The Wait was Well Worth It

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This was it. Finally I was heading into Morristown one Saturday morning to meet a woman I have missed for ten years now.

I am from India. About 11 years back I had started meeting people online and chatting with them. Mostly women. Then began to have cyber sex with some. But nothing very satisfying. In the background of a lousy marriage that I was stuck in, it only left me feeling more frustrated.

It was then that I met her. It started initially as plain cyber sex. But after the cybering, we got around to talking more. Her name was Tina. Separated with two kids, working as a nurse. Struggling to make ends meet.

We began to talk more often. Not all our chats would result in (cyber) sex. But still we felt good talking to each other. It felt as if we were right for each other.

But 15 months later there was silence. She came back online 3 months later and told me that her computer had crashed. And if something happens again, she could not afford a new computer.

The inevitable happened. We lost touch. I never got to know if her computer had crashed or if anything had happened to her. Or maybe she had met somebody out there and felt it prudent to stop talking to me.

Well. That was ten years ago. Meanwhile my life had its fair share of ups and downs. My wife had died of a sudden and massive heart attack three years back. And last year my daughter married her longtime boyfriend and they had moved to Singapore.

I was living alone just concentrating on my work when the unexpected happened. I had to make a trip to USA. I wondered if it was worth trying to meet Tina. After all, all I had was the name of the place she worked in ten years back. After much tossing and turning I decided to try my luck.

And so here I am. I get into town and dial the number of the hospital. It is still a mystery how I still had it with me. More surprising was it had not changed in the last ten years!

I got the directions and headed towards the hospital. Went straight to the reception and asked for her. The receptionist eyed me quizzically and asked if it was personal or official. I said personal. She said personal guests were not allowed. I told her I have come all the way from India and would be leaving town the same evening (well, that was my plan if I did not get to meet Tina) and so it would be nice if I could meet her now. She finally agreed and rang up Tina.

The receptionist put the phone down and told me Tina would be here in five minutes. I sat and waited. It was probably the longest five-minute wait.

The moment she walked in I knew it was her. I had vague memories of her face from the pic which she had sent (and which I lost when my comp crashed) and of course she was in her uniform and that can make it even more difficult to recognise.

She walked up to me and introduced herself. I asked her if she recognised me. She looked blank. “I am Ravi from India.”

Her eyes widened as she realised what was happening. She cupped her mouth in surprise and said, “I can’t believe it!”

We hugged and then sat down. I did not want to waste time. I told her that I am here for the weekend and would like to spend time with her. If she was not free then it is fine with me and I would leave the same day.

She thought a while. In that period tecavüz porno of silence, I began to have a feeling that this was not going to work out. Maybe she was married. Maybe she was living with somebody.

She finally spoke. “I can be free in the afternoon, say about 12.30 PM. Why don’t we meet here then. Meanwhile you can just look around town. And have a bite at the restaurant opposite. It is pretty cheap.”

I couldn’t believe it! “Great! See you at 12.30!” And with that we both got up. She kissed me on my cheek and said “look forward to seeing you.”

I had about two hours to kill. I walked straight to the restaurant not because I was hungry but because I needed to sit down someplace and calm myself down. I was too excited.

I didn’t go anywhere else. At 12.15 PM I showed up and told the surprised receptionist that Tina has asked me to wait here.

Tina was five minutes before time. She had changed into a T-shirt and a skirt. She looked wonderful. She came to me and said “let’s go!”.

I followed her to her car. Once I got in I wanted to know where we were headed. She said she had booked a room in a motel just outside town. Is it because of her kids? Who takes care of them when she is away? She laughed and said they are no longer kids. Both are in college and living in a hostel. Though the college was not really far, they were not expected this weekend. She had decided against going to her place as she could have got emergency calls from the hospital and it would have been difficult to refuse. “This way nobody will be able to locate me!”

I smiled to myself at her smartness. We drove quietly for the next 15 minutes or so. The only conversation was about getting something to eat. Fortunately she had also eaten and so both our stomachs were full.

Tina quickly finished the formalities at the motel and got the key to our room. She unlocked the door, allowed me to step in first, then came in and locked the door behind her.

And then something happened that threw me completely off guard. She threw her handbag, pushed me against the wall, took my face in her hands and kissed me.

Not a small peck. It was a hard kiss, her tongue forcing my lips to part and let it in. I was too surprised to react at first. But soon I threw my bag away and wrapped my arms around her. She pressed her body against me. I could feel her breasts on my chest while my cock was pressed against her stomach and growing. Our hands began to move over each other as we hugged each other tightly not wanting to let go.

She broke the kiss, only to drag me to the bed. We began to kiss again rolling over each other trying to make up for the lost time. I moved over her and as we kissed began to push my cock against her pussy even though we had still not removed our clothes! This dry humping turned her on and she broke off the kiss and said “if you continue this way I am going to cum in my panties.”

We both sat up. I removed her T-shirt. I removed her breasts from the bra and started sucking them, nibbling the nipples. As she removed her bra, my hands went down. She was wet down there. I stroked her pussy through her panties. Moaning with pleasure, she began to push my head down. I removed her skirt and then her panties.

I saw her glistening 18 porno pussy for the first time. She spread her legs and I did what I have been wanting to do for the last ten years.

