The Widow along the Road

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Oh god, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum,” but it was too late.

Mrs Taylor’s tongue and mouth had brought me to the very edge, and now it was too late. My cock spurted its first jet of spunk deep into the back of her throat, and then I was pumping and ejaculating, until I noticed my semen dribbling from her chin onto the carpet.

Swallowing as much as she could, and wiping the rest onto her fingers, and licking it off, she said, “Now that’s the way to start the day, I’ve been wanting to do that for some time, Jack.”

I had nodded ‘good morning’ to Mrs Taylor for years, mainly first thing in the morning, if I happened to see her as I passed by on my walk to the shops.

I was married and retired, a guy of similar age to Mrs Taylor, in our sixties. She lived five doors down from us. She had been widowed for at least five years, but we’d never really talked, until a few days before.

Fancying ‘older’ neighbours is not a regular hobby of mine. Mrs Taylor was in fact an attractive woman, but it never occurred to me that she was interested in men. Even when a couple of days before, she had prolonged a conversation for several minutes, which was started with a passing ‘good morning,’ I had no idea about any ulterior motive.

Then the day before, on my return from the shops, she had asked me to help her move a piece of furniture. Of course I readily agreed, and also stayed for a cup of tea, where the conversation was easy, and strangely flirtatious. This made me wonder somewhat, and overnight my imagination tended to inflate. So when I was invited in again, my curiosity was stimulated.

The lead up to what happened was quite quick.

“Thank you for your help yesterday Jack, have you got time for another cuppa? The invitation was given from an open upstairs window, which I assumed was her xhamster porno bedroom. Of course I said ‘yes,’ and when she opened the front door, she was wearing a short, towelling robe, presumably because she hadn’t long been out of the shower.

“Sorry Mrs Taylor, I’ve caught you rather early in the morning.”

“Please Jack, call me Lou, and don’t worry about catching me out, I’ve decided now that I need to be more relaxed about what people think. It’s five years now.”

Lou was referring to the passing of her husband five years before.

As I watched her making the tea in the kitchen I sat at the breakfast bar, appreciating her body for the first time. A shapely ass, covered in tight, white towelling. Ample breasts, pushed up by the thick band of towelling, tied round her waist.

I was unprepared for what happened next.

As she put the milk carton on the breakfast bar, her elbow caught the back of one of the bar stools, and the half open carton spilt most of its contents across the work surface, and into my lap.

My first reaction was to jump to my feet, Lou’s reaction was a shout of apology, and a rush with kitchen towel to dab me down. Of course the ‘dabbing’ was mainly in my crotch region. So there we were, me standing pushing my hips forward, Lou half bending revealing her cleavage, rubbing my cock.

Lou suddenly became aware of her actions, when she felt my cock become harder. She raised her head, looked at me, and said suggestively, “Better get these off.”

I watched passively, as she unbuckled, and unzipped me, and hungrily slipped my cock out through my boxers. Slipping to her knees she enveloped my cock with her soft, wet, warm mouth.

It was then that reality became suspended. Closing my eyes, gripping the edge of the breakfast bar, I gasped erotik porno loudly, and emptied myself in a long drawn out orgasm.

Lou stood up as she wiped her chin, and licked her fingers. Finding out that she had secretly wanted me came as a shock.

“I had no idea Lou. That was amazing, but I’m not sure what to say.”

“Look I’m not sure what your wife will say when she sees these trousers, take them off. How late can you be back?”

“I can phone, and say I’ve met a mate, but only an hour.”

“Do that then, I’ll get these in the machine. Give me your boxers too.”

Standing there feeling a bit daft, and half naked, I made the call, and watched Lou set the wash cycle.

She disappeared out of the kitchen for a moment, and returned with a towel for me to wrap around myself.

“Come and relax in here, the wash cycle will take at least thirty minutes.”

Sitting in the lounge with Lou felt most odd. She seemed relaxed about what had happened. I felt elated. I hadn’t had anything sexual happen for a long, long time.

“I hope you’re not too shocked about that Jack, it’s been such a long time since I had any form of sex with anyone else.”

“I’m afraid to admit it Mrs Taylor, I mean Lou, that it’s the same story with me. Megan and me long since gave up on it, even though we still share a bed.”

“I don’t feel quite so bad then, but I still feel terribly guilty. God knows what would happen if she found out.”

I reassured her, “Look she’s not going to find out from me, and as long as the other nosey Parkers around here haven’t noticed, then it all ok.”

Lou got up, and went briefly to check out the wash cycle. On her return she came over, and stood beside my armchair.

“You’re quite an attractive guy, Jack, and I’m sure from that milf porno little display you have suppressed desires like me.”

I blushed red, from this frank, open conversation.

Lou had really decided to push home her new found sexual courage. Sitting down on the arm of my chair, she leaned over, and kissed me. Not an overlong kiss, but just long enough to make my cock twitch once more.

I shifted slightly, and smelt the freshness of her body from her shower, but also the taste of my own ejaculation. My cock continued to harden.

When Lou slid down onto her knees once more, I was preparing myself for a repeat of what had happened before. Sure enough the towel covering me was pulled down, and Lou’s mouth enveloped my cock again.

But this time as I gasped, and my cock became harder, Lou raised herself up so that her knees were either side of my hips in the chair, and I felt her pussy wrap itself around my cock, letting her whole body sink down on top of me. In a flash she threw off her towelling robe, and pushed her breasts towards my mouth.

I took each one of her nipples in turn, between my lips, and sucked hard. Lou started to raise, and lower herself on my cock. Her pussy felt lush and wet, and her movements became quite frantic, and abandoned.

“Oh god that’s good, oh god Jack ,” Lou was building herself up. ” Oh god it’s been so long, yes, oh yes,” she started to become even more animated. My face was buried in those boobs, that trembled, and squashed against me, as she approached her orgasm.

I was tensing my whole body, as Lou bore down on me.

“Fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming Jack, I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

I had very little choice. Lou erupted, her pussy exploded, a cascade of juices soaking my crotch. As she collapsed against me, her pussy pulsated enough to start my own inevitable climax. I pumped out more semen. As she felt my cock jerking inside her, Lou kissed me, squeezing every last drop from my balls.

“Oh wow, Jack, thank you, I’d forgotten how good it could be.”

“I’m not sure Lou, that we haven’t opened Pandora’s box.”

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