The Water’s Fine

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“AND STAY OUT!” THE DOOR SLAMMED WITH SICKENING FINALITY BEHIND GAVIN FOSTER’S BACK as he hurried down the front steps of his house; the breeze kicked up by his angry wife’s action scattered the dead leaves that had been allowed to collect on the porch. Gavin flinched at the impact, then slinked, shoulders and chin hung low, to his car.

Kicked out again, he thought. Why have we been fighting so much lately? How did this one even start? He couldn’t remember exactly, but he had a vague suspicion that he shouldn’t have been enjoying that Victoria’s Secret commercial so much in the eighth month of his wife’s pregnancy. Geez, she was touchy these days, and not just about her weight.

He backed out of the driveway slowly, hoping that Pam would come out and say it was OK for him to stay; but he reached the street with no sign of her, so he pulled away, no particular destination in mind. She’ll cool down in a couple of hours, he assured himself, and I’ll be able to go back into the house without ducking. I hope.

Gavin thought he’d drive downtown, just cruise along Chaparral Street where the bars were, see who’s going in and coming out, kill some time before going back to apologize for something she thinks I did, anything to keep peace in the family. He loved Pam, but she could be a raving bitch sometimes. Gavin had hoped that her pregnancy would, at the very least, save him from nine months of her wicked PMS bouts; but no luck there. If anything, the hormones now raging through her system made her go nuts with more frequency than her menstrual cycle ever did. He rolled the windows down and felt the cool evening breeze rush through the car. At a red light he fired up a cigarette. Gonna have to quit once the baby’s born, he mused, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

As the light turned green, he drove through the intersection and scanned a small group of women going into a dance club. One of them looked familiar to him. Was it? Yes, it was! Nerissa Valdez, a co-worker of Pam’s at the office. She was last in a line of apparent girlfriends going in, and he’d know that sweet round ass anywhere. What a body on that one: curvy without being fat, enormous round tits, beautiful legs, and a sweet little-girl face to top it all off. Jesus, he’d lusted after her in a minor way since he’d met her (at a company get-together four years before that he hadn’t even wanted to attend). She was always pleasant to him on the random occasions they’d see each other at Pam’s office. He’d compliment her on how nice she looked, and Nerissa would act pleasantly surprised, as if she had no idea she was so beautiful.

There seemed to be a little electricity between them, too, on those occasions, but neither one seemed inclined to act upon it or even call attention to it. After all, Nerissa was a close friend of his wife’s, and you don’t shit where you eat. Still, it would be nice to kind of casually walk into the dance club and pretend to just notice her; maybe she’d invite him to sit with her and her friends. Nothing would happen, right? Anyway, he needed a friendly face right now. Gavin quickly looked for a parking space.

Opening the door of the club, the cacophonous strains of some hip-hop group gave him a body slam. He hated hip-hop, hated too the little bastards who drove down his street blasting the bass so loud it made his windows rattle. He gritted his teeth against the noise. The bouncer gave Gavin a funny look as he paid his cover, but didn’t say anything as he entered the club proper. Poor guy was probably half-deaf, he thought, working here every night being assaulted by this shit. The boom-boom-boom of the bass reverberated in his chest as he sidled through the crowd in the direction of the bar. He didn’t see Nerissa right off, and was beginning to think maybe he’d made a mistake coming here. But what the hell, he’d paid ten bucks to get in, he might as well have a beer before he left.

After about five minutes of trying to get the bartender’s attention, and another five waiting for his beer to be served, Gavin threw money on the bar and turned around to look at the throng of writhing bodies on the dance floor. Some serious hotties here tonight, not bad business for a Wednesday. He looked around the club to see if he could spot Nerissa. He’d had only a fleeting glimpse of her denim-covered butt as she’d slipped in, but he’d seen red fabric above it, so he strained his neck up and scanned the room for anyone sitting at a table wearing a red blouse. Shit, red was a popular color tonight.

He relaxed and was turning back around to the bar when another flash of red caught his eye. There was Nerissa, right in front of him, and she was walking toward him with a big smile on her pretty face! He put down his beer and smiled back just as she wrapped her arms around his waist. This was unusual, to say the least, but Gavin wasn’t going to complain. He hugged her tightly, feeling her firm breasts push against his stomach. Nerissa put her mouth up to bursa eskort his ear so he could hear her above the noise.

