The Therapist’s Journey Ch. 12

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I slept in. When I woke I was horny as shit. Is this how guys feel all the time? I decided to take off the edge off with a movie I’d been saving, “Horny High School.” The film opened with a bad girl in the principal’s office. She had committed enough infractions to be suspended, but negotiated a reprieve. The principal leaned her over his desk, gave her a good spanking, and then fucked her silly. The next scene featured the football coach and two cheerleaders. Although my school had lovely cheerleaders, we did not have two built like this. In the conclusion a female teacher – she sort of looked like a brunette version of me – was taking the math teacher down her throat when a student walked in. She traded her asshole for his silence. As she exploded I, with a dildo in my pussy and a butt plug in my asshole, did the same.

It was time to get ready. I took a shower, did my hair, and dressed. I did have to call Paulette, who thanked me again for my help the night before, for some pointers on the corset. Then I carefully applied my make-up. I checked myself in the mirror; I did look good. The bell rang. Scottie and a bouquet of flowers were right on time. He looked great. The kid had learned how to dress and although I did not recognize his cologne, it was heavenly. After some polite small talk we left, Scottie holding the car door for me.

I wasn’t sure what would happen. I half-expected him to revert to the awkward tongue-tied boy I had known a few months before, half-expected him to become an octopus, unable to keep his hands off me. Instead he was perfect.

He was confident and charming. He steered the conversation effortlessly, learning about me and my past without ever seeming to ask. When I talked, he listened. He complimented me, noticed what I was wearing, and gave me all the credit for his summer school performance. He paid for lunch, but didn’t make a big deal about it, and gently turned me down when I offered to pay the minimal fee to enter the museum. He was even interested when I did my best to explain fractals and art.

He touched me a few times, a hand on my shoulder at lunch to show he was listening, a hand on the small of my back at the museum to direct my attention, and then our feet bumping together when we stopped for coffee on the way home. When we walked me to the door, I kissed him on the check, my mind screaming “INVITE HIM INSIDE” so loudly it drowned out all rational objection.

“Would you like a glass of wine. I bought a new bottle on the suggestion of a friend.”

“I can’t say I know anything about wine, but yes, I’d love some.”

While he waited in the living room I freshened up and poured the wine. I sat on the couch next to him and we talked. I have no idea what the wine tasted like; I could only pay attention to him. He was funny and sweet and gorgeous. Arching my back I stretched, slowly running my hands down my thighs. I slid a few inches closer and leaned towards him, giving him my full attention. I straightened his hair and shirt, leaving my hand on his forearm.

He noticed my wineglass was empty.

He picked it up. “Can I fill this up for you?” he asked.

“Yes.” I followed him to the kitchen. When he turned to hand me my glass I was only inches from him. He leaned down. When his lips brushed gently against mine, it was electric. My insides lit up.

“You know, there are rules about this,” he said.

I tucked a finger in his belt and moved forward. “I checked them out,” I said (I hadn’t), “you’re an ex-student.”

His hand ran up the side of my head, cupping my cheek. He kissed me. It started out gentle and soft, but soon our lips were working fervently against each other. When my lips parted his tongue speared inside. It was strong and assertive, roaming where it pleased. It visited my lips, teased and massaged my tongue, explored my cheeks and the roof and floor of my mouth. If a tongue can leave you defenseless to whatever else a man may desire, his did that day.

I grabbed his shirt, pulling myself close to him, and started to undo its buttons. Or, at least, I tried; my hands were shaking. All I could seem to do was claw at them. By the time he broke the kiss he must have known he was in complete control, but he did not gloat. Instead he kissed me gently on the nose, eyes, and cheeks, before whispering in my ear, “I’ve been wondering, what kind of lingerie did you wear?”

I stepped back. “If you can catch me, maybe you’ll find out.” I took off running. He gave chase, playfully. He had me cornered several times, but let me slip away. He acted as if the pillows I tossed out him were actual impediments. When he finally trapped me in my bedroom, I fell into his arms, laughing. He ran his hands down my side, titillating my skin with his gentle caresses, and took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. My knees grew weak and he scooped me up, depositing me effortlessly on my bed, face down. His strong hand on the small of my back, he drew down the zipper of my leather dress.

He was looking at my ass, naked except for the straps of my garter and the thong Şişli travesti nestled in the cheeks of my ass.

“Good god, you’re incredible.”

