The Shirt Bandit

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A jet black bodysuit clings to your curves as you drop like a shadow from an ornate hotel balcony to the one directly below. The low roar of late night traffic muffles your landing and you peer through a sliding glass door at a man sleeping soundly under thick covers.

You pull a long, black tool from a pocket sewn under your forearm and gently slide it into the keyhole. Deftly you maneuver the mechanism back and forth with just enough torque to align the tumblers and pop the lock with a satisfying click. Your black-gloved hand cracks the door and your tight frame slips inside as you silently slide the handle shut behind you.

Inside you hear the man’s deep, rhythmic breath and smell his warm, musky scent. A soft, yellow glow from the bathroom spills into the main room. You glimpse yourself in the mirrored headboard and smile slyly at the black mask that frames your green eyes and the hood that holds back your long, dirty-blonde hair.

Scanning the room you spy a dark suitcase next to an armoire in the far corner. Crossing one padded foot in front of the other, you hug the wall as you creep around the suite eyeing a broad shoulder slowly rising and falling in time.


Up close you notice an intricate inlay carved into the large wardrobe. You slide a slender finger along the hard, wooden surface tracing the chiseled grooves down to a wrought-iron handle. The heavy metal ring feels smooth and you slowly pull it towards you.

Suddenly, a “creeeeeaaaaak!” reverberates through the room. You suck in your breath and stand motionless in front of the wide-open door. Your dark silhouette creates a hole in the room as your heart beats rapidly and your breasts push against the tight, black fabric. Looking over your shoulder you strain to listen, but sigh as the man rolls over in the king-sized bed and begins to snore lightly.

Turning back, you see three bespoke shirts hanging neatly next to a dark suit jacket and two pairs of dark pants. You pull the glove from one hand and feel the soft, cotton fabric of the closest shirt. Sliding your hand up, you touch the taut ribs that structure the thick collar. Sliding your hand down the light-colored sleeve you fondle a double cuff that hangs waiting to be linked together.

At the chest you find the single, off-white button that clasps the shirt around a wooden hanger. You adeptly finger the small circle. It slides through its hole and the shirt slips silently into your eager hands. Replacing your glove you make skilled folds to compact the fabric into a tight package.


Without warning muscular arms grab you forcefully from behind and a hand muffles the shriek that tries to escape from your lips. You wiggle your hips and arch back but the man holds you firmly against his broad chest.

“And what the fuck are you doing in my room?!” He whispers calmly into your ear. The low volume sounds more ominous than a yell. He pulls back your hood, grabs your hair, and pulls your head back slowly to expose your jawline and slender neck.

His warmth and masculine scent engulf you. The bristle of his cheek gently scratches your ear as he stares down at your cleavage.

“My favorite shirt?!” He exclaims noticing the white fabric lying faceup on a plush rug between your shapely black legs.

“Pick it up!” He commands dropping his arms to hold your hips tightly and forcing you to bend at the waist. You reach down and return with the garment clutched between gloved hands.

“You were trying to steal from me?!” He asks wrapping an arm tightly across your chest.

“Mm hmm,” you manage.

“Were you trying to steal from me?” He asks again as his hand slides up to gently squeeze your throat.

You suck in a panicked breath and tilt your head to relieve the pressure. “Yes . . .”

Feeling your blood pulse in your neck he continues, “Well, now I’m going to steal something from you.” Placing a hand on each shoulder he spins you around so that you stare into his dark blue eyes. His short black hair matches your clothes but you now see that he isn’t wearing anything. Your eyes walk down his athletic frame and back up to his handsome face. Subconsciously you bite the corner of your lower lip.


He wraps the shirt tightly around your wrists, closes the armoire door, and secures the sleeves to the metal rings. He then stands behind you and presses you into the hard wood. The etched surface pushes back against your cheek, and the faint İstanbul Escort smell of lacquer tickles your nose. You struggle enough to appear convincing but make no progress towards escape.

“Now, where should we begin?” He asks rhetorically, grabbing your ass and hips and slowly following the curves up your waist, along your side, and across your chest to fill his hands with your large breasts.

“No bra?” He asks massaging your tits through the thin fabric. You shake your head enjoying his touch.

“What are you wearing under this?” He asks pressing his hips into your ass.

“Nothing,” you reply.

“Don’t lie to me!” He says pinching your erect nipples hard.

“Uh!” A jolt of pain and pleasure travels down your body. “I’m not ly . . . Aaah!” You try to answer as he pinches again.

“We’ll see,” he says sliding his hands down to your outer thighs as he kneels behind you. He grabs your ankles and spreads your legs just wider than your shoulders. He then slowly runs his hands up your calves to your knees and along your inner thighs to rest against your pussy. The fabric feels slightly wet at his touch, and he rubs a gentle circle around your clit.

A spike of pleasure radiates upwards, and a voiced sigh leaves your pink lips.


Suddenly, he grabs the fabric covering your crotch and rips the seam to free your sex. He pulls hard and tears a hole that exposes your ass and stops just above your waist. You feel a slight breeze flow across your skin.

