The Women in My Life Ch. 05

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My work life started not long after returning home from University, which is how I met…

THE OFFICE WOMAN (1982 ~ 22)

Much to my mum’s joy, my first job out of Uni was in a pharmaceutical company a few miles away in Blackburn. I had learned to drive and I’d got my first car, a small mini, from a mate of my dad’s. So that’s how I got to work starting at the end of summer/early autumn 1981.

I started working on a 9am-5pm “swing” shift in the Computer Operations department, learning what was what; how the systems and processes worked; as well as many of the users. After two months I switched to the two shift patterns 6am-2pm (early) and 2pm-10pm (late). In the December, we had the works Christmas party at which I met one of the voices I’d spoken to often but had never met, Janice. It turned out she was with her husband, Bobby, who was in the Royal Navy. He was expecting to be away on tour for almost six months from March time, a few weeks after Janice’s 27th birthday. I had driven to the Party and offered to drive them home as they lived not too far from work, and I passed it on my way home anyway.

Bobby went to sea in late March and luckily didn’t get involved in the Falklands Naval Task Force, spending his time in the Indian Ocean.

Janice, or Jan as she preferred, was a “Designated User”, to whom we had to pass on a system generated Quality Reference Certificate (aka QRC) by telephone twice a day, morning and afternoon. Prior to actually meeting her at the Christmas do, I’d only spoken to her over the phone. Since late March there had developed an element of banter over the passing on of this QRC. Things like:

Me: “I’ve got a long one for you today”,

Her: “Oh Good. Just what a girl needs in the morning”,

Me: “I look forward to giving you one later”,

Her: “Well, Bobby’s away so that’ll be fine”,

Me: “I’ve only got a small one this afternoon”,

Her: “Thank goodness for this morning’s big one then”,

Me: “Can I give it to you now?”,

Her: “That’d be nice but it might be a bit awkward in front of all the office.”

… and so many more.

In mid April, the banter from Jan became decidedly more intense. She said,

“It’s when social intercourse becomes physical intercourse that things get really interesting. And I like really interesting.”

I could sense there was more than just banter going on!

I was working the 2-10 shift that next Friday when I had to contact Jan regarding a query over a Certificate. She sounded croaky and rough voiced.

“Got a cold or something coming on” she said.

“I’d suggest taking to your bed with some whisky and honey,” I replied.

“OK but what about my cold?” she quipped back.

In reply I said, testing, “A good stiff one for you, I think.”

“A good stiff one sounds right up my er… street. It would give me an injection… of energy.”

It sounded like an invite to me!

The following Monday, I started the 6-2 shift and found that Jan was not in work that day, but as I left at 2pm and drove past her home, I had this urge to stop and see how she was. I parked up and as I walked up to the door she must have seen me because she opened the door slightly. Sounding a bit snuffly, she said,

“This is a surprise! Come in, but I’m full of a cold.”

“That’s OK”, I replied, “I’m not planning on kissing you anyway.”

“You’re no fun sometimes” was her response.

As she closed the door and moved ahead of me into the back living room, I could see that she was only dressed in some kind of knee-length nightie. She made me sit down in the chair opposite to her. Conversation ensued about her health and what was going on. She added,

“Following your suggestion, I’ve spent most of the weekend in bed. Alone.”

“Did you take the whisky and lemon?, I asked.

“I did, but it wasn’t a stiff one.”

“I could take that statement a number of different ways,” I said back.

“Could you now? “

“Yes, but I’m a gentleman.”

“Pity.” she answered.

“Maybe, but I’m not one to take advantage of a lady in an unwell condition.”

“Mmm, I thought you might be bringing me a Certificate, when I saw you,” she mused.

“If I were, you know it would be a long one!”

“So you say,” she said, “I’ve yet to see any evidence. I’m thinking you’re all talk and no trousers.”

I replied, “I think if I had no trousers on, you’d probably see how long it was.”

“I think it’s only fair, after all, I’ve got no pants on,” she said blatantly and sitting opposite me as she was, she moved and widened her legs to flash a hint of her pubic hair. My invite, so I went for it!

I got up, walked towards her then knelt down in front of her, placing my hands on her knees. Opening her legs, she lay back as I pushed her nightie up and spread her legs wider. Adana Escort I brushed her pubic hair with my hand and touched her wet clitoris with my thumb, feeling her twitch slightly. Looking at me, she murmured.

