The Srirangam Connection Ch. 04

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We became happy in our life as sex, which is a part of life was very good. More over there began an emotional bonding between us. I was very happy to see her smile. I began to be attached to her. Since her needs are also met, she was happy and became lively in her life. We would occasionally speak to each other over phone. She said she was very happy and then offered me a blank wish. She requested me to ask anything to her and she would fulfill it in the way I wished. I thought for some time and said her about my 4 wishes.

In this story I would be detailing my wish number 1 and if it was fulfilled by her.

I said to Janaki that once we were lovers and wished to marry each other. Unfortunately that did not materialize and we didn’t marry due to caste difference. She was listening patiently and asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted her as bride for our first night kind of sex. She said that she will soon find way to fulfill my wish. We decided to wait for a month to increase our urge for sex. We were waiting for right time to have her in my house for a night and a day. Her husband was there at her home and she couldn’t make any excuses. Then after a month she called me over phone to inform that her husband’s friend had expired in a road accident in Delhi and that he wouldn’t be at home for over 3 days. On the 1st day night itself we can have our first night kind of sex, this was our plan.

So as decided she came to me home directly from work. We planned for our first night situation of sex. We decorated the room with some decorative papers. The bed was laid with jasmine flowers and roses. New bed sheets and bride-groom dress was purchased. We bought some fruits like apple, orange, grapes, and banana. After decorating she took bath and then I took bath. We both dressed up as bride and groom. Meanwhile she boiled a glass full of milk. I asked her not to wear inners under her saree as anyway it was to be removed. Everything was set. We had our mild dinner.

We lit candles to light up the dark bedroom. It also gave fragrance. The flowers fragrance itself turned us on. At around 10pm I went inside the decorated couple’s room and after Demetevler Escort a minute she came inside with a glass of milk. We had already decided to role play like couples and make it a real first night sex. So when she came inside, I welcomed her inside. She looked very shy like a bride entering her new home for the first time. I asked her to sit near me. She handed over the glass of milk to me and asked me to drink. I said “Ladies first”. I wanted to drink Janaki milk and that she should first drink that milk so that the taste of her lips would be there in her milk. She agreed and drank a little milk and gave me. Looking at her lips, I drank a little and gave her the glass of milk. She too drank the milk that was left over. At that point I asked her to leave some milk in the glass. She asked me why? I said there is a reason. She obeyed.

We began talking like any couple would do on first night asking about life expectation and wishes. We decided to be truthful and love each other. Then at around 11pm she asked if we could sleep. We lay silently on the bed. After few minutes I asked her if I could hug her. She said it was my wish. We got up and stood near bed and hugged her. She too hugged me. Then I asked her if I could kiss her. She said that it was all my wish, I could do anything to her that I wished.

I went ahead with my series of special kisses.

I first kissed her fore head and said that it was symbol of my affection on her.

I then held her cheeks and moved forward to kiss her lips. I tilted my head and placed by lips on her. It was very soft like a rose. I began sucking her upper lips with mine. She too slowly began sucking my lips. We changed the direction of our liplock. Soon both of us started sucking our lips very fast it was very nice. Then I put my tongue into her mouth and she too opened her mouth and let out her tongue. I began to suck her tongue and she did the same to me. This lasted for some time. We broke the kiss and took long breath and smiled at each other.

I asked her to lie on the bed.

She lay on the bed. I went near her and Otele gelen escort touched her boobs. It was soft. I pinched her nipples over her dress. I then began pressing and massaging both her boobs over the dress. She bit her lips and let a soft moan. I grew excited. I removed her saree and she lay before me in her blouse and skirt. I then kissed her navel and played with it. I then put my hands into her skirt and massaged her thighs. I planted few kisses on her milky white thighs.

I undress her completely. She lay nude with her legs bent and forming a hill on the bed. At this point I said that I’m going to drink milk from her boobs. She said that I can suck her boobs until I wanted but said that since she was not delivered a child yet milk won’t come.

I laughed and said I have the plan ready. I took the glass of milk and sprinkled few drops on her lips. Breast, navel and on her vagina. I looked at her and said that now you are more than a cow. I sucked the milk from her lips. Then sucked her right breast first and then her left breast. Then pressed her alternate boobs while sucking the other. I then moved down to navel to drink the milk stored in her navel hole. I licked the milk drops in her vagina too. The milk was very tasty than what it was usually. All these turned her into a sex goddess. She asked her not to wait but fuck her hard and longer.

I was in no hurry to fuck her. It was just a little over 12am. There was plenty of time till dawn. I now took turn to the fruits. Both of us got up. I took the apple and bit a part of it. I asked her if she wanted the apple. She nodded her head in affirmation. I opened my mouth and asked her to take it out with her mouth. In that way we engaged in a lip lock for further. I then took a grape bit a part of it. I massage her boobs using the grapes and then sucked the grape juice from her breast. Then I made her stand and inserted a single orange piece into her vagina and ate it from there.

She like all these. She was lying near me and looking at me. She asked me if there was no foreplay today. I asked her to close her Balgat Escort eyes. I asked her to spread her legs wide.

I then took the small banana and the inserted it into her vagina. I gave slow moments and then started twisting it in and out. She began moaning and her breathing grew harder. She paused and then held her breath and let out a hard moan. That was her first orgasms for that night. I took the banana out of vagina and sucked the cum it had. I started licking and sucking her boobs and simultaneously inserted the banana into her ass hole. This went on for some more time and she cummed the second time.

She said she cant wait further. She asked me to make love with her. We started first with missionary style and slowly fucked her. I stopped in between to kiss her on her lips and bite her breast. Then she climbed on top of me for cow boy style of fuck. She missed to insert and hold my penis many timed during the fuck. We both were tired but we wanted to fuck further. We next changed to doggy and I fucked her asshole in doggy position

We decide to reach our sexual peak with “face off” style. She fat across my penis on my lap facing me at the edge of bed. She now had the control of our fuck. She kissed me regularly while slowly lifting her hips and thrusting it down. Just before we cummed, we stopped a moment… looked at each other…smiled and said I love you…it was wonderful feeling cumming and loving each other.

We were very tired and slept naked till the day break. She woke in the morning between my arms. Her right leg was locked between my legs and my left leg was locked between her legs and it touched her vagina. She was lying on my chest and her boobs constantly touched by body. I was woken up with a kiss on my forehead. She smiled and wished me good morning. Both of us gazed into each others eyes. I proposed my love for her. She too said that she loved me.

I asked her: “Why don’t you marry me?”

She asked me: “How’s that possible now?”

I replied: “Divorce him. He is anyway having a relationship with another woman. Let’s record and make proof. This will help in speeding up mutual divorce.”

She thought for a while. She looked at me and agreed. She then again kissed my forehead and cheeks and said that she loved me. We tightly hugged each other.

We took bath together in my bathroom. Dressed up and had breakfast. By afternoon she left to her home. We made arrangements to make evidence for her husband’s relationship.

To be continued.

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