The Writer’s Secret Ch. 03-04

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the first two chapters! Here are the next two chapters. It’s time to teach Loren a bit about being Laura before their dinner party.

Synopsis: Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?

Chapter 3: “The Education of Laura”

As they settled on the couch, Stephanie slipped her feet out of her slingbacks and pulled her legs up underneath her. Loren sat uncomfortably on the other end of the couch with his legs spread wide apart. Stephanie corrected him and he held his legs together. She was shaking a vial of nail polish. . . bright red.

“So what happens next in the story?” he asked.

“Candi catches Brandy. Brandy is so emasculated at being caught by his wife that he immediately falls to pieces and agrees to be her total slave. He keeps saying, ‘I would be ruined if she told everyone.'”

“Makes sense.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes and chucked. “Men!”


“You act like your dicks are going to fall off if you’re seen doing the slightest feminine thing!”

“It’s nothing personally, it’s all about reputation.”

She folded her arms. “Really?” she said doubtfully.

“Yeah. Personally, it doesn’t bother me at all. But if everyone knew you dressed like a woman, then no one would respect you ever again.”

“So all I have to do is tell people and you’re ruined, is that it?”


“Then sister, you better be good to me because I now have the power to ruin you!” She laughed.

“That only works if people believe you,” he countered.

“I have video proof.”


“You heard me. I filmed the whole thing, and if that’s the way you boys think, then you better think twice before you upset me next time!”

Loren couldn’t tell if she was joking or not, and that worried him. She could often tell a joke with a very straight face. “Are you serious?” he asked sheepishly, hoping she would hear the pleading in his voice and tell him this was a joke.

She smiled at him, but gave no hint whether she was joking or not. Instead, she tossed him the nail polish and ordered him to begin. This is when it really hit Loren what he’d done. Joking or not, he’d given his wife the perfect blackmail material. And while they did have a good relationship, she was the type to exploit an advantage when it suited her. He made a mental note to delete the footage before he went to bed.

As he opened the nail polish, Stephanie kept reading the story. She was becoming fascinated by it. “Interesting. She wants to put him under her control, but doesn’t want people to know. So she makes him wear panties and stockings under his clothes and she makes him shave his body and paint his toenails.” She looked at Loren and smiled. “We could do that!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, we’re having the dinner party on Saturday. You could wear girly clothes underneath and no one would know except you and me!”

He looked up at his wife’s smiling face. “No way!”

She folded her arms. “You just told me you don’t have any problems with this personally, that all you worry about it your reputation. How is your reputation going to get hurt if only you and I know?”

Loren swallowed hard. “What if someone realizes?”

“Why would someone realize? When we go to Kathleen and Peter’s house, do you check his toenails to make sure they aren’t painted?”


“And he won’t do that to you.”


“No, but. You’re being a hypocrite. Either prove to me that you’re a man and do exactly what I say and let me have some fun at this party, or admit that you’re a scared little boy whose masculinity is so tenuous that you’re afraid that wearing a few girly clothes will forever emasculate you.”

“It seems too risky.”

“Don’t be a sissy, dear.”

Loren’s face burned. He hate it when his wife challenged his manhood, though perversely, her challenge this time was to abandon that same manhood.

“Honey, I could make you do this—”

“How?” he demanded, interrupting her.

“Need I remind you I have a tape of you jerking yourself off in my clothes?”

“That doesn’t mean anything!” he said dismissively.

“Oh, then you won’t mind if I show it to Kathleen and Peter?”

“You wouldn’t!” he gasped.

“Loren, I’m going to do you a favor because that’s the kind of wife I am. I think you want to do this. I think you’re enjoying this too much to stop and you’re getting a real kick out of the idea of pushing the envelop—”

“What makes you think that?” He folded his arms defiantly.

“Duh!” She waved her hand up and down his body, stopping at the erection which pushed his dress away from his body. “As I said, you’re enjoying this, we both know that. And I’m getting a kick out of it to. So I’m going to make you play along at the party because I think you want to do it, but are afraid to ask.”

Loren rubbed his tongue over his teeth and pulled his arms tighter.

Stephanie Bahis Sitesi smiled. “Come on, dear. It’ll be fun. Think of how great it will be for us to share this secret that no one else knows anything about. Think of how exciting it will be to do this right under their noses! Think of how hard that will make you? I’ll even give you a reward after our guests leave.”

