The Squarepants Ritual

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Tim glanced over at his sister and suppressed a sigh. He loved the way she laughed. Loved that, even at 19 years of age, she laughed about silly things like the Spongebob Squarepants episode they were currently watching. Then again, he loved just about everything about Stacy. More than a brother probably should, according to general opinion. But Tim couldn’t help it. To him, Stacy was just about perfect; brown hair, beautiful face, nicely shaped breasts, a flat belly she liked to show off and an almost impossibly perfect butt. Sister or not, she was the hottest girl Tim could imagine and it was her, not some Hollywood starlet, he fantasized about when whacking off.

“Could you get me another beer?” her voice interrupted his train of thought. “You can take another one for yourself, of course.”

Tim got up and went to get two bottles out of the small fridge their parents had given to Stacy when she moved into the apartment. “There you go,” he said while handing one to his sister.

She thanked him, opened the bottle with her lighter and took a sip. “Do you like that brand?” she asked while adjusting the blanket wrapped around her. She was always cold.

“Sure, it’s fine,” Tim replied. His mind was occupied with something else. Not cheap beer and certainly not Spongebob Squarepants. His thoughts were racing around one simple question: Should he go for it?

Two weeks earlier, he had stumbled upon something, literally. Stacy had asked him to water some of her plants while she was visiting a friend abroad and while doing so, he less than elegantly knocked over a stack of books and magazines. One of the books caught his eye: Stacy’s diary. He would never have looked for it deliberately, he hadn’t even known that his sister kept a diary, but there it was. Right in front of him. It had fallen open and he could clearly make out the words ‘masturbated’ and ‘orgasm’. His curiosity got the better of him. He just had to read it. All of it. He read about his sister masturbating in the bathtub, about her losing her virginity some time ago. He learned that she wasn’t looking for ‘the One’ or a serious relationship just about know. That she was just looking to have fun without strings. And he learned that most of her sexual encounters started by having a guy over for a beer, watching some TV and him starting to touch her. That she found it hard, impossibly hard even, to restrain herself once she was aroused by some gentle exploring done between her legs…

Cut back to right now. Here he was, a guy, over for a beer, watching TV. Should he go for it? He was afraid for his great relationship with Stacy, who wasn’t just his sister but also one of his best friends. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, didn’t want to jeopardize what they had. But on the other hand, he wanted… her. Boy, did he ever want her. He emptied his beer with a big gulp. Life was too short, he decided. He had to try.

“Can I join you under that blanket?” he asked, doing his best to sound innocuous, “I’m feeling kind of chilly.”

Stacy frowned. It was very much unlike Tim to complain about being cold. “There’s another blanket over there,” she said, pointing to the other end of the room.

Tim sighed, “Oh, come on, I don’t wanna get up again. The blanket’s big enough for both of us.”

She shrugged and lifted part of the blanket. “Whatever…”

Tim crept up next to her and tried to get comfortable. He waited a couple of minutes before making his move. Then he placed his right hand on Stacy’s left thigh, slowly moving up, towards what he really wanted. More than anything in the world.

“Tim!” her voice made him freeze, “What are you doing?”

He withdrew his hand and felt his face turning bright red. “I… I’m sorry, Stace! I just…”

She stopped his rambling by putting a finger on his lips. “It’s okay, Tim. I didn’t say I didn’t like gaziantep escort ilanları it.”

Tim looked at her, trying to ascertain what his sister was thinking. She gave him the hint of a smile while she turned off the TV. Clearly, this was more interesting than Nickelodeon cartoons. “Go on, Tim. Just… don’t let me stop you!”

After a short moment of hesitation, he did as she asked. This time, he chose to put his hand on her belly and work his way down. He rejoiced at feeling her smooth skin, celebrated every second, every inch. Since she made no effort to stop him, Tim moved his hand underneath Stacy’s jeans and started to explore her most private of parts.

Through the thin fabric of her cotton panties, he touched her, felt her. It was heaven. And it got even better when he realized that she was enjoying it, too. His sister had closed her eyes. Her lips quivered slightly. A moan escaped her lips. “I want you, Stace!” he verbalized his most powerful desire. “But I don’t wanna do anything that you don’t want or that could…”

She shushed him, gently moved his hand out of her pants and looked at her brother intently. “Tim, stop overthinking this! If you want me,” she unbuttoned her pants and quickly slipped out of them, “I’m yours!”

Transfixed, Tim stared at what his sister was presenting to him by slightly spreading her legs. Stains of moisture on her grey cotton panties showed him that he hadn’t imagined her getting wet while he had touched her. “Are… are you sure, Stacy?” he asked once more, unable to take his eyes off of what he had wanted for so long.

