The Steakhouse Ch. 01

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I come in the front door – you are in the living room watching a movie. “Come on, little darling, time to get dressed – we’re going out for the evening.”

In the bedroom I tell you to put on your white satin bra with the nipple holes cut out so that I can see your excitement all night. I have you bend over the bed at which time I lube up the rosebud of your tight butt and insert a conical shaped “Butt Plug”. Since there’s a hole in it for a vibrator – I insert one of the remote controlled models. It fits kind of tight, but I have something that will make it stay in place. Then I have you lie face up on the bed at which time I take another of the remote controlled models & insert it in your tight little pussy, making sure the antenna on both of them are exposed so that they will work from a distance. Then I have you put on a plain white pair of cotton panties – thongs won’t do tonight.

Since we are dressing you up as a full bore slut tonight, I have you put on your black mesh see-through dress with the scooped neckline. Next I have you put on thigh high stockings with a garter belt and your sexy 6” spiked heel shoes with the long laces that wrap almost to your knees. I know the high heels will be awkward for you to walk, but they make your hard firm butt stick out just right.

Next, heavy face powder and a full measure of bright red rouge covering most of your cheeks. Scarlet red lipstick sets off the black fluorescent eyeliner and the dark black eyebrow color. Your coal black wig with the styled curly black tresses completes the picture. You look the perfect slut. That “Fuck me” look is all over your face. Now – what are we missing? I know – you need some nails. We find the 1” nails you bought and proceed to glue them on. After that, they get a coat of Scarlet Red polish, the same color as your lipstick.

Next, while you practice walking in the high heels, I dress. First I must spend about 20 to 30 minutes of pumping up my cock with a vacuum pump. Pump it up – then release and so on until about 20 minutes have lapsed. As you can see – my cock is larger than you have ever seen.

Then I wrap a cock and ball strap around from the top of my cock to the underside of my balls then tighten it up. This keeps all the blood in my cock and balls so that they stay pumped up large for a while. This strap needs to stay on for at least ataşehir escort bayan an hour for maximum effect.

I forgot to mention – while I was pumping, I turned the two remote controlled vibrators on and started them at a low buzzing speed. Just enough to stimulate and not enough to allow you to cum. I watch you walk back and forth in the bedroom, tottering ever so often when I rev up the vibrators. Twice you almost collapsed.

Now I’m ready to get dressed. Gray sharkskin slacks with a matching Nehru Jacket over. The pockets of the jacket are to hold the remotes for the vibrators. Cordovan loafers and I’m set. It’s off to the Steakhouse we go.

When we arrive, the hostesses notice the lump hanging down my left leg. I couldn’t wear under shorts with that cock strap on. There is also a wet spot on my slacks right where the precum has leaked while we were driving.

Our waitress for the night, Lucy, shows us to a booth in the corner. Very dark and very private. I order a Martini and, just as you start to order a glass of wine, I crank up the vibrators. Your eyes glass over and your speech becomes slurred. Lucy looks at me and I continue the order for you. I turn the vibrators back down and you settle down a little. But you are begging me to let you cum. I was tempted – you looking so fuckable in that outfit. Only I know the truth. But – not yet, darling. Plenty of time later. Food for the stomach this time – sex later.

I watched Lucy’s ass as she left the table. Her ass is much the same as yours – tight and firm – you could almost sit a drink on top of one of her globes. She has dark/black hair with some streaking. High breasts with a deep valley for cleavage. I’m guessing 36 D or 38 D. Nice, but can’t tell about her nipples yet.

Lucy returns with our drinks and, as she is placing them on the table, I slowly squeeze and stroke my cock. She doesn’t miss it. I have her full attention.

She pulls out her order book and I order Prime Rib for you, darling, – medium rare? Rare? Then, I engage Lucy in conversation about the Special and a couple of other items. Leaning over to talk to me, she places her hand on my cock, gasping because it’s larger than she expected. I think you and I might have our “play toy” for the night.

