The Training

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Group Sex

Due to financial concerns, the chief agreed that the department would pay for the training but not the transportation to and from it. The desire to go to the training was enough motivation to offer to drive my personal vehicle for the entire trip and not turn in for any vehicle expenses. When I was asked if I could take a passenger I was apprehensive. Given the other employees in the department there was only a couple that I could stand being alone with for more than a few minutes. When I found out it was Cindy my mind began thinking things I shouldn’t be thinking or at least thinking about that much. The daydreams were getting more and more graphic. They were even starting to develop into dreams while sleeping. We had discussed the fact that we both enjoyed the idea of “us” but didn’t want to ruin the very open friendship we had developed.

As far as road trips go, the planning for this one seemed to be as normal as any other. This fact alone was surprising given all the teasing, joking and sexual tension that existed before the training was scheduled. All that continued with no mention of the fact that there was 3 nights that we would be alone in a motel in a different city.

As I pulled into the parking lot I saw Cindy anxiously awaiting my arrival. I assumed the fact that I was 10 minutes late was the primary reason. After tossing the bags into the back seat of the van she eased into the passenger seat. It was then that I noticed that Cindy was wearing sweat pants and a small t-shirt. How I didn’t notice it before is beyond me. I always seemed to notice what she was wearing before. Maybe I was trying not to notice how cute she was at 3am, hair slightly mussed up, droopy eyes and all. After pulling her pant legs passed her knees, she pulled her legs up under her gave me a wonderful view of those fabulous, toned legs. I wanted to reach out and rub them before we even hit the road. Forcing my mind back to driving, I explained the directions and passed them off to my co-pilot for the trip.

Once we hit the interstate, the cruise control was locked in place. After exhausting all the complaints about work, the conversation changed over to personal complaints. Since that was one of our favorite topics to start with it was exhausted shortly too. At least I thought it was exhausted.

Cindy then made a comment about being uncomfortable and climbed to the middle seat to reach her bag for a change of clothes. As usual I made a comment about her flashing me while she changed. Butt high in the air as she stretched over the seat, she reached back and quickly yanked the back of her pants down and back up, giving me a quick view of what appeared to be a wonderfully firm ass.

Giggling the whole time she turned around and bounced down on the seat, asking, “Was that good enough?”

Of course it wasn’t, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. Quietly and hopefully secretly I adjusted the growing bulge in my pants and replied, “That was wonderful. I hope I get to see more as the weekend goes on.”

With a sly grin that I hadn’t seen before, all she said was “We’ll see.”

Under a blanket she was able to change into those gray shorts she wore the night she stayed at the station all night. Seeing them reminded me of the very small lace g-string she was wearing that night. On a chance I asked if she was wearing them again. She said no. Disheartened by this, I assumed it was over. Glancing in the rearview mirror again, I was greeted by the sight of her shorts around her knees and an even smaller g-string. I was speechless. Even with all our teasing before I didn’t expect this. Noticing my bewilderment, Cindy asked if I liked them. Throwing caution to the wind I answered that I loved them and wished I could see what was under them too. Not surprisingly she pulled her shorts back up without a word. She climbed back into the passenger seat quietly. I surprised myself when I reached out and laid my hand on her thigh. “Hey, I was only kidding, like I always do. You know I’m a horndog. Sorry if I went too far.” She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said there was no reason to be sorry; she knows I’m always horny. She also made no attempt to remove my hand.

As the miles passed we sat quietly enjoying the sunrise and the scenery. I was still enjoying the scenery inside the van as well. My hand hadn’t moved from her leg for miles and she hadn’t removed it either. Probably unconsciously from being so horny I started to gently squeeze and massage Cindy’s leg as I drove. I thought I heard a slight moan and felt her move her leg press harder into my hand, but figured I was just imagining things. When she placed her hand on mine and let me continue I knew I wasn’t imagining things.

Deciding it was time to take a break and stretch the legs, I pulled into the next rest area. We both hopped out making no mention of what had been happening. Trying to appear to be a gentleman, I was waiting when she exited the restroom. Surprisingly she came to me and wrapped her arms around me looked into my eyes and asked if I was Eryaman Escort ready to head back out. If the building had been less occupied I might have disagreed, but reluctantly I agreed and headed out. Walking to the van provided yet another surprise as Cindy took my hand and pulled herself close like we were two young lovers just fallen for each other. Back in the van, Cindy took my hand and placed it back on her thigh.