I bent down to touch her clitoris with my tongue, slowly rolling around it. I could taste how wet she was with anticipation. I dug my tongue deep into her love lips, poking in and licking around her labia. Then I concentrated on her clitoris, sucking and licking it until she started moaning in earnest, before finally shuddering in a climax.

“I’ve got your Certificate ready now,” I said as I pulled up from kissing her clit, undid my belt and dropped my trousers and underwear, “I think you’ll find it’s long enough now.”

“Fuck! It is a big one,” she said, smiling.

“Just to be sure, do I need a condom?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “most definitely no.”

Jan gazed as I slowly pulled my foreskin back to expose the head of my rampant rod. I leant back in to touch her vaginal entrance with my rock hard tool, then gently pushed in. I slipped easily into an already wet vagina and then pushed all the way in.

“I think that’s as far in as it gets” I said, “but its worth recycling it in and out a bit.”

I humped and fucked away, pulling her further down towards me and widening her legs further. As my hot member thrust in and out, I continued to tickle her clitoris with my thumb. Jan murmured louder then cried,

“Oh! Oh! Fuucckk!!” as another orgasm rippled through her.

Still pumping away I warned her, “This Certificate is about to expire in a few seconds and leave you a little something behind.”

Just as I finished speaking my engorged penis thrust deep into Jan’s womb spurting hot spunk deep inside her. I was still erect as i stopped ejaculating, when she moved back so that my penis came out of her vagina and bobbed up. In a flash she was down on the floor in front of me, her lips wrapping round the glans of my cock end. She sucked deep and long, while also putting her hand behind and underneath my balls, tickling and pressing. After several minutes, I placed my hands on her head as orgasm started distantly in my groin, before finally pushing my cock deep into her mouth for a second cum load eruption. She swallowed deeply, murmuring again as she did.

We sat there sated for a few minutes, passed a few compliments between us and parted with Jan saying “Must do this again sometime!”

Sure enough, when I was on a 2-10 shift, sometimes she would rush home for lunch and arrange to meet me there about 12:30. Then there’d be repeated fucking and sucking before we went, separately, to work.

Other times when I was on late shift, I’d go afterwards, about 10:30. Jan was just so eager to fuck, I couldn’t believe my luck sometimes! One evening she dragged me upstairs as soon as I got inside, telling me to get naked and horny! Once in the bedroom, she dropped the dressing gown to reveal her nakedness. Jumping on the bed she knelt on all fours, shuffling back so that her bum was over the end of the bed. She widened her legs in readiness.

A doggy fuck! It has always been a favourite and my pleasure at the sight of her arse end waiting for me, was evident very quickly as my erection rapidly rose. Having divested myself of clothes I approached her, tool in hand, to rub the tip over her moist labia then slip inside. She had to shuffle her legs a bit wider to lower her cunt for me. Grabbing her by the hips I proceeded a steady deep thrusting. Jan resumed her “profanities”, telling me to “Fuck me hard”, “Ooo that’s hard”, “Fuck me deeper”, amongst others. She lowered herself, resting her head on her arms, raising her arse slightly. I continued fucking hard and deep, the sound of my stomach slapping her arse making a regular almost clock like ticking sound.

Minutes of deep fucking passed until orgasm fairly roared it was ready. Unable to resist and pushing deep inside her, I grunted as my throbbing penis pulsed stream after stream of spunk into her inverted womb. I remained hard, still impaled inside Jan.

“Fuck me again,” she insisted, “fuck me, fuck me and fuck me.”

So fuck her again I did. Nor did I hold back. I slammed into her cunt hole hard and fast, Jan screaming profanities and pushing hard back into me. Her hole was so wet with my first ejaculate, there was this almost slurping sound as I went in and out.

“Cuming!” I roared as, again, I rammed deep inside Jan’s vaginal tunnel to unload another load of semen.

As I pulled out, she lay forward on her front, “Fuck that was good,” she said looking sideways at me.

“Always my favourite,” I said.

“I’ll remember that.”

When I was on the 6-2 shift I’d sometimes get there for 5am, for an early morning fuck and suck fest. She would always be awake Adana Escort Bayan and ready!

