The Summer of His Life

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Authors note: This story was written in juicy collaboration with a friend. I hope all of you enjoy it as much as we did! Happy reading. GEV

Jeremy Pearson never expected he would have the most memorable summer of his life during the few short months his daughter, Hannah, came home for summer break after her first year of college.

He had just celebrated his forty-fourth birthday, alone, and was not-so-happily married to his wife, Claire, of twenty-four years. There had always been something lacking between them, mainly in the bedroom, and it was partially his fault. His position as bank president kept his wife living in the lap of luxury, wearing designer clothes and driving a new Mercedes and now that his daughter was away at college, he had to work even more hours so she wouldn’t have to find a job and she could devote all of her time to studying.

He put in so many extra hours at the office that he didn’t have the energy to fulfill his wife’s needs sexually and he had the sinking feeling that she was going outside of their marriage for sex but he never mentioned anything to her about his suspicions, after all, she always had his dinner on the table when he got home from work. But his suspicions had been confirmed by her behavior over the past year and a half. She was spending more and more time at the country club, or so she said, and at night she would give him a kiss on the cheek, pop a sleeping pill into her mouth, roll over to the far side of the bed and go to sleep.

Even though he sat behind a desk, he was far from out of shape. His doctor told him he needed to get more exercise so he started running again and taking advantage of the pool in the back yard, the whole reason why his wife wanted the two story house in the upscale neighborhood, yet he never saw her go swimming. Between running two miles on the weekends and swimming a hundred and fifty laps twice a week, he kept his six foot frame in shape and for what reason, he had no clue.

His wife wasn’t fucking him and he was too tired to even think about having an extra-marital relationship. That thought pretty much came to a screeching halt when Hannah came home from college two weeks ago. It wasn’t so much his own daughter that he was having lecherous thoughts about as it was her best friend, Emily, that would come over on a daily basis and hang out with her beside the pool when they were not out shopping or at parties. And this weekend wasn’t any different. Or maybe it was.

Jeremy planted his palms on the tiled edge of the pool and hoisted his weight out of the water, feeling the material of his swim shorts instantly adhere to his body as the water sloshed off of him and he padded over to the outdoor dining table where he had tossed his towel over the back of a chair. He briskly dried his full head of thick brown hair with the towel as the hot summer air did very little to dry the water on his skin, and wiped the chlorinated water from his face and shoulders.

He draped the towel around his neck and reached for the pitcher of iced tea that was sitting on the table, sweating in the heat much like him, and poured some into a glass, taking a long refreshing drink. With the needle on the thermometer pushing towards the one hundred degree mark, the tea was more revitalizing than the dip in the pool. With Claire out doing God knows what with her fuck toy and Hannah abusing his credit card at the new boutique at the mall, he thought he had the whole house to himself to relax until he heard a low whistle and a soft, feminine voice behind him that caused him to choke on his tea and spit it back into his glass.

“Looking good, Mr. Pearson, real good.”

He sat his glass down on the table and turned around, looking over at Hannah and her friend as they came out of the house clad in their new bikinis and sunglasses, towels in their hands. Hannah’s black bikini was more of a halter top that covered her small breasts and boy shorts that hugged her hips and provided a reasonable amount of coverage whereas Emily’s bubblegum pink string bikini strained to contain her large breasts and thong bottom left very little to the imagination. Hannah was giggling at her friend’s comment and Emily was eyeing him like a rack of beef hanging in the butcher shop. He wasn’t self-conscious of his body, his stomach was flat but he was far from having six pack abs and then he suddenly realized what her gaze was focused on and he quickly grabbed the towel from around his neck and wrapped it around his waist.

The drenched material of his shorts was clinging to his groin and clearly outlining the length and girth of his eight inch cock that was starting to throb at the sight of the skimpy clad teenager. He didn’t dare stay outside any longer or the girls would be getting more than just an eyeful. He tried to clear his throat as quietly as he could and picked up his glass of tea. “You two ladies have fun and don’t stay in the sun too long,” he said as he güvenilir bahis padded across the cement patio and into the privacy of the air-conditioned house.

