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Big Tits

Lame was Meredith’s thought as her boyfriend rolled off her 29-year-old body. She was lying in her queen-sized bed partially clothed as he settled in next to her. Her blouse was still on but open. He pulled down her bra partially without taking it off, leaving one of her 33C tits exposed but the other still covered. Her trousers, along with her boxers, were around her ankles. She laid on her back for several minutes, staring at the ceiling and silently raging at the ass next to her for leaving her so unsatisfied. She looked over at him and could tell from the expression on his face that he thought he’d just given her the fuck of the century. God, it didn’t even last a minute. He’d just climbed on with almost no foreplay at all. Just a few light thrusts and he was done. She’d barely gotten herself wet enough to take his cock, never mind an orgasm. Then he said probably the dumbest thing a man could say after any love-making, “Was it good for you too?”

An hour later she was alone in her house. After giving him what she considered a fair assessment of his love-making skills she watched him storm out of her life. Good riddance, too. But now she was curled up on her couch, horny and alone. Why did my dildo have to break?!, she raged to herself. Fingering herself just leaves her wanting more. She needed to be taken by a man. Right the fuck now. Then it hit her. Her ex Brian. He lived just down the street. They broke up a year ago but he’s by far the best she’s ever had. And she knows that he hasn’t had a date in a month so he would definitely be horny. She called him up, deciding to make it a surprise.

“Brian,” she cooed, “could you come over and help me? My computer isn’t working.”

After a little cajoling he agreed to come over and take a look. She hung up and ran to the bathroom. She touched up her makeup and scrutinized her appearance. She considered changing out of her black floor length Victoria Secret’s nightgown but decided not to. Instead she pulled her panties off and tossed them in her room on her way back downstairs. The stairs ended just in front of the door. As Meredith reached the bottom of them she knew how to give him a greeting he’d never forget.

She sat down on the third-to-last step with her feet resting on step below. She pulled her gown up so the was tucked between her thighs and stomach. Her hand reached down and began to rub her cunt. As she became more and more excited her legs spread open so that anyone coming in the door can her rubbing her own cunt. Soon enough the doorbell rang Bakırköy travesti and Meredith called out, “Come in.”

Brian opened the door and his jaw fell wide open as his eyes locked on Meredith. By now her cunt was very wet and some of the juices were dripping onto the carpet of the stair she was sitting on. That was all Brian needed to see. He closed the door and dropped to his knees in front of the stairs. He buried his face between her legs and started to lick up her juices. Meredith let out a moan of longing as she felt his tongue on her sex. She began to reflexively thrust her hips as the heat took over; grinding her cunt into his face as he ate her out.

Finally, Meredith couldn’t take it anymore. As much fun as it is to have his tongue licking her pussy walls, she needs a cock in there pronto. She took his face in her hands and brought him up for a kiss. He backed off a little, kneeling on the floor, and began to undo the belt and buckle of his jeans. She slid off the stairs to the floor. She turned around so she was on her knees facing the steps. Her elbows were resting on the first step and her head on the second as she felt him kneel down behind her. He lifted her down up and let it rest on the small of her back so her bottom was exposed. She moaned when he gave her butt a sharp slap with his hand. Then his hand was between her legs, checking that she was wet enough for him…and perhaps to tease her. She let out a cry of frustration. She wanted to be fucked now!

His hands gripped her hips to steady her. She started panting as the head of his cock slid down her ass crack towards her sex. Her panting grew more rapid as his cock began to probe at her cunt. Then with one rough thrust he was inside of her. Meredith’s eyes went wide with surprise and she began gasping loudly with pleasure as Brian began to fuck her roughly. This was the reason she both went out with him and broke up with him. Brian never made love to her; he fucked her. That was fine with Meredith tonight. Tonight it was just about sex and nothing else.

It wasn’t long before Brian was building up to his climax. He could never last long while doing her doggie-style. Meredith closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of accepting his seed. He pulled out and she immediately turned around. Sitting on the floor she bent forward and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. It was a special gift of Meredith’s. She knew how to use her body to make men hard again and again. As long as she wanted it, she’d make it so they can Beylikdüzü travesti give it to her. Sure enough, within a minute Brian was hard again and ready.

