The Sitter Ch. 02

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Please contact me with any feedback or suggestions, all are welcome! enjoy….

PS: you need to have read The Sitter first to enjoy this continuation thoroughly…. If you haven’t, please go ahead and read it right now, then come back. I’ll wait. 🙂

I stood over Katie as she slumped on the couch, recovering from the shuddering orgasm that had wracked her slim body as I fucked her from behind. She smiled up at me, beads of sweat standing out on her ripe breasts in the low TV light. Slipping to her knees once more, she ran her small hands up my thighs, making my cock jerk and pulse.

“MMmmm… Daddy…” Katie murmured, leaning close to lick her way up my thigh, her soft breaths on my cock and balls. “We simply… must… take care… of you…” she said between kisses and gentle kitten licks on my skin, tantalizingly close to my dick, making it throb anew. “Little Katie’s gonna make you cum…. So fucking hard…”

“All in good time, babygirl,” I said, not without some inner struggle; I wanted nothing more than to take my cock in my hand, jerk it in this beautiful brunette’s face, and coat her with hot, sticky spunk, but I wanted to make this night – this first night – last as long as possible. “Come here,” I added, beckoning her with a finger.

Katie rose to her feet sinuously, her skin sliding against mine, her full red lips giving the head of my sticky dick a lingering kiss as she rose. My fingers gripped her upper arms roughly as her body met mine, pulling her against me as I kissed those lips, my tongue forcing into her young mouth, claiming her. Katie moaned against me as I held her arms behind her back with one hand, her wrists crossed, her eyes wide and wet and innocent, but with that devilish sparkle I was growing to love.

I backed Katie toward the wall and she obeyed willingly, hands effectively bound, looking up at me expectantly. Her soft lips were wet and parted, and on them was the unspoken question; what are you going to do to me?

By way of an answer, as we neared the wall I turned Katie roughly, pushing her against it, forcing her to throw her hands out to support herself. Her breathing was labored as I put one foot between hers and forced her legs apart, wide, wider, and she smiled over her shoulder at me, sticking out her delicious teen ass, moving her hips sensuously, putting on a show for me, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Daddy Griff…” she taunted, her voice sing-song and teasing. “Are you gonna fuck me again, Daddy? God, I fucking need it so bad… are you gonna take my pussy again? My ass?” Her eyed brightened at this thought, and she stuck her ass further out at me as I stood entranced by her, the base of my erect cock in hand. “I’ve only had a few cocks in my little pussy… and none of them were as big as you,” she added, eyelashes fluttering, “but nobody – no-bod-y – has been in this tight, hot asshole.”

I reached out, putting my hands on those sweet, firm peaches, kneading firmly, pulling them apart to reveal the puckered rosebud in question. “This little ass right here, babygirl?” I said quietly, my thumb rubbing at Alanya Escort it, in delicate circles. Katie gasped, nodding, her mouth open.

“Ohhhh… yes, that’s the one, Daddy. It’s been waiting for you.” Her face changed and a slight look of genuine concern crossed it. “Will… will it hurt, Daddy? When I look at those girls getting fucked in the ass on your computer, it looks like it hurts…”

“A little, baby… but in a good way,” I replied, standing beside her, one hand still massaging her ass, kissing her lips gently.

“I know you’ll never hurt me,” Katie said, her gaze full of love and lust in equal measure.

“Wait here, baby,” I said, moving off to the kitchen, leaving her spread-eagle against the wall, my cock bobbing as I walked.

When I returned with a small bottle of vegetable oil, Katie grinned wolfishly. “Mmm… my Daddy, so considerate…”

“Of course, babygirl,” I said. Standing behind her statuesque ass once more, I slowly upended the bottle, holding it high over her and letting the thick, viscous liquid drip… drip… drip onto the middle of her back, pool slightly, then start to slide down toward the crack of her ass.

Katie giggled, holding still for me. “It’s kind of cold, Daddy… but I like it,” she purred, her voice 100% little-girl-lost again. I watched as the thin rivulet of oil ran down between her asscheeks and over the pink untouched hole that I intended to make my own, continuing down to run down her cunt lips and drip onto the floor. The sight was hypnotic, and I added to the stream, moving the bottle back and forth and dripping oil all over that Rubenesque ass, enveloping it in a thin coating of oil that ran down Katie’s soft skin and dripped onto the floor.

“Oh Daddy, you’re making a big mess,” Katie taunted playfully. “The missus is going to be so, so mad at you…” Her eyes flashed cheekily as she looked over her shoulder at me, but that look changed to one of wild-eyed surprise as I suddenly slid my forefinger into her asshole to the first joint, the oil easing my passage.

“Oh! Oh, Daddyyyy…” the babysitter groaned, pushing back against me involuntarily, her asshole pulsating around my finger as I pushed deeper. “Oh fuck… that feels so damn good. More… I want more. Please?”

“Since you asked nicely, baby,” I said, smiling, and slid my finger inside to the knuckle, moving in and out, fingering her slick ass. Katie groaned, her hips jerking, leaning her head against the wall as I pushed, moving faster now, feeling her tight hole relax a little around the thrusting digit. I moved my other hand down, playing with her oil-slicked pussy lips and rubbing her clit, and felt her ass contract as her pussy reacted to me playing with both holes.

“Oh! Oh! Oh… fffffFUCK!” Katie cried, panting now, chest heaving. “Oh Daddy I wish you had 2 cocks… I wish you could fuck both my holes at once… I want you inside me, anywhere you want it, just do me…”

I was not about to turn down any more invitations, and took up the bottle of oil once more, holding it over my hungry cock and letting it Alanya Escort Bayan pour over my shaft, dripping off my balls. I took my cock in hand, stroking up and down as Katie watched, my dick glistening wet. Pressing up against her, I pulled back the foreskin, and my hot, oily cockhead pushed against Katie’s virgin asshole, seeking admission.

