The Villain Ch. 05

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Why are villains so obsessed with rooftops? It’s not like there’s many more places they can go up here. Besides, we’ve got flyers who can keep track of them more easily!

While he was at it, Oberon wondered when Mandrake and Nightshade had become a trio? Of course, to judge from the way both women looked in the black cat-suits, he understood why Mandrake wouldn’t mind having another kitten to play with. Of course, Oberon had always harbored a bit of a secret crush on Nightshade anyway.

Oberon would catch up to the criminal chemist and corner her. She would reveal that she’d been under the sway of the former assassin all this time. He had some sort of leverage against her that Oberon promised he would free her from. She would be so grateful that her body would press against his and…

Well, from there it generally devolved into a variety of fantasies; depending on what kind of sexual acts his subconscious felt he’d been missing recently.

Now he found himself leaping from building to rooftop in pursuit of them. He dodged around the exhaust pipe of a furnace and leapt into the open space over an alley. He hit the next roof hard but lunged forward into a roll designed to absorb most of the dangerous momentum and redirect it back towards the fleeing criminals. He didn’t have the super-strength or invulnerability to be one-hundred percent safe up there, but free running was a hobby of his. It gave him plenty of time to work through problems and strategies against those on whose tail he’d been put.

Another thing didn’t make sense. Why would two ~correction,three~ noted terrorists stoop to something as banal as burglary? Actually, it really was only two noted terrorists. Whoever the new chick was, she didn’t have a file with the PRA yet. With a body and face like hers, his photographic memory would have remembered. For that matter, she had yet to demonstrate any paranormal abilities.

Oberon launched himself into empty space once more. This time, his hands wrapped around the rail of a fire escape. His feet hit the side of the building jarringly but he scrambled onto the metal platform and hurried up the steep stairs after the criminals.

Despite her pharmacological degree and doctorate as a chemist, Mandrake was the operational brains of the two. He planned the jobs and Nightshade followed his instructions to the letter. To the best of the PRA’s research, she rarely knew the whole plan. It was supposed to be an operational security factor, but it was also the cornerstone of Oberon’s unshakeable fantasies.

So why would someone who’s arguably smarter than a woman with two different doctors degrees decide to branch out into petty crime by targeting a jewelry store? Sure, the upscale boutique actually maintained more portable assets than any bank in the city, and in a more compact form, but it also had nearly as much security and a much more paranoid tendency to trigger an alarm. It had been pretty much a given that the late-night sales associate would punch the button at the first time of dissolving hinges!

Oberon didn’t have time to worry about such minor details. The suspects had just leapt off of the roof he was on and landed on the heavily slanted steeple of a church. It was going to take all of his concentration not to fall off of that one. For all his time free running, Mandrake and Nightshade made it look easy. And, from the looks of it, the new woman was part cat the way she handled herself.

The only hope he had of catching them lay in the endurance he’d built up. He could keep this pace up for most of a day. He doubted there were many people out there, without powers suited to this kind of thing, that could boast the same.

All three of the criminals landed with equal precision. Oberon’s eyes suddenly narrowed when the newcomer slid mere inches down the shingled roof. It wasn’t much, but it was just enough to cause Nightshade’s steps to falter. With her rhythm broken, her surety followed. Nightshade’s arms flew straight out to her sides in an effort to regain her equilibrium.

Her companions paused, more balanced and certain, and glanced behind at her. From the angle Oberon had, he could see the concern in the woman’s eyes. It was answered by annoyance from her male partner and what looked like gloating from the newcomer. Oberon couldn’t hear what was shouted back and forth between Mandrake and Nightshade but the tone didn’t sound pleasant.

Oberon’s own breakneck pace stuttered when Mandrake leered back at his, apparently-former, partner and tossed the heavy satchel he carried directly at her. Instinctively, Nightshade’s arms swung in to catch the bag against her chest. With the removal of her arms from her balance and the additional backwards force of the pack, Nightshade lost her footing and began to slide quickly down the steep slope.