Lucy returns with our meal and we eat in relative silence with an occasional escort kadıöy flip of the switch so to speak. I swear – sometimes you were almost blubbering you want to cum so bad. So, I have mercy on you. I want you to ask Lucy to give you a hand in the bathroom. With your long nails, it’s difficult to wipe, etc. She’ll understand.

The plan is to get her to go with you – have her pull the vibrator out of your pussy – have her wipe you when you get through peeing – then, when she starts to put the vibrator back in, tell her that she is to put it in her own pussy. Tell her that she is being invited to join us tonight. If she refuses – well, we’ll get by. Her tip may get smaller though. I know – I’m rotten.

When Lucy came by for about the 5th time to ask if there is something else we need, I suggest that you could use some help in the bathroom. That’s when it’s time to put the plan in action. I turn off the vibrators until I see you and Lucy return at which time I turn them on and give them a little juice. You sway a little – Lucy damned near fell down. She staggered; her eyes rolled back and her balance was off. I turned it down. Just wanted to know if she had accepted the offer. You told me later that Lucy put the vibrator in her mouth and sucked off all your juices before she put it in her pussy.

We finally finish our meal. During desert, Lucy came by and told us that she was off in 30 minutes – someone else was filling in for her. She also took that opportunity to squeeze my cock again. It was still hard as could be.

Leaving there, Lucy joined us in our car. Me driving – you two in the back. I leave you two alone to talk and just keep an eye on the rear view mirror. I see you reach over and pull Lucy’s face to you, kissing her full on the lips – insinuating your tongue between her lips until she relents and opens her mouth in acceptance. As the two of you kiss, I hear moaning. Yours? Or Hers? I can’t tell, but someone is turned on. Speaking of turned on – I turn the switch up to maximum on both remote controls.

Lucy’s head goes back and she screams. I didn’t know she was that close to orgasm. Would she have another. Later, perhaps. Meanwhile you are squirming that pretty firm butt in the seat – trying to wear out your dress and the upholstery. I turn them down. It wouldn’t do to have you both all maltepe escort worn out – who would take my cock?

Back home, it’s a mad flurry of people tearing clothes off. No telling who undressed who but it got done in record time and we were madly groping each other in the process. You pull Lucy onto the bed. The two of you kissing and feeling each other. Nipples hard, pussies leaking all over – I move in behind Lucy. While you are fingering her, I begin kissing her butt, playing special attention to her little rosebud – all puckered and, as I lick it and slip a finger inside, she clamps down on it hard, as though she is in the middle of an orgasm already.

You stop fingering her and move her onto her back. Straddling her head, you pull her lips to your little bald cunt. As she takes your clit into her mouth and nibbles on it, your body begins to shudder. I know that sign. Big ‘O’ coming.

I work my cock up & down between Lucy’s pussy lips – watching as they get all red & swollen – just begging to be fucked. I lean forward and ease my cock into her. No sooner than did I begin fucking her did she start to cum. Her hips were rotating and bouncing like mad – I was afraid she was going to throw me off. One hot lady.

Meanwhile – she’s working on your pussy – trying to get her tongue deep inside you – lapping your clit like mad – moaning into your pussy and chewing your clit. God she is one hot lady.

I continue thrusting in and out of her as her orgasms go on and on. I’m about to cum. Just as I feel the cum boiling up in my balls – ready to erupt from my fat cock – she collapses. Out like a light. My cum recedes back into my balls but I still need release.

You lean over and pull my cock from her pussy. Licking and sucking it – you have me about ready to cum. No – you want my cock deep inside of you. You press me back into the bed and mount my cock – ready to ride me as you have never ridden a cock before. Your tight little bald pussy sucks my cock inside you just as your hot little mouth was just doing. God! I can’t stand it. I’ve got to cum.

You stop – torturing me for the torture I put you through earlier. I guess I deserved it.

Finally – you start moving again. Slowly – very slowly – moving back and forth. Up and down. I feel the cum rising from my balls again. I cum. Spurt after hot spurt of baby-making seed deep within your womb. And you yelling at me – “Give it to me, Daddy” – “Give me your cum” – “Give me a baby, Daddy” – “I want to have a Baby that’s a part of you.”

Then you collapse on my chest. We kiss and just savor the moment, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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