He started pulling the leather skirt down. I put up a mock struggle, telling him that I was not that kind of girl. When he was done he lifted me to my knees. My ass in the air, he kissed the cheeks of my butt and then gently bit me. I squealed.

“You liked that, didn’t you.”

I tried to play hard to get.

“No, it’s just that you caught my by surprise.”

“You are a little tease.”

He continued nibbling, at first my buttocks, then my hips and thighs. I groaned and rotated my ass in his face. When he took one last bite, harder than the others, I pushed my face into the bed and moaned a mixture of pain, surprise, and animal need. “Uuuuuunnnnnnhhhhhhh…”

“Well, since you don’t like that, let’s try this.”

He ran his fingertips lightly over my ass. His touch was gentle and sensitive. The contrast with the borderline painful sensation of his bites only intensified the sensation. I let out another groan, deeper and more guttural than the first.

He sank a finger inside me, rotating it inside my cunt.


When he pulled it out I mewled my disappointment. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, he lightly smacked my ass. I had never let a man spank me before. I had never seriously contemplated letting a man do it. And I had never imagined that I would say what I said next.

“Do it again, please.”

He slapped my other ass cheek, hard enough to sting. My sharp squeal of delight left no question that I enjoyed it. Interspersed with kisses and caresses, he continued slapping my ass cheeks, slightly harder each time. I lifted my butt to his open hand. It was not the pain, it was the feeling of helpless submission and vulnerability. His hand actually felt warm on my ass. I imagined the sexual pleasures to come.

Scottie did not disappoint. He pulled the thong from between my ass cheeks, running his tongue up the crack. I shuddered at this novel, very sensual, feeling. I pushed my chest into the bed, enjoying the feel of the corset against my sensitive breasts.

Words poured from me. Not good girl words, but obscene words, the only words that could capture the way I felt.

“Shit! Fuck me Scottie, fuck me with your fingers. Eat my asshole, play with my pussy Scott. That’s it! Keep working it. Faster harder baby! Fuck me faster! I’m a cunt, I’m a horny cunt. I’m your cunt, your horny cunt. Fffuuuuucccckkkkkkk.”

His tongue forced its way into my asshole. I turned my head to the side, leaned my body on my shoulder, and reached back to spread my ass cheeks. When his tongue re-entered me I went flying over the edge.

“SHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!” Scott pulled his face from my backside, which was shaking uncontrollably, but kept working my cunt and clit with his fingers. Whether it was the longest orgasm of my life or the first time I had been multi-orgasmic I wasn’t sure, but it was all so wonderful. I sank onto the bed, my pussy dripping, my arms and legs shaking, my body on fire.

The next thing I remember was Scottie, wearing only clean white boxers, rolling me onto my back. He straddled my waist.

“It’s time to see the rest of the lingerie you promised.” He unbuttoned my shirt. When he saw my corset his eyes were as wide and appreciative as I could have hoped.

“Damn, you make this thing look good,” he said.

I ran my fingers along the outline of his erect penis in his boxers.

“I’m glad you approve.”

I freed his penis and wrapped my hand around it. It was big and thick and glowed pink with blood. And yes, I did think about how Kevin, who liked to brag about his, would slink away if asked to compare his tool to this monster. Scottie slid forward. His cock hovered over my face. I traced along the line between his balls. His cock jerked. I licked his scrotum, moving my tongue in a circular motion. He murmured appreciatively. When I had throughly lathered up his ball sac, I blew air on it. He jumped. I wrapped a hand around the top of his dick, rubbing his pre-cum into it, and swallowed one of his balls, gently sucking on it.

After giving both balls a thorough bath, I placed my hand on his flat stomach and moved him down til he was sitting on my tits. I took his cock into my mouth, moving my tongue over the head. He wrapped his hand in my hair and held up my head as I bobbed up and down his pole. Scenes from the porn I’d been watching filled my mind. This would be the perfect position for him to come on my face, but there was another place I wanted his jism.

I released his dick. “Get on you back!”

He lay next to me. I rolled off the bed, took off my shirt, and fished a pair of scissors from the night table, snipping off the panties. I slid a pillow under the base of his spine and wearing only the corset, stockings, garter, and heels, straddled him, fit the head of cock to my wet slit and slid it up and down my labia, coating it with the unremitting flow Taksim travesti of my pussy juice. I then pressed the head of his dick to my vagina and lowered myself, taking the time to feel the soft supple walls of my pussy yield and mold themselves to his tool. My body flushed and a long contented sigh escaped my lungs. I had lied to myself far too long. I needed cock. Right now I needed this cock.