Loren didn’t know what to say. Deep down, he secretly thrilled to the idea. He envisioned Stephanie rubbing his penis under the table with her foot as he wore bright red toenail polish and panties, and no one around him having a clue. That excited him. But what if they caught him? The odds were low, but it could happen. That could ruin him. Also, he was starting to regret this whole affair as he feared Stephanie would not stop with just the dinner party. He knew her enough to know that she would keep pushing this well past the point he wanted to take it, and as long as she had that videotape, she could keep pushing him. So until he could destroy that videotape, he had no choice, right? Plus, he told himself, it might be fun. And what harm could there be in having a little fun playing along with her dinner party joke. Loren agreed.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Stephanie squealed.

Chapter 4: “Walk Before You Mince”

Loren emerged from the shower. He was hairless except for the hair on his head. He felt strange. His legs and arms looked smaller somehow. His chest looked flabbier. His penis looked. . . less significant. He almost couldn’t bring himself to return to the bedroom, where Stephanie awaited him, especially with his continuing erection. There was just no denying that it turned him on to let Stephanie feminize him. He wrapped himself in the towel and stepped out of the bathroom.

Stephanie whistled.

He looked away from her. “Do you mind, this is hard enough already.”

She rubbed his penis through the towel. “Very hard.”

He pushed her hand away.

“Ok, scaredy,” she said and made an exaggerated frown. She pointed to her vanity table. “Sit, girl.”

He glared at her. “Can you please stop doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Treating me like I’m a girl.”

“But you are a girl, honey. Or at least, you are until the party, that was our agreement, and that means I get to treat you like a girl and you can’t get upset by it.”

That was their agreement. He would learn everything there was about being a girl for the next few days, then he would let her dress him up secretly as a girl beneath his male clothes for the party. She could have whatever fun she wanted, so long as it didn’t lead to exposure, and he would do whatever she demanded. Indeed, he agreed to place himself entirely under her control. He agreed to that partly because Stephanie demanded total control, under threat of releasing the video, but it also made it easier on his ego to tell himself that none of this was his choice. Plus, if truth be told, he liked the idea of her teasing him for the next few days. Indeed, it turned him on something fierce to have her treat him like a girl. Every time she called him “girl” or “girlfriend” or “Laura,” his penis throbbed and nearly exploded.

Loren grumbled under his breath, but “reluctantly” nodded his assent to being treated like a girl.

Stephanie tossed him a fresh pair of pink cotton panties with a delicate lace bow on the waistband. She sat on the bed and slowly shook her leg. Loren stretched the panties with his hands. His frowned and started toward the bathroom.

“And where do you think you’re going, girlfriend?!”

“To put these on.”

“Uh, no. You change right here in front of me like a good girl.”

Loren swallowed hard. He didn’t want his wife seeing his shrunken penis, even if it was so hard right now that it could crush stone. But, he told himself, he had no choice, so he took a deep breath and dropped his towel.

Stephanie whistled again. “Look at that, hard as a rock! Somebody likes being a girl, don’t they!” Suddenly she cocked an eyebrow, walked over to Loren and bent partially over to look at his penis. “Huh, it looks smaller without hair.”

Loren rolled his eyes. “Gee, thanks, honey.”

She giggled. “I’m sorry, Loren, but it’s true. It’s kinda tiny without hair.”


She shook her head and laughed. “Men! Fine, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. Now put on the panties and sit down.”

He did as instructed.

Stephanie picked up tweezers from the vanity and began cleaning up his eyebrows. He initially complained about the pain, but she put a stop to that: “Girls go through this all the time, so stop complaining.” Then she grabbed red nail polish and set to work on his nails. “You’ll love doing your nails once you learn how, it’s really relaxing.” When she finished, she taught him how to hold his hands so his nails would dry. In the meantime, she set about applying makeup to his face again. She explained each item as she went along.

“Do I really need to know this?” Loren asked.

“Yes. You need to learn to do this yourself so you can do touchups throughout Bahis Siteleri the day.”

Loren shivered at the thought of applying makeup himself.