I began to lick her pussy tasting her juices. I dug my tongue deep in her. She began to moan louder and before I knew it, she shuddered and came. I allowed her cum to flow on my face. Just the feel of her warm juices on me felt so good.

I moved up to her and she licked my face, cleaning it off her cum. She then pushed me on my back and began to undress me. Allowing her fingers to stroke me sensually as she did it.

She rubbed my nipples. Kissed them as her hands went to my cock and stroked it. It was my turn to push her head. She took my cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head making me moan with pleasure. She then began to stroke my cock as she licked and sucked it. The other hand was playing with my balls. Her breasts were pressed against my thighs.

Soon I was ready to cum. I told her that I wanted to cum inside her first. She climbed up to me and we kissed. A deep and passionate kiss. And as we kissed she positioned her pussy above my cock. I thrust upwards and my cock easily slid inside her. God! This was so much like we had talked. She had not forgotten!

I rolled her over and pushed my cock deep inside her. We began to move together increasing our pace perfectly till we both let out a moan and came.

The feeling of our coming together was better than I had ever imagined. We had finally become one in body and soul!

We remained like that, kissing each other till I became limp and my cock slipped out. I then got up and placed my cock above her face. She knew what I wanted. She sucked it and cleaned it of all the juices, ticking my balls as she did so.

We then lay next to each other. We were silent for a while. She then said “Let us clean ourselves.” She got up to go to the bathroom.

And for the first time I had a real good look at her. She was a BBW in the true sense of the word. She really looked wonderful, well proportioned.

She came out of the bathroom soon. But with a towel in her hand. It was wet. And she began to clean me up. She is used to doing it to her patients. But her doing it to me showed how much she cared.

I was now in a semi-lying position. She came over, took the sheet and covered us and rested her head on my chest. I placed my arms around her and we began to talk.

I updated her on what has been happening in my life. She did likewise. She was worried about her work. She told me that while she enjoyed her job she was not happy with the hospital. She said now that her kids were in college she could move out and take a job elsewhere but she had not made a serious effort in that direction.

She told me she had not dated anybody in this period. And since she did not have a computer, she never had cyber sex either!

I confided that I was better off as I had cybered with a few others but nothing was as satisfying as it was with her. But sex with my wife had always been the same: totally absent.

And before we knew it the time was 5 PM. We decided against going out for a bite. We ordered something and when the room service guy came up with the stuff, I just wrapped konulu porno a towel around me and let him in while Tina was in the bathroom. We decided that we will spend the weekend together completely naked without any clothes on.

Tina had ordered some cream pie. I thought it was for her and thought nothing of it. We both munched the bread and eggs that we had ordered. I had some tea while Tina went to wash her face and comb her hair.

She came back looking fresh. She came up to me and held my face with her hands. Kissing me she said, “I really dont know how to thank you. I had lost hope I will ever get to see you.” And tears flowed down from her eyes.

I kissed her eyes and told her, “There is nothing else I wanted to do more than meet you. I am glad I could do it.”

And we kissed. Deep and passionate kiss. And as we kissed our hands began to move all over each other. She kissed my chest, rubbing my nipples with her tongue. She went down and took my cock in her hands. I expected her to take it in her mouth but instead she rubbed her face over it. She then moved up so that my cock was between her breasts. The feeling was intense and I said if she continued this way I would cum.

She then got up and took some of the cream pie and rubbed it over my cock. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shut up and just enjoy”. And she then began to lick and suck my cock. God! This was the first time somebody was ever sucking my cock. And what a way to do it! We both made loud noises as our pleasure intensified.

Then she dipped her finger in the pie and reached out to my asshole and began to stick it in. I was in heaven. As she increased the pace I was writhing in pleasure till I finally came. She swallowed my cum completely without spilling a drop.

She looked at me and said she had always wanted to do this to me. I told her how wonderful I felt but it was now time for me to do something. I made her lie on her stomach and began to squeeze her butt. I spread her legs and began to lick between them. She raised herself giving me free access to her pussy. I kept licking her pussy while feeling and stroking her clit. Whenever I sensed she was ready to cum I would move away. She begged me to make her cum but I refused.

After this happened three or four times, I got up and placed my cock above her pussy. She thrust back towards me and my cock slid inside her. She realised that doggie was my favourite position. We now began to move faster and as she came with a loud moan, I shot my load into her. I kept cumming as I leaned forward and squeezed her breasts.

When we were done cumming, she pushed me out, made me lie on my back and straddled me. Her breasts were right above my face. She said “I have never come across anybody so naughty as you” and she began to slap me with her breasts. God! It felt wonderful. I could take it no longer and just pulled her down on me and we hugged each other tightly, her breasts mashed against my face.

She moved and lay next to me and asked, “Is there no way you can extend your stay here?” I said no.

Pause. Then before I realised it I began to say, “I can offer you a job in India though.”

“What kind of a job?”

“You have to be the nurse to a 58-year-old widower who lives alone as his only daughter is in Singapore. The payment will be next to nothing but the perks will be great!”

She looked at me, kissed me and said, “I accept that offer.”

And what followed was 18 hrs of intense lovemaking interspersed with 2 hours of sleep and another 2 hours of planning for the future.

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