The Weekend Camping Trip

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“Are you serious?!” Kelly exclaimed. “He was such a jackass in high school!”

“Yeah, but it’s Ryan’s best friend. If I had known it was going to be an issue I would have told you sooner, I’m sorry!” Jennifer replied.

Jen had just told Kelly that Kyle was going to be coming on the camping trip with them. Jen and Ryan had been dating for the past year, and decided that they wanted to go on a trip for their anniversary.

“No, it’s fine, I just hope he’s changed!” Kelly said.

On some level, Kelly was excited. While Kyle was a “jackass” in high school, she had to admit he was one of the hottest guys at school, and the pictures she had seen on Facebook proved that he continued to keep in shape. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be that bad after all…


Kyle pulled up to Ryan and Jens house Saturday morning, dropped his bags in the back of Ryans truck, and walked through the front door.

“Sup guys?” He said, before he noticed Kelly sitting on the couch. “Oh, hey, long time no see!”

“Hey Kyle, how have you been?” Kelly asked politely.

“Oh, same old same old. Lookin’ good babe!” he replied.

Kelly rolled her eyes. Of course he would comment on her looks, instead of asking about her. She thought, but said nothing.

“Well guys, I think everyone here, ready to get going?” Ryan said, standing up and grabbing the last of his bags.

They all piled into his truck, Jen and Kelly in the back, Ryan and Kyle up front. The 2 hour drive to the campsite started fine, until Kyle opened his mouth. “So Kelly, I noticed there’s no ring on your finger. We might be able to have some fun this weekend!”. The car almost immediately became silent. Kelly wanted to talk to Jen, but if Kyle was going to be sitting up front making dirty comments the whole time. She was glad that she had brought her own tent, seeing as the alternative was staying in a tent with Kyle. She wasn’t ready to deal with the pervert all weekend.

“Here we are!” Ryan said around noon as they pulled into the camp site. It was a fantastic spot, nestled in the trees with a river running past. It was nice and private, perfect for a secluded weekend away from it all. In fact, their nearest neighbors were about 100 yards away. It was really going to be a quiet and relaxing weekend.


SHIT, Kelly thought. She had just put up her tent and noticed that the roof had a couple of minor tears in it. I guess I can live with that, it’s not supposed to rain this weekend. She left the tent up and went to check on everyone else.

Ryan and Jen had a larger tent, while Kyle had done the same as Kelly and brought a singles tent. Everyone had their accommodations setup, and everyone was pitching in to setup the camp site. Ryan went off to grab wood, Jen was making dinner, and Kyle was still dicking around inside his tent. Kelly went off to the river to take in the sights.

As she stood on the riverbank listening to the stream, she closed her eyes and just let the sounds and feel of nature wash over her. It was so peaceful out here, she almost was able to forget about who was on the trip with them. She waded a few feet into the river and felt the water rush over her feet. She was about to turn back when she heard the shout – “Hey good lookin!”

She turned around quickly, ready to tell Kyle Büyükesat Escort off for always talking about her looks, but she turned too fast. Her foot slipped on the wet rocks, and she landed on her side in the water, soaking her from head to toe.

“GOD DAMNIT KYLE” she exclaimed as she tried to stand, slipping twice more, ensuring that she was well and truly soaked. She finally got to her feet and noticed that Kyle had a stupefied look on his face, his eyes locked onto her chest. Kelly looked down, and noticed that her breasts were on full display. She hadn’t worn a bra, and the water soaked through the thin material of her shirt, causing it to cling to her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. She quickly covered herself with her arms, and stomped past Kyle, who was still trying to stammer out an apology.


Kyle couldn’t believe his eyes. Kelly’s body was STUNNING. How had he never noticed before? He had always been a bit forward with women, but he never really meant anything by it. But now that he had an eyeful, he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

Kelly had pushed past him and back into her tent. He heard her angrily changing, catching glimpses of bare skin through a few of the tears in the roof. He walked back to their campsite and started helping Ryan build the fire. A few minutes later, Kelly came out in what looked like her PJs.