After rotating my hips in long lazy circles, I started fucking myself on him. I concentrated on the sensations between my legs. When his moans joined mine I opened my eyes, looking this beautiful young man squarely in the face. I leaned forward, pressing my sweat covered breasts to his chest and caressed his ear lobe with my lips, whispering, “Oh! Your dick feels so big in my tight cunt.” I dragged my swollen tits across his muscular chest and kissed him on the forehead. Scottie thrust hard into me.

I pushed myself back up until I was again sitting up, impaled on his cock. My breathing steady and deep, I watched Scottie through half-closed eyes. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him. I let out a loud happy yelp. I slid up his pole and then let him yank me down forcefully. I leaned back on my hands, a position that ensured his cock crept along every inch of my fuck tube. My g-spot caught fire and I contracted the walls of my cunt. Scottie’s thrusts grew even more powerful. No man had ever been deeper inside me. The distinction between me and my cunt disintegrated; I was my cunt.

Scottie trapped my clit twixt his fingers and massaged it. I dropped a hand behind my back, caressing his testicles. We were both so close. I licked my full lips. We watched the ecstatic effect of our lovemaking in each other’s face. Then he could focus no longer. His head fell back and his eyes rolled back into his head. His strokes were faster and more random. I felt his balls withdraw into his scrotum.

“Ahhh!” I moaned as I worked my hips up and down. He jerked into me with increased speed; I slammed my body down his pole. The sound of our bodies smacking into each other steadily increased. I looked at one of my mirrors and watched my pussy envelop his cock.

“Oh god Scottie. Your dick feels so big in my tight cunt! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your horny teacher.”

My cunt started burning, stoking the pressure in my abdomen. Scottie grabbed my ass, pulled our bodies together, and ground his hips into mine. It felt like I was tearing apart and then it hit me. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m…,” I screamed as an orgasm consumed me. I could hear Scottie, his voice, almost as if in another dimension, roar. His cum poured into my hungry snatch. God, fucking was so fucking great.

* * * *

I was laying next to him, both our bodies relaxed, warm, covered with sweat. We were breathing slowly and deeply. My head was on his shoulders and I ran my finger tips up and down his chest.

“That was wonderful. It’s never been like that before,” I said.

“You’re pretty damn amazing yourself,” he said.

That’s when my hand reached his penis. It was still thick with blood and instantly hardened.

“Didn’t you cum?”

“Yeah, a couple of gallons worth.” He dipped a finger into me and brought it to my lips. “See?”

I tasted the mix. There was more than just me there.

“But how? How are you still hard?”

“With your sweet body to inspire me, how can I help it.”

I smiled. I had a hunch there was a bit more to it than that. I had thought my libido at least temporarily satiated, but the fact that this young man was again erect had me suddenly, absolutely, ready to go. I kissed his lips.

“Well, it seems a shame to waste it. There’s something I’ve been dying to try. You get on top. I’m pooped.”

I fished some lube from my night stand, coated his dick, and lay on my stomach, spreading my legs. I looked back at him and touched my asshole. “It will be my first time back there, so oil me good.” Scottie ran a hand down my back and across the laces on my corset, stopping at my naked butt. “Yes ma’am.”

He smeared some lube on a finger tip and let it glide down the cleft of my ass. When he reached my asshole he stopped and massaged the opening, bringing a low moan of appreciation from me. His finger entered me, first only the tip, then up to the first joint, then to the knuckle. He moved it around, finding nerve endings I didn’t know existed. I relaxed and spread my legs, offering myself to him.

He slipped another finger inside my asshole. I was well-lubed, there was barely any resistance. The primary sensation was simply being filled up, something I found quite pleasant. Scottie moved a hand under me. His thumb entered my vagina and his fingers roughly stroked my clitoris. He synchronized the movements of his hands and soon the joy in my cunt merged with the powerful new sensations in my butt.

Scottie shifted position. His hand left my happy cunt. Before I could protest the head of his cock ran up and down the crevice of my asshole, sending shivers of fear and anticipation though Gümüşsuyu travesti me. After several trips he fit his cockhead to the opening of my anus. As my asshole and sphincter stretched I had a fleeting thought – maybe my first time should be with someone with a smaller dick – but when the knob of his cock popped into my rectum the motion was smooth. I let out an instinctive “ahhhh” of pleasure while rocking my hips forward and away from him, my mind not yet accepting what my body was feeling. Scottie stopped. The opening of my asshole trembled around his cock head.

