The Wall Ch. 01

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Roughly he pushed me against the wall, he had a wicked glint in his eyes tonight! He pushed his knee between mine, forcing my legs open. His strong hands are occupied pining my wrists above my head to the wall.

I try and kiss him but he just pulls away and smiles as he dips forward I think he will kiss me but no, its a tease, my mouth opens slightly wanting and expecting to taste him but he just flickers his tongue across my lips then pulls away again just before I can have that pleasure. I see a smile, sarcastic, curl upward the corners of those sweet unobtainable lips, fuck… he looks sexy, which only makes me want him more.

I struggle to free my hands, I can feel him pressing against me hard and stiff and very ready, yet sadly still encased in those gorgeous leather trousers, he lets go of one of my hands just to free up one of his own and he quickly pulls up the hem of my long black Lacey skirt. Pulling his knee from between my legs momentarily before it’s back in place forcing my legs apart and now holding my skirt up too.

His hand slides like satin slowly up the side of my stockinged leg lingering, feeling flesh sliding up further and round the back finally grabbing my arse firmly, squeezing it hard then with the one free hand and in one smooth operation the flimsy fabric between my legs is ripped from me, it no longer blocks his path now, and excitement of what’s to come fills me.

I’m still trying desperately, hungrily, to kiss him but I cant reach his lips, they are pressed into my neck, licking, Demetevler Escort kissing biting, a powerful combination oh so sensitive at the base of my neck and shoulder…my god, he knows what does it for me!

I want to reach down to him, desperate as I am to pull him free of the leather confines of those trousers and desperate as I am to give him back some of the wonderful feelings he’s giving me, instead I settle for tangling my fingers in his hair, I know this drives him crazy and in response he bites me deep and hard extracting more groans of pleasure from my lips.

His hand slips between my legs, fingers work frantically, rhythmically, on my magical little bud, oh what wonders he performs, as he plays!

I’m gasping for air moaning out loud, under a moon lit sky, my chest is rising and falling above my tight laced corset while that talented mouth still latches onto my neck, he has other things to do though, those sweet torturous lips move downwards towards my chest, all the while snaking his tongue across my skin as he goes, fuck…

…I am actually quivering, his eyes meet mine, just briefly for a second as he hovers, pausing above my breast just before he makes a double strike, sinking teeth into the soft white flesh above the neckline of my top and plunging probing fingers deeply inside me at the same time.

I wish I could rip the corset from me but instead I struggle with my one free hand to release my breast from my top, Otele gelen escort immediately he lets go of my other hand and like a man possessed, on a mission to deliver pleasure, he grabs me testing my already erect nipple with his tongue, scraping teeth over it finally sucking, pulling and teasing me with tongue and teeth over and over again, I am so worked up now its all I can do not to scream out his name.

I beg him to please let me touch him, then I try to ‘demand’ it, but he’s silent as fingers work relentlessly, finally my mouths covered by his, silencing me as greedily my tongue beats up against his in a frenzy, probing and prodding, swapping saliva.

I love it when he bites my bottom lip and I am in heaven again! His hand is still working me down below, making me squirm & wriggle and thrust against him. I need him properly inside me now, I want to feel how much he wants me, as he slams into me, I mumble I will do anything for him, I will crawl on hands and knees begging him if he asks, but I’m denied this pleasure.

He knows he will make me come. The harder and faster his fingers go the more I am losing myself and losing control. I am saying all kinds of rubbish now talking gibberish, between begging and almost crying, calling him a bastard for not giving me what I want the most.

All I can think about is the fullness of his swollen thick cock penetrating me, invading me, filling me up instead of his fingers. While he is just watching Balgat Escort me, amused at his own power, drinking in the scene of his creation, knowing that his fingers are doing a splendid job all by themselves.

He must’ve worked hard to suppress his own desires and needs, every movement he makes is turning me on, my senses are going completely haywire, I am by now, thrusting my hips, gasping, past the point of caring if anyone sees us. I try to reach out to him again, briefly he lets me tug at his belt buckle before he moves my hand, still not letting me and still thrusting inside me with those dexterous fingers.

He slows it down, I feel fingers gently, very purposely rubbing inside me, and he presses his body closer in to mine, very quietly he begins to whisper in my ear, causing waves of goose bumps up and down my back.

He asks a myriad of questions I am too far gone to answer, his words trickle like honey from his lips as he asks if I am his whore, just his and no one else’s, he asks if I will ever want another man after him, I just moan softly, its ecstasy, excruciating, almost unbearably wonderful…

…He decides I am his ‘dirty little fuck’ just as the ripples of my promised orgasm begin to bubble, he pulls me slightly away from the wall, and starts to dip fingers in and out faster again and with enough force to let me know I will feel bruised tomorrow.

His other hand dances its way up my spine swiftly to the back of my head, then roughly, delightfully, passionately, he grabs a handful of my hair and wrenches my head back, I scream out loud, arching my back as I do so, I come so violently to that shuddering, shaking ultimate conclusion…he knew all along I would.

Then that wicked smile plays across his lips again and he leans in to my ear, whispering just one more thing…

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

To be continued…

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