The Shared Ride Ch. 3

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The next I awoke to a lovely warm and wet feeling of a pair of lips wrapped around my cock pumping and licking as I pulled the covers back Tia was giving me one fantastic blowjob and I was enjoying it too much to try and stop her.

From the room across the hall I could hear Pt and Phil going at it one more time and this added to the pressure building in my cock.

Tia milked the head for all it was worth and I couldn’t hold back anymore I pumped my load in to her warm wet mouth and she greedily sucked out every last drop while swabbing the tip with her tongue.

After recovering I pulled Tia to me and gave her a passionate kiss swabbing her mouth and tasting my cum.

I went to the shower as Tia was resting on the bed as I got into the shower I began reliving the events of the past twenty four hours and thought to myself how lucky I was.

Without even realizing I began to soap my dick ad lather it extra and getting my self worked up again.

As I rinsed off the sting off the water brought me back to reality I had to go to work today I had a big investor coming in.

When I came into the breakfast are there sat Phil, Tia, and Pt having some breakfast.

I noticed that Tia had loaned Pt a smart looking Business suit and all the accessories to go with it.(I was wondering about the underwear if any).It looked as if Pt was going to work today to.

We gave our spouses a Kiss good bye and headed to the car.

When we got to the car Pt got in on the passenger side and immediately took off he shoes and skirt and put them in the back seat she said she didn’t want to wrinkle the skirt

She sat there and smiled at me and said I am like a frito – bet ya can’t eat me just once.

As we started down the road she asked me if I was all fucked out or if I had one more load in that great dick of mine.

I said what do you have in mind?

As she licked her lips grinned she said how about a blow job?

I said with pleasure but 1 more thing would make it better.

Your wish is my command Pt said.

Take off the rest of your clothes I want your body naked!

She took it all off and put them in the back as she leaned over the back o the seat I reached up and traced the outer lips of her cunt and inserted my finger right to the knuckle as I did this Pt began to ride my hand she was pretty wet for just getting in the car.

Pt pulled my hand away from her cunt and turned to face me and said I am going to make you pay for getting me going early in the day.

I went to pat her cunt and she pushed my hand away saying I am in control now.

She looked so sexy laying back against the door with her bare feet in my lap and her long slender hand stroking her tits and playing with her rings it seemed the more I watched the harder she pulled on the rings which made her nipples stick straight out.

She continued to stroke bostancı escort her body down her ribs to the flatness of her belly and finally down to the clean shaven pussy as she rubbed two fingers over the mound she slowly spread the lips apart so I could see the two bars crossing the clit she put one and then two finger in to her cunt and began riding her own hand.

I reached over to help her and she smacked my and away JUST WATCH SHE SAID!

I could feel my own juices starting to flow and my shorts were a little wet.

Now drive real slow Pt said and enjoy the show.

Her left hand seemed to disappear as her right hand was tugging at her nipple rings and occasionally slipping down to the clit bars to give them a tug or pinch.

Pt started working her left foot in my lap I could not resist I took her toes into my mouth one at a time and began sucking the as if they were a cock Pt loves this and made her start to react as if she were heading for an orgasm. she was sweating and thrashing about her nipples were standing straight up and hard as rocks her pussy was dripping down her arm and on to the seat. Her breathing came faster and had kind of a rasp to it, her hips thrust up and back an forth and little sounds emitted from her throat. And at last she lay spent and exhausted with her foot still in my lap.

As Pt sat up she asked me to turn the AC on to cool off and then asked if I enjoyed the show?

I answered who wouldn’t

Okay then pull over and switch places

You gonna drive naked are you?

Hell yeah.

I pulled over and put the car in park as I leaned back I gazed at her lovely nakedness and wanted to kiss her.

As I got out of the car Pt slid over to the drivers seat I walked around and got in on the passengers side.

Pt reached over and stroked my cock through my pants and said why don’t you let the big boy out, better yet take your clothes off and join me naked. I’ll make it worth your while!

I striped off my clothes and put them in back next to hers.

Pt said I want to watch you jerk off as we go down the road.

I began stroking my cock and it soon became alive and standing at attention.

I felt the car swerve a couple of times and knew Pt was watching me as she drove.

I was stroking the head slowly and the pre cum was starting to flow as Pt reached over and scooped it off the end of my cock and lapped it off her finger.

Pt asked how close are you? I said real close.

Pt said hold off until the toll both I want to see the collectors face.

As we approached the toll booth I started pumping faster and was about to blow my wad when I noticed Pt picked the booth with a young girl as an attendant.

