The Videographer

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“Well, that should be a wrap, Lourdes,” I said, as I began to shut down the video camera and recorder.

“When can I see what it looks like?” she asked, her dark eyes twinkling with anticipation.

“If you want, we can take a peek now,” I replied. “Just let me get everything connected up so we can review it on the monitor.”

“Oh, boy! This is so exciting!” she squealed.

Who hasn’t heard that Latin women are excitable? It was obvious that Lourdes was no exception. She had been working at our company for a couple of years as an electrical engineer. Although she had come to the US from Venezuela several years before, she still had a trace of an accent that I found alluring, so I always listened intently to whatever she said, to catch those cute little turns of phrase.

We had just finished taping a video demonstrating a piece of equipment our company manufactures. Since a prospective customer in Mexico was interested and she knew the language, our boss had asked us to set up the equipment and make a brief video to send off. More cost effective than a sales call, he had said. So, I put together a little script and let Lourdes do the translation. It had taken the better part of two days to complete and now it was show time. She slipped her long lithe frame into the chair next to me behind the editing console. We had just finished dubbing some voice over sections and she was obviously anxious to view it.

“Okay, here we go!” I said letting the tape start up.

The screen faded in to our company logo then dissolved to a simple title screen. Another dissolve to a long shot of the test stand. As the music was brought up Lourdes appeared in her white lab coat and began to talk about the equipment and started running some tests. I couldn’t understand a single word she said, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t take my eyes off her slender frame moving about the equipment.

“You look great, Lourdes!” I said as her video image went about pointing out the important parts and what they did in a very professional manner. “You might have a future in television.”

“This does look pretty good,” she replied as she concentrated on the monitor. “You did a good job of setting this up. It actually looks pretty professional.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t look too bad. I think Harold will like it,” I said looking over at Lourdes.

“I do look pretty good, “she said, leaning back in the chair, arms crossed over her chest, staring intently on her image moving about the screen. “You did a good job of shooting my good side.”

“Every side of you is good,” I said. “You’re a real natural in front of the camera.”

Lourdes was tall and slim with shoulder length jet-black hair, dark eyes, and a wonderfully smooth complexion, just dark enough to show off her South American heritage. Although her lab coat was bulky and kept her figure pretty well covered up, there was one shot that showed off her long legs and another that captured the lovely curve of her breasts. From the smile on her face, she must have been pleased with what she saw. When it was over she faced me and leaned forward to give me a hug.

“Thanks, Ronny,” she said wrapping her arms around me.

“I guess that this is what they call a wrap!” I teased, not wanting her to pull way.

When she got up to leave, I began to put the equipment away. Lourdes lingered around helping me stow the gear.

“I notice that you’re the one who always does this sort of thing,” she remarked as she coiled up some extension cables. “You know, photography and videos and stuff.”

“I was the AV geek in high school,” I confessed. “I’m supposed to be an engineer, but if it helps the company out when I can put something like this together, I don’t mind.”

“Do you ever moonlight?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, do you shoot pictures and video on the side?”

“Professionally?” I said, wondering where this was going. “Not really. More for my own enjoyment.”

“Oh,” she remarked and went about putting the last of the spotlights in the storage area.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d want to do me a favor,” she said stepping over toward me.

“I guess so. What do you have in mind? Your nephew’s birthday party or your sister’s wedding?”

“Well, actually, something sort of personal,” she said. There was a hint of uncertainty in her voice. “You know that my boyfriend is in the Navy overseas and I was wondering if you could help me make a tape to send him.”

“Oh, one of those, ‘Gee, honey I sure do miss you’ kind of things?”

“Not exactly, but sort of.”

“Well, sure, I guess I could help you out,” I replied. “Just let me know when you’re ready.”

“Could you do it this weekend?” she asked. “Maybe Saturday?”

“Sure,” I said, knowing that I had nothing else going on that day. “Just think about what you want to shoot, I’ll pack some gear up and be over to do it.”

And just like that we set the time and she gave me directions to her apartment.

“See Üçyol travesti you Saturday!” she said waltzing out of the room wearing a big smile.