By the time Stephanie finished applying his makeup, his nails had dried. It was time to get dressed. To that end, Stephanie gave Loren the same floral housedress he had worn earlier and a pair of red high-heeled sandals. His feet were slightly larger than hers, but not by much so they could share shoes for now, though they would be uncomfortable.

“Hey, I can’t wear these! Look at the heels on these things, I’ll break my neck!”

“Don’t be such a crybaby. These aren’t even that high — they’re not quite three inches. I wear higher than that all the time.”

“That might not be high for you—”

“You’ll get used to them. You just need practice.”

“If you say so,” he said skeptically.

She ignored him. “When you get comfortable with these, then we’ll get you some higher heels.”


“These days, a girl has to wear four-inch heels if she wants to look good around the office,” she said as she rolled up the pantyhose in her hands.

“Why do I need to wear heels at all?”

“Heels are a girl’s best friend. They make you taller and thinner. They bring out the feminine curves in your legs and your butt and they give you sexy posture.”

“I don’t want sexy posture.”

She ignored him and showed him again how to put on the pantyhose. “When you slide on hose, roll up each leg like I just did. Then hold them out and stick your foot into the roll like this.” She demonstrated with her own leg, having kicked off her shoe.

“I remember.”

“Good, then get with it.”

Loren pulled the hose up over his panties to his waist. They were tight and they pinned his penis tightly against his body, an uncomfortable feeling. He felt pre-cum dripping out its top.

“Now sit down and we’ll strap you into the heels.” She gave his penis a little squeeze through the pantyhose as she said this, causing him to moan.


A few moments later, they were in their living room. Loren wore the housedress, the three-inch red high-heeled sandals, and lots of makeup. Stephanie had changed into a plum-colored sheath dress and a pair of silver three-inch high-heeled sandals so she could demonstrate the art of walking in heels to her husband.

“Here we have an obstacle course,” she said waving her hand around the room. “To the right, we have twenty or so feet of carpet. That’s where we’ll start teaching you to walk.”

“I know how to walk,” he said.

“Not in heels you don’t, unless there’s something you never told me?” She winked at him.

“You already showed me,” he replied dryly.

“That was just the intro. And you weren’t very good at it,” she said, playing on his competitive nature. “This is the real deal. When you get comfortable on the carpet, then we’ll move to the hardwood floors in the hallways. That’s a very different experience in heels because the wood is much slicker. When you’ve mastered that, then we’ll move to our third obstacle: the stairs. Stairs are a different world entirely. Think you’re up to it?”

Loren smirked at his wife. “This’ll be a breeze,” he said confidently.

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. “You think so?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Ok, girly. Then we can make a bet.”

“What bet?”

“Since it’s SO easy, you should be able to master the entire course within twenty minutes.”

He folded his arms, almost losing his balance in the process. “What terms?”

“You need your own shoes because mine are just a little too small. If you succeed, then I’ll buy you some low-heeled shoes and flats tomorrow and you can wear those. But if you fail, then you let me pick whatever shoes I want for you and you’ll wear them without complaint.”

“Twenty minutes?”

“Twenty minutes.”

Loren thought about this for a second. Twenty minutes wasn’t a lot of time. But then, he was only learning to walk in heels, how hard could it be? And winning would be a good thing because his limited experience in heels was already proving to be uncomfortable, so getting out of them would be a big help. “Deal.”

“Great,” she said with a sly smile. “I’ll just sit down over here on the couch, while you show me how easy it is. Strut for me, girly.”

Loren took his first step. It was less than graceful. Then he took his second, his third, and then his fourth. On his fourth, his ankle twisted and he nearly fell. A couple more awkward steps and he made it across the room.

She shook her head slowly. “You know how in films they always dress up some muscle man as a woman and he stumbles all over the place in this big exaggerated way to make the audience laugh? That was you, chicky.”

Loren gritted his teeth and stormed across the room. “There!”

“Not bad. . . for a soldier marching in drag.”

Loren folded his arms and glared at his wife. “Are you going to help me or just sit there complaining?”

Stephanie stood up and gracefully walked over to Loren. “See that? Do what I did: stomach in, chest out, chin Canlı Bahis Sitesi up, keep your feet together like you’re on a tightrope. And remember, small steps.”

“How small?”

