The Woman From Work

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Big Balls

I looked back on my life and I wasn’t really mad at anything. I had recently come home from five years of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I wasn’t angry at all. I had some great friends and comrades, and also some of the most memorable times of my life. The only complaint I had was that I was unable to continue to serve, and not all my friends returned home with me. During one of my many patrols, my convoy was ambushed and we caught heavy fire. I did my best to save a few friends that were hit but I was hit myself. I remembered the pain, but it didn’t stop me. Eventually I was discharged and found a job in an office building as a security supervisor. The pay was fine and with my military pension, I was able to live in a place by myself. I never thought that my life would be anything more than that, but I was pleasantly mistaken.

I was at work one day with the other guards on break when I saw her walk by my office. She stopped, looked in, and when our eyes met I had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time. Her name was Donia. She was a stacked Latina with the biggest ass I had ever seen. I had had a few girlfriends before but I had never seen a woman with such an ass except in magazines. She stood five-foot-six-inches tall and I guessed her bust to be 36C. Her hair was jet black and draped to her shoulders in a stylish mane, and her skirt suit was grey with pinstripes. Perched in her black suede five-inch heels I saw her stare and my cock almost hit the top of my desk. She gave me a subtle sneer and left. I hurriedly went to the door and saw a glimpse of her ass as she disappeared into the elevator. As I stared, my other guard came back and saw what I was staring at.

“Man, she ain’t for you bro,” he said in a defeated tone. I stared at him with a look of contempt.

“How do you figure?”

“She’s a stone cold bitch, man. Last guy that stared at her she had him fired for sexual harassment,” he said in a tone that showed why he was a single guard living in a studio apartment. I almost fell over laughing at that.

“So let me guess… she’s good enough to tease your cock but if it came down to it she’d sue it off?” I said with arms crossed and an amused smile on my face. He looked at me shocked but said nothing more. I shook my head and looked at my watch, and motioned for him to go to lunch.

For the rest of the day I had a good thought in my mind: her legs. I also had a better thought of her legs around my neck, but I dismissed it and went back to work. It was much later in the day and I was working on a memo from the building owner. I liked to listen to a little bit of metal as I did my paperwork since it helped break up the monotony of it all. Plus, I had just bought the new Sevendust album and I wasn’t about to let it go to waste in my drawer. I had made good headway in the papers and the memo when I looked up and she was standing there looking at me like I’d committed a sin. I pulled off my earphones and glanced at her in her suit and was suddenly aware that none of the other guards were anywhere nearby.

“Can I help you, Miss?” I asked politely.

“It’s about time!” she snapped at me. “I’ve been standing here for five minutes and you never acknowledged me. What are you going to do if someone comes in here and you do nothing? You are as

pathetic as the rest of these piss ants you call guards.”

I looked at her with a bemused smile, which seemed to make her even madder. I had to say, a scowl from her was almost as sexy as her ass. Well, almost.

“I’m sorry miss, but I was preoccupied with the building owner’s memo and I needed to complete it. What can I do for you?” I asked, trying to get her to stop glaring at me as she was. I once had a superior that always gave me the same look she had on her face. As unwarranted as it was, she could have knocked on the door or rang the bell. Instead, she stood there and looked at me as if I was an idiot, and then snapped at me.

“You were obviously occupied by whatever it was you were listening to on your headphones. I need a new card. Mine won’t let me buzz into my office space,” she said looking at me like I was an idiot.

“No problem. Please come in and let’s see what we can do for you,” I said in a flat tone. Inwardly, she was starting to piss me off. I really had an issue in respecting people. In my time as both a follower and a leader of men, I always made it my escort bayan mission to show and give respect even if I didn’t like someone. Those who didn’t do so around me I usually made suffer in ways. I figured I’d try to make her leave as fast as I could, but somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted to teach this bitch a lesson.

As she came into my office, I realized that it was well past 10:00 p.m. and that she was either an overachiever or she was fucking someone. The way she stalked into my office made my breathing become shallower than it had been before. Her heels clicked on the marble floor and the way she swayed her hips filled my eyes with a wanton hunger. I needed to break my eyes off her legs and figured I’d speak to her.

“Out late tonight?” I mused hoping to get a small bit of conversation out of her.

“Yes. Not that it’s your business, but my boss is a dick and wants me to finish his six months of overdue book work. I had plans tonight, but hey, I can hold them until I’m done if people like you wouldn’t keep me waiting.” The way she was looking at me was as if I was either a putz or just a peon.

I stood up and took off my jacket to make myself a bit more comfortable at the computer desk. I had forgotten my sleeves were rolled up and the sculpt of my arms came through. I am six-foot- two-inches tall and weigh two hundred and twenty five pounds of mostly muscle. I had kept in shape throughout my time in the service with weights and Mixed Martial Arts training. My short hair was a result of twelve years of buzz cuts. I also have the mandatory tattoo of the Marine Corps emblem on my right arm and another tattoo of my old unit insignia on my left forearm. I had a total of seven tattoos on my body and the two that showed were the ones that showed the achievements of my life. The other tattoos I had were under my shirt on my back and chest, but that’s another story. She looked at my arms and I noticed a new look came into her eyes. It looked like curiosity, but I couldn’t be sure as I had to type out the new card info in the computer.