The rest of the week, I kept picturing what she would want to shoot. Perhaps she’d want me to shoot a scene in her apartment, or out in a park, or in front of a favorite restaurant. If I were real lucky maybe she’d want to do some cheesecake shots. Since we were working on our regular projects during the week, I didn’t run into her but only once or twice. She’d just give me a nod and a wink before going on about her business.

When Saturday arrived I was at her apartment right on time at 10 a.m. She greeted me at the door and held it open so I could lug in my camera cases. She was wearing a t-shirt and cutoff blue jeans that revealed her figure nicely. I could even see the outline of her Hershey kiss nipples through the soft thin cotton of her t-shirt and bra. There was a very sensual way about how she moved, the sway of the hips, the tilt of her head; something about her moved me deeply. I went about her place, trying to size it up for possible camera angles. It was on the second floor and was pretty large with a nice private balcony.

“Before I drag everything out and set up, have you figured out what you want to do?” I asked.

“Well, sort of,” she remarked. “I’ve got a couple of ideas.”

“Where would you like to start?”

“How about in here?” she said, waving her arm about the living room.

“Okay. How about I set up in here and you get comfortable,” I said pointing toward the couch. “You could sit there, I’ll turn the camera on and let you do your ‘Honey, I miss you!’ video postcard thing.”

“Ronny, I’ve been thinking that maybe you should know more about what I want to do,” she said, her eyes looking down and away. “You see, a couple of weeks ago he wrote me to say that he wanted to break up with me, and I kind of want to send him something that says, ‘Well, too bad, Charlie! This is what you’re missing out on!’ Do you know what I mean?”

“I’m not sure. I mean do you want to tell him off verbally or what?”

“Well, I’d like to do that but I was kind of thinking that I’d like to do a striptease to really show him what he’s throwing away.”

I could tell by the blush washing over her dark cheeks that she was embarrassed by her admission. She stood over by the couch, her hips jutting out to one side, and her thumbs hooked into the belt loops of her cutoffs. It was a very appealing pose and when she looked back up at me with those big dark eyes, I knew that I would do anything she asked of me.

“Just tell me what you have in mind,” I said.

“I was thinking of shooting a video scene, like on TV. Have you ever seen the Sexy Girl Next Door show on cable where the girls do a series of stripteases?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen that a couple of times,” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well. Like that. I could do my thing and talk to the camera and tell him what I really think of him.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“You bet I am,” she said with a very serious, hurt look on her face. “I never want to see that bastard again.”

“You know, they say you should never say never.”

“I know. But it’s true with him. He’s never going to see an inch of me again, so I want to show him all of what he’s really going to be missing.”

“I’m not sure,” I said, looking down. I could feel my cheeks warm up with embarrassment. “I’ve never shot that sort of video before.”

“Never have I, but I’ll be the one in front of the camera,” she said coming over to place her hand on my shoulder. “Look, I feel safe with you, Ronny. You’re a nice guy, and a friend, and I really want to do this.”

“Okay, if you say so,” I said, thinking to myself that Lady Luck had finally come calling at my door. “How do you want to stage the scene?”

“I was thinking that we could start off with me walking into the room. I could be talking about him and then start taking off my clothes. When I finally get naked, I would come up to the camera and flash him one really good last shot and then kiss him off.”

“Fade. Print,” I said, concurring, even though I still had some questions. “But you’re sure that’s what you want to do?”

“You don’t know how much I want to do this,” she said. “I waited a long time for him to settle down. I gave up some really good jobs and a chance to go out with some really great guys. First of all, he goes off and joins the Navy, and then he has the nerve to tell me that I was only one of many warm ports in the storm. I am so pissed off that I all I can think of is getting back at him. So what do you think?”

“I told you that I’d help you out,” I began, pondering the possibilities. “If this is what you want.”

“Let’s do it!” she said, her large dark eyes pleading with me seductively. “Come on, Ronny!”

“Okay,” I agreed. “Do you want to start in here?”

“Yeah, I was thinking that I could dress up like I was coming home from work Alanya Travesti or something and getting ready for my shower, just like when he was home. You could sort of follow me around and just as I step into the shower, I’ll give him the finger and tell him to piss off!”

