The Unfolding Ch. 01

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This is part one of a story about a happily married wife who slowly discovers how much more there is to sex and arousal. This story has a slow build up, and is only the beginning of her long journey.

Six weeks was all it took! Not that she considered herself a finished product, but glancing in the restroom mirror while re-applying a little lipstick Camille couldn’t help but be pleased with the results of her exercise routine over the last month and a half. Popping the lid back onto the gloss, she twisted left then right, letting her gaze take in her shapely hips, firm buttocks, and well-proportioned chest until her eyes met her own, and the confident hint of a smile now beneath them.

She found the woman she was scrutinizing to be pretty darn attractive for forty-six, and she was delighted with how she looked and felt in her dress: a silky thin, spaghetti strapped number that hugged her hips and butt before flowing easily and loosely down to just above her knees. The décolletage was accented with longer straps and a slight curvature providing an inviting view of her bosom while maintaining the class Camille would demand of any wardrobe selection. She looked good, and that made her feel good. Dave thought she looked great, and that made her feel heavenly.

Heavenly and naughty. Camille was working with a healthy level of arousal all evening. Between her husband’s soft and hauntingly suggestive whispers in her ear, and the hand that spent the better portion of dinner tracing her knee and caressing her thigh, she was looking forward to the moment when the key would disengage their hotel room door.

She and David enjoyed what she thought to be an excellent sex life. A private person, with a principled foundation, Camille’s sexual thoughts almost always focused on David. Oh sure, there was the occasional masturbation after watching a steamy movie or reading a particularly erotic chapter in a book, but her sexual energy was mostly saved for the love of her life. However, any creative eroticism for the couple fell solely on David’s shoulders – like tonight, for instance. David had convinced her, after some sensuous kissing to her nape while getting ready this afternoon, to attend this brouhaha sans panties. He reasoned that here they were, at a boring but obligatory business banquet 2,000 miles from home, with 1500 associates whom he never met before and would never see again, so why not add a little spark? Besides, he grinningly explained, she wouldn’t have to worry about panty lines. Her dress was plenty long, and her bare bottom would keep their thoughts throughout the evening appetizingly on each other.

Camille knew by the horniness and tingling she’d felt all night that David, as usual, had been right. Glancing once more at the mirror as she set the lipstick back in her purse she closed her eyes and stole a deep breath. She imagined David standing behind her in the hotel room, softly and carefully pushing her spaghetti straps off her shoulders, letting his hands follow them slowly down her arms until his fingers grazed her nipples. She sighed and smiled inwardly, realizing that in addition to having one too many Cosmopolitans, her erogenous zones were communicating to her that it was time to grab David, make haste, and head back to their hotel.

They walked with their arms locked together to the foyer of the moneyed, west coast country club where David slipped the valet a ticket to retrieve their rental car. He wandered over to an unused hallway, admiring the artwork adorning the walls, and beckoned Camille to come over and join him. Camille was wondering what he was doing as he began muttering about this or that artist, brushstrokes, composition, and other artistic matters of which Camille knew David didn’t know the first thing. She quickly found out after following David as he calmly ambled farther down the deserted hallway. David reached behind her, turning her so that his back was to the foyer and hers towards the far end of the empty hallway, and pulled her in close for a deep, long kiss. Her senses exploded as their lips met and their tongues took turns exploring the other. David’s hands slid down to cup her ass before returning to the small of her back. As they roamed down a second time she felt David’s right hand drop even farther, then slowly climb her thigh, raising her dress and her excitement level with its ascent. David felt the soft skin of her thigh, and lightly traced all the way up until his fingertips brushed the outer folds of her bare womanhood sending a tingling shock through her core. In concert with Camille’s barely audible moan, David gripped her ass – his left hand on her dress, and his right on her bare, exposed, left buttock. Their mouths parted, and with arms draped over David’s neck and eyes staring deeply into his blue irises, Camille whispered “I need you in me.” David smiled, relaxed his grip allowing her dress to fall back over her backside, took her hand and placed it against his groin so she could feel his growing penis, and Eryaman Escort laughed “definitely time to go.”


