The Woman on the Bus Ch. 04

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The Woman on the Bus


The Morning After and the Third Week

The following morning, I woke up before Gina did and laid there, still glowing. That night was amazing. We explored each other for hours. Not always providing sexual pleasure, but certainly a hands-on experience. We traced every curve of each other’s body, kissed every inch. Yes, we made each other cum multiple times, but the exploration was the most fun. We teased each other, figuring out what tickled and what made us wet. I watched her as she lay sleeping. Beautiful. I don’t know how I never saw in her before what I saw that morning. I didn’t want her to leave.

Along with all the other activities of the previous night, we also teased Ben a little.

During a break in the action the night before, I went to get us some water and brought my phone back to the room. I started asking Gina her thoughts as I walked in.

“Do you think I should send Ben the picture without comment or tell him that something has happened and wait for a response.” I said as I turned the corner into the bedroom.

Gina was laying on top of the covers and I couldn’t help but enjoy the view. I was enraptured by my friend. Maybe it was because she was my first real sexual experience with a woman or because I already loved her as a person and we kind of finished that bond.

“Did you hear me or were you watching me rub my pussy?” She asked.

I snapped out of my haze and apologized while smiling.

“You’re funny!” She responded, her eyes twinkling at me. “I said, I think you should tell him something happened and see what he says.”

“That sounds fun,” I said as I hopped back up on the bed. I pulled the comforter over both of us, gave Gina a quick kiss, and began typing.

Me: Babe, something happened here.


“What do you think he’ll say?” she asked.

“Don’t know. He may panic because I never do that to him. He might even be asleep, but I doubt it. He could call if he panics enough.”

“Oh, he responded.” She pointed out.

I looked at my phone:

Ben: What happened? Do I need to come home?

I sent the picture and be both erupted in a giggle fit. I knew I had his attention so, the game was how long would it take for him to respond and what was he doing in that time.


“He seems excited. I wonder how I should respond to him?” I asked, looking at Gina.

“Obviously he knows it’s me. I wonder what response he’s looking for?” She wondered out loud.

Just then, he called me.

“Hello?” I answered, pretending to be oblivious to why he was calling.

“Babe! That was Gina! What happened to Melissa?!” he said in a happy but frantic tone.

“Melissa’s not gone. It’s a long story, dear but I thought I would tease you a little.”

“You succeeded. Is she staying the night?” he asked curiously.

“Yep, she’s right here next to me,” I told him. “Naked.”

“What are you two doing?” he asked in a lower, more serious tone.

“Ohhhh, nothing!” I said with a short chuckle.

Gina was watching me intently as I felt her hand on my breasts under the covers.

“Well, it was nothing. She’s touching me now.”

“Where is she touching you?”

“My breasts, but her hand is still traveling. She has soft fingers, you know,” I informed him.

I could hear him shuffling around.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Listening to you,” he lied.

“Liar. Is it in your hand?”


“Are you turned on, babe?” I said right before taking a sharp breath in.

“What happened?”

“She has a finger inside me,” I moaned.

We were looking into each other’s eyes as she fingered me, and I spoke to Ben.

“That’s hot, babe. Can’t believe I’m not there to witness this. I’m glad I’ll be home soon.”

“Me too. I’m going to go. Gina has plans for me, it seems. You take care of… that.”

“Oh, I will. Send me another?” he requested.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Bye, love.”


Gina continued to finger me, and I leaned into her, pulling her closer to me.

“Don’t tease me darling!” I gasped, hoping she would continue.

“I’ll never tease you without purpose.” She said, beginning to use her thumb on my clit. I came again shortly after. Typically, I would be exhausted by that point, but it was so exciting to be with Gina and experiencing her in a new way. I couldn’t help but think of Melissa often, though. Almost as if I was cheating on her.

I never sent Ben another picture. We decided he could wait until he was home, and the time was right. Gina and I decided we had included him as much as we wanted to for the time being.

We showered after Gina woke and I made us breakfast. We decided to go out shopping and have lunch, but then she needed to go home and get ready for the week.

“Will you be seeing Melissa this week?” Gina asked. I could tell by the tone that she may be a little jealous.