His hand reaches inside to playfully rub your butt, your thighs, and the small of your back. He then stands abruptly and grabs your hips to pull you into him.

You feel his cock find your outer lips and rub gently back and forth to tease your clit. You brace against the wardrobe, arch your back, and lift your ass invitingly as he pushes his way inside of you. The warm filling shock of penetration washes over you and a gasp of pleasure escapes from your mouth. He rotates his hips to touch everything inside and then slowly pulls out. You close your eyes in anticipation of his next thrust.


“No! Not yet,” he says releasing his grip. Wet and horny you pull at your cotton bindings and crane your neck from side to side over each shoulder but see nothing.

Seconds later a zipper slowly slides along its route and returns to its start. Your heart beats rapidly in your chest. Ten seconds pass as you listen to rustling somewhere behind you. And then . . .

“Smaaaack!” You hear the sound a split second before a sharp pain roars upward from your left ass cheek. You cringe and grab the metal rings as you shriek: “Ouch, fucker!”

“Smaaaack!” The sting streams from your right cheek. You suck in a quick breath and clench your ass as the blood reddens your skin.

Before you can react again, a third “smaaaack!” shakes your frame. “Oww!” You exclaim as sweat begins to glisten on your neck and your knees wobble.

Out of the corner of your eye you see your naked assailant set a black belt down on the disheveled bed. He returns and places a hand on your quivering shoulder.

“You knew there would be punishment,” he says, “And we’re just getting started.”


He slowly pulls your bodysuit off of your shoulders to expose your large breasts. It catches where your arms are held fast to the wardrobe, and he returns to the hole below to rip the black fabric from ass to shoulder blade with one hard pull.

The ease at which he tears your clothes fills you with a mixture of awe, and terror, and an overwhelming desire to fuck.

You stand topless except for a black lace mask. He steps away for a second and returns to stand behind you taking a breast in each hand and massaging gently. You lean your head back as he rolls each nipple between his fingers.

“Ready?” He asks as his hands continue to work.

You try to focus your thoughts as your mind races. “Um . . . Ahh . . . Ready for what?” You try to steel yourself for immediate pleasure or pain.

“For this,” he says taking a silver chain draped across his shoulders and clamping each end tightly onto your erect nipples.

“Oh, fuuuuuccck!” you breathe out as you close your eyes and slide to your knees feeling a powerful connection between your tits and your clit.


You struggle to focus on your breathing as he tugs gently at the chain.

“Open your eyes.” You obey and stare directly at a nice, big cock. He presses it against Anadolu Yakası Escort your lips.

“I want you to look up at me while you suck it,” he says. “I’ll tell you when to stop.”

He holds the base as you take him into your mouth and slide your lips and tongue up and down slowly. “Unh!” He moans tightening his thighs and clenching his ass to steady himself.

You watch him close his eyes and throw back his head. “Oh, yes!” he groans as he pulls his cock from your mouth and pushes his smooth balls to your lips. “Continue,” he says lightly stroking himself as you flick your tongue up and down and suck on either side.


Would you like to rub your clit?” He asks tugging lightly on the chain.

“Mmm hmm,” you answer without stopping.

“Beg me,” he says. “Tell me why you want it.”

“Please can I rub my clit,” you reply. “Please. It would feel so fucking good if you let me touch it. Please.”

“Can you rub it and suck on my cock at the same time?”


“And it won’t distract you?”

“Um . . . No,” you lie.

“Ok, but if I’m not satisfied there will be consequences,” he says reaching to untie your wrists.


You pull off your black leather gloves to reveal purple fingertips. One of your hands grabs his cock while the other slips reflexively between your thighs. You stroke yourself lightly and the familiar touch sends a spike of pleasure up your spine.

You rub harder, back and forth and around your clit occasionally sliding two fingers into your wet cunt. You keep him in your mouth but lose yourself for a moment and close your eyes.

“Enough!” He says pulling out and lifting you to your feet by your armpits. He slides what is left of your clothes off of your shapely hips and down your smooth legs. Looking up he spies a strawberry-shaped birthmark high on your left thigh and kisses it gently.

He pulls the black fabric off of each foot to leave you wearing a black mask, silver nipple clamps, and black sandals that crisscross your ankle. He looks up and down your fit body and licks his lips subconsciously.

“Put on the shirt,” he commands standing to tower over you. You pause.

“That’s what you are here for, isn’t it? Put it on.”


He holds the shirt to help you dress. You look at him suspiciously and reach back to rub your sore ass wondering what the bruises will look like. He sees your hesitation and nods encouragingly.

You smile eagerly, slip your arms into the sleeves, and wrap your naked body in two yards of Giza 45 extra-long staple cotton. The made-to-measure, slim-fit dimensions drape your curves and rub gently against your breasts.

On closer inspection you notice a light, cross-hatch pattern that provides subtle texture. You admire the tasteful lack of breast pocket and monogram but notice that the owner must be left-handed from the slightly wider right cuff designed to accommodate a watch worn on the off wrist.

Forgetting where you are, you close your eyes, hug yourself, and breath deeply to savor the experience of a well-made shirt.