“The company is paying so why not?” David answered as they pulled away from the portico of the refined country club. Camille still wondered about the wisdom of renting a Mercedes SL550 Roadster. She worried how it looked for David and her to be cavorting about in such an expensive, sporty, 2-seat sports car.

“Look honey” David began, “the company doesn’t care one bit about this. We’re never going to be able to afford one so why not, just once, rent one? Just sit back and let’s enjoy what this puppy can do.” They had a healthy drive in front of them. Part of the panache of this affluent country club was that it was exceedingly private and remote. Ordinarily being forty miles away from civilization would be the kiss of death, but in this particular case it only added to the allure; an allure that David and Camille could do without. Of the 1,500 guests at tonight’s function, a safe guess would place a minimum of 1490 staying on the property through the weekend. An invitation to this club was just as coveted as a weekend in the Lincoln Bedroom. That is, except for David and Camille. They wanted to be wherever the other 1498 people weren’t. Ego stroking is not the stroking they envisioned. Just leave them undisturbed so they could suck, tease, nibble, and fuck however and whenever they wanted; weekends away were too precious to waste on glad-handing.

As they drove off into the night, trading glances, David began explaining what he was going to do to Camille at the hotel. Very softly he intoned that restraints, a blindfold, and feathers were involved. The journey was dark and desolate as they sped through the tree-lined road. As much as he was enjoying the handling, David was soon regretting this particular choice of rental. The high center console separating the bucket seats instantly became a major inconvenience as he couldn’t see – let alone reach his hand onto – Camille’s inviting thighs. Camille became equally frustrated. She had managed to twist her body and undo David’s fly – finally giving some relief to his hours long hard-on. But because of the center console any chance of her being able to surround him with her lips, and tease him with her tongue would have to wait. She couldn’t comfortably reach to take him in her hand either. David extended his arm, rubbed and lightly squeezed her breast, causing her spaghetti strap to drop over her arm, as it – much to her displeasure – had done many times through the evening.

“Masturbate for me sweetheart” David whispered just loudly enough to be heard over the purr of Mercedes’ V8.


“C’mon honey. I can’t reach you. I won’t even be able to see your hand, but I will be able to see your face. I want to think about your fingers rubbing your hardened clit, and glance over to see your eyes, face, and body respond to your touch. Do it, honey. Cum for me here so I dive this cock into your pussy the minute we get back.”

The words, the passion, the cosmos…Camille needed no more coaxing as her hands easily slid her light, soft dress up her thighs. As her finger found her labia her wetness confirmed the arousal she already knew. Her juice was hot, and her slickened finger moved easily; slowly circling and massaging her already hard and pronounced clit. She quickly felt the familiar pleasures reverberate through her body’s skin. Her head turned and relaxed on the headrest so that she could gaze at David and she mouthed the words “I love you”. David looked at his wife, her cheeks reddening, her eyes shut, her mouth open, and watched as her right bicep methodically contracted ever so slightly, causing the soft, gelatinous tissue of her right breast to jiggle with every stroke. Left hand on the wheel, his right hand instinctively dropped to his waist, and, with his thumb on top and index finger beneath, began slowly tracing his fingers up and down the length of his six inches. Speeding around a corner, his index finger slid up over his cock’s soft head to meet and spread the first drop of precum.


“Shit” David suddenly exclaimed as he quickly began braking.

“Wha…oh my” Camille uttered as she snapped out of her amorous trance, thrust her right hand onto the dash to brace herself during the hard stop, and tried to focus on the road ahead.

David slid the stick to manual and downshifted, causing the engine to roar as the lower gear helped grip and slow the car. He quickly put the car as much off the shoulderless road as possible, and threw open the door to inspect the scene. A 7 series BMW had apparently lost control, spun, and skidded into a tree. Camille overcame the fear fluttering in her stomach, flung her door open and began running towards the Beamer. As she ran her boobs began fighting a battle with her dress that the delicate material would never win. Arriving on the scene of the accident, unbeknownst Sincan Escort to Camille, her right breast had fully exited the dress using the fabric as a bustier of sorts.

David peered inside the car but no one was there. The damage was substantial, though not catastrophic. He saw no signs of blood, no torn clothing, or other signs of serious injury. Just as he was about to wander into the woods they heard a cheerful call from sixty to seventy yards up the road.

