The Sibling Code Ch. 04

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So I had writers block on this one for a while. Sorry, about that. I’ve had a lot of comments to finish the story so here it is completed.



Date night, it was finally here. I was taking Crystal and Sabrina out. No more playing around behind each other’s back, even though everybody knew what was happening. We were all cementing our relationship. Of course, now that it was happening my sister’s earlier words from weeks ago were coming back to haunt me. I had no idea how this was all going to work out.

Standing in front of their apartment building dressed in black dress slacks with a royal blue long-sleeve silk shirt I checked my watch, 5:59, I’d told them to meet me outside at 6:00 sharp. Glancing back at the limousine rental I gave the driver a thumbs up. When I turned back around, they were just coming out.


They were both dressed in elegant small black mini-dresses with black thigh-high stockings that played with the edges of their dresses barely letting me see the attached garter straps. From previous discussions they knew I had weakness for garters and stockings.

Sabrina had curled her hair to flow free behind her while Crystal had piled her hair atop her head with stray ringlets dropping on either side to frame her face.

We walked toward each other until we could touch.

“Baby brother,” Sabrina said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Lover,” Crystal said kissing the other cheek.

I led them back to the limo, opening the door so they could climb inside. I gave Sabrina a quick pinch on the ass making her squeak as she ducked through the door. Crystal winked at me and I gave her the same pinch. They took seats in the back facing the driver so I slipped in the seat facing them closing the door behind me.

Signalling our driver, we pulled out into the street.

“Where are we going?” asked Crystal.

“Nobu Malibu,” I replied.

The early evening flew by as I took the girls to dinner and then we went for a stroll on the boardwalk. I’d rented a suite at a luxury hotel right next to our restaurant. A bellhop escorted us to the room after check-in. When the girls gasped upon entering the room, we both paused in the door and he high-fived me. Candles were lit throughout giving the wood decor a soft luminous glow, the balcony windows were open to the night skyline of the city, and rose petals were spread everywhere. The room was tastefully decorated in maroon fabrics with crystal cut glass everywhere.

After I closed the door the girls walked out on the balcony, seconds later I moved between them and they each wrapped up an arm and put their heads on my shoulders as we watched the city lights in silence for a while.

Eventually Sabrina turned toward me, Crystal lifted up her head as Sabrina wrapped her arms around my neck and brought my face toward hers. We kissed, long, slow, and soft. She’d had a few cherry brandies on the rocks during dinner to relax and I could taste the alcohol and cherry flavor on her lips. This was a true romantic kiss, our tongues slowly teased back and forth against each other as her fingers ran through my hair. My hands moved from her waist to her butt and I grabbed it tight pressing her to me making her moan.

When we finally broke Crystal reached her hand into my hair and turned me toward her. Like Sabrina she wrapped her arms around my neck and slowly brought our lips together. Sabrina’s kiss was slow passion, Crystal was passionate tease. It was still long, slow, and soft, but Crystal flicked her tongue against mine, twirling it over and under, she bit my lip lightly and her slim tongue ran over my teeth then lips. As I grabbed her ass and pressed us together, she shifted her body to grind against me.

I heard a rustle of cloth then a warm body pressed into my back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sabrina’s dress drop to the balcony. I broke my kiss with Crystal and turned to find Sabrina standing in a garter belt, stockings, and a sheer wisp of black lace that were her panties. Once again, I kissed Sabrina and I heard another rustle, Crystal had followed her example and shed her dress, if it was possible her black panties were even smaller. I shifted Sabrina to the side and pulled back for a second to see them both. Two beautiful goddesses in similar black stockings and barely there panties, one light skinned blonde beauty, one dark haired temptress.

The next half hour was spent making out on the balcony under the stars while watching the skyline. I kissed each of them repeatedly. I would move behind one and kiss her neck while simultaneously cupping her breasts and play with her nipples. I would drop to my knees and plant light kisses and playful bites on their asses. Everything I did to one I repeated with the other. I was on my knees as I slipped Sabrina’s panties off first and was rewarded with a surprise, she was silky smooth. She’d waxed her pubic hair for me and her pussy was perfect in every detail.

I looked into her eyes after I noticed, “I did it for you baby brother, I wanted you gaziantep escort bayan reklamları to see all of me.”

