is how it all started for Laini and J-P. Thanks for your feedback!


Laini turned slowly, looking around the wine bar. It was filled with couples and small groups of friends. Being dressed up and going to a fundraiser was not her thing. In fact, it was almost the opposite of her thing. Her friend Sarah had talked her into it with the promise of drinks, art and a good cause. She was tired from work and wanted to be at the gym, or at home, but instead she was alone dressed up, and at a bar waiting for Sarah who was running late. There were a few signs up promoting the proceeds from the evening were going to support an arts program for education.

“May as well,” she thought to herself as she sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of Pinot Noir, “it’s for the children.” She crossed her long legs on the stool and tried to relax for the first time that day. At 6’2″, Laini had legs to spare and the black dress she wore did nothing to hide them. When the bartender placed her glass of wine in front of her, she handed him her credit card, “Can you keep that open? It might be a long night if my friend doesn’t show up soon.”

He waved her off, “No need, the older gentleman at the end of the bar just bought it for you.”

“Really?” Laini lifted the drink and turned slowly to the corner of the bar. This could go either way and part of her dreaded what she would see.

She was not expecting to see a tall, older, gray-haired man in a suit smiling at her. She smiled, lifted her drink as if in toast, nodded her head and turned back to the bartender.

“Is he coming over here? Tell me he isn’t…” She asked him.

The bartender was still laughing when Laini felt a hand on her left arm.

“Excuse me for being forward, but your legs, they’re amazing… How tall are you?”

Laini subtly tried to move her arm as if to shake off the older man’s hand and smiled somewhat cooly, “I’m 6’2″,” she said politely, “Thank you for the drink.”

She cringed inside as he whistled softly. She thought him whisper something about what he wished he could do with her legs, but she wasn’t sure. She glanced down at his wedding ring and up to his gray head of hair. She was about to ask about his wife when she was interrupted.

“Laini!” Sarah walked up quickly. “Chardonnay, please!” She called to the bartender before giving Laini a hug hello. Sarah was nothing if not efficient. “I’m so sorry I’m late. There was a problem with the cab, so I had to get an Uber ride, and you know how traffic is. I should have just started with them in the first place…Have you been here long?”

Laini laughed at her friend, “I’m fine. This gentleman just bought me a drink and I was just answering his questions about my height.”

“Oh, were they original questions?” Sarah turned to the older man, “I hope they were original questions and you weren’t just telling her how tall she is.”

“I didn’t tell her, I asked her,” he said genially. “I don’t think we’ve met though, I’m David Corres.”

“I’m Sarah, and this is Laini. Laini loves it when people tell her she’s tall,” Sarah said as if confiding in him. “It’s also her favorite question, so if you didn’t tell her she’s tall, hopefully you asked her how tall she is. Or, if she knew she was tall, that’s always my favorite question she gets.” At 5’5″, Sarah carried herself with loud, efficient confidence.

David laughed, “Well, I’ve asked her tall she is, but I didn’t tell her she’s tall. I also didn’t get a chance to tell her she’s beautiful, but I’m sure she hears that one just as often. 6’2′ with red hair? No, that’s definitely a unique combination.”

Laini interrupted them, “I’m sitting right here, I can Alanya Escort hear you, both of you.” She looked pointedly at Sarah and handed her the Chardonnay the bartender had just sat down.

“Thank you for the drink, David, it was a pleasure meeting you.” Laini turned to her friend, “Sarah, I wanted to check out the photographs since we’re here. Who knows, maybe there’s something we like, it is for a good cause.”

“You should definitely go look at the photos, John-Pierre is a true genius with his camera. He donated everything you see here,” David said. He looked from one of the women to the other, catching the Sarah’s wedding ring, he smiled at Laini. “Actually, John-Pierre was supposed to be here tonight, but something came up so I came in his place.”

The women laughed and excused themselves from David. They wandered into the other room of the bar where the exhibit had been set up. There was some background on the fundraiser and the importance. This is LA, just about everyone has their cause, but at least this one Laini could get behind.

They walked around the room slowly, taking in the photos one at a time. Some were a riot of color and movement, of life caught in motion. Others felt silent and still, as if the eye behind the camera had a lifetime to spend waiting for the right moment.

