The Workout

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Ariana Marie

A large bulge stuck out from Chance’s pants, the young woman kneeled between his parted legs as he ran his thumb against her bottom lip. Each time she would let out a breathy sigh the feel of her breath against his hand was quite arousing. Teasing him she would stick out her tongue and gently touch his thumb.

He was getting excited and right before he acted on his lustful thoughts Emilee grabbed his wrist and started to suck greedily on his thumb. The warm wetness of her mouth felt wonderful, it shot a feeling of pleasure down to his groin.

The woman smiled as she removed his thumb from her mouth and smiled at him as she tugged at his pants. Rubbing his bulge while using the other hand to undue his belt and then unzip his pants, a constant grin on the girls face.

Pulling back his pants she pulled his hard erection from his boxers. Holding his circumcised cock in her small hand she gave it a small squeeze causing the Khan to roll his head back letting out a soft sigh. Lifting her hand she put a fair amount of salvia into her palm and then returned back to her duties.

Stroking up and down as the suction sounds came from her hand, when she reached near the top she would run a thumb over the head and then go back down. It made the Khan grip the bedroll beneath him. The warm sensation it kept giving him felt like it was tipping the glass, ready to already spill the water all over the place.

“Put your fingers in my mouth,” she said as she leaned towards his face. He lifted his head and smirked at her, raising his hand he put his pointer and middle finger into her open mouth and laid them flat on her tongue. Sliding them back in forth across her smooth tongue he would squirm his hips as pulsations ran from his groin, it was a sensational feeling. The more her hand squeezed him the harder he pushed his fingers into her mouth, occasionally gagging her.

Emilee had one hand on his throbbing member and then one soon grabbed his wrist and assisted him in his attempting to gag her. He wanted more than just her hand at this point, wanting to feel the warm wetness of her mouth across his cock.

Suddenly he removed his hand and gripped her hair pulling her head down to him. Emilee took a few seconds to realize what he wanted but she adjusted and placed her mouth properly. He held her head there coldly, the sound of her gagging filled his ears it aroused him further.

It was sort of hard to breathe as he held her there, she tried to move her head back up but his strength was too much. She remained there for a few more minutes before reaching around and was surprisingly able to remove his hand. Lifting her head she caught her breath and coughed a little, her face was growing hot. Clearing her throat she turned to Chance and patted his thigh.

“Don’t do that,” she said rubbing her throat, “you know I hate it.”

The Khan smirked at her and shifted to grab hold of the tiny woman. She gasped but assisted him in moving her. He laid her on the bedroll, parted her legs and reached down to remove her shorts, then underwear. Emilee laughed touching his hands as he pulled the fabric across her legs. However, he wasn’t going to do what she thought he was, instead he rested on his arm beside her and ran a masculine Belek travesti hand down her thigh.

In a matter of seconds he started to tease her, rubbing her angrily. She let out a sensual rhythm of moans as her hips squirmed. The girl reached up and gripped his shoulder squeezing it hard, as with every push he did she dug her fingernails into his flesh.

After a few more minutes he immediately shoved two fingers into her tight warm space, it made the girl nearly scream in pleasure as he spread his fingers. He roughly penetrated her with his thick fingers listening to her moan in sheer pleasure as he knew she was reaching her peak. He wanted to use his cock to fill her but he enjoyed this position she was in. The angle she was at watching her mouth quiver each time a moan would pass her lips, the way she would squirm her hips as the pleasure began to build up right in her core. The Khan moved forward and began to suck at her neck, nibbling at it to tease her. The woman reached her hand around holding his head running her fingers through his hair.

However, when one was tempted by sheer pleasure tempting it would make one do unpredictable things. Suddenly he lifted himself from her, retreating his wet fingers from her warm spot he shifted to be between her legs.

“No, no don’t stop,” she begged him when he moved his fingers, however, when he moved to be in between her legs she smiled and ran her hands on her thighs. Instead, he put hands on either side of her head leaning down to strongly and erotically takes her lips, sliding his wet tongue onto hers. The girl ran her hands up around his shoulders once again running her fingers through his hair. He remained like this for a few more minutes, rubbing his hard throbbing member against her sensitive spot, feeling the warm wetness that it gave. He reached his hand down fondling her breast as he gave it soft firm squeezes.

As he kept her distracted he pulled the bottom of her shirt up over her chest, then he pulled her bra down keeping her ample breasts stuck between the two fabrics. The Khan played with them for a few more minutes as he continued to dominantly embrace his lips with hers.

Slowly he began to remove himself from her soft lips, kissing from there down to her neck, her chest, taking a pit stop to suck at her breasts showing no mercy in his conquest. At his pit stop it made the girl shove her head to the ground as she let out small breathy moans. Then he went back to kissing along her torso, nipping at her ivory pale skin, reaching to her hips, holding the underside of both thighs as he kissed and nipped at the sensitive skin between her leg and groin. However, wasting no more time held onto her thighs, moving them to be over his shoulders.

Sticking out his large tongue he traced it up along her sex, taking in every moment of it as he swirled it around her nerve central. The girl let out a loud moan as she arched her back pushing him away from her. In that moment she got him away as she sat herself up slightly, still having the left over feeling of his tongue on her. However, once again he grabbed her by the thighs angrily pulling her back to him. Instead of using his tongue he just put most of his mouth on her and sucked harshly upon Kemer travesti her.

