The Woods

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Chapter One

He weaved his way through the overgrown foliage almost by second nature. It was a path he’d trekked many times, although it had been almost six months since he’d last hiked it. With a mild winter, things still grew readily, and as a result, there were a lot of limbs that would need to be cut back on his next trip. But that was for another day. Today was the first really perfect day of the short spring season central Texas usually experienced… low humidity, clear blue skies, and wildflowers in full bloom. He wasn’t about to miss a minute of it doing trail maintenance – if you could call it a trail.

Once a campground, the acreage behind his home had long since gone the way of re-naturalization, which despite the deteriorating conditions, was actually to his benefit. Very few neighbors even had access to this wild area, and from the condition of the trail, it seemed those that did weren’t utilizing it. Which was perfect… it meant he’d be alone. He always enjoyed his time alone outdoors, and he was excited today. Already, he could feel himself growing thick with anticipation, shifting heavily in his shorts with each step.

Not far away, she was relishing the day as well. Part of group of classmates who’d decided on a whim to go to Texas for spring break, she loved the outdoors and spending the day at the lake on a rental boat was the perfect way to start a week of much needed relaxation. It was great to get away from the stresses of school and her part of the world. Her only real concern now that they were there was how to get a little time to herself.

As her friends goofed around diving in and out of the boat, she eyed the shoreline and it’s dense tree growth. Rocky cliffs rose in either direction from the outcropping of land near which they had anchored for the day. Far off to her left, at the peak of the gradual incline of limestone, she could see people peering down at the lake, golf course and boaters. They were close enough to tell apart boy from girl by what they were wearing, but not close enough to make out any details of their faces- in other words, a good hike. Just the ticket, she thought, as she turned back to watch her friends at play. Already well into the stash of beer, their faces were rosy from the unimpeded sunlight mixed with the dilating effects of the alcohol.

“Any of you guys wanna go on a hike with me?” she asked.

Her girlfriend, who was lying beside her, glanced back over her shoulder. “What’d you have in mind?” she asked, as she adjusted the small bit of material covering her butt so as not to get such a definite tan line. Earlier, she’d already removed her top.

“I want to go up there… where those people are,” she said, pointing high up to the overlooking cliff’s edge, dotted with figures.

“Looks like a lot of work to me. I thought we were here to relax, have fun… maybe meet a few cute guys,” her friend replied as she watched a ski boat zoom by, loaded with frat guys hooting and hollering back at the scantily clad ladies. “But if that’s what you want to do, don’t let me stop you.”

“Fine… I think I will.”

She sat up, put on her sandals and cap, pulling her ponytail through the hole in back. Grabbing a small backpack, she eased into the water, holding the pack overhead. Her toes touched bottom just as the water reached her neck, but as she neared the shoreline, boulders provided footing for her to climb out. As she stood on one and slung her pack over her shoulder, she was both excited and nervous about setting out alone. She called back to her friend, who was turning over to lie on her back, pert young breasts glistening with tanning lotion, “If I’m not back in a couple hours, come look for me… I’ll be somewhere between here and up there!” Her girlfriend nodded passively, clearly more intent on getting herself into a more seductive position before that ski boat turned and made another pass. She smiled as she turned back to the shoreline and made her way through the first row of bushes and trees.

The deeper into the woods he hiked, the warmer he became under the noonday sun, and soon he was sweating. Stopping briefly to remove his shirt, he peered through the trees along the cliff down to the river’s edge. Several boats had already dropped anchor at the mouth of the creek as many more motored up and down the wide river into which it emptied. A few even had skiers in tow, though the water was still cool enough to require the use of at least a minimal wetsuit. He glanced down at the boat nearest the shore. There were half a dozen college-aged kids on or around it already having fun. One nicely figured girl was lying at the bow of the boat, sunning as she spoke to another. He packed his shirt and took a drink of water. Just as he was about to replace his pack, he glanced out again, and the girl had turned over… topless! A grin spread across his face as he realized it must be spring break. ‘There’ll be a lot of that going on this Alanya Escort week’ he thought to himself. ‘Maybe I’ll head downtown tonight and see what kind of trouble I can get into’ his smile widening as he stole one last glance, then resumed his descent to the lush clearing at the base of this wild peninsula.

