The Substitute Ch. 02

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


In truth, Edward Trotter could hardly believe that he, a 30-year-old high school mathematics teacher, had actually fucked an 18-year-old student, let alone taken her virginity. Yet, here she was, the next day, curled up on his lap after giving him a blow-job. Such an impossible circumstance, never once contemplated in his six-year career since graduating Teachers’ Normal in Albany and moving west, must be a dream. He inhaled the provocative, very real, floral scent of Mary McGuinness’ ‘Arpège’ perfume. If it was a dream, it was a dream come true.

Mentally thanking Mrs. Anderson, the English teacher, for her sudden illness, Trotter basked and praised his good fortune. “Right time – right place, Pal,” he thought to himself for the umpteenth time since he had wiped Mary’s cherry juice from his turgid tool at a quarter to four yesterday afternoon. “What a lucky duck you were to walk into the Faculty Room, carrying a copy of ‘Parzival’, just as Mr. Pederson was lamenting to Mr. Fowler that no one was available to fill in for the Senior English class.”

Trotter smiled as he reflected again on the unexpected consequence of Fowler pointing at the book and asking, “Aren’t you free this period, Trotter? Can you just cover for Mrs. Anderson’s last class today?” Before he could answer, Pederson interjected with the authority only a school principal can muster, “OF COURSE he can… CAN’T you, Trotter.”

While Mary nestled her warm soft welcome weight in the crook of his left arm, Edward mused in his chair, “‘And the rest was history’, as they say… Or rather, ENGLISH!” With a low chuckle at his internal quip, he kissed the girl’s wet mouth and tasted his dribbling cum. Casually cupping and caressing her left tit through her frock, he asked, “SO, did you LIKE my ‘curds and whey’ Miss Mary Muffet?”

Mary broke the kiss, smiled broadly and licked her lips clean of Trotter’s saliva and semen. “Oh YES, Teddy, very MUCH! But I still want to FEEL you… you know, INSIDE me.” She pouted and kissed him, then added, “Remember? YOU PROMISED! You said, ‘again and again and again’!”

“Yes, Mary, I remember,” Edward answered. “I DID say that. How long can you stay this afternoon?”

“Oh, I can stay for hours and hours,” Mary replied, while she lifted her left hand and traced Trotter’s face, from his ear to his chin, with her index fingernail. He involuntarily shivered. “Mama and Papa went to a charity marathon dance contest this morning… they’re going to win groceries… even a HAM! Anyway, Mama said they would not be home until after breakfast.” Mary poked her fingertip into Edward’s mouth. He automatically sucked the first knuckle and tweaked her nipple. She yipped, squirmed, withdrew her finger and hugged his neck with both hands as she laid her chest square against his. Twisted like a pretzel, Mary breathed into Trotter’s ear, “Will that be OK? I can cook, you know!”

Edward slipped his hands around her waist and stood from the chair, carrying Mary with him into an upright embrace. “MORE than ‘OK’, my pet,” he said huskily. “Why don’t you get out of those clunky old shoes? I’ll be right back.” Without waiting for a response, Trotter turned, pulled up his trousers and walked to his bedroom at the back of the cottage. Mary sat back down on the fat rectangular ottoman at the foot of the overstuffed chair and pulled the laces on her dusty brown oxfords.

When Trotter returned to the parlor, his tall muscular frame was evident even within the shimmering folds of his maroon silk dressing gown. Its vertical gold, black and white stripes flattered as the sleeves flapped loosely around his large hands and strong wrists, while he approached Mary silently on smooth leather carpet slippers. She drew in a sudden thoughtful breath when she perceived his bare hairy shins and guessed he was naked, or nearly so, beneath his robe.

Flustered, and excited, by her teacher’s intimate attire, Mary blurted, “You have a gramophone!”

“Yes,” Edward answered, as he swept her into his arms, enfolding his Mandarin sleeves around her upper back. “It’s Victrola’s newest model. If I had to eat nothing but beans, everyday for a year, I wouldn’t mind, so long as I could listen to good music on the gramophone.” He rubbed Mary’s shoulders and slid his hands vertically along her ribs to her hips and back.

“In fact, I was just listening to ‘Orchestre des Concerts Straram’ performing Igor Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’. Mary’s pussy percolated as Trotter’s sensual back rub worked its magic while his modulated voice continued to mesmerize her. “It’s the first recording of the work, just done last year in Paris, and conducted by the composer, himself.” She was mystified by Trotter’s foreign and technical words, but she did not want him to ever stop holding her.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice, Teddy,” Mary mumbled into Trotter’s wide soft lapels. Her fingers naturally kneaded pendik escort his lower back above the sash as she melted into him.

