The Third Woman

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Adriana Chechik

As I waited for the woman, I took a few minutes to read the personal ad again:


Retired man seeks unattached woman to serve his sexual needs. The woman is to be used as a sexual stimulant and will have to be available at all times for masturbation or fellatio.

By replying to this personal, a woman indicates she read the conditions of employment that follow and accepts them.

To avoid an awkward situation where the woman, not wishing to tell the man so, might prefer he did not use her body for sexual release, it will be understood that the man and the woman will never enter into conventional sexual relations with penetration. The man is hiring the woman as an instrument for his pleasure only and she understands that the man will never have to look after her needs even if she experiences lust as she services him.

Whenever in the presence of the man, in order to maintain the man’s sexual interest at a high level at all times, the woman will wear perfect makeup, lipstick, nail polish and fine perfume, and she will have to keep her hair clean and perfectly coiffed. The woman will always wear form-fitting clothes of excellent quality, chosen by the man. She will wear nylons and high-heeled shoes without exceptions when in the presence of the man. All clothes, shoes and toiletries will be paid by the man.

The woman will live at the man’s residence downtown during her employment period and she will have her own suite with bedroom, bathroom and den with big-screen television and access to the fully equipped basement gym room and sauna. As all rooms and baths have intercom the man will be able to reach the woman throughout the house at all times, day or night, so she may respond immediately and satisfy his sexual needs. Each time the man calls the woman to tell her he needs to use her, he will shower while the woman prepares for his sexual service.

During her employment period, the woman agrees to forego amorous relationships with anyone as the man hires her to service his sexual needs exclusively. The woman also agrees to forego all usual holidays and days off in order to service the man sexually whenever required and to leave the residence in the company of the man only, the only exceptions being medical visits and beauty salons.

The woman will be allowed to receive occasional female visitors in her rooms while the man is away, provided she obtained the man’s permission before he left the house and provided visitors use the service entrance only. If during the man’s absence he calls to tell the woman he’s on his way home and to prepare for his sexual service, any visitors will have to leave the house immediately.

It is understood that the woman will never receive corporal punishment from the man and she must never hope to receive any. The woman will never have to do any kind of housework at the residence or elsewhere. When the man is present, the woman will have meals with him if he so wishes, at the city residence or elsewhere. Meals at the residence are normally catered and delivered at the house at lunch and dinnertime but, if the woman wishes, she will be able to cook and serve meals occasionally. It is further understood that the man will always be at liberty to take the woman along on trips if he expects to use her for sexual services.

The man and the woman will have no obligations toward one another other than the ones described in this personal ad. The woman’s salary will be equivalent to an executive secretary’s and will be paid in cash once a week. The woman will have no expenses for lodging, food, clothes or toiletries and her salary may occasionally be raised, at the man’s discretion. The chosen woman will be allowed to stay with the man for as long as he desires her but she will have to leave the man’s employment as soon as he asks her to do so. The woman will have the right to leave the man’s employment at any time and for any reason.

Any woman interested in applying should send her Kolej Escort application by email before July 15 and include recent pictures of her face and body so the man may determine in advance whether the woman will suit. The woman agrees that the man will have no obligation to meet her after seeing her pictures. She further agrees that if the man requests a meeting with her, he will have no obligation to hire her if she does not please him. Following any meeting with the man, the chosen woman will be expected to provide references and other information pertinent to her employment as the need may be. Absolute discretion is assured.

Reply through the Long Personals page citing reference 27421.

Once I finished reading my copy of the personal ad, I folded the page and set it next to my drink.

I had arrived at my club fifteen minutes before the woman because I needed time to recall the personal’s specifics. I had asked the maître d’ for a table close to one of the tall front windows and now, as I slowly sipped a sparkling water, I waited for the woman.

I had just sent the second woman away so I needed a new one. I had called my lawyer a week ago and instructed her to publish my personal ad again. There seemed to be little need for changes to the ad she had drafted for me years ago so my new ad was up quickly, probably on the next day. My lawyer received the woman’s application five days later and she forwarded the woman’s e-mail to my private address. The applicant’s name was Monique, no surname, and there were three attachments. The pictures showed a middle-aged, dark-haired woman and one of the pictures showed her in a bathing suit by a pool. Hers was the only application I had decided to look into. There were others but they did not appeal to me. I decided to meet this woman and I asked my lawyer to set up the meeting at my private club, as usual. I wanted to have a good look at her as she would have to excite me.

