The Valentine’s Day Mascara Ch. 05

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Saturday had arrived, the day of the Valentine’s Day Ball. With the upturn in her sex life, Ginny had been in two minds about going but decided that she had nothing to lose and there was less need to find someone to shag on the night. Sam had offered to do her make-up for her and Ginny was only too happy to accept.

Sam arrived at Ginny’s mum’s house shortly after six with a carry case of her gear. Ginny greeted her at the door with a kiss and led her to her bedroom. Once inside the room, Ginny removed her dressing gown to reveal that she was wearing a sexy see-through black lace bra and panties set. Sam whistled.

“I’m going to have difficulty concentrating with you wearing that,” she stated.

“Would you rather I took it off?” asked Ginny with a big grin on her face.

“Yessss and no,” answered Sam, “if you took it off your make-up would never get done. Probably best you keep it on and I’ll try to ignore the temptation to drag you onto that bed and bury my face in your pussy.”

Ginny sat on a chair in front of her dressing table and waited for Sam to get to work.

“Here’s that mascara I got from you the other day.” said Ginny, “Would seem a crime not to use it after the role it’s played in our lives.”

“That’s great,” said Sam, “I’ve got some great eye shadow to go with it from the same range. We get quite a lot of freebies to try out; it’s one of the few perks of the job.”

After Sam had finished applying Ginny’s make-up, Ginny looked at the results in the mirror.

“Wow, talk about a silk purse and a sow’s ear.” she said beaming.

“You were never a sow’s ear,” admonished Sam, “I’ve just enhanced your natural beauty.”

“What do you think I should do with my hair,” asked Ginny.

“Wear it naturally, Ginny, that bob really suits you. It brings out the shape of your face perfectly.” said Sam, “Now show me what you’re wearing tonight.”

Ginny got up from her chair, went to her wardrobe and extracted her little black dress.

“Ah, standard seduction material. I like it.” said Sam, “Put it on, show me.”

Ginny put her dress on and asked Sam to zip her up, which Sam did happily, stroking her hands down Ginny’s sides as she did so. Ginny then did a twirl for Sam and, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, moved towards Sam to thank her for making her look so ravishing.

“Careful,” said Sam, “we don’t want to smudge your lipstick.”

“They’ll be falling over themselves to get to you tonight,” said Sam.

“Thanks for all your help Sam, now you’d better get a move on if you’re gonna be ready for your date tonight.”

As they went downstairs Betty met them in the hallway. “Wow, Ginny, you look amazing,” she said. Turning to Sam she asked, “Do you do make-up for a living? I would love you to come and do me some time.”

Sam smiled, thinking to herself “I don’t do older women”, and replied, “You would be my first. Look, this is my number, give me a ring sometime and we can talk about it.”

Sam turned to leave and went to kiss Ginny, but Ginny shook her head, making a subtle gesture towards her mother. Sam realised that Betty was not aware of the new direction that Ginny’s love life had taken and smiled at Ginny, wishing her a lovely “successful” evening and departed.

About an hour or so later Jack, who had offered to give Ginny a lift to the ball, and Ginny were sitting in his car, pulling away from the house.

“You look good enough to eat, tonight.” he said.

“Well, if I strike out tonight I might just take you up on that,” replied Ginny as she hitched up the hem of her short dress to reveal her black lace panties to him.

Jack reached across and stroked Ginny’s crutch through her knickers, causing Ginny to emit a low moan. “You are one hell of a tease.” He exclaimed, removing his hand and returning to concentrating on driving.

Jack pulled up outside the school, “Have a good time kiddo,” he said, stroking the inside of her thigh.

Ginny turned towards him and smiled before leaving the car and walking towards the school entrance.

Jack watched her as she walked away, admiring the view of her shapely backside and her legs before starting the engine and driving off.

Once inside the foyer, Ginny checked the table plan and continued into the hall, which had undergone a make-over and now looked like a trendy restaurant/club. She approached her table and was disappointed to see that she was sat between Gerry, who was still the skinny, spotty-faced, bespectacled kid that he had been at school and Steve. Her and Steve had flirted in the early years of school but as time progressed this had turned into a wonderful friendship; indeed, Steve was one of the few friends that she remained in contact with. “No easy win there,” she thought to herself as she took her place at the table.