Once again the girl screamed out in pleasure as she attempted to push him away, yet, she failed and ran her fingers through his hair. He would suck for a few moments, tease her with his tongue and then go back to sucking; it hurt and yet it felt so good to her. Chance wanted her to last longer, wanted to do everything he could imagine wanting to see her quiver, squirm, scream, moan by his touch; it pleased him.

Then he removed himself, feeling her wet area throbbing knowing she was about to hit her climax. Once more she begged him not to stop but he wanted to fill her up with his affection, release it if you will.

Placing his hands on either side of her head he needed no help finding her opening. Letting out a breathy moan he slipped inside slow at first and then shoved himself in; the warm wetness sent a tingling sensation down his groin. The girl let out a series of different moans; first they were fast, then slow as he began to enter then back to fast once he was inside. The woman before him placed her hands on his neck bringing him down to her as they once again embraced each other with their mouths; sliding their tongues as they went off like dueling swords.

At first, Chance was going slow as he was trying to build himself up to penetrate her, however, just going the pace he was seemed to be doing the trick, yet, that’s not how he liked to do this. Sitting up he grabbed her thighs and started to go at a faster more aggressive rhythm, feeling the friction burn him up. The young woman arched her back as she reached down and put her hands against his torso.

“Aw, aw…f-fuck…” she moaned and brought her hands to her thighs.

Chance smirked at her as it seemed now she was finally going to climax, well, he didn’t want her to any other time before. Grabbing hold of her waist he lifted her, she wrapped her arms around his neck but he got up onto his knees. He loved hearing her moan, the way she would break in her breaths to verbally give off her approval made him feel like he was tipping again; ready to spill.

“Fuck me harder!” she begged in his ear.

Obeying her command he laid her back down upon the bedroll, grabbing a nearby pillow and placing it under her hips. Grabbing her hips he thrusted forward and went faster than he had, going in an aggressive rhythm that was tiring him out, yet, the outcome was worth it.

He began to feel himself reach his climax, leaning forward he rested his forearms beside her head, he wanted to kiss her but he liked how she screamed when she climaxed. Some odd reason he loved it when others could hear them having sex, it gave him a sort of rush; a bit of dominance. Emilee on the other hand hated it and wished that Chance could tone it down a little, so they couldn’t hear them. Then when she screamed he just had to hear the break in her scream. When she starts and then she kisses him then starts to moan as she releases him and then goes back to screaming was his favorite part. That little moan was all he loved to hear, the in-between screams was what made his groin burn.

In a matter of seconds he suddenly felt her contract around him. Looking at her she threw Konyaaltı travesti her head back and let out the scream like she always did, made a small smirk tug at the corner of his mouth. Sitting up and gripped her thighs, finally feeling the sensation of tipping over. Then he released a torrent of his seed into her quivering walls. He stayed there as he released guttural grunts, his mouth moving as he forced back the urge to release a breathy moan. He wanted to stay inside as long as he could.

At one point he had heard that if one stayed inside for too long then the woman will get pregnant; Chance thought that that was a load of shit. If someone wanted to get pregnant then they would have to try really hard to get like that, not to do what he has been doing for the past few months. They had sex on a regular basis, always enjoying it, and he always never pulled out after he released; he calls bull roar on whoever said that it would make someone pregnant.

Feeling her heat burn him up, he smirked and went back down to her kissing her as he fondled her. Moving away from her after a few seconds, when they parted a sweet sound escaped her as she went back to let out one final moan and then began to relax. A heavy groan, like ones that a monster would make as her body was relaxing.

“… I love you…” she breathed heavily as he moved a few strands of hair away from her flushed face. The Khan smirked as he sat himself back up and grabbed hold of her thigh with one hand and his cock or whatever was not inside of her still. Slowly he pulled himself out, though because her muscles were contracted it was always difficult. One night he got stuck and waited for around half an hour before her muscles relaxed, another night he pulled out too fast and hurt Emilee. The anatomy of women seemed rather odd, yet men loved it and enjoyed exploring every inch of that anatomy at their will.

The girls eyes began to flutter, she was going to pass out. The Khan finally got the rest of himself out and shifted to fit himself back inside his pants. Emilee, though tired, pulled her bra back up and her shirt back down. Then after she did that she froze, arms mid movement. She was falling asleep.

After adjusting his now semi-hard cock inside his pants he grabbed the girl, lifting her up bridal style and placed her at the head of the bedroll. The pillow was fine as he turned it over and lifted her head, placing it below. Finally, nearby the girls purple blanket, reaching he held the feather blanket in his hands, there were stains and many patches in the blanket but it was a fine one. After he got himself situated next to her he placed the blanket over both of them and lay down next to the sleeping woman.

She was cuddled up against his chest, his arm protectively around her, leaving his hand to rest on her hip. Always when they woke up she faced the other way. Her arms wrapped around his, the feeling of her soft skin against his rough scared skin.

It was near impossible to get him to sleep after he had sex, even after great sex such as that, yet, if he was totally honest with himself the best thing after having sex is falling asleep in each other’s arms. Feeling Emilee’s soft hair against his arm, the warmness of her soft breaths on his face, there was even her snoring but that bothered him none; made him know he can knock her out like that.

Right before he was ready to drift off to sleep he reached over and grabbed the oil lamp and blew out the small flame. Nothing but darkness remained.

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