I smiled and moved forward to kiss her mound and plant a few teasing licks making her moan and cup my head. Then I moved to Crystal and removed her panties and gave her the same treatment.

Finally, they each took a hand and drew me back into the room. They stood on either side of me as they slowly undressed me. When I was naked, they led me to the bed and pushed me down on the center. Crystal lay beside me propped on one elbow lazily stroking my chest as Sabrina moved to all fours on top of me. She kissed me again, long and slow as she lowered herself to grind against me. I was rock hard and she was slippery wet from our making out. Halfway into our kiss I shifted against her grinding and she impaled herself on me. She gasped and broke the kiss then fully lowered herself onto me and sat back straddling my legs. She closed her eyes and shifted to get used to my dick inside her. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and smiled.

“Here we are baby brother.”

I nodded. She lay her hands on my chest and leaned forward as she gradually started to move back and forth. For the longest time we slowly ground against each other with Crystal on the side leisurely tracing her fingers over our bodies. Eventually our passion increased and we moved with urgency against one another. When I came, she dug her nails into my chest and yelled “don’t stop” so I kept pushing, seconds later she cried out and her body shuddered as her own orgasm overtook her.

Afterward, she collapsed against me and I wrapped my arms around her. We lay like that for a while until she finally rolled opposite Crystal. Quietly, they stayed on either side of me with their hands on my chest.

Soon Crystal leaned into me and started kissing my chest, she used her tongue to trace patterns against my skin. Like usual where Sabrina was smoldering love and passion, Crystal was energetic playfulness. She traced her nails against my body causing goosebumps on my flesh. Despite having just finished I was still hard when Crystal pulled me on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me as I braced myself.

“Finally, your ass is mine,” she whispered. “God I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She shifted and I slid inside her as she gripped my ass and held me tight. I started out slow but soon Crystal’s passion overwhelmed me. She kept one hand on my ass but the other wrapped around my neck and brought my head toward hers. Her kiss was wild and full of energy as she kept her body pinned to mine. Her hardened nipples pressed to my chest as her tongue played with mine. I was able to last longer than her as her body began to tremble from orgasm. She wrapped her legs tight and dug her nails into me as she cried out. When she went limp, I kept pounding away, I wanted her to feel helpless. She relaxed but I pinned her down with my weight, gripping her ass I slammed into her. Her cries were nonstop now and before I knew what was happening, I released inside her.

The rest of the evening was spent alternating between the two. I made love to each of them again. We spent time in the shower cleaning each other off. By the middle of the night we had fallen asleep with me between their two naked bodies.


The following weekend I knocked on the door at my usual time.

Sabrina opened the door naked, red faced, and panting, “Perfect timing.”

I gave her flushed body the once over, “You know one of these days I might bring a friend over to hang out, right?”

Still panting, “Sounds fun, you should do it. Now get in here.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside going straight to the back bedroom.

When we got there, I was unsurprised to find Crystal tied spread-eagle to the bed wearing tiny black lace panties with a pink ballgag in her mouth.

Sabrina stood at the edge of the bed watching as Crystal struggled and glared at her.

“She’s mad today.”

“Why?” I asked.

Turning back to me she said, “Because today you’re mine. Not us, MINE! I told her as I was wrestling her down. She put up a hell of a fight but I managed to get one hand cuffed then it was easier.”

Glancing back at her, “I’ve denied her all week so she was really looking forward to having you.”

“And why are we doing this?”

Smirking, Sabrina looked back at me, “Mostly because I can. Those are special vibrating panties, they’re linked to my iPhone on an app. We’re going to go into the living room and spend the morning making love and having kinky sex.”

While she talked, she went to her silver apple laptop and opened it up.

“I’ve linked a small webcam to the front room.”

She clicked a few buttons and her living room jumped to the full screen.

“I’ll leave the panties on the lowest setting. It’ll drive her wild. I literally want her on the edge all morning. Between the show we’re going to put on and the low vibrations she gaziantep bayan escort reklamları going to be going wild.”

“Now, let’s go have some fun,” she said pulling my arm.

“Ta ta babe,” she said as she picked up her phone and touched it. I heard a small buzzing from Crystal’s panties and she thrashed against the bed so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself.

My last look at Crystal that day she had utter hate in her eyes and was trying to scream through the gag.