Holding it there with one hand, I used my other to wind Katie’s thick sheaf of dark hair in my hand, pulling her head back roughly as she held herself up against the wall.

“Who’s my slut?” I asked, my voice fierce, strained.

“I am! I am, Daddy,” Katie responded, a veneer of fear on her perfect face, undercut with desire.

“Who’s my whore?”

“Oh god… please fuck me…”

“WHO… is… my… WHORE?” I repeated, yanking on her hair, making her cry out.

“Ahh! Oh Daddy… I am, Katie’s your whore, anytime you want, I’ll be good…”

I leaned in, close to her ear, my cock threatening to push into that ass, and she whimpered meekly, trying to push back against me, trying to slide her ass around my shaft to no avail.

“One more question, Katie,” I said, my lips by her ear. “Just one more… answer correctly and you get what you want.” “Y-yes, Daddy,” Katie said, nodding. “Anything… anything for you…”

“Tell me… from now on, how many cocks are going to be inside that hot mouth… this heavenly pussy… and this perfect ass?”

Katie beamed, like a schoolgirl with her hand up in class, eager to please Teacher. “Just one, Daddy! Just your big fat cock, that’s all I need –”

Katie’s words trailed off as I pushed with my hips, my foreskin pulled back and my swollen cockhead pushing inside her pliant ass, the tight hole straining to welcome it, gripping my rod perfectly as I popped inside, a burning heat spreading from my dick all over my body. Her mouth opened in a perfect O, her eyes matching it, and Katie soundlessly gaped as I started gently pushing inside, my hands on her hips, holding her asscheeks apart, watching as she took more and more cock into her perfect unscathed hole. One of her hands flew off the wall and came back to grip my hip, and I thought for a moment that this was too much, that she would ask me to stop – but the hand reached around and cupped my ass, pulling at me, urging me deeper.

I looked into those silken brown eyes, and Katie found her voice as I pushed the last inch of cock inside her ass, holding it there, hot and stiff;

“Oh – Ohh – Ohhhhh FUCK Daddy! Why didn’t we do this… a long fucking time ago?” she said between panting breaths. “Don’t stop… never stop, just FUCK my ass, make me your slut!”

My fingers digging into the soft skin of her ass, I willingly obeyed, pumping in and out of the tight hole, branding it, making it my own, as Katie moaned and thrashed, fists hammering the wall, her feet lifting off the floor as I supported her, thrusts pushing up inside her.

“Oh GOD, Katie baby,” I sighed, pushing against her. “Your ass feels so FUCKING good, my slut…”

“Daddy Daddy Daddy,” Katie whined, riding my dick, one Escort Alanya of her hands sliding between her legs to finger her pussy while I pummeled her ass with meat. “Katie’s gonna cum again, Daddy… can I cum? Please…?”

“DO it, slut,” I said, trying hard to hold back my own impending orgasm, wanting to make this sweet girl cum again first before taking my ultimate pleasure. “CUM for me!”

As if on command, Katie began to buck on me, body contorting and fingers a blur between her legs; I held my cock deep in her perfect ass as she cried out, her back arched toward me. “DADDY!” she cried out once, the only intelligible word among the moans and sighs, before she slumped slightly against me, her body still jerking with slight aftershocks as her pussy spasmed and my dick throbbed inside her ass.

I held to her like that, buried inside her, my chest pressed against Katie’s back, my hands on her tits and my lips tasting the sweat from her swanlike neck, and then Katie pushed herself up on her toes, sighing long and low as she slid off my cock, releasing me from the tight heat of her.

Dropping to her knees, looking up at me from between the sweaty tresses of her hair, Katie reached out and grabbed her cast-off sweater, wiping my cock down.

“No excuses now,” she said, stroking my clean dick. “No more waiting, Daddy. No more words. You’re gonna cum, you’re gonna cum hard, and you’re gonna cum all… over… me.”

That was a certainty now; my balls ached with pent-up cum, and my dick was iron-hard, the head seemingly bigger than it ever had been as Katie went to work, jerking the foreskin back and spitting on my cock, lubricating it; between strokes she would kiss and lick the head, sucking it into her young mouth, moaning on it, the vibrations from her humming bringing me closer and closer.

“That’s it, Daddy,” Katie purred, releasing me from her talented lips and stroking my cock more furiously, sensing the impending explosion that was building up inside me. “You’ve been so good to me… let me do this. Come on, let it go… I want all that hot cum, I earned it, I’m a good girl…”

That did it; reaching out to support myself against the wall as I felt my knees weaken, I arched my back, my dick leaping in Katie’s little hand and a huge jet of thick, hot cum shooting out, landing on her face, spattered on her lips and chin.

“Oh! FUCK yes, Daddy, do it…” Katie said, lips split in a grin as more spurts of spunk landed on her face, inside her eager mouth, dripping from her chin onto her bounteous tits. It felt like I would cum forever; fucking this eager young slut had me feeling like a teenager myself, with boundless reserves of cum. I took over, gripping the base of my dick, directing shots of cum onto each of Katie’s tits as she held them up for me, and shooting the last loads onto her outstretched tongue as she moaned happily, lapping it up, licking her face.

“MMMMmmmmmm,” she sighed, almost as she had in the throes of orgasm. “So yummy, Daddy… and it’s all for me, all for Katie…” Eyes closed, the brunette sank my dick into her mouth, sucking and licking me clean, then wiping the cum from her face and chest, scooping it into her mouth, slurping hungrily, her eyes ablaze.

“Oh, Daddy,” Katie moaned, her little-girl voice back with a vengeance. “You got me all dirty. We have to clean up now…”

To be continued…

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