“Hi! What are you doing here? Is Pam with you?” She had backed away a little but not completely, and Gavin was enjoying the sensation of her big boobs pressing on his body. His cock began to swell and he hoped she wouldn’t let go too soon.

“No, I’m here alone,” he replied in her ear. Jesus, her hair smelled good. “Pam’s not up to going to places like this these days.” Which wasn’t quite a lie, but it was nobody’s business that he’d been kicked out of the house.

Nerissa drew her face back and looked up at Gavin. Her smile was even broader than before. “You have to come over to our table,” she shouted. “Do you like to dance?” Her face asked Gavin to say “yes”.

He looked out again to the dance floor, then down at her again. He shrugged, then nodded, smiling weakly. Nerissa grabbed his hand and pulled him over to a table on the other side of the club, where three other women sat. They looked bored, and Nerissa didn’t bother to make introductions. She took his beer from his hand and set it down, then pulled him onto the floor to dance. Gavin wasn’t much of a dancer, but it didn’t seem to matter here, where the floor was so packed with bodies he couldn’t really move much anyway. He settled for an abbreviated shifting step as he watched his dance partner shake her round hips and throw her long, black hair from side to side. Damn, she was sexy as hell. About a half-foot shorter than his even six feet, Nerissa moved her curvy body like a snake; holding her hands up over her head, she snapped her fingers in time with the beat, throwing occasional looks at Gavin that got his Johnson hard and kept it that way. She was dancing only a few inches away from him, and he couldn’t help noticing the enticing sway of her sloping breasts as she gyrated on the floor. Nerissa’s blouse had three buttons undone, either by design or by accident, and her deep cleavage was beckoning Gavin like the neon lights in the club.

After two vigorous dance numbers, he was about to tell her that he needed to sit down when a slow song started to play. Without a word, Nerissa stepped in close to Gavin and pressed her cheek to his chest. He took her in his arms and pressed her close to him. He was suddenly and magnificently hard again at the renewed touch of her unfettered boobs against him, and he tried to step back a bit, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

Nerissa looked up at him, though, beaming that brilliant smile of hers, and suddenly ground her crotch against the length of his bone, gripping his ass to bring his cock into closer contact with her denim-clad pussy. She dry- humped him with abandon for the entire song, building up so much friction for Gavin that he felt like she was going to burn his cock off. The place was so crowded that no one seemed to notice what they were doing, or maybe they were too busy doing it themselves. After a moment or two of disbelief, Gavin didn’t care one way or the other. A sexy woman that he’d secretly desired for four years was telling him in no uncertain terms that she could be had!

The song ended. Nerissa’s body shuddered against Gavin’s, and she gave a little squeak. She threw her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “I just came!” The music started up again, but there was to be no more dancing for Gavin and Nerissa, not unless it was the “Horizontal Bop”. She grabbed his hand and led him to the door and out into the street.

Once out in the open, she kept hold of his hand and started running, her clicking spike heels echoing off the storefronts.

“Hey, what about your friends?” Gavin asked.

“They can fend for themselves!” she replied, laughing.

Gavin followed closely, heady with what had happened on the dance floor, and with anticipation of what might come next. Hell, he might come next! She stopped at her car and handed him the keys, then pulled his face down to hers to kiss him with her soft, pouty lips. Her tongue darted fiercely into his mouth and he nearly felt it in his stomach. “You drive,” she told him breathlessly.

Gavin obeyed without a word. He didn’t want to say anything that might break the spell of this magical event. Once they were both in the car, he leaned over to her and they kissed again. She gripped his hair and pulled him closer, then pushed him away. “Drive!” she ordered. “Let’s get out of here.”

He pulled out of the lot and headed in the general direction of the highway. He knew vaguely that she lived on the south side of town, with her husband and three kids. Three kids! No way she looked like the mother of three. And a husband, the poor bastard, who was stupid enough to let this woman out of his sight. So…where to, he wondered, as he drove up the on- ramp to the expressway.