Misunderstanding Mary’s mewl for musical appreciation, Edward breathed over her blonde hair, ” I just got the new Polydor recording of Ravel’s ‘Bolero’. It is ALSO conducted by the composer, but with the Lamoureux Orchestra, this past January.” He squeezed her bottom as his throbbing dick, which had no misunderstanding of the teen’s physical response, rose beneath his silk and pressured her abdomen while he asked, “Would you like me to play it for you?”

“Nyyaahh…” Mary gurgled as her cunny squished between her thighs. She crunched her bottom and thrust herself hard on to Trotter’s hard-on. “P-please… uhhnn! … PLAY…” Her words lapsed into guttural groans and she dug her fingernails through the silk into her teacher’s unprotected ass.

Trotter broke their embrace and rasped, “OK.” Leaving the surprised girl in the lurch, he turned to the record player and replaced Stravinsky with Ravel. Cranking the handle, and lowering the needle arm to the twelve-inch platter, loosened his silken belt. As the fifteen-minute crescendo softly began to fill the room, Trotter’s seven-inch boner lifted its head through his robe’s separating front.

Mary pounced like the poetic spider upon the meat she espied in the parlor. Hugging Trotter from behind, she reached around and cranked his handle. While her fist flashed up and down, she ground her groin against his taut buttocks and drug her chin, hard, the length of his spine. “NO, Teddy!” She emphatically growled between his shoulder blades. “I meant ‘Play’ with ME!”

Quick as a wink, Trotter spun in her grasp and pulled Mary tight. The coarse sackcloth of her dress abraded his bare belly and reminded him that she, unlike he, was still clothed. “Of COURSE!” He hissed his reply. “I’ll put YOU on and listen to YOUR music, just as soon as I take your DUST jacket off!” Like lightning, he raised the hem of her ‘Ful-O-Pep’ dress, and her silk chemise with it. All a-twitter, Mary raised her arms and assisted as he inverted the garments. They came over her head with a single swift long pull and flew across the room leaving her laughing in her linsey-woolsey socks.

Trotter lifted Mary into the air. She automatically locked her ankles behind the small of his back, and double-wrapped her forearms behind his neck, while she smashed her mouth onto his. Edward’s dick rubbed across her peach slit and anus as it slid between the cheeks of her hind end. “You MISSED,” she giggled into his ear.

“You JUMPED,” Trotter argued. His cock flexed in the tight groove between her moons. She shimmied her tits on his chest, worming them beneath the open lapels of his robe and warming his own breasts as she crushed herself flat.

“Try AGAIN… Ted…EEEE,” Mary teased, nipping his left earlobe and sending an electric shock through his nervous system.

Trotter cupped her ass in his strong hands and pushed her butt outward while he semi-squatted and pulled in his gut. The adjustments to his erect angle were perfect. When he hauled Mary back to himself, she sighed her satisfaction as his stiff stalk slid deep into her poised pussy. Edward groaned while she writhed in his basket-hold and settled her collapsing cunt around his cock. He thrust upward deeper still. She moaned and sealed her mouth on his shoulder in the hollow of his left collarbone.

The Bolero recording grew louder without changing its tempo. Trotter felt the Lamoureux Orchestra’s insistent translation of Ravel’s motif in his very soul. His loins conformed to the tone poem’s measured beat as he swung them resolutely while clutching Mary’s bottom. She bit into his neck and rolled her pelvis in his palms. Unaware of the outside world, Trotter and Mary spun and swayed slowly on the hook rug.

Mary’s tension built, then released, then built again to a greater level and broke again. She screamed silently into Trotter’s trapezius as her delightfully tortured cunt squirted and came convulsively on his relentless ramming iron rod. Transformed and empowered by Mary’s obvious pleasure, Edward was in no more a hurry than the maestro to conclude his performance. He stroked on.

Mary’s twisting bottom was slippery with her sweat and leaking juices. Trotter curled his fingertips and clawed them into her muscle mass. She yelped into his neck and bit hard. Drums crashed and the orchestra raucously blared its finale. Mary contracted around the driving force behind her delirium and came a flood. Edward, approaching exhaustion, triumphantly stuffed himself beyond his depth into Mary’s tight stretching hole. His gut and butt crunched together and a flashing heat raced through his groin. He crowed as his nuts exploded with great surging spurts.