Strong hands on your thighs and a warm tongue on your sex snaps you back. You open your eyes wide and gasp as the man licks slowly and deliberately from the bottom of your pussy to the top of your clit.

And again.

And again.

And again.

“Nnnnnaaaaaah.” you moan as you melt into the floor.

You breathe in deeply through your nose and slowly out of your mouth.

“Ohhhh . . .fuck, yeessssss.” You shiver and hold his ears to steady yourself.

He slides his hands under the shirt and around to grab your ass hard as he flicks his tongue against your clit. You grimace at the pain but the pleasure overwhelms you.

Suddenly he looks up and lifts you by your hips. You wrap your legs and arms around his back and cross your ankles to hold tight. He is inside of you before you reach the bed.


Your light brown hair and luscious tits bounce as he fucks you standing with your back pressed against the wooden furniture. You watch the muscles in his shoulders ripple and listen to his deep groans as he holds you in the air.

Again and again he slides you up and down his cock. He feels so fucking good inside of you, and you squeal with pleasure.

And then suddenly he spins and throws you hard onto the bed. “Ugh!”

Bouncing once, you land startled on your back with your legs spread wide and Kartal Escort your pussy on full display. He stares at you with a lustful glare from a few feet away

You look back at him with “come fuck me” eyes and then quickly realize that he is no longer standing between you and the sliding door. You look over your shoulder, flip to your hands and knees, and crawl quickly towards the far edge of the bed to escape.


Just as you are about to reach the other side, a strong hand grabs your ankle where the black leather of your sandal winds up your leg and yanks you back across the bed. “Unh!” You gasp. “Fucking asshole! Let me go!”

You feel his weight climb on top of you and force you down into the sheets. You struggle uselessly as he pins your shoulders to the bed.

“No, we are not done yet,” he says pushing himself into you.

“Uhh-hn!” You exclaim.

“You will know that we are finished,” he says thrusting into you hard, “when you feel my warm cum sliding down your ass.”

Oh, fuck, yes! Your thoughts scream.

“Unh . . . get off of me!” Your lips yell.


The bed shakes and squeaks violently, and your combined moans blend to create a cacophony of delicious sound. The neighbors on all sides know you are fucking, but you are too distracted to hear the inspired couple on the other side of the headboard fuck back at you.


The man dismounts, pulls your hips backwards to lift you to your knees, and in one continuous motion lifts the shirt to expose your sex and slides his cock back inside of you. You raise up onto your elbows as you smile at your masked face in the mirror.

The new angle makes you throw back your head and bite your lower lip. The man collects your brown hair into a ponytail and pulls hard as his hips smack your ass. The primal jolt of pain spikes the pleasure radiating upwards from your cunt.

He yanks again to expose your neck, leans into you, and squeezes your throat. His other hand reaches under to encircle you and tug on the chain that links your clamped nipples.

He has full control: You lose yourself in his thrusts and his strong arms and the weight of his body, and you let go completely.


“Rub it!” He commands. “Touch it, now!”

Your slender, purple-tipped fingers reach back to rub your clit furiously. “Aunnnh! Ahh!”

“I want you to rub it until your head explodes!”

“Oh, yes!”

“I want you to keep rubbing your fucking clit until you come so hard that your whole body shakes!”


“Do not stop touching it!”

“Oh, fuck, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Eeeeeeiiiiy!”

Your entire being is reduced to his cock sliding into you and your hand on your clit. Nothing else matters except how fucking good this feels.

The pressure builds and mounts and suddenly crashes in indescribable joy. You tremble.

He stops for a moment and holds you as waves of pleasure flow through your brain and a drop of drool falls from the corner of your pink lips to fall onto the king-sized bed.


“Ok,” you say a minute or two later when you can hear and see again. You reach down and unclamp your nipples.

The man straightens his back, grabs your hips tightly, and resumes fucking you. You watch your tits bounce in the mirror and notice that it seems to shake even in between his thrusts.

You suddenly hear a woman nearby having an amazing time, and smile as you realize what’s happening nextdoor.

Refusing to be outdone, you begin to moan as loudly as you can. “Oh fuck, yes! Give me that fucking cock!” You yell as you stare in the mirror into the man’s blue eyes. “Fuck, yes!”

You watch him thrust into you a few more times and see his face grimace with pleasure as he pulls out and cums all over your bruised ass. You feel the impact hit your skin and listen to his wonderful groans. You smile at him in the mirror, and he smiles back at you breathing heavily with eyes wide.

As he sits back and strokes the last pulses from his throbbing dick, you feel his warm cum slide between the cheeks of your ass.


You return from the bathroom naked and lie on the bed next to him with your head on his broad shoulder. The mirror continues to shake.

“That was exactly what I needed!” you say as he wraps his arm around you. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome! That was a lot of fun!”

“Did you decide yet what you want to do?” You ask as the couple next door grows louder and then suddenly falls silent. You smile to yourself. “I think check-out isn’t until noon, and my mom is watching the kids all afternoon.” You pull your rings from the end table drawer and replace them on your left hand.

“Yes, actually,” he replies, “I have a really good idea!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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