“All right. Wardrobe!” I called out with a laugh. “We’ve got a film to shoot!”

With a hearty laugh, Lourdes disappeared into her bedroom while I busied myself setting up the equipment I had borrowed from work. By the time I had everything set up and ready to go, she emerged from the bedroom dressed in one of her trim business suits. Although I had seen her dressed like this before, there was something different. Was it her or the way I was now looking at her, thinking about the show I was about to see? She was wearing her hair down, just like she normally wore it up at work. She was wearing a bit more makeup that usual and the blouse underneath looked a little more frilly and sheer than her typical work attire. Maybe it was the feeling she had inside that made her glow. Whatever, she looked absolutely stunning and her beauty immediately distracted me as we set about trying to block the action.

We set it up so that she would enter the room and set down her briefcase and handbag. She would pour herself a drink and start talking about Jim, “The Bastard,” as she called him. Then she would proceed down the hall to her room and I would follow along as she readied herself for the shower. I set the legs on the tripod so that I could pick up the camera and move it when necessary.

“All ready on the set?” I asked, mocking the director’s call.

“I think I only have enough nerve to do this once,” she said, fidgeting with her jacket. “Are you sure you’ve got a good tape loaded in there?”

“Locked and loaded, M’am,” I replied.

“Then, let’s do it!” she said, grabbing her briefcase and ducking out the door.

I started up the camera and waited a few moments for her to appear. Suddenly the door opened and in she strolled as if coming home from work. Setting down her things, she called out, “Honey, I’m home!” Then, acting disgusted, she went over to the liquor cabinet and opened it up to pour herself a glass of Jack Daniels. “Oh, that’s right!” she went on. “You’re never coming home again, are you lover?”

She went over to sit on a stool at the counter by the breakfast nook. With a sweet sexy smile, she looked at the camera and started to name several things that they would never do again, places they would never see together, and restaurants they would never eat at again. While doing so, she slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket and slipped it off her shoulders and draped it on the stool beside her.

“Remember how we used to spend weekends at that Bed ‘n’ Breakfast place in Adrian?” she said. “Never again, Buster!”

She toyed with the buttons on her sheer frilly blouse, opening them one at a time, very slowly while she talked. Soon, she had them all undone and pulled it out of the waistband of her skirt revealing a delicate lacy white bra that could barely contain her breasts. The contrast between the white lace and her dark complexion made my pulse race. She took another sip of the Jack D and slowly peeled her blouse off, laying it carefully atop the jacket.

“Remember how we used to have dinner at Mario’s and stop for a nightcap at Little Harry’s?” she went on. “Well you kissed that goodbye too!”

She stood up and began working on the button and zipper of her skirt behind her. The way her breasts wiggled within the loose confines of her bra was raising the level of my anticipation. I hoped that my trembling wasn’t making the camera jitter. Once she had it opened, she slowly began to push the skirt down her hips, revealing the white lacy panties and matching garter ensemble. Without missing a beat, she turned around and bent over displaying her beautiful round ass as she drew the skirt down and let it drop to her ankles. The mound of her pussy, covered by a thin panel of lace, peeped through between her legs. Stepping out of her skirt with one foot, she raised the other leg and grabbed the skirt to set it on the stool, atop of her other clothes. She then turned back around and continued her rant, placing her hands on her hips and jutting them out to one side.

“Remember when I bought this outfit just for you?” she asked with a devilish smile, fingering the lace with her fingertips. “I do. And I remember how you told me that you couldn’t imagine wanting another woman after you had me.”

She paused for a few moments, wiggling her hips slightly side to side enough to make her breasts wiggle. Then she turned and started to walk down the hall. I tried to pick up the camera smoothly and carry it along with the tripod down the hall behind her. As we went, her hands reached back around to unhook the clasp of her little bra. She slipped the straps off of each shoulder and pulled it away, swinging it around in a circle as she entered the bathroom. Sort of Konyaaltı travesti draping the flimsy little garment over her shoulder, she looked over her shoulder at the camera.

“I remember a lot of other promises you made, but I guess you just weren’t man enough to follow through. But then, you’re the one who’s going to suffer now!”