I could feel the load building and my cock head swelling and the sweat was pouring out as the sperm started flowing out the end of my cock ataşehir escort as Pt opened the window with a ten dollar bill to pay the toll. The attendant got a little red at first and then looked as if she were enjoying it. The sight of Pt naked and me having an orgasm was just too much.

The attendant said to Pt your old man has some cock is he done yet?

I wish I was going with you I would take my clothes off right now and help with a dick like that it would be my pleasure.

Pt smiled and said keep the change it was worth it and sped off. She leaned over, swiped some of my cum on her finger and licked it clean. As we got near the office Pt pulled over and much to my disappointment we got dressed. Pt said keep these for the day it will keep me in mind and handed me her panties. I will see you tonight every inch of you and left.

After my meeting with Ann my secretary I decide to give Tia a call at home and see what her and Phil were up to.

The phone rang several time and I was just about to hang up when Tia picked up and said hello.

Her breathing sounded a little labored as if she were working out.

I asked if I was interrupting her work out she said kinda

What exactly are you doing.

Well she said how much do you want to hear? Every thing I said.

Well you and Pt left so I asked Phil I he minded if I took a shower and he said no but he wanted to watch.

Well the shower was great and it added a little having him watch through the glass walls it was kind of a peep show.

After the shower Phil was there to dry me off with a towel and offered a massage.

I laid down on the table with the towel on and Phil has wonderful hands.

He started on my neck and worked his way down my shoulders as he went further down the towel went with him

He slowly did my lower back and I was really starting to enjoy it just when I thought he would work on my ass he skips down to my legs.

Phil said he loves hairless and wants the doctors number.

As he started on my legs he spread them a little to get the inside of my thighs that was real turn on him looking up my towel to my cunt.

When he got to my toes he took each one in his mouth and suck them as they had never been sucked before I felt it in my crotch and I was oozing a little bit.

I didn’t notice that Phil had taken his clothes off until he pulled the towel back up and told me to roll over.

There I lay on the table under a towel and a naked man with a big hard right in fornt of my face is working on my body.

Well he took my arms and hands and massaged them and massaged my lower legs and my toes again.

Man did I get turned on when I watched him suck my toes I had the towel wet from me dripping.

He pulled the towel down so he could work on my tits and was rubbing my tits and would tug a little çekmeköy escort on my rings I AM SOOO GLAD I HAD THEM DONE WHAT A TURN ON.

As he worked lower and lower her pushed the towel out of the way and was working on my belly and my barbell swirling it around on my clit and then would stroke down to my pussy lips and massage them a little.

Hey hon are you horny yet?

Yeah I said.

Then what are you going to do about it. Take that bad boy out and spank him.

What are you doing now I asked.

Let me finish and then I will tell you.

Phil was stroking my pussy and had me all wet and hotter then hell.

So I moved him around to the end of the table and took the head of his cock in my mouth and swabbed the pre cum off the end of his dick.

The I took the entire length in and tried to swallow it I couldn’t so I backed up to the head and swirled my tongue around it and nursed on the tip I could feel the head starting to swell so I sucked the cock back in and was pumping it as the head got bigger I backed out again and swirled the head and stroked the balls and lapped his cock as much as I could.

At last the I could feel the load starting and the head swelled and his dick began throbbing. he started riding me and I felt the first squirt come out and stick to my tongue as he pumped I felt the cum squirting and me trying to catch it all. I took his cock in and suck and swallowed every last drop.

Well then I told him he had to finish the massage.

Well he started to rub me from head to toes and occasionally he would stop and give my cunt a lick.

He got me tuned on and pulled me to the end of the table put my legs over his shoulders and put that cock of his on the outside of my cunt and began to slide up and down across my clit and bumping my barbell.

And just as you called he just put that cock in and was very slowly starting to fuck me.

Is he in now

YES but just the head.

What does it feel like?

His cock is great and he strokes in and out of me like I am on a skewer his dick head goes all the way up and bumps against my cervix while he takes and rotates my bar bell against my clit all this while he is watching me. The head is soo big it stretches my lips out and the shaft feels like it never ends.

I couldn’t take it anymore and took out Pt’s panties and my cock and started to stroke it and told Tia what I was doing. Tia squeeled with Delight and said wish I was there to help you.

As she and Phil fucked with me on the line and jerking off I could hear Tia starting to get close to an orgasm her breathing was heavy her voice had a raspy tone and she began to moan. I could hear Phil starting to moan and breath heavy

Tia told me his cock head was swelling up and she thought he was going to come.

In the back ground I hear Phil yelling he was cumming.

Just then my dick head swelled my balls got tight and I felt my load start pumping it was almost like your first wet dream you tingle all over and the hot cum shot out from the end of my cock into Pt’s Panties.

As I recovered I said to Tia I would see all of her later to save me some.

To Be Continued

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