Sabrina kept me busy all morning. We moved through every position I’ve ever done after we spent the first hour giving each other oral. When we broke at lunch I was surprised because she laughingly kicked me out.

“Go have fun with your friends or something, just make sure you’re here same time next week.”


Readying myself I knocked on the door. Every weekend was a surprise so I waited to see what would happen now.

Crystal opened the door only wearing black fishnet stockings.

Shaking my head, I muttered, “I really am going to invite a friend, just to see what you guys do.”

“Pretty sure we’ll love it,” Crystal grinned motioning me inside.

I walked into the living room and found Sabrina hogtied on the couch. Her hands and feet were tied behind her back together with a pink ballgag and she was wearing a black g-string.

She glared at Crystal and squirmed.

I looked over, “Dare I ask?”

Not looking at me but narrowing her eyes and matching gazes with Sabrina, Crystal said, “It’s payback time. That little slut had me worked up the entire week last week. She teased me mercilessly. Those are the same vibrating panties she had me wear all week long.”

Continuing, “She didn’t tell you that, did she? Bitch wouldn’t let me cum all week, made me save myself for you. I though we were going to have a mind blowing session. She kept me in complete arousal FOR SEVEN FUCKING DAYS!”

Turning to me, “Then she denies me you? You have no idea what I went through last week. I’d have happily killed the little bitch if I could’ve gotten free.”

I chuckled, “So this is payback?”

“Damn straight.”

I thought for a few minutes and nodded, “I’m curious though, did she eventually finish you?”

Crystal’s nostrils flared, then she mumbled, “Yes.”

“And how was it?”

I saw Sabrina’s eye change to a twinkle and she winked at me.

“I’ve never came so hard in my life. I literally passed out,” Crystal said.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes as they eyed each other.

“Sounds like it was a hell of an experience.”

“Not the point,” Crystal snapped.

“Isn’t it?” I asked.

Crystal looked at me, “She still has to pay, I’m keeping her like this all morning. She’s going to watch us.”

“Fair enough, but in the interest of peace, we’re going to untie her at lunch. Otherwise I think this little battle of wills between you two will escalate until it gets out of hand, okay?”

Crystal didn’t move for a minute.

“Okay,” I said in a sterner voice.

She nodded.

“Say it,” I said.

“Okay,” she murmured.

“Good girl,” I said as I moved to Crystal and kissed her.


“So, who’s that?” Crystal asked.

“Who’s that who?” I asked.

She nodded her head in a direction, “That sexy Latina over there.”

Looking over, “Oh her, that’s Espinoza,” I replied.

“What’s her first name nerd?”

“Uhmm, I’m not really sure, we don’t go by a lot of first names, she was deployed with me though.”

“You ever try and hook up?” Crystal asked raising her eyebrows in question.

“Naw, I seem to remember hearing about her having some kind of bad breakup with another Marine.”

“Is that why you didn’t try?”

“Huh, no, I just knew a bunch of guys had been hitting on her so I didn’t want to add to her drama and just left her alone.”

“You know she’s been looking over here at you, she’s been checking you out.”

“Marissa,” I blurted.


“I just remembered, her first name is Marissa and I doubt she’s been checking me out, I think you’re imagining it.”

“Are you blushing? That’s so cute. Why wouldn’t she be checking you out? Don’t act like you don’t know you’re cute.”

“I’m not, I’m not arrogant or anything but I know most girls find me cute at the least but I don’t think she’s checking me out because I don’t think I’m her type. I think she goes for the Mexicans, at least I’m pretty sure that’s what her last boyfriend was.”

Crystal shrugged, “Maybe, but she’s been looking over here a lot, either way I’m going to get her.”

“I don’t think she swings that way.”

“They all swing that way after a few drinks.”

Laughing, “You’re bad.”

“Just saying.”

“Well, I don’t know about that but can I give you some advice?”

“You’re going to give me advice on how to pick up women?” she asked incredulously.

“Ok, maybe not advice, just an observation.”

“Oh escort gaziantep bayan reklamları yeah, what observation?”

Looking over I said, “You see that tattoo on her lower back?”

She glanced over at Espinoza, she had two tattoos’, one stylized tribal rose tattoo on her lower back and one fairy tied up on her arm.

“Which one? The tramp stamp?”

Shaking my head with a laugh, “Yeah, that one.”

“What about it?”

“It’s called Kushiel’s Dart.”