“I don’t know, we have not made any arrangements.” I Sincan Escort said, trying to read her. I hope she wasn’t going to become disinterested in my interactions with Melissa.

“I’m dying to know what happens. She sounds beautiful by the way you describe her. She must be if she absolutely grabbed your attention. I think she turned you!” She said playfully, putting her hand on my arm.

“No, silly! I haven’t turned. I simply crave… more!” I said, leaning in to kiss Gina’s lips. “Want to come over Friday and hear what went on this week? I’m excited to find out what each day brings. I guess I also wouldn’t mind having sex with you again,” I sarcastically added.

Gina gave me a silly look and said, “Yes! I’ll bring a bag with me this time. Will Ben be home?”

“No, he comes back Saturday evening.”

“Okay, I’ll see you Friday after work then. Thank you for the amazing weekend!” she said, leaning in to press her lips against mine.

She gently placed her hand on my face as she kissed me. She melted my heart with her love and warmth. I felt I pulled her out from the bad place she had confessed to living in and she was truly happy.

“I can’t wait for another!” I added with a wink.

Gina left and I cleaned up the house and waited to see if Melissa would text me. She never responded after I sent the pictures to her. I doubted anything was wrong, she just doesn’t seem as talkative as Gina was, except that one night.

I ended up cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, watching some TV by myself and going to bed. I spent a while thinking of Melissa and Gina both. I thought of Melissa and our antics on the bus. I thought of Gina and our Antics in bed. I had so much fun with each of them individually. I fell asleep to the idea of having both at the same time. If I wasn’t so tired, I might have dreamt up a scenario where that was taking place and gotten off. It wasn’t meant to be, though.

That following Friday, Gina arrived early for our evening of gossip and sex. I never usually planned my sexual encounters, but with Gina, it turned into something I truly looked forward to. I spent some time the past week hoping and praying that my new affinity for my girlfriend wasn’t because she was something new. Worse, that I wasn’t losing interest in my interactions with Melissa because the flesh I was beginning to desire had come to me with Gina sooner than Melissa was willing to give me.

“Knock, Knock!” She said loudly.

“I’m in the kitchen making some snacks for us!” I announced. I made some appetizers and a dip for us to enjoy since I knew half the night would be me telling her about Melissa. The other half had no room for snacks as Gina was my snack. If the evening was going to go the way the previous one had, I wasn’t going to even finish my story before our hormones took over and I was perfectly okay with that.

Gina walked into the kitchen and pulled me close, kissing me before releasing me back to my preparations. “Anything I can do to help?” She asked.

I loved her kisses.

“Nope, just about done here. Why don’t you get comfortable, and I’ll be out shortly.”

She put her bag down near the door and pulled her wine bottle out. I gave her two glasses and she moved into the living room. After a couple minutes, I brought some chips, cold dip, and some pretzels with hot cheese sauce out. I turned into the living room and paused for a moment, looking at Gina laying on the couch. She had taken off her clothes, except some boxer shorts and was laying on the couch. Her breasts looked amazing resting on her chest, and she teased me by not being totally naked. She noticed me looking at her and smiled at me.

“Sit here,” she said as she sat up, “and I’ll lay on your lap as you tell me about this week.”

“This was a strange week!” I warned Gina, “Last week it was all about real sexual contact, even to the point of sending pictures of our sensitive areas to each other. This week was a bit different, but so much more exciting.”

As I did the week before, I started my story with Monday morning’s preparations.

“I didn’t get a response from Melissa over the weekend so, I didn’t wear anything out of the ordinary. I was tempted to wear a low-cut shirt, but that isn’t considered very office like. No matter, I did all the traditional preps in the morning including shaving. You never know when you’ll need to be ready, especially these days! I went to the bus stop not knowing what to expect.

“When I got on the bus, I looked around to see her and she was again sitting in the back of the bus. I don’t think she was expecting me to stand in front of her again, but I did notice that her backpack was taking up the seat next to her. I moved to her and asked if the seat was taken and if not, may I sit there. She looked up at me and smiled politely as if I was just another passenger. I was taken back a little by her seemingly dismissive attitude about my presence, but I was jumping the gun on that.