Mary panted and clung limply to Trotter’s huffing frame. He relaxed his grip on her ass and slid his cradling forearms under her thighs. Barely able to maltepe escort walk, he lurched to the overstuffed armchair, turned and sat, unsteadily but carefully, without dislodging his dick from its wet warm home. Mary’s knees split around Edward’s legs and buried themselves between the cushion and chair arms as she pancaked onto Trotter’s perspiring chest. They lay quietly motionless until they finally became aware of the scratching gramophone needle sliding madly from the last groove to the Polydor label and back.

Returning to the world, the lovers laughed together and kissed lightly. Mary spoke first. “That BOLERO is really SOME-thing! Or YOU are!” She smooched Trotter quickly again. “Don’t leave me, Teddy! I’ll DIE!”

Trotter chortled and languidly returned her kiss, before pulling his head away and staring deep into her sincere open hazel eyes. “I think you are MAGIC, Mary. I don’t want YOU to leave ME either.” He stroked her lank hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ears. “Come lay down with me for a little while.” When she nodded and slid off his lap they smiled at the slight sucking departing kiss her peach gave his retreating plum.

The afternoon sun, westering low in the sky, played through the bedroom curtains in Edward Trotter’s cottage. Mary opened her eyes and squinted in disbelief. She pinched her cheek and convinced herself she was not having a hormonal fantasy. She really was happily naked in the substitute teacher’s bed. Her heart was full. Raising her hand, she stroked Trotter’s soft cheek, smiling as she felt the ever so slight stubble of his emerging beard. She scooted closer and snaked her right leg and arm over his curled slumbering form.

Mary felt Trotter’s dick bump her tummy just below her belly button. “He may be asleep in his head,” she thought to herself, “but he’s awake below the waist.” Trailing her hand down his back, then over his hip, she closed her palm around the poking penis and pointed it where she wanted it to be. She simultaneously slid herself an inch or two up the bed and rolled toward Trotter, grinning as she felt his engorged knob tickle her peeking clit. Her pussy rushed to lubricate itself while electric jolts zinged upward through her stomach to her breasts. She inhaled deeply and felt her hard nipples tingle as they brushed against Edward’s wiry chest hair.

Working herself, inch by inch, closer to Trotter’s crotch, Mary guided his prick’s head to the bottom of her oozing slit and into her grasping little cunt hole. Just as she swallowed the plump plum and gripped his shaft behind its frill, Trotter woke. With a slow steady roll he turned onto his back and pulled his teen temptress on top of himself. The motion pushed his cock two thirds of the way into her channel. She gasped, then sighed, then leaned forward and kissed her way from Edward’s forehead to his nose tip to his lips.

“Hello, Teddy,” Mary said sweetly, blinking her bright eyes and rocking her cunny forward and back, drawing him deeper still inside her.

“Hello, yourself, Miss Mary McGuinness,” Trotter answered with mock formality while he bounced his ass. The bedsprings squeaked, and so did Mary, as he drove his dick to the limit. Their pubic bones clipped each other and their laminated hips ground his coarse wool onto her downy fuzz.

“HYYYuunnhh!” Mary grunted and contracted her cunny, capturing his cock and sentencing it to hard labor.

“YESSSS! HOLD ME THERE!” Trotter exclaimed his encouragement and flexed his fat prisoner against her squeezing cell walls.

Mary pushed her arms straight out and flattened her hands on Trotter’s pectoral muscles as she arched her back and gimbaled her pelvis around him. Trotter relaxed, sunk his butt into the mattress and then lurched upward, seizing her tits in his fists and pressing her nipples firmly back into their puffy surrounding halos. His piston pounded in her sleeve as they noisily bounced on his shaking bedstead.

More urgently; more violently; more selfishly than in either of their previous fucks, Trotter and Mary desperately gave in to their personal accelerating needs. Without concern for either partner, both approached and surpassed their orgasmic limits within seconds of each other. Who came first was anyone’s guess but their satisfaction was unequivocal. Mary screeched as her boat rose and fell on Trotter’s heavy tide. He growled and howled as he discharged, time after time.

When the tumult passed, Mary flopped down and to her left, flat on her back, with her breasts heaving. Trotter, gasping for air himself, propped himself on his right elbow and spread his left hand across Mary’s rising and falling belly. As he caught his breath and saw her calming down, he slid his hand over her mound and pushed his first two fingers into her leaking channel.

Moving his digits slowly in and out, he listened as Mary’s breathing rate changed again. She mewled and tossed her head on the pillow. Trotter grinned kartal escort and added his ring finger to the bunch, curling their tips and tickling the roof of her tunnel on his retreats. Mary’s legs flinched and then flailed as he brought his thumb to bear on her excited bean. Reflexively she raised her arms, pinching Trotter’s shoulder with her left hand while she bit down on her right wrist, and climaxed more explosively than she had ever experienced.