“This is all I have left, so you better not mess this outfit up” Kelly glared at him.

Kyle felt bad, he hadn’t meant to scare her and cause her clothes to get ruined. At the same time, he couldn’t help but think that if he were to get her into the river again, the view might be even better after her PJ’s were soaked. But while he was a pervert, he wasn’t about to push her into the river just to get a view of her tits again.


The group got back later that evening after taking a long hike. Kelly looked really out of place with her pajama pants and old t-shirt, but the privacy of the area meant that it didn’t really matter all that much. While Kyle and Ryan went to start dinner, Jen walked Kelly to her tent to check on her clothes.They were still soaked.

“Did Kyle really push you in the river??” Jen asked.

“No,” Kelly replied, and relayed the whole story to her. “So it was kind of my fault for turning so fast, but still, he’s such a damn pig!”

“Yeah, but what do you expect with you practically drooling over him all weekend?”

“Wait, what?” Kelly asked incredulously. “I have not!”

“Oh girl,” Jen laughed, “Even Ryan can see that you’re still hot for him!”

Kelly laughed it off, but it made her think… she knew she was definitely attracted to him, but was it really that obvious to everyone else? Either way, she knew she could never get over him being such an asshole, so it was pointless to dwell on.


After dinner, everyone sat around the campfire making smores and drinking a few beers. Some clouds had rolled in, and while it still didn’t look like it was going to rain, Kelly grew more and more nervous. This was Ryan and Jens anniversary, so she wasn’t about to ruin that by asking to spend the night in their tent. She just hoped Elvankent Escort that she was right, and that the rain would stay away.


Jen and Ryan went to their tent around 9, leaving Kelly and Kyle alone in front of the fire. “I think I’m going to head to bed” Kelly announced. “Sounds good, let me just put out the ashes” said Kyle, unzipping his pants.

Kelly rolled her eyes again as Kyle began to piss on the fire to put it out. Of course, he has to pull his dick out for everything Kelly thought. She couldn’t help but notice that her breath seemed to catch a bit in her chest.

Kelly got in her tent and zipped it shut. She was already in her PJ’s, so she sat there and played on her phone for a bit. No service meant she was kind of limited, but she had a couple of games and tv shows saved just for the occasion. After about an hour, she decided she should get to bed. She put in her headphones, turned on some music, rolled over, and fell asleep.


Kelly woke to her sleeping bag and clothes soaked through and freezing. The rain had finally came, and the holes in Kelly’s roof meant that everything inside the tent was now wet. Damnit, maybe I can make it through the night Kelly thought. She rolled over and concentrated on her music, but the rain seemed to come down even harder.

Giving up, Kelly unzipped her tent and walked across the campground to Kyles tent. She heard giggles coming from Jen and Ryans tent, and knew there was no way she could possibly bug them. She stopped outside of Kyles tent, and prepared herself to ask to spend the night.

Unzipping the tent, she poked her head in, and gently called out “Hey Kyle??”

“Mm?” Kyle woke and looked around. Kelly saw that his muscular chest was bare, and her voice caught in her throat. “Would… would you mind if I slept here tonight? My uh… my tent has a couple holes in it” she managed to stammer out.

“Oh, uh…. Yeah, sure, whatever” Kyle said and rolled over, too asleep to come up with anything more eloquent.

Kelly gingerly made her way into the small tent. She layed down on the mat next to Kyle, but soon was shivering from her wet clothes and lack of a blanket.

Kyle noticed the shivering, and turned over. “Holy shit Kelly, you’re soaked!”

“Yeah, I’ll manage though” Kelly mumbled.

“No, you’ll catch hypothermia. I have an extra shirt and some shorts, you should take those.”

Kelly agreed, and Kyle grabbed his extra clothes, handing them to her. There wasn’t enough room for her to change with him lying down, so he knelt down facing the other direction to give her some privacy. “I appreciate this, but you better not sneak a peek” Kelly warned.