She pushed on his chest, making him fall back on his ass. He leaned back on his hands and watched as she stood up over him and took off her nightgown. Standing naked before him she kneeled down and pulled his jeans and boxers the rest of the way off his legs. She sat on his lap, straddling him. As she reached down to position his cock properly to enter her he grabbed her tit, sat up, and began to roughly suckle the nipple. Once his cock’s head was in her hole she slammed her hips down onto him hard, taking him in all at once.

She began to rock her body back and forth on him. Slowly at first, but picking up speed. She wrapped her arms around his neck for support as he put one arm around the small of her back. Her entire body was being supported by him as she rocked back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her. Her mouth hung open in a silent moan as she felt her pussy juices flowing in one long, continuous come. Suddenly his hand slapped itself onto her ass and pulled her hips into him. He held her there as he shot off his second load into her. Meredith’s body was giving off spasms in his arms as she gradually came off her own sexual high.

She sat there for a minute after he finished coming into her. His face was pressed against her chest as she felt him go soft inside of her. Once he was completely soft she rolled off of his lap and laid on the floor, facing away from him. He laid down next to her so that that were spooning. His hand reached around to cup her breast and for a half hour they just lied there, resting. Her eyes were closed when she felt it, a slight pressure on her ass. Then his hand began squeezing her tit. Meredith smiled as she felt him rubbing his cock against her ass. She began moving her hips too, rubbing him back as she could feel him getting harder against her. She felt his face on her neck as he nibbled at her ear lobe. Meredith’s biggest turn-on is a guy’s desire for her and so it didn’t take long for her to be wet again.

He slid his hips down so that his member would probe between her legs. Meredith arched her back and lifted her leg a little to give him access. He lined it up with her opening and entered her. Meredith let out a gasp as she felt him inside her for the third time that night (fourth time overall). He started thrusting his hips while she just laid there, letting him do all the work. Bomonti travesti Soon he was screwing her rapidly. His hands were fondling her tits, pinching and twisting the nipples as he sucked at her neck. Then he turned them over so that she was on her stomach with him on top. His thrusting became even more rapid. Again, she remembered how he only fucked her in the physical sense.

She reached up for something to steady herself and found the legs of a nightstand next to the door. She gripped a leg with each hand as she felt his cock tearing into her. She was screaming out in both pain and pleasure. Through the mist of her own pleasure she could feel his load shooting into her. Then the realization hit her. Shit, she thought, shitshitshit. She had just had sex with him three times and didn’t use a condom for any of them. His thrusting subsided and his body fell on top of hers as she rapidly counted the days since her last period. Yes, it’s exactly the right time. DAMN IT, she raged to herself as he rolled off of her and they went into a spooning position again.

She felt his hot breath on her ear as he whispered, “So does this mean we’re back together?”

“No,” she replied in a cold voice that contrasted with the passion she felt only a moment before. She was too angry at herself but realized that she should soften the blow. “But next time I’m feeling hot I’ll give you a call.”

She got up and headed up the stairs after grabbing her gown off the floor. Oh well, the worst that could happen is that she’ll have to pay for yet another abortion. Brian watched her naked body disappear up the stairs before getting dressed. So, the bitch only wants him for sex. Perfect. Meredith is a very good lay…and good for little else. In fact, when she’s not in heat she can be a real bitch. Brian still remembers one time he surprised her in the shower. She went into heat and did it with him twice there in the bathroom. He still remembers the sight of water droplets flying off her tits and they did it. Then for a week she would tease him every chance she got and not let him touch her. Turned out she was furious that he disturbed her shower.

He even knew what had her so upset. She plans this evening and forgets the condoms. Typical, he thought as he left, she tricks him over here to get laid and treats him like dirt once she has what she wants. Part of him wanted to go up and fuck her until her pussy was sore. He’s done it before while they were going out. She’d use him like this. And he’d just throw her on the floor or the bed or against the wall and fuck her over and over. She’d struggle and yell at him to stop but he’d keep doing it until she was nice and sore. He smiled at the thought of getting revenge on her and was tempted to storm up and do it. But instead he finished dressing and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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