“Think about making an itsy bitsy small step and then make it smaller.” She pushed his stomach in again and his shoulders out. “Maintain your posture. When you step, you can’t march. Don’t take these big rolling steps. Point your toe, but bring your heel down first then your toes follow quickly and smoothly. And make sure your foot is firmly planted before you lift your other foot.”

Loren took a deep breath. “I can do this.”

“Give it a shot.” She kissed his cheek.

His first step was graceful. So was his second. His next two weren’t, though they were better than before.

“Do what you did with the first step, just do it in slow motion.”

He did.

“Good! Now swing your arms as you walk, like this.” She demonstrated how he should move his arms. “Also, roll with your hips, but keep your legs straight, close and parallel.”

He added that too.

“Good, now keep your arms moving with your body and walk a little faster.”

He did, and like that, he learned to walk in a straight line little by little. And as he learned the technique, his pace picked up. Soon he was walking quite well. He would need practice at letting his natural balance take over before he walked in a truly feminine gate, but he showed promise.

Stephanie stopped him. “Ok, now we need to work on turning corners and turning around. Bring your feet together like this,” she said, demonstrated with her own feet. “Stand on the balls of your feet and pivot.”

Loren mimicked her.

“Excellent! Now walk to the end of the room, pivot, and come back to me.” He did as instructed several times. He needed practice in this too, but he was getting there. “Let’s move to the hallway.”

The moment Loren set foot in the hallway, he felt a sudden shiver through his spine. His heel. . . yes, his high heel echoed off the hardwood floor. His penis began throbbing. He decided not to mention this.

Stephanie walked ahead of him in the hallway showing him how to walk. “The key with slick floors like hardwood or tile or marble is to use the balls of your feet. Don’t bring your heel down first, bring your sole down first. Essentially, you’ll tiptoe across slick surfaces. Give it a try.”

Loren took several steps. They weren’t pretty. He walked like he was lampooning a ballerina and the whole effect was very sissy-like. Stephanie folded her arms and tapped her foot against the floor.

“You look like a sissy. Don’t leave your heels up in the air, bring those down. Just keep the weight on the front of your feet.”

“This is harder than it looks.”

Stephanie let out a laugh and rolled her eyes. “I thought this was going to be SO easy?!”

“I’ll get there, it’s just harder than it looks,” he said with some annoyance.

“Keep trying,” she told him.

After several minutes of practice, he showed significant improvement. Stephanie was at least sure he wouldn’t fall and hurt himself. Grace would come with practice and she intended to make sure he had plenty of practice. Finally, it was time to move to the stairs.

“Stairs are tricky because you have to take your time. That can be a real problem when you’re walking with someone.” She placed her hands on each side of his waist and moved him to the base of the stairs. “Up is easy. Lift your foot onto the step, just make sure your entire foot lands on the stair at once. Don’t let the heel hit first or the sole. When your foot is firmly planted, place your weight on that foot and lift yourself off the lower stair.”

He did as he was told.

“There! That wasn’t so difficult, was it? But next time, move your second leg up another stair rather than just bringing your feet level again.”

He did this and was soon at the top of the stairs. “Easy!”

“Right, up is easy. Now when you come down, be very careful. I don’t want to explain to the paramedics why my husband was coming downstairs wearing high heels and panties.”

“Ha ha,” he said.

“When you come down, first and foremost, hold onto the railing. Walk slowly. You’ll be walking on the ball of your foot again, not the entire foot. Lower your first foot onto the step below. Rebalance your weight onto that foot. Then bring down your other foot and do the same thing on the next step.”

He hung his foot out over the first step. “Hmm.”

“Not so easy now is it?” she laughed.

“The step isn’t wide enough.”

“Yes it is, you just have to approach it differently. Normally, you never want to turn your foot sideways. You want to keep your toes pointed forward. But sometimes, the stairs aren’t wide enough and you’ll need to turn yourself somewhat sideways and bring your foot down at an angle. When you go to bring your second foot down, you’ll actually have to cross over your leg.”

He did this very awkwardly. “It’s like I’m climbing a ladder.”

“Yep,” she said and watched her hilariously dressed husband make his way down the stairs in an exaggerated way like a Hollywood starlet from the 1930s doing her big staircase seduction scene. When he reached the bottom, she sent him back up and down several more times until he started to get more comfortable. “Good. You’ll need to practice this a lot, but you’re off to a good start.”

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