As we were back on the road in the morning sun hunger raised its ugly head. Looking for somewhere quick and easy, we hit the nearest McDonalds we could find. Not the best, but it can pass for food in a pinch.

The day passed quickly as the conversation floated between everyday life and the sexual teasing that always exists. Indiana came and went, Illinois came and went, Missouri was finally here. After a quick stop in St. Louis, the last part would pass as quickly as the rest of the day. Missouri was gone I would finally get to see what was behind the lace I was wondering about many hours before. Slowly she slid her shorts down and jokingly kicked them in my face. Not wanting to look like the pervert we all know I am, I resisted the temptation to hold them close and enjoy their womanly smell.

Leaving her g-string on, Cindy asked if I was going to get undressed or just shower in my clothes. As they went flying I didn’t care if I did tear my own t-shirt as it came off. Now naked with a very painful erection I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Stepping under the water Cindy seemed to glow as the water encased her sweet frame. Once soaking wet she decided it was time to tease me again as she pulled the g-string tight and highlighted her neatly trimmed mound.

Reaching out I pulled her close for our first real kiss. Our mouths met each other under the pouring shower in a powerful kiss that seemed like it would never end. Even though the kiss ended we still held each other close massaging each other’s body with our own. Feeling her nipples grow harder against my chest only caused my cock to grow harder against her stomach.

“Seems like we have a little problem here that needs taken care of,” she said sweetly as she took a firm grasp of it and started to slowly stroke it.

Dropping to her knees Cindy finally took my cock in her mouth. Gently licking, kissing and nibbling at it from end to end. I had to lean against the wall so I wouldn’t fall over from pleasure. Having been partially aroused all day I quickly noticed that familiar feeling rumbling in my balls. Noticing this Cindy decided she wanted more than just a mouthful.

As she stood up she finally dropped the g-string. I finally got to see what I had been waiting to see for more than a year. A neatly trimmed “landing strip” pointed the way to her engorged mound. Her lips were just starting to separate like a flower just beginning to bloom. For easy access she slid a foot up to the edge and pulled me close. I reached down and gently spread those luscious lips. Gently massaging her clit caused a short but sweet pause in our mission. Cindy started to slide the tip up and down her slit making sure to hit her clit more than once. The moment I had dreamed about finally arrived as she took my cock and slowly slid it into her now dripping slit. Pushing hard I overcame her teasing and plunged as deep as I could in the first stroke. Reaching around I grabbed her ass cheeks and held her there for a moment as we started another tongue wrestling session. The warm tightness of her pussy caused my hips to start moving, sliding my cock in and out, making sure to hit every inch on each stroke. Feeling my cum start to move again I start pounding harder and harder. I quickly pulled out and blew a massive load of seed all over her belly. With a look of disappointment Cindy soon realized why I had to do that. Pulling her close again I gave her a reassuring hug to remind her that I do think about her often.

Reaching for the soap I started to slowly massage and wash her back as we leaned together. After rinsing I turned her around and from behind I reached around and started scrubbing her stomach. Moving higher I almost forgot to use the soap as I gently rubbed and massaged her tits, paying special attention to her still rock hard nipples. Realizing her state I slide my hands down between her thighs. Putting my whole hand over her mound I gently massaged it. Gently I slid a finger between her lips as they freely slipped apart allowing free access to her also rock hard clit. Concentrating on it alone was easy, as it seemed to reach back to my fingers. As the feeling moved through her body she leaned back into me causing my cock to slip between her ass cheeks. Finally I pushed her over the edge. Her juices flooded my hand and ran profusely down her leg.

Relaxing under the pulsating water as we recovered we still held each other close. Deciding that we should get out before we both became prunes, we shut off the water. Stepping out we realized that we still needed to be touching. Neither seemed Sincan Escort to mind as the other gently explored the other’s body. Making short work of drying, we headed into the room. Falling on the bed and for some unexplained reason we both start laughing and rolling in each other’s arms.