The table was set for eight and the seating was the de rigueur way of boy/girl/boy/girl. Ginny was the last to arrive and, smiling, said hello to the rest of the table. She cast her eyes around the table appraising her company for the evening; in particular the men as possible beaus for the night.

Gerry alt porno to her left was a non-runner; next to him sat Amy, a girl who had always struggled with her weight at school and this had clearly continued into her post-school life. Still, as Ginny noted to herself, she had clearly decided to make the most of her curves and was wearing a floral low-cut dress exposing plenty of cleavage; an open invitation to any boys that might be interested.

The boy to Amy’s left was blond, blue-eyed with a handsome face in a rugged sort of way. Ginny reckoned he must be about six feet two which was an added bonus to Ginny who, possibly because of her short stature, was always attracted to tall guys. She marked him in her mind as an 8, possibly a 9, depending on the size of his cock. She was puzzled as to why she did not remember this hunk from school; she estimated that he would be about two years older than her, but she was certain she would have noticed him even though he was not in her year. It transpired that he was the older brother of Grace, seated on his other side, and had attended the boys only grammar school the other side of town.

It seemed strange to Ginny that Grace and her brother, whose name turned out to be Jeff, were seated together. The organizers normally made a point of keeping siblings apart so that they could not inhibit each other in their attempts at finding romance.

Grace was a girl Ginny remembered well from school. She had been one of the swots of the year and whilst very attractive had always spurned any approaches made by the guys earning her the nickname of “frosty knickers” and resulting in a rumour that she was lesbian. With this in mind Ginny studied her more than she had done previously; she was a dark-haired beauty with hazel eyes and a lovely tanned skin, her breasts (like almost everyone that Ginny met) were larger than Ginny’s and she looked to have retained her hour-glass figure that the boys had lusted over so much at school. Maybe another time, another place thought Ginny to herself, but tonight she was hungry for cock.

To Grace’s left sat Paul, who had been one of the class jokers. Ginny was surprised that he was on the singles table as she had heard that he had married his school sweetheart; presumably things hadn’t worked out for them, she thought. He was still his old jocular self, trying to make people laugh with his one-liners. Ginny studied him with fresh eyes; he was about five feet ten, with black hair spiked up with gel, brown eyes and fairly average looks, not a stunner but not someone to turn your nose up at if possibilities were scarce; Ginny gave him a 6.

This left Angie as the final person at the table. She had long, straight red hair, a pretty face covered in freckles and was wearing a black jumpsuit. She had been a shy, quiet girl at school and it seemed like nothing had changed. It was difficult to get more than one word out of her in conversation and most people eventually stopped trying.

Whilst they were waiting for their starters to arrive one of the servers brought four bottles of wine to their table, two white and two red. Jeff immediately stood up and took charge of filling glasses, starting with his sister and working his way round the table. When he arrived at Angie he pressed his groin up against her upper arm as he was stretching over to pour the wine, she pulled away and thanked him once her glass was full. Jeff continued round the table and did the same when he arrived at Ginny, she pressed her arm up against him, feeling a sizeable bulge in his trousers; definitely a 9 she thought to herself.

After pouring Gerry a glass of red, Jeff continued on to Amy where he once again carried out what was obviously his standard procedure of pressing his groin against the girls. He seemed to be pouring the wine slower than usual and Ginny could see that he was taking in as much of the view of Amy’s cleavage as he could. Amy was busy trying to subtly move her arm up and down in an effort to stroke the cock pressed up against her; nought out of ten for subtlety thought Ginny as everyone could see what she was doing.

All this time Grace had been watching her brother with an amused smile on her face. When he finally returned to his chair and sat down she whispered something in his ear to which he nodded in the affirmative.

They raised their glasses in a toast and started to drink while continuing to chat. Ginny noticed that Grace had been drinking right-handed but had now switched to her left and her right hand had disappeared under the table. Knocking her fork to the floor, Ginny bent under the table to retrieve it and looked across to see Grace had Jeff’s cock out and was stroking the firm erection; she lingered for a moment to enjoy the view and then sat back up in her seat to see Grace smiling at her from across the table. Strike him off the list, she thought to herself, I’m not playing second fiddle to his sister.