She turned fully back to the camera and tossed her head back with a laugh. Dropping her bra onto the vanity, she brought her fingers up to her Hershey kiss nipples and gave them each a tweak, bringing them to full attention. She cupped both of her perfectly round breasts and squeezed them together. Her tongue flitted around the perfect circle of her open mouth. Her hands drifted down to her hips to tug her panties up, pulling them taut against her dark pussy. She slipped a hand down inside to finger herself and then bit her lip seductively. I had to reset the camera on the tripod so that I could zoom in without jiggling the camera. Filling the viewfinder with a tight shot of her hand working underneath her thin lacy panties I followed her hand as she pulled it up to her mouth and sucked on her fingers. I could only imagine what a poor guy at sea might be thinking as he watched this little show.

“Sweet as fresh nectar on a summer’s day,” she said in a soft, sexy voice, almost a whisper. “That’s what you used to say. I guess it’s one more thing that you’ll never taste again!”

I zoomed back just in time to capture her hands moving down to her panties to grasp them and pull them down over her hips, to reveal the downy little muff of dark fur atop her pussy. Again she turned as she bent over, pulling her panties down and letting her now bare pussy peek through the space between her legs. Stepping out of the tiny garment, she reached down to pick them up and set them on the vanity.

She sat on the vanity and raised her feet up to rest them on the lavatory seat. Spreading her legs apart, she ran her fingers through the slit of her pussy. I had never seen such fine dark fur as that which decorated her pussy. Although she didn’t shave her pussy, she did keep it nicely trimmed and it begged to be licked. My tongue salivated at the thought of dancing on her clit. I zoomed in to get a shot of her fingers disappearing up inside her twat. I could scarcely contain myself as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her glistening pussy lips.

Finally, she reached down first to unfasten her stockings from the garter belt and then to unhook the garter behind her. Setting it beside her she slipped her shoes off and began rolling the stockings down her legs. With her tongue continuing to keep her lips moist and delectable, she slowly pulled off her stockings. Now absolutely naked, she ran her fingers up over her trim body, rubbing her pussy, cupping her breasts, and combing her hair with her fingers.

“So, James. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little show, because it’s the last time you’ll ever see me,” she said slipping down off the vanity and reaching over to turn on the shower. “I just wanted to show you what you will never have again!”

She stepped into the shower and, as the water began to splash onto her supple body, she pulled the shower curtain partly closed, leaving her pretty face still visible as the steam from the shower began to waft out.

“So why don’t you grab that flabby little cock of yours and jack off!”

She whipped her middle finger up in front of the camera and stuck her tongue out.

“You stupid bastard!”

With that, she tugged the curtain closed. I zoomed back to show the outline of her form as she splashed in the shower and sang a little tune. I pressed the fade button and finally stopped the tape.

“And Cut!” I shouted.

I heard Lourdes laugh out loud as she shut off the water.

“So how did I do?” she asked pulling the curtain back.

“You were terrific,” I exclaimed, hoping that she wouldn’t see the huge lump in my pants that she had created. “You were outstanding!”

“Did it turn you on?” she asked eagerly, stepping out of the shower. “Be honest, Ronny.”

“Well, to tell you the truth,” I began, looking down at the growing bulge in my jeans. “I could hardly contain myself. You got my motor revving!”

“So I can see. Cool!” she remarked with a giggle.

I grabbed a towel and handed it to her. She took it and wrapped it around herself.

“I want to see it,” she pleaded. “Rewind it so I can see.”

She pulled a silky maroon robe from the hook behind the door and slipped it on. We went back out to the living room so I could plug the recorder into her TV. She stood a couple of feet away from the set as her image began to sashay across the screen. Still squatting next to the TV, I kept my eye on her as she watched it intently.

“I can’t believe that’s me up there,” she remarked. “It’s like it’s someone else. Someone who is pretty hot.”

“You are a beautiful woman, Lourdes,” I said, standing up beside her. “You have a rare kind of beauty. And he is a big fool to throw you over for any one else.”

“Thank you, Ronny,” she said, reaching out to hug me. “Thank you for all your help. I don’t think I could have done this without your support.”

“You did all the work,” I said. “All I did was follow your lead.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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