The Sox Game

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Caroline Nicole

Laying there in bed, her body pressed up against my side, my arm around her. Her fingers lightly tracing up and down my bare chest. I smiled to myself as I raised the remote and flipped the TV to the game. This was the life. The woman of my dreams snuggled against me, half naked, and the Red Sox on the tube.

Laying the remote on top of the sheet covering us, I settled in for what I hoped would be yet another victory by my beloved Sox. I saw her hand wrap around the remote, thinking she was just moving it to the nightstand. Suddenly she raised up, a wry smile forming across her lips.

“Now, what were you saying about me touching the remote during the game?” Holding the remote in her left hand above me, waving it tauntingly.

“Don’t do it…I’m warning you.” I smiled.

Her smile forming into a wicked grin, she turned towards the television. With a simple push of a button, Josh Beckett mowing down the Oakland A’s was replaced with what I could only assume was some Bravo channel fashion show. She chuckled as she turned back towards me. She was challenging me. I glared at her, hoping she would get the message. She either didn’t or was really trying to push my buttons, because all she did was tuck the remote by her side and lay back.

With a growl, I quickly rolled over onto her. Sitting up, my knees straddling her torso. My hands beat hers to the remote. I took her small wrists in the grip of my left hand, while my right hand grabbed the remote. Holding her wrists, I turned to the TV and switched the game back on, just in time to see Beckett induce an A’s hitter into a lazy fly ball for the final out of the first inning.

Still holding her wrists, I leaned my body toward the side of the bed, reaching for the drawer on the nightstand. I was sure she was thinking I was just putting the remote there for safe keeping, but I had more up my sleeve. Ever since I warned her of the consequences of messing with the remote during a Sox game, I have been prepared for this moment.

I placed the remote in the drawer and grabbed my surprise for her. I raised up, displaying two red silk sashes. Her eyes went wide, her body thrashed beneath me. It was no use, I was way too big for her to throw me off easily. I raised her hands to the head board of the bed. Leaning forward, my crotch directly above her breasts. I could her whimper as I positioned her right hand.

“No…please…I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” she pleaded.

It was too late for that. Deep down, I think she was prepared for this, wanting it almost. I had warned her that if she messed with the remote during a Red Sox game I would tie her hands to the bed.

Now she knew I was serious. I got her right hand tied and started working on her left.

“Honey, the game is back on,” she whispered breathily.

This was a ploy to get me to stop, and it was a good one. She knew me and my passion for baseball well. I quickly turned to see Jacoby Ellsbury sky a fly ball to deep center field for the first out. Turning back toward her, I finished securing her wrists to the headboard. Smiling down at her, her eyes burning holes into mine. I grinned.

“Comfy, baby?” I laughed softly.

“Hooligan,” she muttered. Its what she called me when I started acting ‘up’. She tried to say it with as much venom as she could muster, but I could hear the underlying endearment.

Just then, I heard the Sox announcer declare, “a long fly ball by Pedroia.” I quickly rolled off beside her and laid back to watch the ball clear the Green Monster for a home run. I listened to Jerry Remy spout superlatives about the Red Sox second baseman as I felt her squirm beside me.

“Mmm baby…good start.” I turned to her and smiled. She returned only an icy glare.

Chuckling, I settled back in for what should be an exciting Red Sox victory. I laid there watching the rest of the first inning, as well as the second and top of the third quietly as both teams mounted little offense. She occasionally squirmed beside me, but otherwise seemed resigned to her fate. After the first inning she even stopped apologizing and begging to be released.

Leading off the Red Sox third inning, Ellsbury lined one towards the Pesky Pole in right field, hugging the line fair and dropping for extra bases. I sat up in the bed and watched him run. This kid could fly and he quickly rounded second and headed for third, sliding in safely for a triple.

“YES!” I Alanya Escort pumped my fist into the air. Man on third, no outs, a sure run for the Sox. With Beckett on the hill this would probably be all they would need. I turned back to look at her lying there.

“Now only if your damn Yankees would lose.” She wasn’t a Yankees fan, she was just originally from New York, so I took to calling them her Yankees. Again, she just glared at me.

I watched as Pedroia skied a ball to left, knowing this would easily score Ellsbury. I felt her shift beside me, rubbing her bare leg against mine. I looked down. Damn, I loved her legs. Long and smooth, absolutely mouth watering. Part of me wanted to abandon the game and take her leg in my hand, running my tongue slowly up from her calf to her inner thigh. I shook these thoughts from my head. I needed to hold firm. She had challenged me, I had to win.

The inning ended, Boston up 2-0. I leaned across her body to the nightstand and grabbed my glass of iced tea. As I sat up and pulled the glass to my lips, a drop of moisture from the outside of the glass dropped onto her stomach. This caused a squirm and a slight moan. I smiled to myself.

Turning to see her face, I held the glass up, offering her a drink. She rolled her eyes towards her bound hands as if to say…how? I moved the glass to her lips. She didn’t open them. Keeping them pursed, trying her best to look angry. Trying her best to say, without speaking, that I was in for it when her hands got free. I shrugged and placed the glass of tea back on the nightstand.

