The Trouble with Arousal is… Pt. 02

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The meal was delicious and as they ate and drank, they freely chatted about this and that. Afterwards, Alex cleared things away and Casi set up a film for them to watch. As Alex sat down she snuggled into him, like a cat demanding attention, almost purring in her contentment. The film however was not as good as she thought and although he tried to stay alert it was obvious to Casi just how tired Alex was. He had been putting in some late nights at work and working over this weekend to finish the presentation had just about finished him off. She pecked him platonically on the head and said, “It’s ten-thirty, why don’t you get an early night? You’re gonna want to be fresh for the meeting tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he said, “you are right as ever. Sorry.” He kissed her lightly on the lips and stood to go to bed. “It will get better once I settle in.” He said as some form of explanation.

Casi smiled, blew him a kiss and returned to watching the film. In Alex’s head he counted, ‘two strikes’.

As soon as the moving upstairs had stopped and Casi was sure that Alex had got into bed, she turned off the film. In truth, she hadn’t been interested in it either. All she could think about was this burning in the pit of her stomach, radiating downwards towards her pubic area. She had been frustrated before, of course she had, but this was the first time during their short marriage that she had not been able to entice her husband into fulfilling her needs, in all senses. The thought that he had someone else flashed across her mind, but was instantly dismissed. How could he? She knew his whereabouts pretty much all of the time, they talked constantly on the phone, and when he was working late, he invariably did so at home, so at least they got to see each other. No, he could not be seeing anyone else.

But maybe he had gone off her? Maybe he no-longer found her to be attractive, or he didn’t fancy her anymore? Casi was annoyed at her immature thoughts and got up to get herself another drink. Between them they had polished off a bottle and a half of wine. As she swayed a little unsteadily on her feet, she thought to herself that most had probably been drunk by her!

Suddenly a naughty thought came into her head, probably helped along by the alcohol. She had never done this before, but then had not normally felt like this before. Taking her glass of wine with her, she walked into her husband’s Osmanbey travesti study. She knew what she was looking for; it was just a question of where he had put them for safe keeping. She searched through his computer discs. A few were games for the PC, but in the main, they were work related. She scanned all of the titles, but most had the legend ‘back-up of…’ and were dated at the time he had taken the copy. It was obvious that he did not want to lose this information, so she left it untouched.

“Now where has he put them?” she whispered to herself. She ran a beautifully manicured fingernail along his music collection and found what she was looking for. As with the previous CD’s these DVD’s were clearly labelled and again, had back-up copies. This made Casi smile; she hadn’t known that her husband was such a geek!

“Now then, which one shall I go for?” She murmured, then read out the titles, aware that Alex had had some small amount of pleasure in coming up with the titles. “Casi blows Herc’s top.”

Hercules was her pet name for Alex’s cock so she knew straight away what was on that disc. He had found it strange at the time that she wanted to give his cock a persona, but had gone along with it and now referred to his cock by name also. “Umm,” Casi’s finger moved onto the next and she read. “Eruption, Timed Cock Suck, Timed Masturbation, Casi takes a large deposit! Now I like that one; that is a possibility.” She read the next out, “Alex brings a new friend home, umm not tonight he doesn’t! A bit of black? Maybe..” She moved onto the next disc, “Hello, what is this then, I don’t remember doing that one?”

She pulled that one out and the ‘Casi takes a large deposit!’ one and returned to the lounge to put them into the multi DVD player. Grabbing the remote, she settled back into the sofa to watch the first, holding onto her glass and taking a sip as the DVD cued up.

‘The Voyeur’. Was the title displayed on the first DVD to play. Casi’s interest was certainly peaked by this one. The camera opened onto a bedroom; their bedroom. The sunlight was streaming through the blossom trees outside, creating a myriad of shadows on the large mirror that Casi used to dress by. This full-length mirror was her absolute must when getting ready to go out. She always wanted to make sure that she presented herself to the best possible standards, as she loved the admiring looks that Ayrancı travesti she got from men, and particularly from her husband. The camera began to pan across the room. It was obviously being controlled remotely. As it moved to the left, it caught Casi entering the room in her dressing gown, with a towel wrapped around her head. She moved before the mirror and picking up some garments that she had already laid out on the bed, she checked which one she favoured for the occasion.