In the horrifyingly long time that she seemingly slid across the shingles and launched into mid-air, everything became crystal clear to Oberon. Nightshade never bothered Çankaya Escort to question why they needed the jewelry. She followed her partner’s lead as always, content that there was a valid reason for every move.

Unfortunately for her, there was. Whoever the newcomer was, she was meant as a replacement for the chemist rather than a compliment to her skills. He had known they would set off alarms, might even have done so himself. He planned the escape route with that very church in mind and sprung the trap. If she survived the fall, she should be too badly injured to make good her own escape. She would have the loot and would be put away for a very long time. If she didn’t survive, so much the better. He was still rid of her.

Oberon realized it wasn’t Nightshade’s fall that was slow but rather his perception of time. There would be no one else near enough to save her from the fate Mandrake had planned. In an instant, he made up his mind and shifted his course appropriately.

Time snapped back to normal speed, or perhaps even twice as fast. Nightshade was already over the edge and a third of the way to the ground when he reached the edge of the roof and lunged forward. The moment he had dropped past the edge of the building he dropped his hand to his side and shot a quick blast of water straight at the building. The jet pushed him forward fast enough to overcome her disadvantage in timing.

Nightshade slammed into his shoulder while still in mid-air. Oberon wrapped his arm around her and brought her firmly against his body. He threw his other hand towards the ground and unleashed a torrent of water straight down. He had never attempted such a feat, but he hoped he would at least be able to slow their fall enough to avoid serious injuries. He counted himself thankful that the stressful situation caused his ability to open to its fullest rather than choke off in panic.

Oberon rolled his body to land shoulder-first. He thought he had bled off enough momentum but he wanted to be safe. He interposed his body between the ground and his charge. At the last second he shut down the rush of water and wrapped his other arm around her.

The ground hurt. Oberon tucked his body around Nightshade and rolled across the floor of the alley. His back hit the wall of the church and jarred his arms loose. Nightshade bounced off of his chest and rolled free. If she chose to bolt at that moment, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to react in time to catch back up with her.

Whether Nightshade was stunned ~physically or mentally~ or simply to relieved to be alive, Oberon would never know. He lay on his side with his back pressed against the church and tried to catch his breath. Nightshade lay on her back, only a foot or so away, with her breath heaving just as heavily. The fateful satchel of loot remained clutched in her arms, pressed against her stomach.

The moment Oberon began to take sock, he realized his body had already had more than its fill of the landscape. If not for his tight costume, his appreciation would have already been not only visible but embarrassingly lewd.

The zipper of Nightshade’s cat-suit had begun to slip. It was only a couple of inches but that was more than enough to reveal the dark, chocolate, cleft of her cleavage. Further, her breasts strained against the edges to the outfit with each heaved breath. He found that the water that had saved their lives had splashed back to cover both of them and drench their outfits. Her already form-fitting costume clung to her body with fresh determination.

Nightshade dropped her head to the side to look at her rescuer. Relief, gratitude and anxiety all warred in her brown eyes as she regarded Oberon. After a few seconds of dazed immobility, he realized that she knew exactly where his own gaze was focused when the corner of her lip quirked up in a smirk.

“My hero.”

Her breathless admission contained just a hint of irony. If he hadn’t already had a bit of a crush on her, the sultry way she managed to both thank him and mock him simultaneously would have instantly sent a rush of blood to his groin. As it was, he was afraid he might begin to test the capabilities of his costume to contain him.

“Nightshade.” He gasped. He was short of breath for an entirely different reason from the recent exertion. “You know I’m here to take you in.”

Her eyes widened with sorrow and her mouth drooped in a sad pout. “I was led on. He took advantage of my naïveté and used me for his own gains.”

“Uh huh.” Oberon mocked skeptically. “And all those times you two were caught on video kissing and enjoying the rush, those were how he controlled you?”

“Bastard dumped me for that new slut!” Nightshade knew he wouldn’t buy her helpless innocent act, but she tried to keep it up even as she swore at her former partner and his new fling. He had to admit, she was even more attractive when she tried.