Beckett got through the top of the fourth with ease, collecting two strikeouts and inducing an easy grounder to third. Jason Bay led off the Sox half of the inning with a walk, followed by a JD Drew single. As the newest Red Sock, Adam LaRoche stepped to the plate I reached back over her for the glass. I wasn’t looking for another drink, I had more devious intentions. Fishing into the glass I pulled an ice cube out just as LaRoche scorched a ball off the Monster for a double plating Bay for a 3 run lead.

I smiled at her as I lowered the ice cube to her belly, lazily tracing circles over her flesh leaving a trail of liquid. I watched the Sox captain, Jason Varitek, single to drive in Drew and push the Sox lead to 4-0. Her stomach rose and fell under the ice rolling over her flesh. I could hear her inhale deeply. I ran the rapidly melting cube higher up her body. Leaving the last trail of liquid just below her bra.

My eyes met hers. “Grrr,” was all she said. I grinned and pushed my hands under her back, lifting her slightly as I undid her bra and removed it, leaving her topless and still bound. I barely registered hearing Ellsbury single to drive in LaRoche for a 5-0 Boston lead.

I reached over for another piece of ice and used this one to trace around her now bare breasts, drawing closer and closer to her nipples with each pass. I could hear her breathing catch. Her chest rising and falling rapidly. I ran the ice over her rock hard nipple, eliciting a throaty moan. I continued to trace the ice cube around her breasts until it was nearly completely melted. I then ran it down over her stomach, stopping just above her thong, letting it melt away. I heard her take a deep breath as I pushed my fingertips inside her thong.

I looked up at her and whispered, “seems a little warm down here, maybe we should cool it off,” and smiled. A low groan was her response.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the A’s were batting once again as I shifted to kneeling between her spread legs. I grinned as my fingers hooked into her thong and began pulling it off her hips. I heard another groan from her as I removed her thong leaving her completely naked before me. My eyes locked on her pussy. It already appeared swollen and wet, and I hadn’t even touched it yet. I reached for more ice and ran the cube up and down through her slit. Her heat rapidly melting the cube.

She was panting now. Her eyes found mine and with some struggle she whispered, “please…I’m so close…please make me cum.”

“Not yet,” I grinned.

I reached for more ice, taking out 2 cubes this time. I barely heard the game anymore. I knew Kevin Youkilis had scored to give the Sox a 6-0 lead, but I had no idea how this happened. Smiling, I placed one ice cube in the valley between her breasts, letting it rest there. The other I slid Alanya Escort Bayan through her labia once more, lingering a little on her clit, before pushing the cube inside her.

“OH GOD!” she moaned.

I held the ice inside her, letting it melt rapidly until all that remained were my two fingers. Her hips pushed up off the bed as I held my fingers still. She looked at me pleadingly.

“Pleeeaasssse,” she mouthed. I grinned at her. Her eyes closed as her head tilted back. I could tell she was on the verge of climax, but she was waiting for my permission. I wasn’t ready to give that to her yet. I moved my fingers in and out of her steaming pussy, while reaching for the glass once again.

I wrapped my hand around the glass and lifted it. Raising the glass, now nearly devoid of ice, to my lips, I took a sip as I pulled my fingers from her pussy.

“Nooooooooooo….arrrrggggh,” she groaned when I removed my fingers. She glared at me, pleading silently for me to take her over the edge. I held the glass above her stomach as I lowered my body to the bed. Tilting the glass, I allow some of the tea to pour onto her belly and watched it run down through her slit.

“I’m thirsty,” I said as I grinned and lowered my head. Pouring more tea onto her pussy I quickly placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit, catching the liquid as it ran down. “Mmmmm,” I said as I tasted the tea mixed with her essence. I ran my tongue up through her slit.

“FUCK!” she nearly shouted.

Opening my mouth I sucked up her flowing juices. My tongue pushed inside her as I slowly licked up and down. Her body thrashed on the bed. She was so close, but I knew she wouldn’t cum until I told her to. I kept licking and sucking her pussy, loving the taste of her arousal. I barely heard the announcers say the A’s had finally scored.

She was moaning loudly now. I started feeling bad for holding her on the edge like this. I knew though, that she loved it. Her orgasm was under my control. I licked rapidly a few more times. I lifted my lips slightly off her and ran my tongue over her clit.

“Go ahead baby, cum for me,” I said before wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking hard. I felt her body stiffen beneath me.

“OH GOD! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH,” she moaned as her body let loose, her pussy flooding my mouth as she came hard. I sucked up as much as I could. Her whole body shook, orgasmic spasms wracking her. Her breath came in pants. Eventually slowing. I placed a soft kiss on her pussy and rose back to my knees.

I crawled over her, my knees straddling her belly. I knew she could feel my hard cock through my boxers. I quickly pulled my t-shirt off and lowered my head. My lips finding hers, kissing her hard and deep. Knowing full well she could taste herself on my lips. In our time together I never kissed her immediately after going down on her. Now she was powerless to stop it. Judging from the way she kissed me back, I doubt she would’ve anyway.

Pulling back from the kiss I looked into her eyes as I reached for her bound hands. My cock, inside my boxers, pushed against her chest. “Should I untie you, baby?” I asked.