As Nerissa’s fingers began stroking his stiff cock through his pants, and struggling to lower his zipper, he concluded that the expressway was bursa bayan escort the only place to be. He did his best to keep his eyes on the road as she finally set his erection free and lowered her hungry mouth onto it. She sucked his cock greedily as he slipped a hand under her and squeezed one of the breasts he’d been longing to touch for all these years. Nerissa moaned around his cock as he caressed it through the fabric of her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipple was like a hard button pushing against the cloth.

Exit after exit flashed past Gavin’s eyes as they sped down the highway, and he realized that he had gotten up to 80 mph without even noticing it. He took his foot off the accelerator and brought the car’s speed down to a legal limit, having no desire to explain anything to an eager state trooper. Nerissa seemed oblivious to anything but Gavin’s rigid pole: using one hand to steady herself on his leg, she was using the other to skillfully jack him off into her waiting mouth. His free hand had left her breast and now rested in her hair, prodding the back of her head gently, to keep her mouth bobbing on his prick. He was close to coming now, and she seemed to sense it, because she increased the pumping with her hand, and used her lips and tongue to apply a fierce suction on the head of his dick.

At last, he came. Nerissa gave out a series of grunts as the jets of spunk shot into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She squeezed and jacked and pulled his bone, milking him for every drop of his come. Gavin almost rear-ended an 18-wheeler but gained control of the wheel at the last second. A familiar exit approached on his right and he took it. Nerissa licked his softening cock clean, tucked him back in, and sat back, wiping a dribble of spooge off her chin and sucking it off her fingers with a satisfied smack.

“Jesus, that was fun!” she cried. “You’ve got a really big cock, did you know that?” He thanked her solemnly and she laughed. She looked out the car window at the passing scenery. “I know where we are,” she announced. “Are you going where I think you’re going?”

“Yep,” he replied, glancing over at her for a moment. Her face was flush with excitement, and a long white ribbon of his come was glistening on top of her left tit.

“Mmmm, OK by me,” she said. “My old man’s not expecting me home for another two hours. How about you?”

“Pam and I had an argument and she kicked me out,” he confessed. “Another couple of hours and it should be safe for me to go home.”

“Well, until then, sexy man, you will be in very good hands,” she said, squeezing his knee. “We’re almost there, I think,” she added, pointing out the window.

Gavin turned the car into a rutted driveway overgrown with weeds. As he slowly made his way along the bumps, he mentioned to Nerissa that he used to come here with girls when he was in high school.

“Really?” she asked. “Me, too. I mean, with boys, of course,” she giggled. “What high school did you go to?”

“Fontana, class of eighty-nine. You?”

“Sacred Heart, ninety-four. That’s me, a good Catholic girl,” she said sarcastically.

They both admitted that they hadn’t been back to this place since their respective graduations. “I hope it hasn’t changed,” Gavin said.

He stopped and they got out. He walked around the car to her side and they kissed for a few more minutes, then he looked up at the old abandoned house. Bright moonlight provided the only illumination, but it was sufficient to lead them where they were going. “Like old times, almost,” he said quietly. He looked at Nerissa and grinned, asking, “You ready?”

“I’ve been ready for four years, baby,” she said intensely. “Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make my move.”

Her confession made Gavin smile broadly. So she had felt it, too! He hadn’t imagined it: there actually had been a spark between them. He took her hand happily and led her, not toward the deserted house, but toward the empty swimming pool behind it.

He climbed down the ladder first, testing the rungs, then held onto her waist as she navigated them with her unwieldy shoes. He admired her ass as she backed down the ladder, thinking that it looked great encased in her tight jeans, and anticipating how those globes would feel, bare, in his hands.

Once she was firmly on the floor of the dry pool, Gavin grabbed her from behind, pressing his crotch against her ass, taking huge handfuls of tit and burying his face in her thick black hair. Nerissa responded in kind, grinding her round butt against him and unbuttoning her blouse the rest of the way so he could have free access to her magnificent melons. Gavin lifted the heavy flesh, caressed it, delighting in the firm sponginess of her erect nipples, twisting them forcefully between his thumbs and index fingers. She moaned in appreciation, wrapping one arm around his head, biting his ear and whispering how bursa ucuz escort much she wanted him to fuck her.