I remember one evening when I arrived after 10pm that began moments after I entered her house, got dragged upstairs and undressed. She told me to lie on the bed and began to work on bringing my penis to a full erection. She stroked and licked and sucked, bobbing her head.

“Let me know when you want to cum,” she said.

I lay there, eyes closed as she continued to suck and pull on my happy member. As the tingling began, I warned her. To my surprise, she took my penis out of her mouth and wanked me faster, keeping my erect penis almost level with my stomach! I looked at her. She was engrossed watching herself wank me off.

“Gonna cum!” I almost shouted.

Still looking at her hand around my penis, she smiled just as I erupted great gouts of spunk out of my cock end over my belly. She continued pumping my cock until I finished pulsing out spunk. Lifting up my still hardened erection, Jan wrapped her mouth around it and sucked out what spunk was in there. Holding my erection upright, she then leaned forward and with her tongue slurped up the spunk lying on my belly.

“Mmmm,” she said, “tasty.”

Having licked it all up, Jan climbed up to straddle me. Except she was facing away from me. Still holding my hard cock in her hand, she positioned it at the entrance to her love hole and dropped down until she had buried me fully inside her. Leaning forward with her hands on the bed, she began to ride me. I guess it was what we now call a reverse cowgirl! Up and down she bobbed, which to me was another sort of doggie fuck, I just lay there letting her do all the work as I just enjoyed the sensation and of watching my cock go in and out. There seemed no urgency for me to cum, but suddenly Jan stopped, shouting,

“Fuuccckkk.” presumably in orgasm as i felt her vagina wall ripple against my stiff shaft.

That stirred me into thrusting up to meet her downward push. Moments later, as Jan groaned again, I pushed up hard and stayed up as I jetted another load of cum, this time inside her womb.

Through April, May and June the fucking and sucking went on most days of the working week.

Then one Tuesday night in late June, I called in after work, about 10:15pm. Jan was in her nightie and seemed a bit more excited than usual.

She said, “It’s a special night tonight, come on up…” then she held out her hand to me. We went upstairs. There was a pillow on the end of the bed and she got on the bed, taking her nightie off then lay down with her bum on the pillow holding her legs wide, saying. “Fuck me hard.”

So I just dropped my pants, kicking them to one side, knelt down and kissed her already wet clit, tonguing it round and getting a hard on. “No. Just fuck me hard and fill me.”

Standing up, I slipped my rampant rod inside her, replying, “I think I can manage that.” and started pumping away.

I held her behind her knees, opening them wider as I poked in and out vigorously. Five minutes or so later, as if she sensed the tingling starting in my groin she urged, “Cum inside me”, so seconds later I did.

“Stay inside me and cum again” she urged, so I resumed pumping away until cum load two arrived inside her.

She shuffled up the bed, closing her legs, adding “I’m staying here now. I’ll feel your spunk dribbling out all night.” She seemed to have this “dirty talk” thing I’d heard about. So leaving her in bed, I dressed and left, locking the front door behind me!

On another occasion, after our first copulation of the evening, Jan said,

“You know, I’ll think about you when Bobby’s fucking me, imagining it’s your cock I’m sucking or that’s fucking me.”

There was many a “comparison” made between me and Bobby by Jan. It got a bit niggling after a while.

As she spoke she began stroking my penis back to life. As it resumed its hardness, she added, “But Bobby can’t go as often as you.”

In the August, there was a 25th Wedding Anniversary at work, to which everyone was invited on the Saturday evening. Though I didn’t particularly know them, I went anyway. I’d driven there and drank three pints before deciding to leave. Drinking and driving wasn’t as big a thing back then! Jan made sure she left with me. Of course, she invited me in.

In pretty short order, we were upstairs in the bedroom naked, doggy fucking for all I was worth, eventually spewing great streams of spunk into her cunt hole. She leaned forward, my still erect penis standing proud.

She turned over and lifted her legs right up and wide, showing her cunt and arsehole. “Bobby likes to fuck me up the bum, sometimes. I’d like you to do it too, so I can imagine it’s you when he does it.”

It was an offer I’d never had! And one I’d never thought about, though Escort Adana I did know anal was a thing. I told her I’d never done it before and she became instantly agitated and eager for her to be my first anal.