Five minutes later, he had reached the bottom and the trees started to thin, small pockets of meadow thick with wild grass and flowers springing up in to meet the direct sunlight. He could hear the music and screams of the spring breakers just beyond the lush tree line against the shore. Having been at their vantage point many times in years past, he knew it was impossible for them to see anything but a solid wall of leafy green… and then only if you were looking. There were always much nicer things to look at on the water, usually in the boat right next to you.

Comfortable with this privacy, he spread out a doublewide beach towel, followed by his favorite self-inflating camp pad. As he hooked the straps together that converted the pad to a chair, he heard a slight rustling in the woods, dismissing it instantly as deer shying away from his presence.

Once everything was set, he unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down his legs, kicking them to the side as he stood. The full force of the sun hitting his nude skin was an instant aphrodisiac, and combined with the knowledge that only thirty or so yards away was a cute, young topless woman, he felt his already thick member rise up to full attention. He stood there a moment, admiring himself in the sunlight. He was tall and, while not as tone as when he was the same age as the nearby partiers, was still reasonably fit.

The tanning membership during the overcast winter months had helped, too. He had a good base tan going, and was not afraid of burning as he reached down to grab the bottle of oil. He opened the cap and poured a bit into the palm of his hand, spreading it along his forearms. He repeated this process several times, working on the same arm when he got restless. ‘This way will take forever’ he thought, as he stepped to the side, away from the towel. He raised the bottle to his chest and upended it, literally pouring the oil all over himself. A rush of excitement coursed through him as he felt the warm, viscous fluid dripping down his chest and abdomen… around the base of his proud shaft… down the insides of his muscular thighs. He set the bottle down and, using both hands, began to slowly rub the oil all over his body.

It seemed like he was one big erogenous zone… everywhere he touched caused a ripple to course over his skin, which broke out in goose bumps despite the bright sunlight. Soon, every inch of his flesh was glistening like a gladiator ready for the fight. He lingered as his hands passed down the small of his back, over his buttocks… fingers playing along the crease. He brought one hand forward and gripped his swollen self, gliding lazily along its moderate length as the fingers of his other hand gently prodded and probed his tight hole. He leaned his head back and let out a low moan as he felt himself connecting with nature in every sense of the word. The sun shone red trough his lightly closed eyelids as he slowly, rhythmically traveled back and forth along his shaft. He never seemed to grow as large as when he was outside in the sun, and he loved the feel of his thickness in his hand. A shame he couldn’t share it with anyone else, but exciting nonetheless. Another rustle of the deer slowly brought him out of his trance and with a final, evening spread of the oil, he lay down on the mat, reclining in the sun… glistening and thick.

Her first thought as she pressed her way forward through the growth was that if it didn’t let up soon, she’d have to turn back. How those other people had gotten up there, she’d no idea. Clearly, there was another way. Regardless, her shoulders and thighs were taking such a scraping from the rough branches that she was just about to give up when she saw an open area just beyond the next few trees. With some struggle, she made her way through and stood tall for the first time since she said goodbye to her friend. Easing the muscles in her lower back, hands on hips, she looked around to re-establish her bearings. She hadn’t gone far… thirty feet or so… but while she could still hear her friends playing in the water and laughing, she felt a world-removed.

It was amazing how much the scenery had changed in such a short distance. The cool blues of water and sky had been replaced by the bright, fresh greens of spring, along with a mix of bluebonnets, sunflowers, and Indian paintbrush. As she relaxed to the swaying motion of the treetops in the trees, something caught her eye at the edge of the clearing. Looking closer, she could make out a figure moving.