“No,” she groaned, “Fuck me hard, like this.”

My cock throbbed in my boxers. I never heard her say anything like that before, and the tone of her voice was lust-filled. I quickly shifted off her and nearly tore my boxers off. She gasped seeing my hard cock as I moved between her legs. I reached between us grasped my throbbing cock, rubbing the head up and down through her moist slit.

“Don’t tease me, fuck me!” she nearly screamed.

With one hand I lifted her leg up around my hip, while the other guided my cock into her. We both groaned as I entered her. Her walls quickly closing tight around my invading shaft. She hooked her leg harder around my waist as buried myself completely inside her, my balls resting against her ass. I watched as her hands strained against the ties binding them to the headboard. Her hips were rising off the bed to meet me as I begin to thrust into her pussy.

Soon I was pounding into her, the sound of our flesh smacking together filling my ears. My breath coming in gasps as I drove my cock deeper, hitting that spot that drives her crazy. Her moans intoxicating me, driving me harder and faster. This was not love making but pure animalistic fucking. Exactly what we both wanted and needed.

I reached down and grabbed Escort Alanya both her ankles and raised them to my shoulders. In this position, I was able to drive my cock even deeper into her. Her moans got louder as I filled her pussy with my cock. When I heard her breath catch, I knew she was close. Abruptly I slowed my thrusts, eliciting a growl from her. I slowly slid my shaft in and out of her clutching walls. Her orgasm delayed, yet again she glared at me with a look of pure lust and I could see the love behind it. I was giving her exactly what she wanted.

Slowly I began to pick up the pace of my thrusts once again and soon I was driving my cock deep inside her again. My balls smacked off her upturned ass causing a loud moan every time. Her walls clutched at my shaft, but she was so wet I slid through easily. I looked down to see the wonderful sight of my cock splitting her open. I groaned at the sight.

Her breathing seemed heavy and labored. Unintelligible sounds came from her mouth. She was back on the verge of another orgasm. I was ready to take her over the edge. I raised my eyes to her face and ours eyes met. I mouthed, “yes baby, go ahead…cum for me…cum on my cock.”

“OH GOD,” she groaned as her eyes closed. With a moaning yell of “Yessssss,” her pussy squeezed my shaft tight and she exploded in climax. I felt the flood on my shaft and it flowed out of her coating my balls. I never slowed my thrusts as she came. Her head thrashed side to side as her pussy spasmed around me. I could see her hands straining to be free.

I took her ankles in my hands and removed them from my shoulders. Spreading her legs wide I drove deep and forcefully into her. Having made her cum twice I was after my own release now. I was close. I was grunting with each thrust. Her moans were loud and continuous.

After a few more thrusts I was on the verge of climax. The idea came to me in an instant. Every time we have had sex previously, I had always finished inside her. But with her hands tied I was free to do anything. Her fantasy was to relinquish total control and I would provide her with that. When I reached the point of no return I abruptly pulled my cock from her. She groaned at the sudden departure until I crawled above her, straddling her torso once again.

As her eyes widened, I took my cock in hand, slick with her wetness and stroked it a few times. Suddenly with a growl my cock erupted sending my seed onto her chest and breasts. One shot even landed near her throat.

Her eyes closed and her body arched hard off the bed. I would swear she was cumming yet again. When I had coaxed every drop of cum from cock, I slid further up her body. My cock head was nearly touching her chin. I guided it the rest of the way to her lips, rubbing it against them. Coating her lips with my cum and hers until her lips parted and I pushed the head into her mouth.

She moaned around my cock and began sucking hungrily. I leaned forward as she sucked and began to untie her wrists. Once they were free her hands went immediately to my ass pulling me into her mouth. Her head bobbed forward engulfing my cock. Her tongue swirled cleaning my cock and coaxing whatever cum I had left into her throat.

I moaned as she tongued my now sensitive shaft. I looked down and met her eyes, she smiled as she pulled my cock from her mouth and moved her lips and tongue to my balls. Giving my balls the same cleaning treatment she had just given my shaft. Her nails dug into my ass cheeks and I could her cooing.

After a bit, my tired body could take no more and I rolled off and collapsed beside her. She immediately rolled into me, her body pressing into mine. I could feel her breasts against my ribs, and my cum on them. I couldn’t care less. My arm went around her shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss. I could taste her and myself, us and knew that she had to.

When we finally broke the kiss, she snuggled into me and lazily traced her fingertips over my chest. I watched her head turn towards the TV and my eyes followed. ‘Sportscenter’ was now on, the game over. Her eyes turned to mine and she whispered, “did they win?”

I laughed and answered, “I don’t know.” For the first time in my life I realized I honestly didn’t care at that moment that I didn’t know if the Red Sox had won or lost. I also realized I wasn’t entirely sure who had won in our own little power game, and once again…I couldn’t have cared less.

For the record Boston did beat Oakland 8-3 that particular night. Josh Beckett went 7 strong, striking out 10 for his 12th win of the season. As for our little game…I may never know who truly won, if there was a winner or loser, and I honestly think I will never care.

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