It was the last series that made Laini pause. There was something in the four black and white photographs of two people making love against a brick wall. Not the naked, passionate sex in a private space, but the lust-driven, passionate sex in a marginally private public place. A primalness radiated from the photos as they combined to tell a story.

In the first photo the couple stood close, a moment in time, a pause between kisses to catch their breath. The woman leaned against the brick wall of an alley. Her lips were swollen from being kissed, her hands on the guy’s chest, eyes gazing up at him. He stared down at her. His dark straight hair was short except a bit that fell into his eyes. His dark t-shirt and jeans were fit his compact body well. Laini felt the tension between them.

In the second, their foreheads were touching. Her dark bob-cut hair fell to frame their faces. Her arms wrapped around his neck, one of her legs hooked around his waist.

In the third, both her legs were wrapped around the man’s waist. She was against the wall, his hands under her ass. Her shirt was unbuttoned and her breasts peeked out. She held on to him as she threw her head back, her mouth open, as if screaming in orgasm.

The fourth photo was the only one that either of them looked away from the other. The woman sagged against the wall, still being held up by the man. She gazed directly into the camera, her eyes half closed, a satisfied smile on her lips.

Gazing at the photos, Laini wanted to be that girl. That girl who could be lifted by a man to rest on his hips and feel the hard brick wall behind her. Who could rest her hips on a hard cock inside her and ride it hard until they both came. Who could wrap her legs around a man and never let them go. Who knew such great passion and sex that she didn’t care about an audience. That she probably welcomed the audience, so great was her lust.

Sarah stared at the photos, “Damn, I wish Mike would do that to me sometime.”

“You know, you could go home and do that tonight.”

“I could, actually. Well, except for the dirty brick alley, and the camera. Definitely not with the camera.”

“Come on Sarah, that’s probably part of the fun.”

“I highly recommend it, the camera and all.” An older woman had come up to join them in gazing at the photos. She winked at the women, her gray hair shining under the lights. “Although, I don’t think John-Pierre wanted these pictures here, they don’t fit Alanya Escort Bayan with the theme or the purpose of the evening’s event.”

“Do you know him?” Laini asked, curious now about the photographer who not only created the photos of passion, movement and color, but meditative stillness, and now, pure unadulterated sex.

“Yes dear, my husband works closely with him, they share studio space… actually, I bet David pulled these photos for the display, not John-Pierre.” Spying her husband across the room, she called to him, “David, David, did you do this?” She gestured to the four photos in the back of the room.

He left the couple he had been speaking with and walked over to the women, “Ruth, Darling, I see you met my new friends. Of course I did. They’re great photos, I don’t know why J-P doesn’t share them. Look at them! You can’t look at these and not feel something.” He looked at Laini, “Can you?”

“They’re very powerful photos,” she said simply.

He laughed. “You know, you’d like J-P, and I know he’d like you. Tell me that you’re single.”

“She is,” Sarah didn’t give her a chance to answer. And if your J-P can take photos like this, then Laini definitely needs to meet him. He’s quite…talented.”

“How did he find this couple? Or did he have them pose for him?” Laini asked, changing the subject away from herself. ‘Does he like to watch?’ she added menally.

“Oh sweetie,” the woman said, “He didn’t have to find a couple to pose for him, that is him. Well, him and his ex-girlfriend. Which is why he probably wouldn’t want these pictures on display, let alone for sale.” She elbowed her husband’s arm.

“That’s him? The photographer? In the pictures?” Sarah wanted to make sure she heard correctly.

“Yes, that’s him. Handsome Frenchman if ever there was one,” David’s wife laughed mischievously. “And he could use some friends his own age. Right now he primarily has us since he’s been back in LA.”

“Laini, give these nice people your phone number,” Sarah ordered, not knowing that she was reading Laini’s thoughts.

At home that night, Laini stripped out of her black dress, stepped out of her heels. She ran her hands up and down her body. Rounded hips, full breasts, the soft skin of her somewhat flat stomach. She touched her hands along her recently waxed smooth pussy. Laini had an athlete’s body from regularly playing years of beach volleyball for fun. She pulled her auburn hair from its braid and let it loose down her back. She twisted in the mirror and saw her hair fall just above the black bra strap. She moved her hands around to her ass, and back up to remove her bra. Sighing, she thought of the series of photos, of the man in them. His hands, his lips, the look on the girl’s face, the ecstasy as she came, the look that held no apologies after. It was beautiful.