“Um when was this then you naughty boy?” Casi said to no-one. “How come I didn’t spot that you had put a camera there and were filming me? I’m not sure whether I am flattered or annoyed that you have been spying on me. But at the moment, judging by the way she feels,” she looked at her pubic region, “I guess I’m flattered, very flattered!” She pushed the heel of her hand deeply into the pit of her stomach, trying to make the burning, fluttering sensation go away.

In the DVD, Casi turned away from the mirror and without much ado, removed the dressing gown, throwing it on the bed. She stood nakedly resplendent, the late afternoon sunlight giving her body the appearance of brushed gold. She took the towel and ran it through her strawberry locks, taking as much of the water out as she could, leaving her hair wavy and slightly frizzy. Her firm pert breasts jiggled and swayed as she performed this minor task. The camera zoomed in to view her beautiful appendages and as if they knew they were being caught on camera, they began to respond as an actor getting his cue and undertaking his performance.

Both nipples in unison began to expand, caught in HD detail right down to the goose-bumps evident across her body. Slowly they filled, expanding still more and becoming flushed with the rosy hue that the incoming blood was providing them. Her areolas were being absorbed into the nipples to give them the stature that they demanded, as they were sucked into the erections, they became crinkled and puckered with goose-bumps. The nipples were now at full turgidity and were probably matching in size to her thumbs, they had grown that large.

The Casi on screen seemed unaware of what her breasts were doing, too busy in the drying of her hair to worry. She lent forwards to bring all of her hair in front of her, serving the camera a double helping of her pendulous assets. But the camera was now moving on. The Cebeci travesti eyes behind the machine had seen a greater prize and were at this very minute, zeroing in on it/them perhaps?

As the lens refocused on the mirror behind the bending Casi, it was evident what the prize was. Bent over as she was, Casi was not only displaying her deliciously ripe breasts, but she was also making available for those that were prying, the double taut assets of her buttocks, but perhaps more surprisingly, Casi’s engorged labia. The camera continued to zoom in quickly to better survey the moist lips before it, but before a clear picture could be sought, Casi stood and moved on, turning away from the ‘spying eye’ and moving out of view for a little while, until the camera caught up with her at her knickers draw. She pulled out a small lacy pair and from her bra draw, picked the matching garment. She wandered slowly back to the mirror, as if enticing both it and the camera.

Throwing both items onto the bed, she looked into the mirror and scrunched her hair into some semblance of the style she intended to wear tonight and then smiling seemed to notice her nipples for the first time. She seemed somewhat perplexed or was it slightly excited that her body was at a heightened level of arousal. But then again, it could just have been because of the slight chill from leaving a hot bath? This obviously ran through the thoughts of the Casi on the screen as she turned away and reached for her knickers. As she lifted a leg to put them on, she seemed to change her mind and stopped. Her perplexed look had turned to one of wickedness as she again walked off camera.

This time the camera could not follow, as she had walked into her wardrobe and a few minutes later returned with what she had been looking for. She held up a suspender belt that matched the bra and knickers combination. Slipping it around her slender waist, she clipped the clasp in front of her; then slipped the belt around so that the embroidered roses petals faced the front. The lacework that ran between the straps at the front and then across the hip to the rear-most strap was exquisitely detailed and looked like filigree in its fine detail; this piece had been designed by a woman that knew what pleased a man it would seem.

Next, she picked up a thin packet, and opening it drew out very carefully some stockings. By their gloss, they could only be made of silk, these white seamed items of wicked decadence had but one purpose and one only. That purpose was eroticism. Making both her feel sexy and aroused, and more to the point, her husband, because she would be going out of her way to make sure he knew what she was wearing!

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