Cindy finally said that we should get going if we wanted to get something to eat. With a sly grin I said that there was only one thing I wanted to eat right now. I rolled her on her back and almost dove between the tanned and toned legs I was dreaming about earlier that day. Opening wide I gently sucked her lips in and slipped my tongue between them. Quickly releasing them I attacked her clit. As I sucked and nibbled on it she started to moan again. When I slipped my tongue in her waiting hole you would have thought she was in pain. She writhed and wiggled until I thought I could no longer hang on. Finally I was rewarded for my “work.” Cindy flooded mouth with the musky sweet tasting juice I was waiting for.

Slowly I reawakened realizing something is very different. Primarily it’s now dark, but more than that I was interlaced with a soft body that was quietly waking too. Looking deep into each other’s eyes we seemed to be on the same thought. Did all of that really happen? Were we now really lovers, friends with benefits or just what was it. Not seeming to care we continued to lie there just enjoying the time together.

Hunger soon touched us again. Silently we get dressed in our separate rooms. The thoughts in my head were circling endlessly; did I just screw up another great friendship because of sex? what would Cindy be thinking about all of this?, and on and on. I poked my head into her room to see if she was ready. Seeing her tight ass in those jeans got another “rise” out of me. Forcing any kind of those thoughts from my head I asked if she was ready. She turned and the look of contentment on her face told me that nothing had changed between us. Since it was later than we had planned, the restaurant wasn’t as crowded as it could have been. Asking for a booth we were shown to one in a quiet corner. Cindy slid in facing the rest of the place. I planned to sit across from her, but she kept sliding, leaving plenty of room for me. Accepting the “invitation” I slid in next to her. Any concern I still had about her feelings for what had happened quickly disappeared when she reached out and took my hand in hers. What a fabulous meal, great company and good food. After a couple more drinks we decided that a good night’s sleep was needed by both of us.

The tension was thick when we reached the rooms. Nothing was said as we entered. I headed straight for the TV remote and kicked on Discovery Health. After a short trip to the bathroom (alone this time) Cindy headed back to see what I was doing. Flopping down on the bed beside me was the last thing I expected, but she did. Curling up close she tucked her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close.

As I awoke I realized that we were still arm in arm. Slowly I pulled her close and started to massage her awake too. Those still sparkling eyes slowly opened to meet mine. For the first time we shared a deep, slow romantic kiss instead of the fully sexual kisses we had shared before. Not making a move to take her farther right now seemed to relax her. After a quick confirmation that the alarm was set, we drifted back to sleep.

Startled awake by the clock we realized we needed to head to the conference soon. Choosing separate showers this morning (time didn’t allow for a shared one) we quickly re-met ready to head to breakfast. A quick bite downstairs and over to the conference we went, hand in hand. The sessions were interesting but the last 24 hours kept running through my mind interrupting any thoughts about learning. The lack of sleep seemed to be taking its toll too. Finally the classes were over and it was off to the conferences banquet.

Another good meal and finally one that I didn’t need to pay for. I didn’t realize that dancing was included after dinner. Although fatigue was setting in, once my stomach was full a chance at holding Cindy close again was causing an adrenaline push to keep me going. Not being one to fast dance led to a disagreement that was easily settled once the music turned slow and I quickly took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Finally in each other’s arms again felt almost too comfortable. The disagreement continued when the music went back to fast and I tried to leave the floor. Cindy’s strength was enough to hold me close to the dance floor and forced me to pick her up and carry her back to the seats. Almost falling over with laughter, we finally made it back to the table. The dance seemed to end as soon as it started. Not realizing it we had just spent the last 3 hours doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.

The long walk back to the rooms seemed much shorter as we walked hand in hand again. After a quick pee break, Cindy once again Etlik Escort joined my on my bed. Even with all that had happened I was still slightly surprised when she crawled under my arm again and curled on my shoulder just like she belonged there. As if by intuition we both leaned to the other at the same time. Our lips met once again. Another long sweet kiss that felt like we had been kissing this way for years. Slowly we started to massage each other’s back.

