The Shortcut

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Tess noticed her nipples were erect all of a sudden. It started as a wave of sensation that moved down her shoulders through to her clit, making it tremble. Her breathing sped up. Tess knew she shouldn’t have taken the dark shortcut through the woods at the bird sanctuary. This was the first time she worked the late shift and the park felt different at night than during the day when she so often took this shortcut.

As she was walking Tess could feel another presence in the park. The feeling was more erotic than scary. It surprised her. She looked around and stood still while listening. It was impossible to see ahead because the bushes were so high and the wood chipped path through the lagoon was so full of sounds. Small animals such as squirrels, geese, beaver and an enormous variety of birds filled her ears with their audio sounds.

Tess looked down at her erect nipples. She saw her 24 year old, 120 pound slim body looking sexy in her favorite tight jeans.

The tingling between her legs would not stop. Tess thought of how hard she had been working and how long it had been since she had used her vibrator.

Tess knew she had to deal with the issue of her erect nipples and how incredibly horny she was all of sudden. She took her hands and brushed them over her hard nipples moaning at the delightful feeling. Tess couldn’t help but twist her nipples and bask in the luxuriousness of the feeling. Thinking she was all alone, Tess’s hand reached for the crotch of her jeans pulling up on her jeans sharply. She moaned as the seam of her jeans found her clit.

Tess decided to keep walking while thinking this was crazy. She knew she needed to cum really bad but this was not the place for it.

She heard a branch crackling; another bird she thought. Maybe it wasn’t a branch. She listened. The definite sound of footsteps on the wood chipped path in the distance made her pulse quicken. Tess’s hands reached up to her face to feel the flush in her cheeks.

“I have to get a grip,” she told herself. “It’s likely just another person taking the same shortcut.”

She walked faster. The footsteps were approaching at a fast pace now from the direction of the twisting and winding pathway she had just walked along.

Tess decided to hide off the pathway swearing to herself to never take this shortcut at night again. The sounds came closer. A faint moan escaped her lips when she saw him. His hair was tussled. He wore a leather jacket and was unshaven yet ruggedly sexy. His lips were big and sensuous, but his stride was angry.

“Where is that fucking bitch,” he muttered under his breath thinking he should have caught Alanya Escort up to her by now.

His mumbling didn’t make sense to her but his angry stride did. She hadn’t noticed anyone behind her as she left from work. He stood with a scowl on his face. She couldn’t help but be attracted to his raw animal magnetism and bulging muscles. It scared and excited her both at the same time. Her logical mind knew better. This was a dangerous situation, this man could rob her or hurt her or even kill her. She shuddered noticing the way her clit jumped. The fear seemed to be adding intensity to her horniness. She stayed quiet hoping he would move along the path.

He looked over in the direction of the gasp he had heard. Smiling now, and no longer giving off angry vibes he walked into the woods and offered a hand to Tess. She reluctantly took it and found her way with him back to the path.

“Oh fuck, he’s handsome,” she thought. His face looked less menacing when he smiled.

Holding a sealed envelope he reached out his hand and said, “I’m glad I found you missy, your boss wanted me to give this to you.”

She smiled, understanding his earlier anger at not being able to find her. What a place to find a messenger.

He licked his lips looking down at her erect nipples. He could smell the raw aroma of sexual attraction in the air. She was so hot with that long blonde hair; so very hot and sexy.

“Let me walk you,” he said.

“I want you to be safe,” he said with a sincere smile on his face.

The path was windy. A couple of times their hands touched, and she felt a tingle. They spotted an open location by the river and sat on a bench. As the birds chirped in the background he leaned over and gave her a tentative kiss. Her lips received his kiss gratefully and soon his tongue followed. Their mouths became a kaleidoscope of passion.

It didn’t take long for each other’s hands to roam. He felt her hard nipples and twisted them while he kissed her and she melted with hot desire.

“Your lips are so luscious and you’re so beautiful,” he mumbled.

Caught up in passion she reached down and was impressed to find the length and girth of his growing hardness. He grabbed at her jeans much the same way she stimulated herself earlier but he added his thumb, pushing it down on her clit through her jeans. Then he rotated his thumb hard and fast while watching her reaction. She moaned, and her face became flushed as she lost herself to the moment and knew she would let this man do anything he wanted with her.

Tess revealed her sexy body as he did the same. Their eyes transfixed on one Alanya Escort Bayan another the entire time. They admired each other’s bodies as her delicious curves and his hard muscles were revealed. He leaned over and made her nipples even harder with the smooth feel of his tongue.