“Were you in the Army or something?” she threw out as if trying to feign interest.

I looked at her and smiled, and in the most bemused voice I could manage simply said, “Or something…” She gave me a puzzled look. I could see she wasn’t used to people making her ask too many questions, but I was having fun doing so.

“‘Or something’? Just tell me,” she retorted sounding miffed. I saw her cross her arms and give me a look that was beginning to make me even angrier with her. It was a cross between a sneer and a pout. Whatever it was, it was sexy as hell and I then wanted to see how far I could push her.

“There are four branches of the military and you guessed one wrong. You got three left – keep going,” I replied in a nonchalant tone. I noticed that she had taken her shoe off to crack her toes, and when I saw she was wearing nylons, the look of her toes in them suddenly made a bulge reappear in my pants. I have always been into women wearing lingerie and here was this hot little bitch wearing some sheer stockings. It was a deep-seated desire as many of the hottest women I had met back in the service always wore nylons with their uniforms. It is very sexy in my opinion for a professional woman to take such pride in her appearance and it’s also a little fetish of mine that they do. I stared at her toes and had a few lurid thoughts go through my head when I heard her say, “Air Force?” thinking aloud.

I suddenly snapped from gazing at her feet and laughed aloud. Did she really just embarrass me like that? Of all the things to say to a Marine, to say Air Force was a good way to piss one off. Tiring of her simplicity, I decided to push out a little and see how much further I could push her.

“No, I was a Marine,” I responded while biting back my anger. “I was part of a Force Recon team for eight years. I did special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for five.”

“Oh,” was all she replied. She then looked at her feet with a look of embarrassment in her eyes.

“Okay, Miss. I got all the info you need for a new card. Now I need a picture of you for the file.”

“I already took one,” she complained. “Why do I need another?” She stood up. Suddenly the embarrassment was gone and she had a bit of an attitude starting to rise up to the surface.

“Look Miss, I just got this bursa vip escort job and my superiors want me to go by the book for now. So please indulge me,” I said trying to deflate her ego.

She rolled her eyes at me and I saw her getting ready to launch into a tirade at me. Instead of the expected tirade, I heard her mumble a curse in Spanish.

“Pinche pendejo,” she muttered under her breath and thinking I wouldn’t understand. I spoke Spanish well and replied to her in Spanish.

“Was that called for?”

I said it with such a heated tone that it caught her off guard. Her eyes opened wide and I saw her bottom lip go slack. I saw her mouth move to form a sentence. Her mouth looked too inviting to pass up so I figured the only way to shut her up was to go on the offensive. I bounced up from my chair, grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her into my chest, and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her eyes widened even bigger in shock and as her mouth was still open, I snaked my tongue in her mouth as well. She violently jerked against me and tried to shove away. I had eight inches on her and a good seventy pounds of muscle – She was going nowhere. I pulled back and she instinctively slapped me in the face. That was a wrong idea, I had taken her verbal abuse and now it seemed I was to take physical as well. I stood tall, my shoulders racked back and the sounds of them popping got her attention. She saw

the swell of my chest, stepped back and suddenly had a look of terror. My eyes went cold and dark like when I was on an assignment back in Iraq. I hadn’t had that look on my face in eight months and now this little stuck-up bitch provoked a response even I wasn’t even ready for.

“Please – I’m sorry! Don’t do this,” she begged seeing the malevolence in my eyes. I stared at her for what seemed like an hour but in reality was only a few seconds.

I smiled evilly at her and in a cold tone said, “Do what? Make you feel like you’ve wanted to for a long time? I see you walk in here and demand of me as I’m a nothing and you’re the queen bitch of the world. Well, that is the furthest thing from the truth there, sweet thing.”

I pulled her towards my desk with a burning hunger in my eyes. She was trembling as I held her tightly against me. I felt her legs shaking and I lifted her up by that juicy ass and plopped her on my desk. Her ass was firm and at the same time there was a remarkable fullness to it. She gasped as her ass came into contact with the desk. As I ran my hands up her thighs, I realized she was indeed wearing stockings. Lucky me. I kissed her even more forcefully on the lips, letting all my lust show her what was going to happen, and to my surprise she started to return it. I don’t recall when it happened as our mouths were intertwined, but she had opened her blouse and exposed a white lacy bra that barely held her huge tits in check. From the moment I saw those beautiful C-cups staring at me, I knew immediately she was mine and I was going to stake my claim on her. I bit into her neck and she moaned as loud as I have ever heard a woman moan. I felt my way up her stomach and cupped her luscious tits hard. Her nipples stabbed through the lacy material of her bra and felt so good in my fingers.