Oberon chuckled at her resolve. He Keçiören Escort rolled himself into a sitting position and began to test his muscles. He was surprised to discover his body sore, but otherwise unhurt. Now that he knew he could do it, that was a stunt he needed to start practicing. Given experience, it was likely he’d be able to manage it without any strain. When he got to his shoulders and neck, he stood up and began a few basic calisthenics designed to loosen him up.

“I don’t suppose I can convince you to tell them I got away? You could even recover the jewelry.”

A glance over at Nightshade spurred an almost comical double take. Rather than get up, she had rolled onto her side and propped herself up by an elbow in a pose that would have made Bettie Page proud. Oberon found himself having trouble breathing. He swore her zipper had descended another couple of inches!

Once more, the world began to slow for Oberon. Nightshade rolled casually onto her stomach and began to crawl towards him. His body froze in uncertainty. He would have questioned the reality of the situation, but his fantasies had never been this vivid!

If he was uncertain about his waking state, there was absolutely none about her intentions. The brilliant chemist, who happened to be housed in the body of a goddess, stalked towards him on hands and knees. The hunger in her eyes might be for freedom, but the way she licked her lips suggested there were other ways she was willing to sate it.

Oberon searched desperately for the satchel. His eyes darted about, mostly in an attempt to focus on anything except the rapidly approaching ethical quagmire. His gaze homed in on it all too quickly. When Nightshade had shifted positions to taunt him she had set it aside. It sat on the ground behind her, forgotten.

Behind her. Practically framed by her luscious, round, full ass. An ass that glowed with the way the light played off of the tight leather of her pants.

“You like what you see?”

Oberon glanced down and instantly fell into her well-laid trap. While his eyes had been locked on her butt, Nightshade had closed in until she was scant inches from him. From his angle, when she looked up at him, the lump in his outfit bulged just far enough to cover her chin and suggest a connection to her pouty lips.

“Never mind. I can tell for myself that you do.”

Nightshade’s eyes had dropped to inspect his groin. She arched her back and lifted her head. Her body followed and curved upward until she knelt before him. Her smile spoke volumes about her own seductive desires.

This time there was no question that her zipper had dropped even further. Her leather suit was open clear past her navel to teasingly hint at the black stubble of hair beneath. The material pulled from the sides, separating her pert breasts and slipping to reveal the soft mounds. He couldn’t help but wonder how little pressure would cause her dark nipples to pop free. The leather hid the truth, but he imagined they wee already large and hard.

All of his observations distracted him from her actions. His conflicted Id and Ego were desperate for any excuse to avoid a moment of decision that he was certain would stop her. He couldn’t even allow himself to be thankful that his costume resembled more traditional clothing rather than the bodysuits so common to other agents of the PRA.

Nightshade unclasped his buckle. Her eyes had returned to his, as if aware of his need to remain distracted. She smiled and tilted her head to one side as she blinked her thick lashes innocently. Her deft hands needed no supervision to slide open his pants and reach inside. She pulled out his treasure in hands cupped like a penitent.

“Poison,” Oberon gasped. The very tip of his member had found the hole at the center of his boxer-briefs.

Nightshade’s expression turned to one of gentle reproach at the reminder of her innate powers. “Please. My body might be capable of producing all sorts of toxins but it you feel yourself succumbing to anything dangerous, we both know your own powers could neutralize anything I make instantly.”

This time, Oberon’s inarticulate gasp was one of surprise. “You know me?”

For a brief instant, Nightshade’s gaze dropped to the prize she lovingly cupped in her hands before they closed in contentment. When she began to rub her cheek against him, he realized that the war was over and he could not bring himself to stop her, no matter what happened to him as a consequence.

“Oh, I know a lot about you, Oberon.” She murmured as she nuzzled his full form. “Your ability to create any liquid you can conceive of makes you the PRA’s obvious choice to counter me and bring me in.”

Oberon opened his mouth to…he wasn’t entirely certain what he would say in response to that. It didn’t matter. Just as he was about to need to figure it out, the protruding tip snagged against the corner of her mouth. Rather than adjust Etimesgut Escort to continue to rub him, her lips parted and he slipped in between her closed teeth and her cheek.

Blood surged into his groin while he groaned in appreciation. She made an appreciative noise of her own when he managed to pulse slightly larger.

