The Vault

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It was the busiest week of the holiday season, and I was the Assistant Branch Manager at one of the largest bank chains in the center of Manhattan. Money couldn’t run out, especially at a time where people were spending tons of money buying gifts for their loved ones. Every year, the bank scheduled to receive extra deliveries of cash to keep our vaults full through the holidays.

Since during the day was too hectic, I came in after hours that Friday night to wait for the delivery. At precisely eight, I watched through the glass store front as the red and black armored truck pulled off the road into the parking lot. I met up with the regular driver, John, at the back door of the branch. He cut off the engine and climbed down from the driver’s seat and walked to the back of the truck. I stole a glance as he unlocked and the back doors, his muscular arms bulging in his short sleeved uniform as he pushed the heavygalvanizedsteel open. He didn’t notice me standing there until he was unloading boxes and a few cleat bags of bills onto the hand truck.

“Hey Chelsea! How long have you been waiting? John called to me.

“Just a minute,” I lied.

“Ready for the holiday rush?” He jumped off the truck and slammed the doors shut and pulled the hand truck behind him.

“I’m never ready for any rush.” I said as I held the door for him.


“No problem,” I said closing the door behind us and locking it.

“Is the vault opened yet?”

“No, let me grab my keys and I’ll unlock it.” I stepped over to my work station and snatched up the ring of keys and my bottle of water. “You want one? I asked, mobil porno holding up a bottle from the 6-pack I kept in my desk drawer.

“Sure, John replied.

I met back with him at the door and handed him the bottle. He placed it on top of a box of rolled coin on the pulley and rolled it into the vault. .John and I were unloading the cash onto the metal shelves when we heard a crash. John and I quietly peeked around the door to see three men in black clothing and ski masks carrying guns climbing through the shattered front door. They knew about the drop-off.

“Get inside and shut the door!” John instructed me.

“Are you crazy!? How will we get out?”

Would you rather have a gun put to your head?” John asked, grabbing me by the arm, trying to pull me into the vault. I jerked away from his grasp and stumbled back into the door, causing the wedge holding the door open to slip out. I reacted and tried to keep the door from closing, but it was too heavy and the hydraulics were too fast. It clicked shut, locking us in.

“Thanks for nothing,” I sneered.

“Shit, no service in here,” John said, ignoring me, as he walked around the vault, holding his phone up, trying to get a signal. “We’re going to have to hope someone calls the police or wait until morning when everyone comes in.”

Through the door, we could hear the muffled yells from the men who were trying to rob the bank. I could make out some muffled obscenities as they must have realized there was no cash to take.

“Now what?”

“Sit and wait. Someone is bound to come soon if the silent alarm went off.” John propped himself alman porno up again the metal cabinets and unbuttoned his uniform shirt. The vault was getting hot.

After about an hour of chit chatting about ourselves, boredom set in and talk became stale.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” John asked.

“Nope, you?”

“Nah,” he replied.

The two of us grew quiet as we searched for more conversation. I could feel my eyes growing heavy and my head dropped. When I opened my eyes, John was shirtless, and sweat beaded his face. He inched his lips dangerously close to mine. His lips violently attacked mine, and a twinge of excitement jolted in my panties. The rest of my body responded to this rare opportunity and he could tell. He was excited as well, and I could feel his stiffness graze my knee as he leaned into me.

The idea of getting away with anything right now lingered around us and we weren’t resistant in getting each other’s clothes off. John swooped me up and propped me up against a shelf and squatted in front of me. The cold metal sent a ripple of chills from my derriere up to my breasts, causing them to swell. I wrapped my legs over his shoulders and raised my arms above my head, clutching onto the shelving in pleasure as he kissed down my body and found my clitoris with his tongue, flicking and circling around and around as I held onto the shelf above my head, trying to control myself. I pushed myself into his face and his tongue dove in, thrashing wildly as he feasted on me. I screamed, begging him to keep going, but quickly, John stood up between my legs, careful not to alexis texas porno drop me.

He entered me and we began taking slow, teasing strides. His girth stretched my insides and went deep into me, hitting a spot that I’ve never felt before, sending me into pre-climatic convulsions. John’s face flushed as we gyrated faster and faster against each other. Our breathing quickened as we were both getting ready to come, but a jingle of keys stopped us from reaching it. The vault door swung open, revealing mine and John’s nakedness molded together up against the cabinets. The branch manager and three police officers averted their eyes away as we broke apart and scrambled to get dressed. I stepped out of the vault, my head bowed in shame, as the police forcefully pinned John against the wall and handcuffed him.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

One of the officers held up a newspaper from three years ago. “Seems your…friend here has been playing the part of armored truck driver in several other robberies three states over. The attempt today was done in the same exact manner; alarms disabled, done at night, access with a fake AMT card at the outer door, main door smashed. The police have been looking for him. Lucky for us, one of his buddies ratted him out. Unluckily for him, he trapped himself at the scene of the crime.” The officer laughed. “Seems like he wanted one last hoorah before he turned himself in and went to prison.”

I scowled at the officer and looked at John. He smirked a sexy, bad boy grin that sent my pulse racing. “Sorry, doll. I really like you, I do.” He flashed me a sexy, devilish grin. “I hope you’ll come visit me.”

I frowned at John’s arrogance, but it soon faded. I was so turned on by him and we’d both left on the verge of finishing. I couldn’t help but think about the things I could do with him on a conjugal visit.

To be Continued….

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