As I watched the area in front of the main entrance, I saw a woman get out of a cab and walk toward the building. She was the type of woman I enjoy watching on the street, great looking and with an enticing walk. She came in and I recognized her from her pictures. I got up and greeted her by name. She smiled and I escorted her to my table where I had her sit facing the window. Her fragrance was faint but interesting. I sat opposite her, with my back to the window.

My impression was that she was about forty years old. As expected, she wore nylons and high heels. Her simple dark blue dress complemented her body well. She was about 5-foot 5 in heels, a slender brunette with an engaging demeanor and a becoming, vivacious smile. A pretty woman, she had sparkling, expressive eyes and I liked the way she had of looking at me from beneath long curly eyelashes, head slightly lowered. Her dark brown hair fell straight almost to her shoulders but it curved up and outward from there.

I ordered drinks, her pleasure was sangria and I called for a scotch. We talked and, without my having to pry, she told me she was a free-lance writer for a number of women’s magazines and lived alone, a widow, with no children. I also learned she had not been in a serious relationship since her husband’s passing, some five years earlier. The word refinement came to mind as she talked and the sound of her voice was rich and melodious.

I decided to hire her. I picked up the personal ad and handed it to her to read, asking her to go over it carefully. I watched the woman closely for reactions and she blushed as she read. It took her a while to read the whole thing and I sipped my drink as I waited, watching her. When she finally handed the ad back to me, I looked at her intently as I wished to know how she would react to what I had to say.

“I am sixty-three, divorced and in excellent health. I own a house near downtown and I am hiring you. You have read the conditions and I expect you to abide by them. Agreed?”

She Rus Escort met my eyes and spoke without hesitation.

“Yes. Agreed.”

“All right then. Let’s go.”

We got up, I signed my bar bill and we walked out into the sunshine. It was a fine summer day, warm and only a bit windy. When my car was brought around, I opened the car door for her then I drove to my city home. My place is a large two-story field-stone house with an attached garage. It is located close to downtown, but a brisk ten-minute walk away. As we were getting out of the car, I spoke to the woman.

“We are alone in the house today. Your rooms are upstairs at the back, I will show you the way immediately.”

The woman was surprised at the size of the house but she found it lovely. I took her on a tour of the ground floor areas then we went up the service stairs at the back and I showed her the section where she would live.

“Please join me in my rooms in fifteen minutes. My suite is on the same floor but at the front of the house.”

I showered and put on a blue silk polka dot robe. When the woman knocked, I opened the door of my den for her.

“Come in. I would like a masturbation to begin with.”

The woman was sexy in her blue dress, her nylons and her high-heels and I was anxious to see what she could do. I sat in my leather recliner and waited. She looked around the room and found a box of tissues on my desk. She was blushing prettily as she sat on my ottoman, facing me as she opened the front of my robe. I was nude under it and as I had watched her as I showed her the house, I was excited and my hard-on felt huge. The woman gasped and breathed in sharply as she took in the size of my member, which has always been a good size, even in its normal state. She touched me, spreading the pre-come all over the head of my shaft and began masturbating me gently, using some spit when needed. My excitement was such that I immediately knew I had made the right choice. The woman was exciting. When I came, hard, she was ready. She held tissues over my penis and prevented a mess all over her dress. When my ejaculation was over, she got up and stood before me.

“Do I pass?”

“You’ll do just fine. Thanks.”

“Who decides on masturbation or fellatio?”

“I do.”

“May I go now?”

“Yes. But with me.”

I showed the woman the bathroom where she could dispose of the tissues and wash her hands. I got dressed and we drove to a high-end shop where I knew the manager. I helped the staff pick a number of beautiful, high quality items for the woman and I had them set a full day of fittings and whatnot’s for her during the coming week. I took the woman to a fine department store next and I bought perfume and other feminine items she suggested. We drove back to my residence after that.