Nightshade opened her mouth, careful not to allow her teeth to drag across his silky flesh as she rolled his hard length centered in her lips. Her tongue glided across the underside of his shaft to take in his salty musk. Oberon groaned and his blood pulsed once more against the constraints of his already taut flesh.

Oberon shuddered when Nightshade’s head drifted back. Her tongue caressed him from base to tip before he slipped free of her mouth with an audible “pop”. He wasn’t sure how long he could hold out. He closed his eyes, certain that any more visions of her wrapped around his lust would be too much. His back was pressed against the wall of the church and his fingers grasped against the stone in search of anything to hold on to.

“Mmmmmmm. You taste good.”

Her hands kneaded his hips as she steadied herself and ensured his positioning. She placed a few light kisses on his tip, each one with a fresh shudder. Her lower lip lingered across the ridge that defined the underside of his head and his hips began to shake. His balls were on fire and overloaded with the need to empty themselves, inside of her if possible.

He was so intent on the sensations she drew from him that he barely registered her fingers entwine with his. Each light bob of her head taunted him at the edge of fulfillment. His hands clenched around hers. His mind began to fracture under the prolonged stress of her unwillingness to let him finish.

It all happened so fast he would never clearly recall what she did.

Nightshade’s head slammed forward to pierce herself on him. Her jaw collided with his groin and burrowed against his already strained flesh. She sucked in, encouraging his body to spill into her.

He found his fingers buried in her curly hair, her own hands conspicuously absent from his perceptions entirely. His body crushed her against him, intent to ensure every last drop of burning essence poured into her. Her moan could not be mistaken for anything other than appreciation and the vibrations pierced straight into his groin to goad his body to greater release.

Nightshade’s tongue and mouth worked tirelessly. Her throat clenched constantly in an effort to swallow down everything that poured out of him. Her tongue glided back and forth beneath him, both coaxing him to greater heights and preventing his solid mass from choking her.

Oberon’s body shook beyond his control. His knees turned to jelly. If not for the wall behind him, he would have collapsed. His arms went limp once his muscles betrayed him. Her hands reappeared in a timely effort to hold his hips in place and prop him up as her head began to bob forward and back.

Oberon’s back arched as all his muscles seized at once. Where he thought himself well and truly spent, her fresh determination sent him spiraling over the edge and into another unbearable climax. His already overtaxed senses began to fade when he became lightheaded from his constant gasps.

Nightshade didn’t simply stop. Her head fell away from him but she plunged back down once again and her jaw pressed against his hilt once more. A few seconds later she retreated only to bury her face in his groin once more.

Oberon’s world slowly began to expand as the torturous euphoria began to fade. She had finally stopped sometime after his aftershocks turned into dry spasms. Now, her head bowed over his rapidly softening length like a penitent. Deep brown pools stared innocently up at him through her lashes.

A single drop of his pearl lust beaded at the corner of her mouth; like a beacon against her rich flesh. Without even a glance in its direction, Nightshade lifted a single finger and swept her face clear. The way she seemed to relish the taste, when her lips pursed around the finger and sucked it clean, caused a stirring of fresh reaction from him.

Her gaze never left his. It pinned him in place as surely as her hands had moments before. Although no longer restricted by climax, his senses could expand no farther than her wondrous eyes. They sparkled playfully still, even as they continued to pretend innocence.

Nightshade’s head dropped farther and her eyes widened pleadingly. “Do you really have to take me in? I can be a very,very, good girl if you don’t.”

Oberon barely managed to suck a breath in through lungs tensed with anticipation. It took a few more attempts before he felt confident he would be able to speak with even a semblance of control.

“I do. You know I do. But I could speak on your behalf. Get you paroled on a research assignment, or something.”

Nightshade’s lips pouted. When her eyes dropped from his, he very nearly felt as if the world had spun out from beneath him and he was left falling helplessly.

“You know they’ll never believe I have changed.” Her voice was a mew of disappointment. “And, while I appreciate your willingness to speak on my behalf, you know you’re just another para to them. For all they expect, you’re just a breath away from becoming part of the problem.”

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