Soon their sexy nude bodies pressed together and they started gyrating in tune with one another. She grasped his hard penis in her hand pressing her clit into it. While she was swirling his cock around her clit, they kept kissing.

Backing up and smiling, she sat down spread eagle on the bench and started playing with her clit while he watched. His cock got even harder. He started stroking himself while watching her.

As he was approaching her with his hardness she kept rubbing her clit. Then he guided his hard cock deep into her pretty little mouth. Her tongue and mouth worked double time as he probed her mouth faster and faster. He thought about how pretty her little mouth looked sucking his big, hard cock. He leaned back and sighed as her fist came up and clasped around the base of his cock, pumping him as he fucked her mouth mercilessly. He leaned his head back enjoying the feeling. The hot wetness of his passion filled her mouth. She swallowed every drop, licked her lips and looked up at him smiling.

The bench now had a new purpose. He looked deep into her eyes, tweaked her nipples and told her to lean over the bench. It somehow had become a master servant game and he knew he was in charge, and so did she. She felt the ice cold feel of steel descend down the crevice of her back. It aroused her even more.

“What is that?” she asked.

“My belt,” was his reply.

His hand cupped her pussy from behind while his fingers explored. This made her gasp with pleasure, again and again. His kisses were on her back now; sometimes soft, sometimes lingering.

As he got closer to her sexy ass he lifted up her legs and started licking her pleasure spot thus effectively driving her wild with passion. Fast, slow, sensuous licks descended up and down her pink slit. Each lick was an adventure in arousal. His tongue swirled, probed, explored then flicked her clit wildly until her orgasmic spasms rocked her entire body leaving Tess feeling totally relaxed and happy.

Lowering her to the ground again but still behind her, she felt his hardness begin to enter her. He moved inside her slowly at first, then slid deeper and deeper. His hands reached around and caressed her breasts. A shiver cascaded through Tess’s sexy body. His thick probing cock stretching her made her moan involuntarily.

Soon they Escort Alanya were fucking at a rapid speed. Their hard bodies were acting as if this is what they were trained to do. He plunged inside her nice and deep while she pushed back to increase the force of impact. She closed her eyes and felt the steel belt buckle on her back again, sliding up and down so very slowly.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her hot pussy and slowly spread her cheeks ready to slide in her sexy toned ass. She’d never been fucked this way but her state of arousal was beyond sanity. Tess was his. They both knew it.

He rimmed her a while. The feel of the belt buckle was replaced with a loud slap as he pushed her onto the bench. His strong hand made her sweet ass nice and red. He plunged his big hard cock extremely deep between her tiny red cheeks. The force of his cock penetrating her sexy ass deeply made her yelp. Soon he was ripping into her sexy ass with a powerful force, fueled by lust.

Two grounds keepers across the river stood mesmerized in amazement as they watched the pair fuck and fuck and fuck like wild animals. They couldn’t help but get hard watching the two.

He came with a roar that was dynamic and intense. Her orgasm followed with equal intensity. Like wild animals they howled their release, echoing pleasure in the woods with each orgasmic pulse.

They went to the river and washed, not knowing that they were still being watched. Slowly, they put on their clothes. The grounds keepers moved on unnoticed, with rock hard cocks needing relief.

As he put on his clothes Tess admired how handsome he was. They kissed with intensity. She scrambled in her purse and wrote down her number. She clumsily handed it to him, feeling shy all of a sudden.

He gave her a slow sexy smile, then kissed her once again and proceeded back into the direction he had arrived.

Tess’s step was light and she bounced as she walked towards her home. She felt so alive, giddy, appreciated and excited. Tess walked up to her apartment and threw the envelope on the table. Taking a closer look she noticed there was no name on the front of the envelope.

Walking over she gazed at it for a moment and then opened it. It was empty. Tess stood there puzzled. It occurred to her that she hadn’t even asked her lover his name.

He walked back to the motorcycle he had parked at the entrance to the park. He loved parks. They were the best place for his sport. He put his leather jacket back on. Reaching into his front inside pocket he pulled out a treacherous looking hunting knife. He folded it up like a swiss army knife and patted it in his pocket, smiling. He adjusted his leather belt buckle with a sly smile. Then he patted his other front pocket and heard the familiar crinkle of sealed paper just waiting to be delivered to the right hands. He laughed out loud, then rode off into the night enjoying the evening, his way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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