The Trailhead: Discovery

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Authors note: This is the first chapter of a series, and while it deals with some specific fetishes like anal-play, cum-play and exhibitionism, it’s more about kink, fetish and fantasy in general and how they fit into loving relationships. Parts of this story are lifted from real conversations I’ve had with my partner, parts are made up out of whole cloth. I hope I’ve written a story that’s hot enough to entice, real enough to matter, and maybe (if I’m being very egotistical) helpful to someone. Leave me a comment, this is the first short story I’ve written since high school so constructive criticism and editorial advice is welcome.

My “weekends” aren’t really on the weekend. Both my job and my boyfriend Russ’s job are open seven days a week and pay extra if you work Saturdays and Sundays. We’re saving up for a house, so it makes sense for both of us to work through the weekend and then take Monday and Tuesdays off and bank the extra money. To be honest, our social lives have suffered greatly. But this has had the added benefit of saving us more money that we’d normally have spent out at bars with our friends.

Another added benefit is that we generally have places to ourselves when we do go out. Both Russ and I love to hike, bike, kayak, and generally be outside as much as possible in our free time. And it’s nice to not have to fight the weekend crowds at the popular spots.

Today, we had just gotten to our lunch stop -a dead end overlook off a side trail off a side trail off the Appalachian Trail- that I didn’t think anyone else but me knew about. It was tucked around the corner of a rock wall, with tall pines shielding it from view from most directions but still leaving an impressive view down the valley to the west.

All of this is to say that I expected to have no interactions with anyone other than my boyfriend that afternoon, and I had gone to great lengths -quite literally- to insure our privacy.

And this is why I was so upset when, not five minutes after having set down our packs in the shadow of rock overhang, we heard laughter and footsteps coming from around the corner and getting closer.

After a moment, two hikers came around the corner of the rock wall and walked towards the center of the small clearing. With the bright afternoon sun in their faces they didn’t notice us sitting quietly in the shadows with our backs to the cool rock wall. The first hiker, a guy, strode confidently to the edge of rock ledge at the front of the clearing and dropped his large hiking backpack to the ground and then in one smooth motion peeled his sweat-soaked shirt up and off. Dropping the shirt with his bag, he revealed a well-muscled and tanned back covered with tattoos above a pair of well worn jean shorts that rode low on his hips with no sign of underwear.

The second hiker, a girl around my height and age but with an auburn pixie cut to my curly brown locks, dropped her large backpack next to her companion’s. Like her partner, she had multiple tattoos and seemed lean and toned. She also failed to notice us, instead admiring the view down the mountain.

I was just about to make a noise to let them know we were there when the guy turned suddenly and bent down to get something from his pack. He saw us immediately and flashed us a boyish grin from a movie-star handsome face, his light brown hair was cut short and clean above eyes hidden behind stylish glasses. “Hey there!” He called out cheerily, I think alerting his partner to our presence as much as a greeting to us. “Didn’t notice you guys enjoying the shade.”

“No worries,” Russ replied, “We just got here.”

“Well in that case we’ll be on our way and let you guys have your lunch, or whatever, in peace” The shirtless hiker said with a grin, and maybe it was just my imagination as his large sunglasses hid his eyes completely, but with a bit of a wink when he said “or whatever”.

“Nonsense, join us for lunch.” Russ replied. I wanted to smack him, but he was a people-person to the core. And while his parent’s strict Christianity hadn’t stuck with him past adolescence, he still would never turn anyone away from his table, however meager. He also didn’t know why I had suggested this hike and lunch spot in particular, so he didn’t have any reason not to be friendly.

The couple looked at each other and shared a shrug then walked over, the guy, who introduced himself as Jay, putting on his sweaty t-shirt as he came. The woman, who introduced herself as Dee, brought her backpack with her.

“I’m Russ, this is Nicole. Nice to meet ‘ya” Russ said as we all shook hands. As pleasantries were exchanged I tried to get a better read on our new lunch companions. They were an interesting mix of well dressed and fashionable, but also tattooed and pierced. Their hiking gear was top notch and well used, but they didn’t seem like through-hikers, their clothing was casual, him in t-shirt and jeans and her in tight black shorts and a loose button down tied off to show her manisa seks hikayeleri well-toned stomach.