“My lucky day! I didn’t think anyone would be coming down this road until morning” Seth Ducere shouted, without any hint of trauma in his voice. Walking briskly, briefcase in tow, he closed the distance fast. With David a half dozen paces behind her, Camille was steadily walking towards him, and as she got within 20 yards his handsome countenance and 6′ 1″ athletic body came into focus. This was not at all what she expected to see when they first stopped. Save for a slight bruise on his cheek, a rumpled suit coat, and dress chinos freshly torn at the knee, the strapping hunk of man looked like he just emerged from the August GQ cover.

A woman was emerging from the blur of darkness and Seth’s attention was quickly drawn to a perfectly shaped breast gracefully rippling with each step she took. Entranced by the natural undulations that seemed to spiral around a taught, large, protruding nipple, Seth’s thoughts were quickly shifting from relief to intrigue.

At five paces, his well-trained decorum restored, a relieved and natural smile easily spread as Seth held out his hand. “How do you do? Seth Ducere.”

“Camille McKay” Camille replied, noticing this debonair stranger’s eyes confidently and easily eying her body – particularly her chest – before casually extending his gaze over her shoulder to her arriving husband.

“And this is” Camille started as she turned “my husband David.”

When David’s eyes left the stranger and focused on her chest the instant she turned Camille immediately felt the heat of her cheeks reddening and the cool air of the night on her chest before glancing down to confirm her state of undress. While David and Seth were exchanging introductions she attempted as nonchalantly as possible to correct her wardrobe malfunction.

Seth was effusively thanking the two of them for stopping, and David was equally adamant how lucky Seth was to have escaped serious injury from the crash. Camille looked on, occasionally nodding and smiling, forcing the necessary words when need be, but her mind was drifting trying to reconcile her embarrassment and fascination at having given this handsome stranger a very clear view of her breast.

The discussion turned to what the next appropriate steps should be. Seth informed his samaritans that cell coverage was nonexistent where they were, by design. The club wanted a “dead zone” for miles around, adding to the allure of exclusivity. Of course, coverage existed at the club, but only by signing on to their private piece of network backbone. Once off property, you’d better have a sat-phone, or hold your calls for the next forty minutes. They resolved to give Seth a ride to town where he could talk to the police and make arrangements to have his Beamer towed. Camille gave Seth a pen and paper so he could leave a note on his windshield with his contact information should a policeman happen by, and then headed back to the Mercedes.

“This is one exceedingly beautiful automobile, David”

“That it is, Seth. That it is. Unfortunately, it’s a rental. And, we seem to have overlooked the sad fact that this car only has two seats for three people. Tell you what, if you’re feeling up to it, do you want to drive? Camille can sit on my lap then.”

“I’d be happy to, but I don’t think I can, unfortunately. I’ve been fighting a little dizziness since the crash, and to be perfectly honest I was having some lightheadedness the last few weeks that I’m afraid might have contributed to the accident in the first place.”

“You’re right. Even if you felt fine after a jolt like that it’s best you don’t drive. Tell you what, if you don’t mind, could Camille sit on your lap? I won’t leave her out here and she really prefers not to drive at night. Honestly, she doesn’t weigh as much as she looks” David quipped with a wink and a smile to Seth.

As soon as the words escaped David’s mouth Camille’s emotions and senses were in overdrive. How can she sit on this stranger’s lap – in this dress, without any underwear! Didn’t David remember?

With an easy smile and striking eyes that peered so directly into Camille, Seth said “Oh, I’m quite certain her weight is not a concern. David, you are to be complemented…” gazing again directly at and through Camille, “…Camille, you are a most beautiful woman.”

As she gazed back at Seth her core instantly felt a quiver. Was it apprehension or excitement? If it was excitement, why? Why were this handsome man’s eyes so captivating? This evening’s liquor Etlik Escort and foreplay blended with the adrenalin of the accident and recovery left Camille fighting her composure. And, other than those private times with David, Camille Roberta McKay was always composed.

“Thank you Seth, but perhaps your headisbothering you” she smiled.

“I’m sorry honey, is that alright with you?” David asked. “This car certainly isn’t very big.”