“The tattoo has a name?”

Laughing again, “No, the tattoo does not have a name, the name is of the book the tattoo is based off.”

I picked up my phone and opened my kindle app, “One sec, I’ll show you.”

I quickly scrolled through my books till I found the right cover.

“Here,” I said showing her the cover of the book. It had a beautiful dark-haired woman half dressed with the same tattoo covering her back.

“Ohhhh, nice, is the girl on the cover who the book is about?

“Yeah, she’s a courtesan for the noble elite in the book, the tattoo is kind of her sign.”

“Courtesan, is that polite for hooker?”

Chuckling, “Kind of, but a very special hooker in this book. She’s trained to spy and stuff, the hooking part is just how she gains info. She saves a kingdom in the book.”

“Cool, is it good?”

“I liked it but it can get crazy.”

“Crazy? How?”

“It’s kind of like Game of Thrones meets Fifty Shades of Grey.”


“Yeah, you remember the scene in Fifty Shades where she gets spanked?”

Crystal shifted slightly as if the memory affected her, “Of course.”

I raised my eyebrows to her indicating I noticed her shifting, “You say that like it means something.”

“Let’s just say we did a reenactment and I had a hard time sitting for a couple of days,” she said as her right hand strayed to her butt. She closed her eyes for a second and ran her fingers over her ass as a memory overtook her. The moment passed and she brought her hand forward and opened her eyes.

I looked at Sabrina then back at Crystal, “Really?”

Crystal looked at Sabrina, “Yeah, little bitch had me tied bent over and ball gagged, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.”

I started to grow hard and had to shift to adjust, Sabrina noticed and gave me a wicked grin, “Like that idea, do you?”

“We’ll table that discussion for now, but back to what I was saying, that particular scene would be the lowest level scene for this book. The girl in this book regularly gets tied up, spanked, and has sex with girls and guys.”

“Wait, she does girls?”

“Quite a lot actually, it’s one of her things even. “

“So, you’re friend Espinoza…”

I held up a hand, “I have no idea, I don’t know anything about her tastes. I’m just making an observation. She could just like the tattoo. It is kind of cool but the fact that the fairy on her arm is in bondage too tells me something.”

“True, she could like the tattoo, but you don’t get a tattoo off a book unless you’re really into that book.”

“If that’s true then that girl either likes to be spanked, tied up, shown off, or all the above.”

Crystal’s eye’s sparkled as she looked at Espinoza in a new light. Espinoza had finished her beer and was walking toward the cooler.

“How much you want to bet I can get her?”

I shrugged, “I’m not sure why I’d bet against that.”

Crystal laughed, “A hundred bucks says I have her by next weekend.”

I nodded, “I’ll require pics as proof.”


“You say she’s probably into bondage, spanking, showing off, or being told what to do. Let’s find out which, hold my beer.”

Rolling my eyes, she handed me her beer and subtly moved toward the cooler at a slow pace so that she was right behind Espinoza as she bent to get a fresh drink. In the second Espinoza was bent over Crystal gave her a quick slap on the butt and in a playful tone said, “Damn girl, nice ass.”

Her eyes went wide but she casually stood with a beer in hand and turned to Crystal. They started chatting and I turned away while still watching them out of the corner of my eye.

As if on cue Sabrina broke away from the small group of guys around her and made her way toward me.

It’d been weeks since we cemented our new relationship. We were at a get together with a bunch of Marines from my unit. We’d all decided to hit the beach today since the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. There was a good mix of guys and girls but naturally Crystal and Sabrina stood out among the group for a bunch of reasons. The guys all thought they were “single,” they obviously weren’t military and everyone here was military except the ones that had brought their boyfriends or girlfriends. They were drop dead gorgeous and they were both wearing the tiniest bikini’s possible. Sabrina was dressed in a black thong bikini with black tie string top, I’d seen more cotton in the top of an aspirin bottle than in the cloth of her entire bikini. To emphasize my point all four guys that had been around her and talking to her weren’t even trying to cover up the fact that they watched as she walked away. I’d tagged her on Facebook enough in the past that everyone knew she was my sister so I really couldn’t say anything about it. Crystal openly flirted with me but we’d all agreed that it’d be best if we pretended that she wasn’t dating me or anything. Crystal’s bikini was equally daring in pure white which emphasized the contrast to her dark skin.

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