The Sleep Over Pt. 04

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A story of 4 high school friends set in the days before internet or smart phone porn. All involved are over 18 years of age.

I’d just sucked my 3 friends cocks and swallowed their cum, but I wasn’t sure about being fucked. It looked really hot and erotic in the magazine and the guy getting fucked looked like he was enjoying it. However I wondered how a big cock like Grants would be able to squeeze into my arse. I had never put anything near my arse before, let alone up it and here they were proposing to fuck me with their big cocks.

“We’re going to need some lube or Vaseline or something,” said Grant.

“Yeah, I think there is some in the bathroom cabinet,” replied Tony.

It was at this moment that he looked across the room.

“Fuck Tom, you didn’t close the hatch down when you came back up”.

“Well I didn’t get a chance, you were all moaning about how long I took to get the coke and then that happened,” I said, referring to the cock sucking.

“Imagine if my Dad had come up or something,” he said with a bit of a worried look on his face.

“Well it’s your room, you should have done it,” I snapped back.

“I wonder what he would have said,” pondered Grant. “Seeing Tom there sucking our cocks. He probably would have joined in!” he laughed.

“Eeewwww, shut up,” replied Tony.

“Well he does have this gay magazine,” Paul added.

“Yeah, why has he got this?” asked Grant.

“I don’t know,” replied Tony. “I’ve not had a conversation with my Dad about his porn collection. Maybe it came in a pack with some others or something,” he went on.

“Maybe he likes the idea of a guy sucking on his cock too,” I suggested. “After all, you three seemed to like it.”

“Shut up Tom,” Tony said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

There was a bit of a silence for a while as we all took stock of the situation. What had started as a bit of a dare had turned into me wanking and then sucking their cocks and could have been busted by Tonys Dad.

My mind was now racing thinking about Mr Johnstone and what he gets up to. I pictured him like one of the guys in the magazine, wearing a leather waistcoat, with a moustache and his big hard cock in his hand waiting to be sucked. Also I thought about the little encounter we had in the kitchen before.

Tony broke the silence.

“When I get hard again Tom, I’m going to fuck you really hard!”

“Yeah me too,” Paul and Grant both said in unison.

“I don’t know if I want to get fucked,” I said. I liked sucking your cocks but I don’t know about getting fucked. It’ll hurt”.

“You’ll enjoy it like you did when you posed for the mag,” Tony replied holding up the picture of the guy that looked a bit like me.

As he was saying this he was rubbing his cock and trying to get hard. Despite being full or youthful hormones it wasn’t going to get hard straight away after cumming twice already.

After a few minutes, he got up, and put his shorts on and went downstairs. He was still muttering away about the hatch being left open.

“Think you annoyed him there Tom,” said Grant.

“What, coz I left the hatch open?” I replied.

“Yeah, and that bit about his Dad,” responded Grant.

“Well maybe he does, like father like son,” laughed Paul.

That eased the tension and we all laughed at Pauls comment. A moment later Tony returned back in the room holding something in his hand.

“I’m just going to close the hatch,” he announced making a point.

“Yeah yeah,” I replied waving him off with my hand.

“What you got there?” asked Paul.

“Some Vaseline for Toms arse,” Tony replied.

“Hang on,” I said. “I told you, I don’t think I want to get fucked.”

“Tough!” replied Tony.

He took off his shorts and grabbed a magazine and started rubbing his cock. Grant and Paul started to do the same. After 10 or 15 minutes they were all beginning to get hard again.

“Come and suck on my cock Tom,” ordered Tony.

He was being more forceful now but I found myself complying. I scooted over and got between his legs and lowered my face, opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head pushing me down as well as thrusting his hips up. I gagged on his cock as it hit my tonsils which only seemed to encourage him.

“Yeah take that dick all the way in, choke on my cock,” I could hear him saying.

I was beginning to choke on his cock and gagged and coughed. He released his hand from the back of my head istanbul travesti and I pulled my head up off his cock and took a deep breath, saliva pooling at the corner of my mouth.