“If my dad had a body like that, I would so be fucking him every chance I got,” Emily stated as she chewed on her bottom lip, watching with lust-filled eyes as her friend’s father disappeared into the house, pulling the sliding glass door shut behind him. She smiled, knowing he had heard everything she had said. Her father had a paunch from drinking too many beers and his hair had gotten scared and ran away several years ago. But not Hannah’s dad. At forty-four years of age he still had everything going for him and then some.

“Eww, gross,” Hannah said, cringing as she padded barefoot across the patio to where the two cushioned chaises sat beside the shallow end of the pool, sitting down on one. She looked back over towards the house as her dad slid the door shut behind him. She was pretty sure her friend’s comment had been a boost to his ego and she turned on the chair, stretching her long legs out along the cushion and settling back against the slanted back. She looked over at her best friend since grade school as she settled down on the chaise beside hers. “That’s my father you’re ogling.”

Jeremy slid the glass door shut behind him, hearing every word of the exchange between the two girls and he smiled as he padded barefooted into the kitchen to get more ice for his tea, dropping several cubes into the glass. He took a long drink as he sauntered over to the sink and sat his half-empty glass down on the counter as he stood there inside the privacy of the house and did some of his own ogling. He had a perfect view of the girls from the paned kitchen window as they lounged by the pool, the backs down on the chairs soaking up the summer rays and too busy talking and laughing to even notice him.

Hannah had turned nineteen last month but Emily was still eighteen, her birthday was three months after his daughter’s, and the two of them had been best friend since third or fourth grade, he couldn’t quite remember which, all he could remember was that he had watched the two girls grow up together over all the weekends he was home and the summers they spent together hanging out around his pool. Blame it on not getting laid any time during the past twenty months, but as he stood there, he found himself admiring the beautiful young women a little longer than he should be and definitely not in a fatherly way.

He picked up his glass of tea, taking a long drink as he watched them, his eyes falling first on Emily, taking in every inch of her perfectly toned body clad in the skimpiest string bikini he had ever seen. God have mercy. She had a body that would not quit, shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes that she had momentarily hid behind designer sunglasses. Her huge, firm breasts–they had to be fake, they were not that big the last time he had seen her–were on the verge of spilling out of the very narrow pink triangle cups of her top, her tummy was flat and her hips flared out from a wasp-narrow waist, and as his eyes lingered there on her midsection he could see that the tiny pink triangle was barely big enough to cover her smooth mound and when she rolled over on the chaise, he got a clear view of her bare ass, which just happened to be the finest ass he had ever seen on a woman before in his life.

He let out a quick short breath. Fuck, this was going to be a long, grueling summer.

His gaze shifted to his daughter, his ray of sunshine, his perfect little angel. It seemed just like yesterday he was bouncing her on his knee and kissing her forehead as he tucked her into bed at night, but as he looked at her now, he saw her as a woman. He knew he should just turn on his heel and walk away from the window but he couldn’t muster up the strength to move. He just stood there, incestuously eying his own daughter. She wasn’t as thin or as busty as her friend, she had soft curves.

Her long strawberry blonde hair was piled atop her head in a sloppy knot and her pale blue eyes that were the same color as his were hiding behind her sunglasses. Her small, firm breasts were completely concealed by her halter top, the little extra weight she carried was around her belly and hips gave her body a nice flattering curve that just screamed “woman” and her bikini bottom was a sexy pair of boy shorts–shorts so short that he would never let her leave the house in them, but this was a bathing suit–and they hugged the curve of her hips and when she shifted around to lay on her side, he could see the bottom of her ass cheeks peeking out from the hem.

He shook his head, trying to clear it of its lewd thoughts, but dammit, they were two sexy teenagers and he couldn’t help but stare.