He let go of one tit and ran his hand down her waist. Her belly was soft and a little round, but not flabby, he noticed, as he forced his hand down the front of her jeans. They were too tight for him to go very far, however, so he let go of the other tit and unbuttoned her fly. “Yes, baby,” she moaned. “Touch me. Feel how wet I am for you.” She continued her bump and grind against his hard cock as he slid his fingers under the waistband of her silky panties. Her pubic hair was closely cropped above her pussy, and completely shaved otherwise, and the softness of her labia drove Gavin wild. He inserted one, then a second finger into her dripping slit, making Nerissa expel a sharp breath of air as he wiggled his digits inside her love canal.

Her jeans and thong panties were completely off in a matter of seconds, and Gavin was on his knees before her. He brought his hands up under her ass and ran his tongue along the outside lips. Damn, she was wet! He lapped up the musky juices that dribbled down her thighs, then forced his tongue deep inside her cunt. Squeezing her firm, round ass, he brought her pussy closer to his face and drank deeply. He found her engorged clit and sucked on it so hard that she had to hold onto the ladder to keep her balance. He couldn’t get enough of Nerissa’s pussy. It was soft, it was delicious, and her aroma was making his cock strain at the seams of his crotch, but he had to make her come this way first. It didn’t take long: in a matter of minutes, she was pulling his hair and shrieking with her climax. She shot a long stream of pussy juice directly into his mouth. “Fuck me, Gavin,” she said breathlessly. “I want your big dick inside me. Give it to me, baby,” she ordered, as she took down his pants. Finding his stiff cock with her slender fingers, she rubbed the head with her thumb, slick with pre-come, then gave it a big wet kiss before turning around and pressing her palms firmly against the wall of the pool.

What a sight! Gavin feasted his eyes on her beautiful ass, legs and pussy. He couldn’t resist bending over and kissing the soft, firm globes of her butt for a few moments. She didn’t seem to mind, either, as he spread her cheeks apart and ran his tongue around her sphincter. But they both seemed to grow impatient for the next step, so he stood again, positioned his pole at the entrance to her sopping hole, and sank it to the hilt in one thrust. Her pussy contracted tightly around his pecker, once again making him disbelieve that she’d ever given birth to three children.

As he pistoned in and out of her twat, she matched him stroke for stroke, building up a furious rhythm and making a squelching sound that echoed off the pool walls. He reached around while stroking to her swinging boobs, kneading great fistfuls of her tit meat. He had to have more. These were what he’d lusted after all these years, more than her pussy, more than her mouth. He pulled out of her.

“Omigod, what are you doing?” Nerissa cried. Gavin turned her around and bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He sucked furiously at the hard nub and held onto the breast with both hands, as if he expected it to give out sweet mother’s milk. She responded by gripping his rock hard member with both hands, jerking it and moaning in appreciation.

“Baby, I’ve got an idea,” she whispered. “Sit down.” He looked around for a place free of debris on which to place his bare ass and finally spread his discarded pants out on a spot by the wall. He sat down and she mounted him quickly. She was still very wet, and she told him that having her tits sucked while being fucked made her come extra hard. Nerissa kissed Gavin wetly on the lips, then broke away to feed the other nipple into his hungry mouth. Her hips moved frantically as she pumped up and down on his prick.

Gavin moved from nipple to hard nipple, sucking, licking and biting; he rubbed the soft titty flesh over his face; he ran his tongue up her cleavage; he very nearly forgot about anything that was happening below the waist, so engrossed was he in the delights of Nerissa’s pendulous jugs. She brought him around soon, though, because she announced loudly and repeatedly that she was coming. As her orgasm broke over her, she gripped Gavin tightly around the neck and smothered his face between her boobs. As he fought for breath, he thought wryly that this would not be such a bad way to die. Nerissa’s orgasm subsided and she released her grip, then pulled away from his cock. It popped out of her tight pussy with a splash of her fluids on his thighs.

“Now it’s my turn to ask, ‘what are you doing?'” he said. “I’m almost there!”

“I know, baby,” she cooed, “don’t you think I don’t. But I don’t want any more babies, and you have been fucking one very fertile mama! But I do want your come, I want it deep inside of me, so I want you to shoot it into my ass. Are you game?” All the while she’d been explaining this to Gavin, Nerissa had been jacking his bone with one hand and squeezing his swollen nut sack with the other. After she asked her question, she opened her mouth wide and deep-throated him, getting his cock good and wet with her spit.

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