“That was good Tom, you deep throated me,” he said sounding pleased with himself. “Do it again”.

I took his cock in my hand and moved my head down. This time he didn’t push my head down and I was able to control the pace. I went as far as I could feeling his cock on my tonsils and tried to relax so I wouldn’t gag. I went a bit further, gagging a but but kept going until I felt all his sweaty pubes right under my nose and in my face. I had managed to take all his 7 inches into my mouth and throat.

I withdrew a few inches then plunged down again enjoying the fact that I could swallow his whole cock. From the hardness and the way it twitched, I think Tony was enjoying it too. He let out some gasps and moans to confirm his enjoyment. I could see that Paul and Grant were getting pretty hard now too.

“Fuck, do that to me,” requested Paul.

I eased off Tonys cock and moved over to Paul. As his cock was a similar size to Tonys it was quite easy to do the same. This time I went all the way down on Pauls cock in one go until I had a face full of his pubes.

“Ohhhhhh,” he moaned as his cock pulsed in my throat.

“I need some of that too,” said Grant.

As I moved onto Grants cock, Tony got up and moved around the room. Grants cock was a lot bigger than the others, not only longer but also thicker. I opened my mouth and took his head in my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue all around his bulbous head, drinking more of his precum. I inched down further as far as I could but I couldn’t take it all into my throat, he was a bit too big. He seemed to enjoy it anyway.

I suddenly felt a hard slap on my arse and then felt my underwear being pulled off my legs.

“Owwww,” I cried and looked behind me to find Tony was the one that had slapped my arse. I could feel a stinging on my arse cheek.

“Come on Tom, spread your arse like you do in the magazine,” he said as he slapped my arse again.

I was on my hands and knees with Grants cock right my mouth and my exposed arse poking back towards Tony. He ran his hands over my arse and grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them apart.

“Oh yeah, I’m going enjoy fucking your tight hole,” he went on.

As he did so he took the lid of the Vaseline and scooped some out with his finger. I was getting a bit nervous now at the thought of him fucking me. He then put his finger into my arse crack and started smearing the Vaseline in my crack and over my hole. I tensed and clenched, causing my hole to pucker up.

“You really going to stick your dick up his arse?” asked Paul.

“Sure am,” replied Tony.

“What if you get shit all over your dick?

“I’ll make him lick it clean!”

Paul and Grant then began to move and they too ended up behind me. I could feel a number of hands caressing my arse cheeks and pull them apart. I could feel my hole tensing and relaxing causing Grant to say

“Look, his arse is winking at us, he definitely wants it!”

I felt a finger running over my hole, causing new sensations in me. I felt my cock start to stiffen again. The finger circled around my hole and then I felt the tip on my hole and some pressure being applied and with the aid of the Vaseline it slipped in. I took a sharp intake of breath under the invasion. I felt the finger going in what felt like miles but was only up to the second knuckle. My arse ring clamped onto the finger.

“Fuck, its so tight!” exclaimed Tony. “I’m going to enjoy ramming my cock in here”.

He began moving his finger in and out and circled it around a bit and it felt less uncomfortable and my hole relaxed a bit. I felt the finger withdraw and then was aware that two fingers were being pressed against my hole. With a bit of force they breached my hole, stretching my ring more than before. I let out a bit of a moan, a mix of pain and pleasure. On hearing this Tony said,

“See boys, he loves it.”

As he pushed both fingers in he twisted them around helping to loosen my hole. I felt them go past the second knuckle and then suddenly I felt something like a bolt of electric run through my body, causing me to moan and spasm.

“Woah, whats that?” Tony exclaimed a bit puzzled.

“What?” asked Grant.

“Dont know, its like a hard lump, its weird,” continued Tony.

“Well whatever istanbul travestileri it is, Tom seemed to like it. Let me feel,” said Grant.

Tony withdrew his fingers and I felt another set of fingers rubbing my hole.