As she continued to sip at her wine and make small talk with Steve, Ginny noticed Jeff reach across the table and take Amy’s left hand in his. He then led it under the table and, from the hd abla porno surprised look on her face, Ginny could tell that her hand had now been introduced to Jeff’s monster of a cock. Grace’s right hand appeared back on the table and she started chatting to Paul. After a couple of minutes Jeff whispered something in Amy’s ear to which she nodded yes. Jeff took a short while to sort himself out and got up from the table, walking towards the doors that led to the toilets; once he had exited, Amy excused herself stating that she was going to the ladies. Intrigued, Ginny waited till Amy had left the room and then made her way out.

As she exited the hall, she peeked along the corridor to see Jeff and Amy walking hand in hand and disappear around the corner, Ginny followed at a safe distance until she was about to turn another corner and spied Jeff leaned with his back against the wall and Amy on her knees giving him a blow-job. Jeff grasped the back of Amy’s head, pulling her towards him and pushing as much of his cock into her mouth as he could. Feeling a tingling between her legs, Ginny hitched up the hem of her dress and began to stroke her pussy through her knickers. Jeff noticed the movement out of the corner of his eye and beckoned Ginny to join them; she shook her head no, took one final look and returned to the table. Shortly after she had sat down, Jeff returned to the room, giving Ginny a sideways look and a smile before returning to his place. A couple of minutes later Amy returned; her hair was slightly mussed up and her cheeks were flushed. She sat down, took a large swig of her wine and swished it about in her mouth before swallowing.

Their starters soon arrived, and the rest of the meal proceeded without incident. They were chatting about their lives post-school, their hopes and aspirations, occasionally their failed love lives and generally testing the water for possible relationships. Seated as she was Ginny was in a no-win situation; Gerry was not worth any effort and, anyway, he seemed intent on losing himself in a bottle of wine, so she had to content herself with chatting to Steve and listening to his litany of failed relationships. Around the table Amy and Jeff were in whispered conversation and Grace seemed to have collared Paul. Angie was just getting on with her food and only responding if someone spoke to her.

After the final course and their plates were cleared, a live band started playing and in dribs and drabs people started to populate the dance floor. The wine had run out, except for the red which was stationed in front of Gerry, and they now had to get any further drinks from the pay-bar. Steve was going to the bar and asked Ginny if she wanted anything, she asked for a glass of prosecco. The first few songs were disco numbers, but it didn’t take long before the music was more in keeping with the focus of the night, mushy love songs as Ginny called them. Jeff took Amy by the hand and led her to the dance floor, quickly followed by Grace and Paul, leaving Gerry, Angie and herself at the table.

Upon returning to the table, Steve took a couple of gulps of his pint and then approached Angie, asking if she wanted to dance. When she declined he took his pint and went to search for possible partners elsewhere in the room.

Shortly afterwards Ginny was surprised when Angie approached her and asked if she wanted to dance. Intrigued, and having given up on finding a decent male for the night, Ginny agreed, and they made their way onto what was becoming a very crowded dance-floor. They had to search for some room in which they could dance and made their way towards the edge near the stage. On their way they passed Grace and Jeff, who were now in each other’s arms, kissing passionately and letting their hands wander freely over each other’s bodies. Ginny looked around for Amy, but she was nowhere to be seen. “Poor kid,” she thought to herself.

Having found a little space of their own they turned to face each other, and Angie put her hands lightly on Ginny’s hips, keeping a gap between them and started dancing to the slow music. Ginny placed her hands on Angie’s shoulders and moved in time with her. It was the first time that she had slow-danced with a female partner and it felt somewhat awkward to her. They continued like this for a couple of numbers without a word passing between them, occasionally looking into the other’s eyes as if looking for some signal.

Deciding that this was going nowhere, Ginny parted from Angie and said that she was going to get her drink. She had taken no more than two steps when the band struck up the intro to “The weakness in me.”

Ginny felt Angie grab her arm, “This is my favourite song,” she said, “please, one more dance.”

Ginny turned, and this time Angie took her into her arms, holding her closer and running her hands up and down her back. “This is more like it,” thought Ginny, as she nestled into the slightly taller figure of Angie, placing her arms on her hips. Angie seemed to be getting lost in the song and her hands were wandering lower down Ginny’s back, tentatively she stroked Ginny’s bottom at which point rokettube porno Ginny lay her head on Angie’s shoulder. Taking this as an indication that all was good, she started to fondle Ginny’s butt more firmly; the timid, shy girl seemed to have been replaced by a confident woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Enjoying the feelings that Angie was arousing in her, Ginny kissed Angie lightly on the neck. They danced together for the next couple of love songs, pressing their bodies closer together as if they were trying to merge into one being; Ginny had positioned her right leg between Angie’s legs so that she could use her right thigh to rub against the crutch of Angie’s jumpsuit. Angie was enjoying the sensation and was rubbing her pussy up and down Angie’s thigh.