“I sat down next to her and put my hands on my lap wondering what I should do but she wasted no time Escort Ankara showing what she wanted. Without looking at me, she reached over and took my hand in hers, interlacing our fingers like two teenage lovers on their first date. She squeezed my hand a little then let go. One of those things you do to remind the person whose hand you’re holding that you care for them. I blushed a little and reciprocated. This happened a couple times before we got to her stop.

“As the bus came to a stop, she reached down and grabbed her bag. As she moved to stand, she leaned into me and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek, not releasing my hand until she was done. She looked me in the eye, smiled, and walked away. The last sixty seconds of that bus ride absolutely melted my heart. I thought about that… and you, all day.”

Gina giggled a little when I said that.

“It was like I was on cloud nine all day. I left work and went home not expecting anything. I was tempted to call you and see if I could come over to tell you about it, but I was also tired from being partially unable to sleep the night before thinking of our weekend!”

“Same with me!” Gina injected.

“That night I got a text from Melissa thanking me. I didn’t know what she was thanking me for since she did everything. She explained that she didn’t have a good weekend and I made her feel better just being there. I asked her what happened, but she explained that it wasn’t any single event, just a bunch of small things that didn’t exactly go her way. I told her I understood and that I’m looking forward to seeing her the next day. She responded similarly and with no instruction about for then so, I went to bed.”

“I was a little sad the next morning because I was used to her telling me what to do to prepare for the following day, but she hadn’t. I hoped she wasn’t losing interest in me. I dressed in one of my usual office outfits and left the house as I normally did. I didn’t have much on my mind except that I hoped Melissa wasn’t still sad. I wanted to be there for her and comfort her. I also wanted her to snap out of it because I wanted to see her naked on her bed and kiss her all over.

“The bus came and as I got on, I looked for her. She was in the same spot as the day before with her bag on the seat next to her. I thought she was sad again and wanted me to comfort her. There weren’t many people on the bus that day, so I didn’t have a great excuse to sit directly next to her, but what was I really worried about, you know? Those who were not regulars would probably rarely see me again, if ever. Those who were regulars are not people I see any other time of the day.

“I asked her if she minded if I sat next to her and just as the day prior, she smiled at me and moved her bag. I sat next to her and threw caution to the wind. I put my hand on her knee. She stopped reading her book for a moment and looked at my hand, smiled, and put her hand over mine. I got a quick chill down my spine when she did. I longed for her touch, and I couldn’t get enough. I watched her read her book, scanning each word. It seemed like she was waiting for me to do more. I then remembered the text message.

“Looking around the bus, I figured no one would see what I was about to do. I shifted my position, so I was facing her just a little more than I was before. I took my hand from her knee and reached around her front and placed it on her opposite cheek. She set her book down as I pulled her closer to me. Instead of kissing her cheek or whatever she was expecting, I leaned in further and began kissing her neck where it curved into her shoulder. I traced her neck with light kisses until I got to her ear, and I gently flicked the lobe with my tongue, then kissed my way back down her neck, kissing with more passion each time.

“Her hand gripped my wrist tightly but made no effort to pull away from me. I heard her breath get more shallow and rugged. I’d been waiting for that moment with her. If only it were just the beginning, but unfortunately, it would have to be all for that day. I lingered on the last kiss just beside the neck of her t-shirt. I purposely ensured a little saliva was left behind when I retreated. If it were me and she did that, I would have goose bumps. I looked over at her and smiled when I realized that was exactly the case.

She turned and quickly faced me, staring deeply into my eyes, breathing quickly.

“Christy. I need you,” she said in a husky voice.

“When may I give myself to you?” I whimpered slightly.

“I’ll let you know. I want you so bad. I’m so wet right now,” she said, still peering as far into my soul as anyone has before.

“Me too,” I said, pressing my forehead to hers.

Just as I was done repeating what Melissa had said to me, I looked over to Gina, expecting her hand to be inside her boxers. I leaned closer to her when I confirmed my suspicions.

“You sure you want to start that now? I have so much more to tell you, love,” I asked.

“I can do this all night, Christy. You turn me on so much with your stories.”

She didn’t Eryaman Escort Bayan pull her hand from her boxers, but she stopped masturbating.