In that moment, as she pleaded for me to fuck her up the arse, I wondered what it would be like. It wasn’t as if I was forcing her and I think my alcohol consumption just tweaked my inhibition level, so…

“Ok”, I said.

“Great!” she gleefully said, “Now you’re bigger than Bobby, so if I say stop just pause, don’t pull out or anything.”

She reached out and got hold of a tube of oily lube stuff and rubbed it around her bumhole, even squirting a bit up it. She then dropped some on the knob end of my still stiff prick. Lying back on the end of the bed before me, she hitched her legs back up, splayed them wide, presenting her cunt and arse to me.

“Now push the tip of your cock to my bumhole,” she instructed “but don’t push yet.”

I leant forward, my knob head just touching the brown ring that was the sphincter muscle entrance to her arse. Jan sort of took a breath in and blew out. As she did the closed hole of her arse seemed to wink and relax.

“Push” she said “until your knob end is in, then stop.”

So I pushed. It was tight and I held the shaft of my erection as I pushed it in. With a sudden easing, my knob end slid in only to be clamped immediately behind it. I stopped pushing.

“Fuck, you’re way bigger than Bobby,” she said.

I was getting a bit fed up of her constant comparing of me with Bobby but at least I was always bigger or better!

She blew another breath then said “OK push. Slowly.”

So I pushed. Slowly. Jan continuing to breathe and blow deeply until I was all but an inch or so fully in,

“Stop,” she said, “how much more?”

“About an inch or two” I replied.

“Ok, just a moment. I think that it’s deeper than Bobby’s ever been!”

Mentally I groaned again at the comparison. “OK,” she said, then “all the way now.”

So I pushed until my pubic hair and abdomen wall were up against her arse cheeks.

“When you’re ready,” she continued, “slowly in and out but not all the way out.”

I began a slow rhythmic fuck of her arse. It felt different to fucking her cunt hole, tighter certainly but there was no rippled feeling along the sides of my penis. All the tension and pressure was caused by the ring of her anus as it slid along my shaft. I can’t say it felt better than a normal fuck though. As I’d already shot one load I wasn’t ready to cum quickly, so I continued the slow and steady fuck, watching my dick poking in and out of her arsehole. As she’d pre-lubed her anal canal it didn’t feel dry or irritating.

After several minutes of her “ooing” and “arrhing” and “fuck that’s good” umpteen times, Jan told me to hold her legs open for her, which I did. Immediately she began frigging her clit!

“I wanna cum while you’re still inside me,” she said, “fucking my arse.”

She didn’t take long to cum either! In barely 20 seconds she started to orgasm.

“Fuuuck” she growled.

Suddenly, I felt a tightening around my prick and looking down I could see the pelvic floor between her cunt and arsehole rippling and contracting. I stopped momentarily until it passed. Jan didn’t stop frigging her clit though and orgasmed a couple more times.

“Tell me when you getting close,” she demanded, “I wanna cum as you do.”

She eased her clit frigging. I was getting close anyway, with an urge to fuck faster and deeper.

“Gonna cum deep in a minute,” I said as I upped the fuck rate.

Jan increased her frig rate too. The tingle began deep in my groin before rapidly electrocuting my whole body. My cock thrust deep in her arse canal and I started to spew out my second spunk load. I could feel my cock twitching as each time more spunk pulsed out into her anal canal. All this time Jan’s orgasms were twitching her body as she shouted out “Fuuuck” repeatedly.

I stopped, drained for a moment or so, then slowly pulled out my now semi flaccid penis.

“Wow” Jan said, as she stretched her legs to lie flat, “that was fucking fantastic!”

After some minor chat and a strong hint that we must do it again, I left.

However and whyever the fates conspired I don’t know, but it turned out to be my first anal fuck and my last Jan fuck. I couldn’t make the next few nights and less than a week later, Bobby returned from sea. It seemed as if Jan and I had never fucked! The banter stopped and there was no more innuendo. I assume that absence made her cunt grow fonder for her husband and she was getting enough at home!

In February 1983, I left the company, having been poached by an IT recruitment agency to a job offering a substantially better pay packet. The down side was that it was in Crewe! Having spoken to mum and dad, they said “Go for it, son, you’ll never know unless you try!” So I went.

I was fortunate that as part of the deal for my new job, I got a six month free rental of a semi detached property. This was how I met…

The Neighbourly Woman

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