“Look how pink it is,” I heard Grant say.

His hands and fingers are a bit larger than Tonys and stretched me even more. He thrust them in and hit that spot straight away, causing me to moan and spasm more.

“Oh I found it. Yeah it feels weird,” Grant continued.

He then proceeded to keep prodding against it making me moan more and more. My cock was now rock hard and dripping with precum. I was feeling so many new sensations and lust took over.

“Who is going to fuck me then?” I asked.

That was the invitation they were all looking for and Tony quickly announced that it was going to be him. I felt Grants fingers withdraw from my hole and Tony shuffled up close. He slapped his hard cock down on my arse crack and then leant forward and spat on my hole. He rubbed his cock head around my hole mixing the spit and vaseline together to make it all greasy and slick. He lined his cock head up with my hole and pushed in.

“Aaargghhh,” I moaned as his head slipped through my sphincter. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of the first time a cock enters into your arse. Even though they had used their fingers to open me up, Tonys cock felt really big and a searing pain shot around my ring and travelled into my ball sac and cock.

“Easy, easy,” I said as I tried to adjust to the pain and feeling on Tonys cock in me.

Tony held steady with just a couple of inches in me. I could feel his cock throb inside me.

“Oh man,” he sighed. “It feels so hot and tight.

He gently eased in some more and he hit that spot again. The waves of pleasure washed over me and I relaxed more allowing Tony in ever deeper. I felt the tickle of his pubic hair against my arse cheeks and then I could feel his flesh press against me, knowing that he was fully in.

He gradually pulled back a bit and then pushed back in. I moaned with pleasure. He started to pull in and out with a bit more vigour and there was that gentle clap clap clap sound as skin hit skin. Every thrust in was met with an oooh or aarrghh from me.

He started to thrust harder and my moaning got louder.

“One of you put your cock in his mouth and shut him up,” Tony said.

Grant quickly scooted round in front of me and presented his cock in front of me which I happily took in my mouth. Tony was starting to really fuck me hard and I was loving the feeling of being used like this. All of a sudden he stopped and pulled his cock of my arse.

“Your turn Paul,” he said and Paul quickly replaced his cock with Tonys. As I was a bit more relaxed and my hole had opened a bit, Paul was able to slide in quite easily and quickly was in to the hilt. He started thrusting in and out as I continued to suck on Grants big hard cock. As Paul was fucking me, Tony started slapping my arse encouraging Paul and Grant.

“Yeah fuck his arse hard, make him gag on your cock,” he said.

They both took his instructions to heart and Paul was pounding me from one end while Grant did the other.

“My turn now,” Grant said and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved towards my arse. Paul withdrew and Grant positioned himself behind me. He spat on my hole too and then lined his wet cock up with my hole. Even though the other two had worked my hole, Grants cock was much bigger both in length and girth. He pressed it against my hole and I tried to relax is I felt his big bulbous head open my hole. With a firm push forward his head popped through my ring.

“Nnnyyaaahhh,” I gasped as it pushed further in. There was pain but not quite as bad the initial pain. Grant just kept his head inside mu arse and then withdrew. He then teased my hole by just inserting his cock head and then pulling out. This helped to loosen me up and upon feeling less resistance Grant slowly pushed all the way in.

I could fell his hips against my arse cheeks and with his big vovk burined in my arse right up to the hilt,I felt so full. The pressure inside me was quite intense and I wasn’t sure if I was going to piss myself or cum.

“Oh fuck Tom, your arse is so tight. Way better than any pussy I’ve fucked!” Grant said.

That made me feel good that he preferred my arse. He started to pull back and it felt like my insides were going with him. My arse lips were travesti istanbul gripping his shaft and being pulled outwards. He almost was all the way out, when he pushed all the way back in, hitting that spot, causing me to moan more. This encouraged him and he did it again and again and again.

“Oh, oh, oh,” I gasped each time he thrust in.

“You like that Tom?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I breathlessly replied.