As the latest song ended, Angie asked, “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Love to,” responded Ginny, “but I want to finish my drink first.”

They returned to the table to find Gerry comatose from the wine he had knocked back. They both smirked and Ginny picked up her glass to finish her drink when she thought she noticed some movement under the table cloth. Bending down and pulling up the edge of the cloth, Ginny found Amy on her knees with Gerry’s cock in her mouth using her hands to stroke it as her tongue worked furiously on the knob.

“That’s one blowjob he will know nothing about,” she thought to herself. She quickly finished her drink and took Angie by the hand as they left the hall and walked towards Angie’s car.

Once in the car Ginny asked, “So where we going?”

“Can’t be my place,” said Angie, “my husband’s home.”

Ginny looked at her in astonishment, she hadn’t even thought to check for a ring.

Noticing the look on Ginny’s face, Angie started to explain, “I got married before I realised I was gay. He thinks I’m out at a works do and I told him I’d stay at my sister’s place for the night; so, I’ve got an all-night pass.” She smiled at Ginny with a hopeful look on her face.

“Why not get a divorce then?” asked Ginny.

“I’m from a strict Catholic family,” Angie answered, “if I were to get divorced I would be cast out from my family; they would never speak to me again.”

“So how do you cope?” asked Ginny.

“I keep Liam well stocked in beer; most nights he drinks enough to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Some nights I have to put up with the sex but I do my best to keep it to a minimum,” she responded.

Ginny stroked her hand along Angie’s thigh, “Well,” she said, “let’s go to mine. We will need to be quiet though, I haven’t let my mum know yet that I’m into girls.”

They pulled up outside Ginny’s house, exited the car and went inside. As they crept upstairs and walked along the corridor they heard the sound of a headboard banging against the wall. Ginny turned to Angie and whispered, “That’ll be my mum and step-dad, they’re at it most nights.” Angie stifled a laugh as she followed Ginny to her room.

Once inside Ginny’s bedroom, Angie turned her back to Ginny and said, “Can you unzip me please, I can’t wait to get out of this thing, it’s so confining.”

“But oh, so sexy,” commented Ginny, as she did as requested. She helped Angie out of the jumpsuit, peeling it off her and planting delicate kisses on her back as she pulled it lower. She continued on her way down and planted a tender kiss on each of Angie’s panty covered butt cheeks, before continuing to pull the trousers down her legs. As she was doing this Angie turned to face her. Ginny stopped pulling at the trouser legs, leaving them halfway down Angie’s calves and buried her face in Angie’s panty clad snatch, kissing at the panties and licking her inner thighs.

“Easy tiger,” said Angie, “I want you out of your dress as well.”

Angie finished removing her jumpsuit, unclipped her bra and slipped out of her knickers. She then got Ginny to turn around so that she could unzip her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She put her hands round Ginny and cupped her petite breasts in her bra, breathing heavily on Ginny’s neck as she did so.

“As soon as I saw you walk into the hall tonight I was hoping to get you naked,” she said.

“You sure are a surprise,” stated Ginny, “You come across as this quiet mouse but as soon as you get your prey alone you turn into a lion that’s captured its’ next meal. I sure hope you are going to eat me!”

Ginny had hardly finished her sentence when Angie had spun her around, pushed her onto the bed and pulled her knickers down. Within moments her tongue was teasing the extreme edges of Ginny’s lips whilst she was blowing all over Ginny’s pussy and inner thighs.

“Lick me, please,” begged Ginny, but Angie continued with her teasing, moving her lips very slowly closer to Ginny’s gorgeous inviting lower lips; she was breathing heavier and making sure that Ginny got the full benefit of her hot breath between her legs. When her lips were millimetres away from her target she stuck out her tongue again and very lightly licked along her outer lips causing Ginny to raise her bottom of the bed as she tried to push her pussy towards Angie, “Please,” she begged again and no sooner had the word left her mouth, than Angie had plunged her tongue into Ginny’s hot, moist love hole. Ginny stifled a cry of lust as she held Angie’s head to her pussy; Angie was revelling in the taste of her new lover’s juices, but her mind was on other things.

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