I lived alone and without servants but a housekeeper came to the house every Monday. She cleaned, did my laundry and made a list of needed groceries and staples, ordered from the supermarket and awaited delivery to my house before she went home. I liked her work and I paid her well.

I was used to the ‘new woman’ routine by now. This woman was not the first to have answered one of my personal ads. Most women had been unsuitable for various reasons but two women had remained in my employ a number of years and had only been let go when I felt the need for someone new. I wondered how long this one would suit me.

I took the woman to the home-cinema area and explained how she could watch any of my thousands of DVD movies anytime she wanted, especially when I was away. Next, I asked the woman to listen in as I called my caterer. I explained I had somebody new at home and I told the caterer the woman would call him every morning to set up the number of meals required for that day. I finished by asking the caterer to send a special meal for the woman around seven o’clock that day as I would be at my club for dinner.

I Yenimahalle Escort went to my gym for an hour and, when I returned, I called the woman on the intercom and told her to come to my suite for a fellatio. She was at my den’s door promptly and I took her to my bedroom. I lay on the bed, on my back and feet on the floor, and the woman knelt between my legs. I was ready for her, my member rigid and shiny. The woman brought her head down on me as she opened her mouth. Watching her, I saw the end of my penis entering her mouth yet she was not touching it, all I could feel was her breath enveloping my glans as she held the base of my shaft steady with her hands. She took her time closing her mouth and I finally felt the moist warmth of her mouth engulfing my head as, very softly, she began fellating me. The pleasure I felt mounted to a crescendo as the woman’s head bobbed up and down gently making me groan with pleasure until my orgasm became unavoidable and I cried out, almost shouting.

“I’m about to come, be warned,”

The woman could have released my shaft at this point but she did not. I came in her mouth and I saw her swallow several times. The pleasure I was experiencing with her was such that I knew she was right for me and I looked forward to keeping her for a year or two.

After the sex, I dismissed the woman and walked to my downtown club for dinner and cards. All was quiet when I got back, shortly before midnight.

I went to bed and thought about the woman probably asleep less than a hundred feet away. I soon developed an erection and the thought of the woman’s face and body kept me awake for a while. I debated calling her but decided against it as I did not want to spook her this early in the relationship.

I was in the breakfast room the next morning when the woman came in. She wore yesterday’s dress and it still looked good on her.

“Good morning, may I call you Monique?”

“Please do.”

“I want you to call a cab and get your things this morning.”

I asked her to give notice for the place she rented, saying I would pay for any penalty. I asked if she needed a truck but she said a taxi would do as she had been living in a furnished rental unit.

I was hooked. The woman was pert and sexy, I liked her and there was a sensual, exciting come-hither look to her. Her hands were superb. Long and slim, with

perfectly manicured red nails, I found them very sexy and I stared at them often, when she masturbated me, of course, but at many other times too. Her waist was tiny, a good thing because her breasts did not seem very big, a B cup, if that, and I decided I would have her show me her boobs the next time I had her relieve me. And I like small breasts anyway. As her legs looked perfect to me, long enough and very shapely, all in all, I found her very desirable. I found myself getting hard under the breakfast table. What the heck.

She asked if I would be home for lunch and dinner and I said I would. I heard her call the caterer and order four meals for the day. The caterer was well aware of my meal preferences and the woman said she could eat anything.

The woman called a cab after breakfast and returned with three large suitcases less than an hour later. As previously agreed, she gave me her invoice for early vacancy. I sent it to my lawyer and had her take care of the matter then I helped the woman carry the luggage to her rooms. She took an old notebook out of a suitcase and asked me where she could connect it. I looked around and found a place in her den where a large desk would fit just by moving furniture around a bit. I told her I would order a nice big desk for her, as well as a new, large digital-screen computer with a wireless keyboard, and I would get everything set up and connected to my high-speed internet. The woman smiled and thanked me. I loved her smile.

“I’m ready for your needs; I’ll be looking forward to your calls.” She was looking at me, blushing slightly.

“Fine. Thanks Monique, I’ll let you know. Have lunch with me.”

During the next day, the woman masturbated me twice and fellated me once. She was pretty, looking at her was exciting and her hands and mouth pleased me greatly. Soon, her new wardrobe would arrive and I would see her in exciting new ways.

This woman, my third woman, would suit.

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