The Village Of The Nanosensors

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Within the Second Northeast Correctional Center, certain events caused suspicion concerning the rules for sexual continence within the educational Ladder of Purity program. As a result, prison authorities decided to test a group of “pure individuals.”

The chief warden released an announcement directed at these prisoners, concealing the true meaning of this test:

After much struggle and effort, you’ve gained victory over many of your sinful passions – the most important of which is the sexual urge. The ordinary prison is no longer the appropriate place for you. As a compromise between the observation of the law and the need to reward your achievement in a befitting way, we’ve set up a new type of prison – Prison Settlement. It is located in close proximity to the Correctional Center as a constant reminder of your vanished, vicious personality. You shall live and work in the settlement until the end of your sentence, enjoying full liberty as in an ordinary town. The only restriction is the circular fence that surrounds the perimeter.

Despite this announcement, not one word was said about the nanoscale sensors in every inmate. As in the first test, these devices were placed near the genital nerves and informed the wardens about any prohibited activity. However, they had one very significant improvement. The signal was not just sent outward, to the wardens, but inward to a nerve passing through the pelvis and along the inner part of the thigh. This additional unnatural stimulation of the nerve could be described as an unpleasant, even painful sensation in some of the leg muscles.

* * * * *

All prisoners were in high spirits at the end of the workday. All but one. Linda was alone in her room, trying to put her mind in order.

Once again, a man had broken her fragile tranquility. It was a real man this time, not a shadow from her memories. His gaze reminded her of the looks men had given her in those distant years when she was Miss Coleman, not prisoner number 56314. Linda couldn’t help moving her body with the single goal of attracting the man’s attention. She was pleased illegal bahis by the fact that he never failed to fulfill her expectations. His interested glances woke up a forgotten warmth in her heart that was both immoral and fascinating.

When she slowly emerged from her dreamland, she winced. Her hands were sliding down her body, trying to recreate the hungry male gaze. And, worse, Linda felt the heat descend from her heart to her loins. She gingerly touched her pussy. The sensation made her arch her back and made her legs tremble. Encouraged by the voluptuous feeling, the woman dared to begin rubbing her willing flesh . . . Only, several seconds later, she became paralyzed with fright.

Her fingertips left her pussy and brushed against her thighs. Strange, painful spikes bound up her thighs with every forbidden move.

Why? How? Who? Linda thought, pursing her lips and choking on sobs.

It doesn’t matter. Wherever the pain came from, it stopped her from plunging into sinfulness.

* * *

As a group of prisoners were leaving the carpentry workshop, one woman walked up to one of the male inmates, saying, “Hello. Let’s take a walk together. We have about two hours before dinner.”

The man looked at their colleagues, who were passing by, and nodded. When the others walked away, the woman turned to her companion. “Mathew, some days ago you told me something about burning memories. How do you feel today?”

“No difference, Roberta,” he sighed and bowed his shoulders. “I can’t forget how I denied the authorities doubts during our trial. I worry that someone will find out that I twisted the truth to protect us. These memories burn me constantly. I even have nightmares because of them.”

“This is a big threat,” she said, biting her lip. “Your words saved us, but they could bring us another sentence. We have to extinguish this fire. Look…I understand that you are not devoted to these purification rules, are you?

Matthew nodded and she continued with sparkling eyes.

“I may try to wheedle your attention from the past to the present. casino siteleri You know the saying ‘Every man has two heads – one above and one below’? With your agreement, I could try to move the fire from your upper head to your lower one.”

“You shall fight the fire with fire, eh?” He smiled firmly. “Let’s give it a try.”

They went behind the workshop and crept between the logs. Roberta knelt before him, pulling down his pants and underwear in one move. Her fingers and tongue slid along his genitals with gentle movements. Matthew hissed. Melting waves rose up to his brain in an inseparable mix with shudders in his legs, something like a tingle in a limb that had fallen asleep.

Mathew clenched his fists. Why does this pain happened now when he had this unique chance after four years of abstinence? This bitter question filled his mind and brought along the answer – after such long abstinence, the excitement was too overwhelming, and his legs shook because his muscles couldn’t respond to the erotic sensation in any other way.

The man grinned and focused his attention on the fascinating sensations happening in his groin. Breathtaking, lightning bolts of passion ran through his genitals. At the same time, sporadic thundering pain struck his thighs in blazing twitches.

Nevertheless, he understood the brutal truth. No matter how long he writhed and trembled, despite Roberta’s sincere efforts, the pain would be always prevent his sexual energy from climbing up to the desired peak.

* * *

Stephen ran in the restroom and went to the sink, splashing cold water over his face and neck. The obsessive desire for a woman was awake again, the same passion that got him thrown in prison. Until very recently, the new prison rules had somehow curbed this impulses of his mind. Everything had changed when he was assigned to work in the carpentry workshop. He had to pull carts, full of wooden parts, from one working point to the other. One of the women would often do gymnastic stretches while he was coming for her cart – stretching her arms, twisting her back. These poker siteleri moves would’ve seemed innocent, if only her blouse didn’t stretch and her breasts didn’t pin his eyes with their rounded and protruded existence. In those moments, the spiritual purity showed its weakness.

Stephen growled out loud. The growing pressure in his pants became too strong to be ignored. He tried to adjust the thing into a more comfortable place. The rubbing was so strong that it even sent a shiver through his legs. The man understood that he needed to find a solution, one way or another.

Obviously, the mental rules were useless. Any intimacy with women would lead to well-known harmful consequences from the authorities. Stephen pounded his fist against the sink. The dull echo was drowned out as he banged open the door of the toilet stall, stepped inside and slammed the door behind him. Rapid, panting breaths flew from Stephen’s lips along with the hasty jerks of his right hand. The man focused on his loins. Even when the discomfort in his thighs grew into an ache, Stephen just accelerated the moves; they were the only important act in that moment. Whatever the source of the pain, the pleasure must reach the end. And this end was coming. All his feelings, thoughts, and acts mixed together, as if in one stream.

Quick movements. Raising excitement. Trembling thighs.

Forget them! Stroke! Don’t stop! See her breasts! The burst is near!

Aching thighs, shaking muscles. Unimportant! No stopping, not now!

Weakness. That’s nothing! Here it comes, the ecstasy!

Lost balance. Slip and hit the wall. The right shoulder, the right elbow. No!

Moved palm. Throbbing groins. Once, twice, three times. No touch. No stroke.

Move the other hand! Catch it! Rub it! Too late.

The furious movements only strengthened the despair because the first, most important instants are missed. Whitish drops spattered over his body, but unspent desire burned in his soul. Failure, complete failure.

* * * * *

Monthly Report Summary concerning the Self-control of Sexual Activity Program:

Eighteen people tried sexual stimulation. Sixteen of them stopped within one minute after the beginning, without reaching orgasm.

For the reported period, the experiment confirmed the initial suspicion, but has had a positive influence on the prisoners.

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