Jeremey absentmindedly tugged the towel from his waist, flinging it to the counter and yanked on the ties of his wet swim shorts, pushing them far enough down his hips so his hard, throbbing türkçe bahis cock was free. It bobbed in the air as a clear bead of precum seeped out of the slit and he wrapped his hand around his rigid cock, giving it a firm stroke. Wrong thing to do, he could feel the buildup of hot cum churning in his heavy testicles. He didn’t know which girl had done it to him, didn’t want to think about it, but one of them, if not both had him harder than he had ever been in years.

He stared at their perfect bodies through the paned window as he stroked his cock, feeling it harden even more, grow even thicker in his fist till the swollen purple head was throbbing and glistening with a fine sheen of clear fluid that trickled down his veiny shaft. His heart was pounding in his chest, half in the need for immediate gratification and half in fear of getting caught. He braced his hand on the edge of the sink, stroking his cock faster, harder and harder until his eyes practically rolled back into his head and a low, animalistic growl tore from his chest as his thick, hot semen spurted hard and fast from his cock, hitting the well-placed towel.

Fuck. This was going to be the worse summer of his life.


Jeremy’s suspicions were pretty much confirmed as to which young woman gave him the throbbing erection the next morning.

He wasn’t expecting anyone else to be up at such and early hour, he liked to run with the morning sunrise when the rest of the neighborhood was sleeping, the brisk morning air revitalizing him as he bounded up the concrete and asphalt hills. He checked to make sure he had his phone and spare house key tucked safely into the cargo pocket on the leg of his shorts before he quietly left the bedroom, pulling the door shut behind him. Claire was still knocked out, hugging her pillow to her chest as she precariously balanced herself on the edge of the bed–she kept as much distance as she could between them even in slumber–and Hannah was still in bed so he walked quietly past her closed door.

Or so he thought.

Jeremy hurried down the stairs and as he rounded the corner to head for the front door, he ran right smack into Hannah, who had her eyes glued to the screen of her iPhone, her thumbs flying over the face as she typed out a message. He quickly reached out and grabbed hold of her upper arms to steady her as she lost her balance, teetering backwards on her bare feet. The phone in her hands clattered to the floor and she let out a harsh explicit. As he looked down at her disheveled state as the first rays of the early morning sun started to filter into the house through the paned windows, he had to wonder just when she stopped wearing footed pajamas to bed.

Her hair was a reddish gold disheveled mess from sleep and her fitted white T-shirt hugged the planes and curves of her body and her small, unconfined breasts. He could clearly see her hard nipples pressing against the soft cotton and the outline of her areolas so well that the shirt might as well just be transparent. He felt his cock twitch in his shorts as his gaze slowly descended her body, skimming over her belly that was exposed beneath the hem of her shirt to her pink stripped cotton bikini panties that covered her vulva, the material slipping up between the lips of her sex, outlining the shape of her labia. He let out a quick, short breath. “It’s dangerous to text and walk. You okay, sweetie? And what are you doing up at five-thirty?”

“I’m fine,” Hannah said as she smiled up at her father, pushing her wild hair out of her face. She had never known her father to get up before eight on a Sunday morning and as she curiously eyed the T-shirt, cargo shorts and running shoes she suspected he was just about ready to head out of the house for a morning run. He use to exercise every morning but that was when she was younger and way before he had taken the higher position at the bank and now that he had to sit behind a desk every day, he had to do everything he could to fight the middle-age spread. And from what she had seen of him yesterday when he didn’t have his shirt on, running and swimming was what kept him in shape, not that she could ever remember him being pudgy. “Guess my body is still on east coast time,” she said, bending down to retrieve her phone. She straightened and waved it at him. “All good. And all of my friends are just getting up.”

He sucked in his breath when she bent over in front of him to pick up her phone. Aw, fuck! The cotton molded its self to the cheeks of her lovely, perfectly shaped ass, the crotch pulling up tight between her legs, giving him a clear view of her– His body was completely oblivious to the fact that she was his daughter and he swore under his breath when he felt his cock start to throb in his shorts from the very appealing sight before him. It wasn’t Emily that had given him the raging hard-on yesterday; it was his own goddamn daughter!