Stacy didn’t answer. Instead, she pulled her panties aside and offered her brother a good view of her cleanly shaven young pussy. It was majestic in it’s perfection. Tim wasn’t a virgin. He’d seen naked girls before. But this was different. It was his sister. His wonderful, beautiful little sister who had been the embodiment of sex appeal to him for years.

Because he failed to do anything but admire her, Stacy took her brothers head into both hands and guided it in between her legs. No words were necessary to convey her wishes. Tim kissed her clit, then started licking her. The taste, the smell… it was intoxicating. Tim didn’t much care about technique, he followed his instincts. And judging by Stacy’s soft moans and the fact that she was firmly pressing his face into her pussy, he appeared to be doing well. This was amazing. A paradise of passion. An Eden of sin. Tim could have eaten his sister’s pussy from now until the end of time.

What made him stop was Stacy, pulling his head up, bringing his face to her’s.

“Kiss me!” she whispered.

And he did. Shyly, romantically at first, but getting more and more passionate, he kissed her. Let her taste her own pussy juices in his mouth. He noticed that while she was kissing him, Stacy’s right hand was frantically rubbing her clit. Her breathing became faster. A moan escaped her. She was getting close. “Come for me, Stacy!” Tim demanded in between kisses. And she did.

With her brother kissing her, his tongue playfully wrestling with her’s, she came. “Mmmmmmhh… Tim! Yessssssss!!!” she grimaced in ecstasy, “Oh God, Yes! YES! YESSS!!!”

As her climax slowly ebbed off, Tim kissed her on the forehead. “That was so fucking hot, Stacy! I’ve always wanted to watch you masturbate… see what you look like when you come…”

She tried catching her breath. “I… don’t always come this hard. I… Oh, man…”

Tim brushed away a strand of her hair and looked into her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes. “So… having your brother around turns you on, huh?”

She smiled an incredibly smile. “You bet. And having my brother eat my pussy like that certainly helps. It felt amazing! Thank you, Tim!”

An hour ago, Tim would gaziantep escort bayan ilanları have traded his life in exchange for a chance to taste his sister’s pussy and here she was, thanking him for it. “Any time, Stace…”

Still breathing heavily, she gave him a tender kiss. “Now let’s see if I can do something nice for you in return… Would you like to look at my breasts?” she inquired. Tim couldn’t fathom why she felt the need to ask. “Yes. Yes, of course. I…”

His words trailed of as he stared at his little sister who slowly, teasingly pulled her shirt over her head to reveal a simple black bra. He could barely breathe in anticipation. For so long, he had imagined what Stacy’s breasts would look like. Now he would know. When she opened the clasp on her back and let the piece of clothing drop to the floor, he couldn’t help but smile. “Just… perfect…” he commented while taking in the sight.

“I’m glad you approve, but now it’s your turn… I wanna see your body, too!” Stacy said and started unbuttoning Tim’s shirt. He worked out, but not religiously so, and his upper body was softer than he would have liked, but his sister didn’t seem to mind. She breathed a light kiss on his lips, then pulled down his pants along with his boxer shorts.

Stacy bit her lower lip in excitement and anticipation while admiring Tim’s penis which had been rock hard ever since he’d first started touching her. It wasn’t the longest she had seen, but it certainly was thick and stirred up all kinds of desire inside of her.

“Mmh… that’s a nice cock!” she stated truthfully and, after weighing it in her hands for a moment, carefully started stroking it.

Her technique wasn’t flawless, but the sensation for Tim was incredible nonetheless. “Oh! Don’t stop!”

His sister was jerking him off. Tim had to reassure himself that he wasn’t dreaming. His eyes found hers. He could see how much she enjoyed giving him pleasure. “Stacy, could you maybe…” he started, but she interrupted him.

“You don’t have to ask, Tim. Just tell me. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Promise!”

Again, Tim hoped to all available heavens that this wasn’t a dream. And if it was, he sure as hell didn’t ever want to wake up. “Suck it!” he commanded. “Suck my dick, Stacy!”

She hesitated only for a second, then she dutifully wrapped her lips around her brother’s cock. The sensation was unbelievable. Tim had to fight not to come right that instant.

What stopped him was Stacy abruptly stopping and starting to cough. “Are you alright?” he asked with genuine concern.

“Oh yeah, I just… I have a tough time breathing through my nose sometimes. That’s why I usually don’t like giving blowjobs…”

Suddenly, he felt bad. “I’m so sorry, Stace, I didn’t…” but again, she interrupted him.