“Just out for a day hike” Dee responded to my inquiry. “But we do a lot of hiking and camping, so we bring our big backpacks and just pack a really decadent lunch because we have the space.”

“Speaking of…” Jay said as he opened Dee’s pack and started bringing out a truly impressive spread.

We all spent the next hour busily engaged in devouring Jay and Dee’s delicious lunch, bottle of chilled Riesling included. The ham and cheese sandwiches I made sat untouched by everyone. During that time we learned that Jay and Dee were both bartenders, they worked at different bars so they, as Jay said, didn’t kill each other, but both in a town pretty close to where Russ and I live. Both of the places they worked were closed on Mondays so that’s why they were out hiking today. I cursed my rotten luck while I munched down Dee’s stunning homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies and made pleasant small talk.

After we had all eaten our fill and were laying around in the shade in various states of repose, Jay brought out a beautiful glass pipe and a small bag of pungent cannabis and spent a few minutes carefully packing it. When he finished he passed it to Dee who lit it and after taking a quick puff passed it to me. I wasn’t sure what to do. On the one hand, as much as I had started liking them, I wanted nothing more than for Jay and Dee to pack up their stuff and leave as quickly as possible, but on the other hand I knew that without being incredibly rude there was no quick way out of the situation so I might as well relax and enjoy the afternoon. Pot also makes me horny, and I was already horny as fuck.

I took the pipe and took a long, slow hit. Held it for a ten count. Blew out a near perfect set of smoke rings.

Settling back into myself in the first perfect moments of the high I passed the pipe to Russ who took a small puff and, coughing, passed it back to Jay who had laid out on the warm rocks with his head on Dee’s lap. He inhaled deeply and blew another set of smoke rings back at me. I stared at him and he grinned that same boyish grin as when he first saw us.

Dee smacked him in the belly causing him to expel the last of the pot smoke he had been holding in and start laughing and coughing uncontrollably. “Easy there Gandalf,” she said with a smile and a laugh in her voice.

I wasn’t sure what just happened so I tried to make some small talk to distract me from the feeling I was missing out on the joke. “So why’d you come this far up the valley today, rather than take the AT?”

“Oh probably the same reason you did I suppose” Jay said with his languid smile and another hint of a wink behind his big sunglasses.

“And what reason do you suppose that would be?” Russ said, his easy smile matching Jay’s but there was an edge to his words that I could hear only because I had known him for years, maybe like me he felt he was being left out of the joke. Suddenly I was worried that I had set something bad in motion.

“Sex, duh.” Jay said and gave a joyful laugh as he gestured widely at the idyllic clearing around us. He smiled broadly at both of us in turn as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe. But his expression quickly sobered when it apparently wasn’t reciprocated by Russ and myself. “Sorry, got a habit of ascribing my motivations to other people,” he said with a small, contrite smile.

“Does he ever,” Dee said as she gave him another lazy smack in the belly.

He’s not wrong, I said to myself.

“What?” Russ turned to me and asked.

“I… I didn’t…” I wilted under Russ’s steady gaze. “I said he’s not wrong” I said quietly, with my head down looking at his shoes.

“Hah I knew it!” Jay exclaimed, Dee punched him in the side under his upraised arm and sent him laughing and sprawling on his side, but she did it with a knowing smile on her face.

Russ continued to stare at me. “You didn’t tell me this is why you wanted to come out here,” he said flatly. I Didn’t tell him because I was afraid, afraid that he’d say no, I figured once we were out here I could seduce him into what I wanted, now I was watching all my hard work crumble and fall apart.

It wasn’t that sex with Russ was bad. It wasn’t. It was great. The best I’ve ever had.

But it was boring.

We’d been together for three years now, and our sex life was pretty similar to when we’d been together for three weeks. And in some ways that was great. Russ still went down on me all the time and made sure I got off before he did, always the gentleman. I knew that the problem was at least largely mine, I was unable to talk about sex in a serious way it seemed, it always came out like I was joking. “Oh haha, I can’t believe that girl is enjoying that.” When what I desperately wanted was for Russ to treat me that way, any way, any way except the careful, reverent way he always did.