Deciding to take the lead, I rolled her on her back and straddled her hips. Still leaned over, I slowly started kissing across her cheek and down to her ear. Gently nibbling on ear brought an unexpected response. I may have found her secret erotic button. Working my way down her lobe to her neck and I got a similar response. Slowly licking, nibbling and kissing down to her throat her moaning seemed to get louder. As I reach the bottom of her throat she reached up and tried to unbutton her blouse, I quickly put an end to that. Grabbing her hands, I pinned them over her head leaving her body unprotected to my oral attack. Not having a free hand only caused a slight delay, as I was able to unbutton her top button with my teeth. I kissed and licked each and every inch of skin that I uncovered. Another button, more skin to enjoy. As her skin was exposed, so was her bra. Ignoring it temporarily, I kissed around it. Once her blouse was completely loose, I attacked that damned sports bra. Grabbing it in my teeth I ripped it up and almost tore it getting it out of the way. As her chest heaved in anticipation, her perfectly sized tits were moving invitingly. Not able to resist, I leaned in and took one in my mouth. Being the perfect size they are, I had almost all of it in before I started teasing her nipple with my tongue. Once I was sure that nipple was hard for the duration, I attacked the other and made that nipple just as hard. Slowly sliding down I teasingly tickled her belly button as I went past. Facing another obstacle, I had to relinquish her hands to unbutton and unsnap her jeans.

Having free hands once again, Cindy reached down and gently grabbed my head. It took a minute before I realized she wasn’t stopping me, just guiding me where she wanted. Unbuttoned and unzipped only left a small triangle free for enjoyment, and enjoy it I did. Taking plenty of time I teased her over, around and through another lace g-string. Not being one for taking it slow, I grabbed her jeans and pulled them the rest of the way off.

Now only a thin layer of lace separated me from another taste of the pussy I so desired. With a sly grin I leaned in and slowly licked those covered lips from bottom to top, then back again. Getting a slight taste of the awaiting reward, I gently sucked her entire mound into my mouth. Releasing slightly, I gently dragged my teeth across her clit causing a giant shiver to shake her from head to toe. Using my tongue I slipped the protection to the side and once again I was face to face with those blood engorged lips slowly spreading as if opening just for me. Again taking them into my mouth I suck them hard and causing another shiver. Grabbing that awaiting clit I suck as though I’ve never tasted one before. A nip, a lick and a suck caused massive trembling throughout her body. Reaching up I gently glide one finger, then two into her moist snatch. I could feel her muscles clenching and unclenching my fingers.

Unbeknownst to Cindy, I had stopped at the gift store earlier and luckily they had my kind and size of condom. Suddenly stopping caused a slight moment of panic in her eyes. As I sat up and stripped off my shirt she seemed to understand. As I slid up her body I left my pants at the bottom of the bed. Reaching down I lay my cock between those same lips and gently slide it up and down causing more pressure on her still engorged clit. Not seeing me reaching over, she seemed surprised (and very pleased) when I slipped the rubber on and gently slid my entire length as deep in her love tunnel as I could. I tried to remain motionless to enjoy the feeling but apparently I had her too excited. Cindy started to move and wiggle trying to force me into a deep stroke. Seeing that I wasn’t moving, at least not yet, she started the gentle massage she was doing earlier on my fingers. Unable to stand any more I started pumping like a new oil well trying to draw its first load. I slowed only long enough to push her legs up to my shoulders so I could reach deeper and pump hard. This seemed to please her as she grabbed her ankles and held them closer to her own ears than I thought would be possible. Even though I had shot more loads in the past 24 hours than I had in the previous six months I felt my cum rising again. This time I wasn’t going to be denied. One final hard thrust and I lost another massive load. Unfortunately it was held in place by the rubber, but it was still a great release. I decided to keep going as long as I could. I wanted to make sure she finished this way too. With all the teasing and foreplay behind us, it wasn’t long before she started that familiar trembling. Reaching down I took her clit gently between my fingers and forced her over the edge. Trembling all over as if having a seizure, she flooded our connection with more juice than I thought was possible. She seemed to pass out for just a moment. When her eyes slowly opened that gleam of contentment was back.

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