“Bullshit. You have nothing to apologize for, Tim”. She started stroking his dick again. “Like I said, usually I don’t like sucking cock… but I’d do anything for you! Anything!”

As if to prove she meant business, she started sucking him again. And again, she’d almost made him come when she had to stop to catch her breath. “Tim?” the tone of her voice and the pleading look in her eyes made his knees feel weak even before she said the next three words: “Please fuck me!”

She slipped out of her panties, leaned back and spread her legs, inviting her big brother to do what he had wanted to do for so long. He lay down on top of her and slowly, carefully entered her.

He lost all sense of reality. Here he was, his dick inside his little sister’s pussy; so warm, so wet, so perfect! She caressed his hair. “Fuck me, Tim!” she whispered. And she didn’t have to ask again. He fucked her.

Tenderly at first, his pace soon quickened. Harder and harder, he thrust deep escort bayan gaziantep ilanları inside her pussy. His sister’s pussy. He was fucking his little sister! And if it was possible, it felt even better than he had imagined. It seemed to him like his sister’s pussy had been made to perfectly fit his cock. Hugging it from every direction. Tightly. Warmly. With every deep thrust he lost himself further in his passion. And her’s.

“OH! Yes, Tim! YES!” Stacy moaned. Her voice was filled with unbridled lust. Her eyes closed, she anticipated another climax, meeting each of her brother’s thrusts halfway. She was getting close. Getting so close. Just one more moment. One second. The loud slapping noise of yet another hard thrust reverberated through her entire consciousness. A jolt of ecstasy hit every last cell of her body. With a primal scream, she gave in to the most intense orgasm of her life.


Tim soaked it all in. The sound of her passionate screams, the sight of her face, contorted by so much pleasure. He could share in some of what she felt. He could feel her pussy twitching, convulsing around his cock. His sexy little sister’s pussy…

It was too much. “FUCK! I’m coming too, Stace!” he groaned, then everything changed. Slowed down. Every frustration, every negative feeling, all his worries melted away as he exploded forcefully and shot a large load of sperm deep into his sister’s still quivering pussy. In that moment, Tim felt a calm happiness that was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

The siblings just lay there, his cock still inside of her, both of them catching their breath for a while before he rolled over on his back.

“Oh shit, Oh… that was amazing!” he stated the obvious. Then, euphoria lifting, a thought occurred to him. “I… I’m sorry, I probably should have worn a condom. I mean…”

Stacy smiled at him. “Don’t worry, it was hot to feel you come inside me. Really hot. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides,” she gently kissed his forehead “I’m on the pill. We’re fine.”

Tim relaxed and lay down beside her. “Oh, I’m better than fine. I’m… I don’t even think the word exists. I’ve wanted you so badly for so long…”

She lovingly stroked his chest. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

He searched for words. “I don’t know… I was scared, I guess.”

She moved on top of him and started kissing his neck. “Scared of what? Giving me a huge compliment? Every girl likes to be told she’s sexy.” Her kisses moved down to the chest and belly. “Every girl wants to be wanted. And if that extends even to her own brother,” She had reached his private region and licked rests of his sperm off his cock, “Then all the better! And on top of that,” again, she smiled her incredible smile, “You’re the nicest, smartest, most wonderful guy I’ve ever known, Tim. Brother or not, you’re just the best!”

Tim couldn’t quite find the right words inside him, so he said nothing and just kissed his sister instead, hoping the kiss would tell her everything she needed and deserved to know. He loved her. He always had. And he always would.

As she slowly pulled away from the kiss, Stacy’s face showed a playful smirk. “You know… there’s Spongebob reruns every day. I know you’re not the biggest fan, but wouldn’t it be a nice little private ritual if you came by every other day to… watch with me?”

Tim ran his hand up his sister’s arm, delighting in the soft touch of her skin. He returned her smirk. “If watching Spongebob and his square pants means I get into yours, I’ll be here every day!”

“Great!” she gave him a quick kiss and began looking for her clothes. She started pulling her panties back on but then something seemed to occur to her.

“Actually, I also have a Spongebob DVD. So… maybe after a couple more minutes of rest for you, we could, well…”

She didn’t have to finish the sentence. Tim pulled his little sister’s panties right back down. A nice little private ritual, indeed.


Author’s Notes: This is the first erotic story I’ve ever finished writing and English isn’t my native language, so please don’t be too harsh on me or the story. By all means, however, leave comments and criticize it to help me improve in the future.

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