Curious, she quietly crossed the meadow, discretely making her way closer, trying to be quiet. She squatted Alanya Escort Bayan down in the shade and peered through the row of trees separating her from the next clearing. Her eyes squinted as she tried to be sure of what she was seeing. There was a man… well muscled and tall, probably in his thirties, spreading out a large beach towel. His tan torso glistened with sweat as he put together some sort of chair. Absentmindedly, her lips parted and her tongue snaked along them as she watched him getting ready to, apparently, sunbathe. Her eyes widened and her breathing stopped as she watched his next action… he unbuttoned his shorts and was taking them off – he was naked underneath!

Heart racing… she inched forward, trying to be wary of the dead leaves and branches underfoot, but eager to get a better view. Hugging the back of a small boulder, she peered over and watched as he started spreading tanning oil over his body. Her hiking plans quickly vanished as she watched him slowly pour the oil over himself. All she could see was his back and tight buttocks as he started to spread the oil around. She felt naughty as she watched, afraid of being discovered… but at the same time, she couldn’t deny the damp heat between her thighs.

‘If I could just get a little closer,’ she thought as she took another step or two forward. She smiled as she watched his fingers disappear between his cheeks… “Mmmm… what fun.’ She hastily shifted her weight behind the stone, freezing as she heard the snap of a branch underfoot. She looked back up and saw he had stopped and was getting ready to lie down. Her fear that she might be discovered was forgotten as she saw him turn around and lie back in his chair… he was huge! Her jaw dropped as she saw the thick, veiny member hanging semi-hard between his thighs. His pubic hair was closely trimmed and nicely framed this new work of art she wanted to admire more closely. She watched eagerly as he yawned, arms stretching overhead then interlocking behind his head. His eyes shut and he seemed to doze off.

It was only now that she realized what a precarious position she was in. It would be almost impossible to move in any direction without making some kind of noise, and now that he wasn’t moving or otherwise occupied, surely he would hear her. She squatted down lower, until her butt seated firmly on the ground and she repositioned her legs. Unfortunately, she could no longer see his nakedness from this position without leaning far over to her right. But this was ok, as it gave her time to rethink her plan.

Glancing down between her legs, she was surprised to see the material at her crotch had gone very dark from the wetness that was soaking from her. ‘God, I am so turned on right now,’ she thought to herself. ‘Wish I had some of that oil!’ After a few minutes, she peeked around the boulder. He hadn’t moved. In fact, judging from the steady rise and fall of his chest, he seemed to be dozing off. ‘Great. Now what do I do?’ she wondered, but her gaze drifted from his handsome face down his muscled chest and abs… coming to rest on the mass of flesh between his thighs. Again, her lips parted and a small moan escaped her. Slowly, she brought a hand to her wetness and was further surprised by the heat there. ‘Well, I know one way to pass the time,’ she mused.

Slowly, gently she raised her hips off the ground and slid her shorts off. Next, she untied the knots perched on either hip then let the moist triangle of material that made up her swimwear fall away. She could smell her sex instantly, and her arousal peaked. As she leaned to the side to spy on her prey, she brought a hand to her wet lips… weighing their puffiness… feeling them part under her touch. She gently slid a finger inside as she watched his chest rise and fall… subconsciously timing the rhythm of her finger to his breathing.

His cock was moving on its own… now swelling… now leaning… now shrinking slightly – always hovering in the zone between flaccid and erect. She wondered what he must have been dreaming about. She lay back gently on the ground, as quietly as possible, and her free hand untied the knot at the back of her neck. Pulling her top down, she gently lifted a breast… her fingers tweaking her nipples as she fantasized about the nude form in front of her. Sounds from around her seemed to disappear as she felt the walls of her pussy closing in on her fingers and she knew she was close.

Hips thrusting in rhythm to her fingers, she rocked back and forth on the ground as a quick but intense orgasm escaped her, along with a light squeal that left her lips seconds before she realized it was too late. The hand between her tightly-clamped legs stopped as she watched him stir and stretch, her heart racing once again not only from her orgasm, but also for fear… or want of discovery.