Laying down on her bed, she closed her eyes. Her hands continued their path around her body. She kept seeing the images flash before her, the tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck.

The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck.

The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck. Her fingers pinched her nipples, cupped her breasts. Her other hand found her vibrator in the drawer next to her bed and set it next to her, ready. Her hands moved down from her nipples to her pussy, separating the lips, circling her clit. The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck. She circled her clit again with her fingers, feeling how wet she was becoming. Spreading her juices around, rubbing and moving harder against her mound. Her hand moved the vibrator into position and began pushing it inside of her. Her hips rising, moving, in a circle, a figure eight, infinity. She turned the vibrator on.

The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck. She wanted that, Escort Alanya the raw sex she saw in the photo. She turned the vibrator on higher, moving her hands along her hips, her breasts, her smooth pussy., her hard clit. The light from the other room reflected off her pale skin, but she didn’t notice.

The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck. Damn it she ached for that. Her hands danced over her body, caressing, pulling, circling, massaging. She lifted her legs into the air, bending them above her. She began pulling the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She knew she was wet and heard the squishing slurping sound of her juices and the vibrator as she moved it in and out. She threw her arms above her head and arched her back. Her legs back down on the bed when what she really wanted to do was wrap them around a hard waist. his hard waist. She wanted to feel his weight above her, his hard cock inside her. She writhed against the vibrator, letting it take her to the edge.

As the tension in her increased, so did her imagination. It was Laini standing against the brick wall, warmed by the sun. His hands cupped her breasts, his mouth covered hers. She loved the taste of him and wanted more. Her hands pulled him close, wrapping around his shoulders, exploring their way to his ass. She hooked one leg around his waist, to hold his hard cock against her. She could feel it between the jeans both of them wore. She rolled her hips against his and felt him grow even harder.

The pressure of their kiss increased. Then he was tearing at her buttons, ripping down the zipper of her jeans. She did the same to his own. He pulled her jeans down enough to touch her, to feel how wet she had become, to insert one finger, then two into her wet pussy. His thumb brushing her clit.

She reached below his open jeans, to pull out his hard cock. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang free in her hands.

She stroked it’s length, holding it and moving her hands up and down, not wanting to let go, but knowing she would have to. She wiped the pre-cum off the tip and brought her fingers to her mouth. Tasting the saltiness of him as she stared into his eyes. “You know I want this,” she whispered aloud.

Together they tugged her jeans down. She wrapped one leg around him, and he lifted her up. She wrapped her other leg around him as he dropped her down, impaling her on his hard cock. She dropped her head back and moaned. It felt so fucking good. Panting, she wrapped arms and legs around him and refused to let go. She bounced up and down on his cock, riding him, fucking him, him fucking her. Together they rose up, him thrusting into her against the brick wall. Sweat dripped from both of them as Laini bounced up and down on his hard cock, using his body, and giving him her own.

“Fuck me,” she panted.

“Fuck me,” he growled.

“Oh my god, ohmygod, ohmygod,” Laini cried, her words all running together. “I’m going to cum.”

“Fuck me, baby,” he said, “Fuck me hard, baby. I want you to cum for me.”

“Yes! Yes!”

Their hips moved harder together, faster. Now at a furious pace, the two moved against and with each other. Hard cock in wet pussy, They moved together almost frantically.

“Yes! Yes!” She yelled.

“I’m cumming,” he managed to say.

“Oh god, oh god, me..too…”

Alone in her room, Laini’s hands took turns frantically pinching her nipples, while the other rubbed her clit. The vibrator sent her over the edge and she came.

As her breathing slowed, so did the images from the photographs that were playing on a loop in her head. She laughed at herself as she rolled onto her side to sleep. Silly girl, she thought, guys don’t pick up girls who are 6’2″, even to fuck them. But damn, they can do a lot of other things with me. And I can do a lot with them.

Still, as she fell asleep, she remembered that there was a chance he would get her phone number, and possibly give her a call. The tension, the lust, the kiss, the fuck, the orgasm. She decided if he did call, she would definitely go out with him.

You never know.

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