Edward pulled his fingers out of her cunt, dropped then an inch and immediately buffed her sphincter with her thick slick fluids. Mary hitched her ass against the new pressure and felt Trotter’s tips work themselves below the rim of her rosebud. Unhurriedly, he augured his first knuckles past her portal and held them steady. “Relax, Sugar Beet,” he said in a soft whisper. “Let your body get used to the newness.” He leaned over and kissed Mary’s forehead. “Everything is A-OK.”

Mary smiled wanly up at her teacher and trusted him to advance her lessons as he deemed right. Her bottom accepted the intruding fingers more readily as she followed his guidance and did not fight them. Her pussy itched something fierce, however. She moved her left hand from Trotter’s shoulder to the top of her cunt and fiddled her little man, like she liked to do when she was alone. Her teasing tickles, together with Trotter’s wiggling fingers, brought quick results. Once again she was sucking on her wrist bone, and humping her butt up and down on the mattress, while her thumb fanned her clit. This time, however, nothing could stifle her. Mary yanked her hand from her mouth and screamed to the ceiling when her crisis arrived.

Trotter was amazed to see his erection had renewed itself. He had doubts he could come, but he saw no point in wasting his rigidity. Rolling left, he straddled his quivering playmate and lifted her hips with his hands. Her legs bowed and he had his choice of gaping holes beneath her busy bee thumb as she continued masturbating. Pulling her forward he plunged into her receptive pussy and sunk to his balled up scrotum. She let out a long wheezing satisfied sigh and crushed his cock with her strong tight young muscles. Ripping backward, Trotter withdrew his greased pole and lunged forward again.

“UUUUNNNNH!” Mary voiced her surprise in a sustained groan when she felt Trotter’s thick dick supplant his fingers in her asshole. Remembering her lesson, she did not fight against it and was pleasantly relieved when the pressure passed more quickly than before. She wiggled her bottom slightly and grinned as the friction in her rectum heightened the warmth rising through her gut from her cunny. Twitching her butt more, she felt Trotter press forward and pull back in small persistent increments until his nuts flattened against her and he could go no further.

Sliding his hands from under her cheeks up to her hip points, and then to her waist, Trotter kept Mary suspended while he pulled her against his thrusting cock. She began chuffing like a steam locomotive as his strokes lengthened. He pumped and she blew and he pumped some more. Suddenly, contrary to all past experience, Trotter felt his figs seize up in his bag. A familiar rising sensation stirred within him. Mary rocked her shoulders from side to side as she whistled in time with his deep drives. Crying out, she lifted her hands to his neck and came hard. Seconds later, Trotter joined the chorus with a roar. He pumped and blew; not so hard as before, nor so long, but still to satisfying effect.

Lowering Mary’s legs to the mattress, Edward pulled his dick from her ass and asked, “How’re you doing, Sugar Beet?”

“Cat’s whiskers, again, Teddy,” she answered with lidded eyes and a lilting voice. “But, I’m sort of hungry… for FOOD.” She laughed as she thought about also still being hungry for love. It seemed to her she could not get enough of that wonderful sensation of holding Trotter’s penis inside her somewhere. “If you show me the kitchen, I can make us supper.”

Trotter patted her slippery sweaty outer thighs with both hands. “Deal,” he said, “but I don’t know what’s in the cupboard. There may just be a couple of cans of Campbell’s soup and some peanut butter and Wonder Bread.” Tilting his head, he looked questioningly and added, “If you don’t mind being seen in public with an older man, we could step around to the White Star Café… it’s only a block away, on the corner of Flint Street and Central Avenue. I take the Blue Plate Special there several times a week and haven’t got ptomaine yet!” His eyes twinkled with his joke.

“Oh, pshaw!” Mary snorted derisively at the notion of hiding out. “I’m not scared to be out with you.” She sat up in bed, put her hands on her hips, with her arms akimbo, and countered, “Are YOU nervous to be eating at a restaurant with a young girl student?”

Trotter stood and pulled Mary to her feet. “Ha! If I was, I wouldn’t have SUGGESTED it, now, WOULD I? I can always say I’m giving you special lessons.” He pointed to the floor and chuckled, “But, SAY… YOU can’t go just wearing those thick old SOCKS! You better skin back into your slip and dress. I think I have a light sweater you can wear to keep off any evening chill.”

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