Chapter Two

Something brings me out of a deep sleep. Opening my eyes Escort Alanya slowly to the blinding brightness, I take a moment to regain my bearings. Ahhh, yes… my secret place. I stretch out slowly, feeling the warmth of my skin as my hands drift back down my arms… over my chest. I reach over for my water and take a long sip… so refreshing. I feel myself shift in my lap and I glance down to see that my thickness has intensified though my erection softened during my nap. ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas,’ I joke to myself as I set the water aside and reach into the bag to grab some “reading material” to further assist the mood.

I pull an adult magazine from the confines of my backpack, the cover promising to expose beautiful college coeds in only the most exposing positions. Very low class and dirty, I know, but what I’m in the mood for right now. As I set it to the right side of me and open it, my left hand slides up and down the top of my thigh, slowly working its way closer to my hardening shaft. I swear I smell sex in the air, and my mind returns for a fleeting second to the pretty little topless coed on the boat not a stone’s throw from where I lay.

The first few pages open to a beautiful shorthaired blonde, stripping herself of a tiny bikini and posing against a jet ski. ‘How appropriate,’ I think to myself as the buzz of water bikes hopping wakes out on the lake drones in the distance. My hand slowly circles the base of my shaft, fingers under my balls, thumb closing in at the space between my pubic bush and cock. I give myself a gentle squeeze, thumb and forefinger closing to make a tight circle around my sex, which is now throbbing with anticipation and desire. Veins so thickly engorged, they seem to be laced on the outside of my skin rather than just below the sensitive surface.

I turn the page with my free hand to see my lovely fantasy woman kneeling down on the seat, leaning forward with her hands buried in the sandy shore, her ass turned up high… one of my favorite positions… begging to have a tongue thrust into her sex. I release my grip and fondle my balls, my sac nice and loose from the heat of the mid-day sun. My fingers drift lower… teasing the swell between my balls and my ass… pressing in… watching my cock surge from the increased pressure. I smile at my thickness then return my gaze to the next few pages.

She’s getting a little raunchier now… fingers spreading her lips wide, revealing the depths of her inner self – again, my mouth waters. My hand drifts upwards, surrounding my cock with a loose fist, as I begin to stroke up and down. Last page of this spread and she is on her neck and shoulders, her back up against the side of the jet-ski, her legs curled over so that her knees are on either side of her head.

I drift off into fantasy… leaning over the other side of the seat, planting my face on her sex… sucking her wetness into my mouth… burying my tongue between those thick, pouty, shaved lips. She’s pinching her nipples tightly… screaming out as the waves hit the shore and graze her shoulders. My palms are on her perfectly shaped ass… her youthful body void of any excess body fat, her tight and tone muscles quivering under my touch. As she screams louder in my mind, I scream out too, my fist driving out the first of many orgasms today. Thick wads of pearly come cover my abs and chest, as I fantasize I am tracing the outline of her asshole with my tongue as she shudders from her orgasm. The hand around my cock slows until it gradually stops. I collect some of the larger gobs of come with my fingers and bring them to my greedy mouth, tasting the slightly acid/salty liquid from my loins, making me that much hotter. I relax a bit… catching my breath. I must pace myself if I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon out here. I stand up slowly and spread some more oil over my backside, then lay down on my stomach. I nestle my head into my crossed forearms and drift off into the obligatory post-orgasmic nap, sated… for the moment.

Your fear of discovery is soon replaced by need of release as you watch me through the trees. I’m looking at something while my hand fondles my swelling cock. Your mind clears as you watch the scene before you, this older man… outdoors… naked… oily… masturbating himself. It’s a scene you’ve often conjured up in your own fantasies and one you achingly want to participate in. But as you realize this, you also think that this is the perfect time to get out of this danger zone. I am highly preoccupied to say the least.

You’ve spied an outcropping of rocks behind where I lay, and think that from somewhere amongst them, your view will surely be better, not to mention safer. But you’ll have to go around the long way if you are going to do it undetected, so with a last, longing look at the view ahead, you tiptoe back to the far edge of the clearing and try to work your way through the dense pockets of underbrush, fighting the desire to stop a moment and get dressed or press on so as not to miss the action. You side with the later and it is not long until your naked form emerges from the undergrowth onto the rocky outcropping that climbs its way alongside and behind the meadow where I lie.

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