We both loved hiking and did it all the time. We had even had sex in tents when on camping trips before, but it was the exact same sex we had at home, just in a small tent. What I had planned for today was a departure from that, sex under the open sky, something I figured I could convince Russ to do but still totally new for me.

And here were Jay and Dee, who seemed to treat this as totally normal.

“So you guys are like exhibitionists or something?” Russ asked the seated couple.

“No, no,” Jay said, shaking his head, “unless I misunderstand the term, an exhibitionist wants to be seen by other people. I at least don’t have any interest in that. But…” he gestured to the surrounding clearing and clear blue sky beyond, “having sex, making love, whatever you want to call it, outside in the open air with the sun kissing your back and the wind tickling you like another lover… that is something special” He smiled his boyish grin again. “You know what I mean, right?”

He directed the question at me, but honestly I had no idea. I shook my head, eyes downcast, suddenly more embarrassed than I had ever been in my life.

“I don’t think she does,” Russ intervened for me and I loved him for it, but I didn’t expect him to say what he did next.

“Why don’t you show us?”

The question hung in the air for a long moment, Jay and Dee shared a long look that obviously had a lot of subtext before turning to us.

“Ok,” Jay said.

“No cameras,” Dee said.

We both nodded, backing up by unspoken agreement to sit against the rock wall at the back of the clearing. Jay walked out to where he had left his backpack earlier and extracted from it a large, thick, picnic blanket that he spread out on the soft pine duff floor of the clearing. Damn, why hadn’t I thought to bring a blanket? Dee dropped her sunglasses and a couple other small items by her bag and then with a small smile and wink of her beautiful brown eyes to me, she took off her shirt in one fluid motion and sauntered towards Jay who was standing on the blanket in the middle of the clearing.

Dee walked up and embraced Jay in a deep, passionate kiss, pulling his head down to make up for his six-foot frame. I searched with my hand till I found Russ’s and then held it in a death-grip. My eyes never left the beautiful couple in front of me.

Jay reached behind Dee’s back and unclasped her bra, she shrugged it off and tossed it offhand in our direction. Under her tattooed skin, muscles rippled as she pulled Jay down into a cinematic embrace. Then after giggling and standing them both back upright, Dee lifted Jay’s t-shirt over his head and then without much fanfare undid his jeans and pulled them down revealing nothing underneath.

Nothing but tanned muscle and a big, uncut cock that is.

It was standing mostly to attention from a small patch of well trimmed hair. I was almost glad to see it wasn’t any longer than Russ’s respectable length, I knew guys could get weird about that kind of thing. But putting the length aside, Jay’s cock still couldn’t have been more different from Russ’s. Russ was smooth and pale with a streamlined head, Jay’s, now that Dee had given it a few cursory strokes, was thick and dark, with large veins running up the shaft. It’s foreskin half covering a huge, fat head. After Dee had spent a few moments licking the head he drew back and both of them could now see Jay’s cock in it’s full glory, with a small upward curve and the foreskin now totally slid back from the bulbous head it was obviously bigger than Russ’s by a bit.

Jay moved around Dee, who was on her knees, to give them a profile view. We could now get a good look at Dee’s breasts, which were bigger than her small, athletic frame would have suggested. They sat full and heavy above her tight belly while she progressively took more and more of Jay’s fat dick into her mouth. I felt Russ tense up next to me, I know he’s got a thing for bigger boobs, not that Dee’s were huge, but compared to my B-cups they were gigantic and heavenly.

After a few moments Jay gently lifted Dee’s head off his cock and laid her down on the thick blanket. He spent a few minutes kissing her during which time I admired his lean, muscular frame with it’s conspicuous lack of tan lines. I even got a nice look at his ass. In fact it was hard to ignore since he was on his haunches and leaned forwards with his head buried in Dee’s crotch. Like the rest of him it was clean and tanned, a perfect brown button in his powerful backside. I wanted to reach out and touch him. God damned that’s some good pot I thought as I picked up the pipe and lighter and took another hit before passing it to Russ.

Dee was moaning loudly as Jay went down on her, the motion of his arm making it obvious he was fingering her pussy while he was licking her clit. The motions and the moans built steadily for several minutes, during which time I felt my hand getting warm and sweaty, but mine and Russ’s grip only got tighter. Just when it seemed like Dee’s moans couldn’t get any more intense and she was about to explode with pleasure, Jay lifted and pivoted her in an impressive display of strength and skill so that she was on her hands and knees facing us, her heavy breasts dangling behind her arms while Jay knelled behind her on the blanket.