“You’ll love this then,” he said and grabbed my hips and thrust in really deep.

“Unnngghh,” I moaned.

He started to really fuck me, harder and deeper than the either Paul or Tony had done. The clapping sound of skin on skin was getting louder and I could feel Grants big balls bashing against my own balls with each thrust. My own rock hard cock was slapping up against my belly and at times swinging around in circles caused by the force of his ficking. Tony and Paul had moved in front of me and were wanking their hard cocks in front of my face. I took Tonys cock in my mouth which was slick with vaseline, spit and my arse juice. It tasted a bit weird but not bad. Paul started shoving his cock in my mouth too.

I could hear Grants breathing getting faster and louder as he continued to fuck my arse.

“Oh fuck, this feels so good, you’re going to make me cum again soon,” he said.

“Hey don’t go making his hole too sloppy, I want to fuck him again,” said Tony.

Grant said to Tony to take over and soon Tony thrust his cock back in and started pumping away. Tony fucked me for a few minutes before letting Paul take over. While one was fucking me, I was sucking on the others cocks. As I was sucking Grant he announced that he was close to coming. He pulled Paul out of my arse and shoved his in deep and hard. He pounded hard and fast before announcing that he was going to come.

“Oh yeah, fuck, I’m close, oh shit. I’m cumming,” he shouted and with that I felt his cock expand even more inside me and then I could feel it pulse and throb as he shot spurt after spurt of hot thick cum deep into my arse.

I felt 5 or 6 big spurts before Grant started to thrust again to finish his orgasm. This was all too much for me and I shot a hands free load of cum onto the airbed beneath me. Grant slowed his thrusting down to a stop. I could feel him big and hard inside me, still twitching away. He gradually pulled his cock out of my hole, leaving me gaping. Some of his load came out with his cock and dribbled down my ball sac. He was breathing hard and saying how amazing it was. Not one to miss out, Tony quickly replaced the emptyness in my hole with his cock. He fucked me really fast and hard, using Grants fresh load as additional lube. He didn’t last long before he too shot his cum into my arse. At the same time, Paul shot his load over my face and into my open mouth.

“Arrrghh,” they both groaned as they shot their loads.

As his panting subsided Tony pulled his cock from my battered hole. He looked at his cum covered cock and then moved in front of me and instructed me to clean it up. It was covered in both his and Grants cum and I eagerly lapped at his cock, licking his shaft and sucking on his sensitive post orgasm head to clean all the cum off.

When I had finished he rolled back and let out a loud sigh.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed.

“Fuck indeed,” said Grant.

“That was great,” said Tony,

“Sure was,” agreed Grant.

“I could get used to this,” added Paul.

“How about you Tom, did you enjoy it?” asked Grant.

“Of course he did,” responded Tony. “He can’t get enough of our cock”.

“Yeah I did,” I replied.”I can’t explain how good it felt when you were all fucking me,” I continued. “You guys should try it.”

“No way am I having a cock up my arse,” said Paul. “I wouldn’t even put one in my mouth!”

“You don’t know what your missing,” I replied.

“Hmmm,” mused Tony.

“We need to do more of this,” said Grant.

“Yeah,” said Tony. “Although I think I need some sleep before I’ll be ready to do it again, my nuts are drained. We can fuck him again in the morning. Hey Tom, you better go and wash up. You stink and you’ve got cum all over your face,” he added.

“You all stink too,” I replied.

“Yeah but not gay stink like you and we don’t have cum dripping down our face or dripping out of our arse do we?” said Paul.

“Yeah ok,” I replied.

“And you better do it quietly and not bump into my Dad. Fuck knows what he would say if he saw you like that!” continued Tony.

“Surely he’ll be asleep in bed now wont he, after all it’s gone midnight now,” said Grant.

“I hope so,” said Tony.

“Ok, I’ll be quiet,” I said and with that I put my underwear back on, lifted the hatch and slowly and quietly made my way down the steps.

To be continued….

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