Camille wanted to glare at David and scream “No, it isn’t fucking alright! I’m a 46 year old woman with no underwear; I’m not going to sit on some man’s lap that I’ve never met before!”

“It’s fine, Seth needs to get to town” is what came out of her mouth.


“Let me move the seat back so you have more room” Seth said as he bent to slide back the controller on the side of the bucket. He noticed a small, oblong area on the new leather that was slightly darker and glossier, and reflexively ran his finger over it. It was wet. Instinctively, he looked up to see if there was an open water bottle in a cup holder or on the floor to avoid potentially spilling more while getting in. David had opened his door and was climbing in the driver’s side when, with the aid of the interior lights, Seth noticed that David’s fly was open. Seth smiled as some basic societal arithmetic became clear. Perhaps it was the accident, or perhaps it was related to the lightheadedness he’d experienced the last few weeks, but this new information, coupled with the surprising sight of Camille’s succulent breast a few minutes earlier produced a delightfully mischievous idea in Seth’s mind.

Seated in the car, briefcase in hand “David, would it interfere with your driving if I place my case on the center console? I’m afraid my leg is becoming a bit more painful to bend so I’d rather not put it on the floor” Seth lied.

“Go ahead, no problem.”

“Thanks. Ok, Camille, let me make room here” Seth said as he lifted, turned, and placed the upright case onto the center console, strategically blocking David’s view of them from the shoulder down.

Apprehension, her previous arousal, cosmopolitans, a wardrobe malfunction, and a strapping gentleman with a crashed 750il cast a surreal milieu. Camille felt as if she were both spectator and actor in an erotic thriller as she lowered her head and bent her knees to slide into the car and onto Seth’s lap. Seth held out his hands to brace Camille as she lowered herself. Camille felt his hands connect with her sides, lightly gripping her ribcage. The edges of his index fingers were positioned just below the sides of her breasts, and as her buttocks came to rest on his thighs, she was very aware of the slight compression of her breasts against his fingers. It fleetingly reminded her of the sensual feel when her masseur comes into contact with her fleshy tissue while kneading her back and sides.

“How’s that? Are you ok?” Seth asked

“Yes, I’m fine”

“You look like you’ll bang your head on the roof the first time we hit a bump” Seth said as he released his hands from her sides, letting them fall to the top of his legs. The outsides of his hands came to a rest against the door handle and the center console, and the inside of his hands – the thumbs and index fingers – rested ever so slightly against the thin material of the dress concealing Camille’s thighs. “You need to be able to lean your head back” he quipped and Camille sensed Seth’s quads tighten, flex, and slightly lift to adjust himself in the seat so that her head could recline back to his left shoulder.

“Thanks, that is better” Camille admitted as she was able to rest her back against Seth’s shoulder.

“Are you two situated?” David asked

“We’re as ready as we’ll ever be” chuckled Seth.

The first several minutes of the drive proved uneventful. The night was dark, and no one was saying much. Camille began to slacken and Seth could sense Camille’s body becoming less rigid and sinking relaxingly into his chest. He waited a couple minutes more, and then the next time the car went over a slight bump he allowed his hands to bounce in concert with the car, letting them land lithely and innocuously more on Camille’s thighs. He smiled inwardly as he felt Camille stiffen for a second and then quickly relax again.

Camille had become accustomed to Seth’s hands lightly touching her legs, but felt a shiver when his hands settled onto more firmly on them. “Of course it’s coincidental,” she concluded. Camille didn’t want to seem prudish or rude, and considering how uncomfortable this ride must be for Seth, as well as everything else he had been through, she thought it inappropriate to acknowledge Seth’s resting hands, and was certainly not going to embarrass him by trying to move them. Maybe he was trying to fall asleep, she thought. And, after a couple minutes passed her relaxation returned, almost into sleepiness, her mind no longer aware of Seth’s hands. As the drive continued she allowed her eyes to shut while leaning her head back on the stranger’s shoulder. She recalled the electricity of the evening, and imagined David softly caressing her thigh under the table during dinner. Just a thumb, moving tenderly and slowly, subtly stroking her thigh under the hem of her dress. It had felt dreamy, it felt sultry, it felt wonderful, and it felt…real.

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