I took deep breaths as Scottie pushed another inch inside me, forcing his cock past my tight sphincter. The feeling was intense, some pain, some pleasure, some shock. At times, as if trying to stymie the invader, my anus clamped down on his cock, but still it slid forward. I looked at Scottie’s face in the mirror. It radiated confidence. This young man knew what he was doing. I reached back and pulled aside my ass cheeks. He pushed his hips further forward, forcing his dick deeper and deeper into my rectum. I moaned loudly, for the moment the pain still trumping the pleasure.

Finally, his cock filled me completely, stuffing me like a Thanksgiving turkey. The pain slowly receded as my virgin asshole adjusted itself to the impressive girth of my lover’s cock. After several minutes he used his muscles to make his cock twitch and jump inside me. Although the movement was slight, I felt sharp twinges of pleasure. He repeated this over the next few minutes and I found myself relaxing – I had not realized how tense I was – and the pleasure expanding and wideningd. Soon I was whimpering and cooing. When he felt me rock my ass back towards him, fucking myself on his pole, he knew I was ready.

He pulled back, slowly dragging his hard-on back until only its bulbous head filled me. I moaned “Oh GOD,” and he slowly eased it back in until his hips pressed against my ass. After it was fully wedged in my backside I turned my head to his and we kissed. Our tongues played against each other as he started steadily fucking my ass, maintaining a deliberate pace, letting my ass hole adjust to the thickness of his most splendid instrument.

He fucked me at this slow lazy place for several minutes. Soon, however, I began to find it excruciatingly lethargic. I needed to be reamed out, I wanted it harder and faster. I started pushing my asshole back into him. He understood. Soon I was being cornholed like an experienced slut. I was appreciating my asshole in ways I had never done before; I discovered that I could flex my sphincter, make it tighter and bring a sharp groan from Scottie each time I clamped down. I turned back to him, looked in his eyes, and gave him my best crazed whore look. He smiled. I wondered why. Was it the look on my face? Was it the joy of my tight virgin asshole? Was it having conquered his hot teacher? I realized didn’t care so long as he fucked me like this.

Scottie slid a hand under my body to my clitoris and kissed the back of my neck, my shoulders, my ears, and my hair. If it is possible to feel cherished while being ass-fucked, that’s what I felt. Scottie noticed my joy and increased the force and speed of his repeated penetrations.

I found my asshole was blissfully sensitive in ways I’d never imagined. I whimpered, I screamed, I begged for more. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes, centering my consciousness on my anus. He kissed along my jaw and then sucked my tongue and lips into his mouth while continuing his anal assault.

It was all too much. I ended the kiss and shouted, “Yeah! Fuck me! That feels sooo good!” I thrust my ass back into him. Then Scottie, without warning, pulled all the way out. I wailed my protest. “Scottie, NOOOOOOO!! Please fuck my asshole. I need to cum!!” He yanked my body up so I was on all fours and spread my butt cheeks, inspecting my red inflamed anus hole. He rubbed his hard cock along my cleft and again fitted it to my asshole. Then, in one long hard stroke he pushed his dick inside, reaching the depths of my rectum.

“ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!” I screamed. Instinctively, I tried to lunge forward, but Scottie had a firm grip of my hips and pulled me back into him, embedding his cock in my rear end. Scottie’s hand covered my cunt. His thumb played with my clit; his fingers moved wildly inside me, massaging the underside of his cock through the thin layer of flesh separating my vagina and asshole.

I looked in the mirror. I had surrendered to my most depraved desires. Everywhere else I had held back; as a whore I was only willing to suck cock; with my brother I stopped at a hand job; with Gretchen and Paulette I was an observer. Scottie had kicked down all the doors. He had taken my cunt, he was taking my virgin asshole. Earlier in the day he had treated me as a respected date; now he was treating me like a cock-hungry bitch. He knew, before I knew, that I was both. Sally popped into my head. She had suggested that I, free of social constructs and romantic relationships, define my own sexuality. She was right; I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be baroness and bitch. To be taken out on the town and treated like a lady and then back home and fucked like a whore. To be feted like a queen and screwed like a slut. I wanted it all.

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