I looked up and she slapped me again, and this time she was laughing as she did it. It wasn’t a mocking laugh but a playful laugh. A chill ran down my spine and instantly a hunger replaced the cold feeling. I ripped her bra off and she yelped. I looked down at her thick nipples and dark areola, and a hunger washed over me. Taking her breathing as my cue, I leaned down and sucked hard on these beautiful tits. She ran her hands through my buzz cut and moaned like a wanton whore. I moved my hands down and hiked her skirt up and saw the stay-up sheer lace top stockings framing her now dripping panties. Her panties were white lacy boy shorts and they eventually had the same fate as her bra. I tore them off her none too gently. I slid them down her legs and savoured the shudder it got. I stood up, she grabbed my belt buckle and frantically started tugging at it to get it off. I assisted her by undoing my zipper and she shoved my pants to my knees. Her eyes bulged when she saw how big the bulge in my boxers was. I had been blessed with a large cock – nine inches long and four inches thick. I wanted so badly bursa elit escort to plough into her but she shocked me by slipping to her knees, and in one motion ripped my boxers down and sucked my raging member into her mouth. I was in heaven; this little woman nearly gagging herself on my cock was a shock to my system. I received some of the best head I’d ever received in my life. For five minutes, this hungry little slut swirled her tongue over my cock head and nibbled on the tip. I felt a twinge of excitement crawl up my legs. She deep throated me down and I felt her throat muscles contract around me. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer if I stood there and let it continue.

“Not yet you slut,” I hissed as I yanked her up to her feet and spun her around.

“Fuck me, you bastard!” she yelled at me as I slapped her ass and she yelped.

“Oh your gonna get fucked, but first…,” I hissed.

I sank down to my knees and saw the nicest pussy I had seen in years. It was neatly trimmed and her clit was flaring out begging to be suckled. I hiked one of her legs onto my desk, I bit into her fat lips, and she howled like a banshee. I explored her hot hole with my index and middle fingers she had a violent orgasm. I never had a woman orgasm so hard from merely licking her clit and teasing her with my fingers, but I realized that she was totally mine to play with. I caught her as her legs had given way. Forcefully I shoved her back onto my desk and continued my assault on her sweet pussy.

“Oh my god, that was so…good,” she panted, her face totally flushed. She was panting like a bitch in heat and I knew she needed to be fucked in the worst way possible. I suddenly felt my dick needed release or it was going to be a hard night for me. I roughly slammed her on her ass on my desk and in one clean motion I buried myself to the hilt of her steaming pussy. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. The feeling of her wet pussy gripping my cock was perfect. I placed one leg on my chest and spread the other one out as far as it would go and I pounded her with a single-minded fury for what seemed like hours. As I pounded her steaming pussy, she launched a tirade of profanities – some in English and some in Spanish. The cursing was making my blood boil but her nails digging into my back were making me slam into her harder. She was making me see a darker side of myself and I was loving it. I looked at her, she slapped me again even harder, and it was all I could handle. I grabbed her by the throat and slam fucked her into until I nearly blacked out. I felt that familiar twinge in my loins and sensed I was near coming. She sensed it as well.

“Don’t cum in me – I’m not on the pill,” she begged me. I normally would have ignored such a plea, but I was feeling generous. I yanked my cock from her dripping pussy and fired a salvo of six huge spurts of cum. I had never come so hard in my life and she lay back and accepted my cum on her tits and neck. I slumped into my chair exhausted. She was shaking on my desk and started rubbing my cum into her tits. I looked up and saw her lick her fingers clean.

“Wow,” was all she said. Her eyes were glossed over and she looked like she was in a stupor. I knew I was.

“I get off at midnight,” I said panting like I had just ran ten miles.

She smiled at me and pulled out a pen and writ down her cell number. “Call me when you do baby. I think my boss can wait a while longer.”

“Yes ma’am, I will,” I said with a look in my eyes that promised her she was in for more of the


She buttoned up her jacket slid her skirt down and sashayed out of the office. I smiled and thought to myself “Yes my little slut, I will indeed.” I knew in that instant that the rest of my time here would be productive – so to speak. I spent the next thirty-five minutes for my work relief to arrive. The dickhead was late and beginning to piss me off. I frantically straightened up my desk, knocked out the last of my work, took my guards daily sheets, and filed them as fast as I could. I happened to look under my desk and my eyes bulged. Her panties were on the floor. I snatched them up and stuffed them in my pocket without anyone getting wise to what I had done. After I clocked-out, I took out my phone and called her up.

“Not wasting any time are you?” she purred into the phone. My cock suddenly became uncomfortable.

“I guess not. You coming or what darlin’?” I said in the voice I’d use on low ranking personnel.

She giggled on the other end of the phone and replied, “Be right down papi,” and hung up. I looked at myself in the office mirror and smiled a dark smile. She was mine.

To be continued…

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