“Whatever, just hurry up, it’s cold out here” Kyle said. Kelly peeled off her wet pants and panties, slipping the shorts on. It felt good to get out of the cold wet clothes, even if Kyles shorts were a bit on the large side. She removed her shirt, checking on Kyle to make sure he still wasn’t trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts, and grabbed Kyles shirt.

As she raised it above her head, she felt something small drop against her chest. Looking down, she shrieked and swatted at the spider that dropped out of his shirt.

Kyle spun Beşevler Escort around hearing Kelly’s shriek, and saw her about to topple over. He put out his arms and caught her as she fell backwards, and saw the spider on the floor. He grabbed a shoe with his free hand and slammed it down on top of it, before falling backwards on his ass with Kelly in his arms… topless.

Kelly looked up into Kyles eyes and saw something there she hadn’t before. It was a sense of… protectiveness? Caring? Something besides the normal perviness that she associated with him. “Oh…. Thanks” Kelly said, not moving to cover herself.

“I figured I owed you one after this afternoon” Steve laughed, not breaking eye contact.

Kelly’s heart started racing. “Well I guess now, I owe you one” she replied, as butterflies began flying in her stomach. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling his face close. Their lips met, and Kyle’s hand moved behind Kelly’s back, pulling her close to him.

Kelly and Kyle made out for a while, until Kelly felt Kyles hand slowly move up her stomach to her tits. Her breath caught as his fingers played over her nipples, teasing her. Their lips disconnected as Kyle laid Kelly on her back and layed down next to her. His lips found her neck, as he gently kissed down her neck, and back up and round to her earlobe. He took it into his mouth and tugged gently as his hand moved from her chest down to her shorts.

Kyles hand found its way inside his shorts on her body, and his fingers found their way to her pussy. Kelly gasped as two of his fingers penetrated her and curled up to find her g-spot. Kyle’s hand worked slowly in and out of her, gently getting her hotter and more worked up. Kelly’s gasps soon turned into moans, and their lips found each others again. Kelly moaned into Kyles mouth and spread her legs further, giving him even more access to her pussy.

Kyle pulled away, knelt below Kelly, and then slowly pulled her shorts down. It was then that Kelly noticed the bulge in Kyles boxers. Goddamn, he was hung! He pulled off his boxers and told Kelly to roll over onto her hands and knees.

Kelly obeyed, and felt Kyles hands grab her hips and pull her ass back towards him. His cock ran against her wet pussy, teasing her even more. “Goddamnit Kyle, fuck me!” Kelly cried out.

Kyle obliged, and slowly put the head of his dick inside her. Her breath caught as she felt herself spread out to fit his huge size inside her. He slowly pushed himself further and further into her until his balls were against her ass. Her pussy contracted around his dick, and he gasped as it felt like she was pulling him deeper inside of her.

Kyle pulled back gently, then used his hands to pull himself back inside her. Kelly’s hands gripped the sleeping back tightly as pleasure shot through her body, starting at her pussy and working it’s way down, making her toes curl and her spine tingle. Kyle began to speed up, and Kelly began to push back against him, meeting his thrusts with her own, desperate to get him deeper inside her.

“Kelly, I’m getting close to cumming!” Kyle suddenly exclaimed.

“Cum inside of me Kyle, please cum inside of me!” Kelly replied excitedly.

“You got it baby!” Kyle said, as he pushed his full length into her, his cock bursting at that moment. Kelly felt his hot cum flood inside her, and it sent her over the edge into the best orgasm she ever felt. Sparks of pleasure shot throughout her body, as she groaned and grunted while her pussy contracted over Kyles cock.

Kyle pulled out, and his cum dripped out of her pussy and down her thighs. They collapsed next to each other to catch their breath.

“I might need to borrow another set of clothes” Kelly smiled, and snuggled against Kyle.

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