“I am so jealous of your adventures,” she told me. “Not because of Melissa, though, because I will always credit that little minx with getting us to the point where I’m sitting on your couch topless and masturbating while you tell me about the incredible sexual tension between you and her. I’m jealous because I sometimes wish we could have started our relationship that way. I want you so bad right now, but I’ll manage with some self-pleasure while I hear about your adventures.”

“Yeah?” I said, standing up. I removed my shirt and stood on front of her. Anticipating this change, she swiveled around so she was now facing me.

“Christy,” she said, slipping a finger inside her vagina.

I was going to make her cum before I finished the rest of the story. I had a feeling this story was going to take all night if we kept stopping to do this. I was happy to do it, though.

I turned around and bent over at the waist just slightly. Looking at her, I asked “Would you like to see more?”

“You know I do.”

I hooked my thumbs into the waist band and slowly lower and remove them. I turned around and put my hand between my legs.

“Would you like to watch me rub my clit?” I asked, staring her down.


“Would you like me to pinch my nipple while I finger myself?”

“Oh, God, yes!”

I could tell she was about to cum. I closed my eyes and got myself worked up standing in front of her, moving my hips side to side while hearing her whimper.

“Christy… CHRISTY. I’m CUMMING!”

“Cum for me, love. Release the tremors inside you and cum so hard for me,” I said as I knelt in front of her, my hands on both her knees. I refrained from going in for the kill until later tonight.

Her body thrashed on the sofa as she came, and I enjoyed watching it. As she caught her breath, I ran my hands up and down her legs.

“Are you ready for day three?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” she said as she caught her breath.

“Another night went by without hearing from Melissa. I think we were just winging it at that point, or at least I was. After yesterday, I was in a… well, just a great mood! I didn’t pay attention to much of anyone or anything on the way to the bus and I suppose I just lost track of myself when I suddenly realized I was on the bus. Did you ever drive somewhere and suddenly you’re miles away from where you last remember without any memory of it? That’s what happened to me. As soon as I snapped out of it, I looked around to see if I could spot Melissa, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“I assumed she would be getting on at her normal stop, but her stop came and went without a trace of her. I looked at my phone to see if I missed any messages, but I didn’t have any at all. I wondered if she would be waiting anywhere along my path that day. It wasn’t meant to be it seems. My stop arrived and I got off the bus after taking one more look around, just in case I missed her. She wasn’t there and thus would begin a miserable morning.

“I went into the office and began my work and was like a robot doing it, albeit a slow one. It wasn’t until about mid-day that my phone buzzed. I wasn’t expecting a text so, I briefly looked at the name. I was surprised to see Melissa’s name. I dropped everything I was doing and hurried to see what she wrote.

Melissa: Are you wearing a skirt?

Me: No.

Melissa: That’s a shame. Go to the most remote bathroom you can find and tell me when you get there.

Me: Now?

Melissa: Yes, I want to make it up to you.

Me: What do you mean?

Melissa: I was not on the bus. You’re either sad or angry with me.

Me: I’m absolutely not angry with you.

Melissa: Then you are sad, and I can’t have that. Will you go?

Me: Yes.

“I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to me at the moment. When I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, I left and went down to the first floor. That is the reception floor and the only people who are there is a couple receptionists and people coming and going. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but my heart fluttered a little when I thought Melissa might be there waiting for me. Had she been waiting, though, she would have told me exactly which one to go to. I texted her back.

Me: I’m here.

Melissa: Go into a stall and close the door behind you.

Melissa: Sit down and call me on skype using my contact information.

“I didn’t have skype on my phone, but I was able to download it quickly through the company Wi-Fi. I called her not knowing what to expect. She answered the call, but I didn’t see her. The camera appeared stationary and positioned just above the floor. In front of it, I could see a blanket with a dildo positioned in the middle. I blushed a little but was certainly curious what her plan was.

“Without a word said, she came into view. For the first time, I saw her completely nude. Gina, she was more beautiful that I thought she could be. I started wondering what such a beautiful young woman could want in someone like me. The answer never came to me, but I was fixated on her. I watched her every move. I watched her walk into the frame, kneel, and look into the camera.

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