Jay started working his hand in and out of Dee’s pussy and then he dropped his head to between her butt cheeks. It took Nicole and Russ a moment to realize what he was doing, but if there was any question in their minds it was quickly squashed by the look of pleasure, of pure uncontrollable ecstasy on Dee’s face. She stared at them, slack mouthed and helpless under the assault of Jay’s hand and mouth. For minute after minute they watched Dee have her most private hole lashed by Jay’s tongue. Eventually her eyes literally rolled back in her head as she crumpled on the blanket and lay twitching with Jay kneeling over her smiling with his cock in hand.

He turned Dee over and positioned her so we’d have a good view from where we were sitting. Then after kneeling over her and dipping the fat tip of his cock into her mouth for a moment he drew back and entered her in a pretty normal missionary position except Jay was kneeling Indian style in between Dee’s legs. She moaned deeply and for just a moment met my eyes as Jay filled her with his entire length. After a few slow strokes Jay lifted Dee’s legs and pinned them to her chest, pushing her up on her back and giving us a view of both of our newfound friend’s assholes, one tan and clean right above one that was pink and sopping wet, as Jay started fucking Dee incredibly hard.

Maybe because of the ferocity of their coupling it didn’t last long. After just a few minutes Jay pulled away with his lower body while still holding the back of Dee’s head towards him with his left arm. Straddling her with his thick cock in his right hand, hanging heavily above her chest he locked eyes with her and mouthed silent words that I could not make out because they were not meant for me, then without warning his cock twitched and shot huge ropes of cum into Dee’s open mouth and splattered around her lips, neck and upper chest.

I was so shocked I knocked my water bottle over and it rolled right off the edge of the clearing. It wasn’t that I had never seen a facial before, I’d watched porn, more in the last year than I’d like to admit actually. So I knew some guys liked cumming on a girl’s face, but this wasn’t that, or at least not just that.

This was a couple who seemed madly in love with each other and respected each other but was also being really really dirty with each other and being totally confident while they did it.

This was what I wanted.

I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t notice that Dee was staring straight at me, and she was licking her lips… oh god. Dee hadn’t swallowed Jay’s huge load, instead she was rolling it around in her mouth while she stared into my eyes. Once she was sure she had her attention, Dee daintily swallowed Jay’s cum and blew Nicole a little kiss.

After a moment the spell broke and Russ ran off to get my water bottle, Jay stood at the top of the small cliff that marked the edge of the clearing and yelled advice down to Russ. I’m not sure how, but I found myself standing next to Dee, right next to Dee in fact. She was still totally naked, and I could see every tiny detail of her body. But more than that I could smell her, him, them. She reeked of wonderful sex and I was jealous.

Maybe that’s why I did the most insane thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I noticed the little glob of white cum on Dee’s cheek while she was still standing right next to me, without even thinking about it I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. I sucked the little dot of Jay’s cum into my mouth and was overwhelmed by the flavor, salty of course but also supper sweet, almost like precum, but more than that, it tasted dangerous and new.

“Like it?” Dee asked. The smile that said she knew exactly what I had done. “Pineapple juice. That’s what makes him taste so sweet, a glass a day at least” She said as she looked at me earnestly.

“How?” I asked stupidly. Meaning how did Dee seem to have such a sensual relationship. Meaning how could I get that.

“Oh hon, what do you need?” Dee said as she pulled me into an embrace. Somehow she had seen what I meant.

“I don’t know!” I practically sobbed. “That! Something new and risky.”

“Mmm I’ll see what I can do,” she said with a quick smile as the boys, one fully clad and the other nearly naked, came back to the clearing. She walked over and had a quick chat with Jay, then came back over to me just as Russ returned with my water bottle. “Well that was fun,” she said, a genuine smile on her lightly freckled face. “Your turn,” she said deadpan to Russ.

“Ahh no, she wouldn’t want to”

“Have you asked her”

The silence stretched on and on. I felt myself turning beet red while I did nothing but stare at my shoes.


“I… I don’t… yes.”

“Yes what?”

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