He dropped his hands to his hips, quickly averting güvenilir bahis siteleri his eyes, but what was the use, he had already seen her ass and what a fine, spankable ass it was. When she straightened and waved the phone at him, he looked back down at her, the corner of his mouth turning up into a half-smile. Thank God his shorts were loose enough that they hid the start of his early morning erection. He needed to get out of the house, right now, before he did something he was going to regret. “I’m wasting daylight. Gotta run,” he said before dropping a fatherly kiss on her forehead.

“Okay. Bye, Dad,” Hannah said, standing on tip-toe to kiss his whisker-stubble cheek. She waved at him as he pulled the front door closed behind him and she smiled, going back to her phone as she padded across the parquet floor to the dining room table where she could watch the sun rise over the mountains as she exchanged messages with her friends from college.

Jeremy pulled the heavy front door closed behind him as he let out a long, exasperated breath and started doing his warm-up stretches. Never in a million years would he ever imagine that he could be sexually attracted to his own daughter. It was wrong on so many levels but he had never had that strong of a physical attraction to another woman since he was a hormonal teenager and just wanted to fuck the first girl that would welcome him between her thighs. He wanted to pull Hannah against him, feel those small breasts pressed to his chest and run his hand over her soft curves as he kissed her like no father should kiss his own daughter, long and hard and deep.

He started jogging down the street, increasing his pace with each block until he was running hard, running the idea of Hannah out of his system, and trying to run far, far away from his incestuous thoughts and feelings that were starting to take over his mind and body. He wanted to ease that T-shirt up her body, expose her small, firm breasts to his gaze, caress them with his fingers and suck on her nipples until they were hard little nubbins of flesh against his tongue. He wanted to ease those panties down, inch by inch, revealing her body to his greedy gaze, taste her with his tongue.

He stopped at his half way point on the top of the hill and squeezed his eyes shut, bracing his hands on his knees as he drew in several deep breaths, the cool morning air burning his lungs, but it was nothing compared to the burning need he had in his loins to fuck his own daughter.

He couldn’t do that, would never do that, so then why was he having such wicked thoughts about his own flesh and blood? He had no fuckin’ idea how he was going to make it through the summer months with his own daughter living under the same roof, her bedroom two doors down the hall, tormenting him each and every night. Why did she have to come home for the summer? Why couldn’t she just stay in Massachusetts?

He let out a long breath. He knew his daughter wasn’t a virgin, she’d had a boyfriend her senior year in high school at she had been away at college and out from under her mother’s criticizing eye and stern thumb to be wild and party. But still he had to wonder just how much experience she actually had, if she knew what it was like to fuck a man and not a boy. He felt that stirring once again in his loins. “Fuck,” he swore and started running down the hill, running hard in the morning sun, the sweat-soaked material of his T-shirt adhering to his back and chest, running an extra mile and then running straight back to the one temptation that was going to be the death of him.



“Are you going to spend all of your summer with your nose glued to your phone?”

“Huh?” Hannah said, looking up from the screen of her phone, her spoon clattering back into her bowl of cereal as her mother came into the kitchen dressed in her tennis whites. At forty years of age her mother was still a beautiful woman. Her shoulder length red hair was pulled back into a pony tail, her tank top was molded to her surgically enhanced breasts and her white skort showed off the length of her slender thighs as she walked. She was the same height as her mother but her mother was so concerned about her weight that she exercised more than she ate so she could stay thin. She caught a whiff of sunscreen as her mother walked past her, her skin was even fairer than hers, and she couldn’t help but notice that her makeup was flawlessly applied. Who wore cosmetics when they worked out? She was just going to sweat it all off so what was the point. Unless…

“And you know the rules in this house,” Claire said, tsking her tongue as she eyed her daughter’s lack of clothing at the dining room table. When she was in her own apartment she could do as she pleased but when she was at home a T-shirt and panties were completely uncalled for at the table where everyone ate. She walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water, twisting the cap off and grabbed a straw from the drawer, dropping it into the bottle. The last thing she wanted to do was smudge her lipstick. She took a sip, watching her daughter from across the expanse of the kitchen with scornful green eyes.

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