The Writers Secretary

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To work from home is a challenge. The television remote a foot away, a solitaire game ready on a mouse click, a hired secretary to fantasize over, distractions. All this when he has to concentrate on typing his next hardcover. Not much excitement writing on social economics for a well known business publisher. At lease he is able to work in comfort. No stiff suit needed. It can be casual Friday everyday.

She is more computer savvy than he is. He might as well be writing on a 1928 typewriter without her help every day. How do I save this? Where did my document go? Can you show me again? A great excuse not only for her help, but to be able to be close to her. She’s not oblivious. Every time she leans in by his side to drive the mouse he inhales a little deeper, exhales a little slower. The simple touch on each others side is enough to make his heart beat a little faster than normal. She is not oblivious.

She told herself before working for him that she would never allow lust between a working relationship. It’s a dangerous game to play to be flirtatious. She secretly loved the attention. She feels the warm tension every time he calls. An extra button undone on her top, a seductive perfume for him to breathe in deeper, a quick flip of the hair exposing her neck, intimate distractions. If you play with fire of desire long enough, you may feel the burn too late to pull back.

The day started as recent days have been, stressful. He attempts to type with his right hand while squeezing a stress ball in the other. He knows his deadline has passed to give his work to the publisher. She diverts all phone calls from the publisher to try and give him more time. Suddenly, she hears his frustrated call for help. While finally typing his last word in his work, the attempt to export his work for email proved to be too much for him.

Like time and time before, she leaned in on his right side. Her left arm resting behind him on the chair right after she moved her hair to her right shoulder. Her right hand is moving towards the mouse. Normally it would be instinctive for him to let go of the mouse. Maybe it was the perfume? The beauty of her neck exposed? The quick glances to his right that had the perfect view of her unbuttoned top? It was enough for him to freeze where he was. A switch flicked on. She knew it and he knew it.

She tilts her head slightly down, recognizing the moment that just happened. Their hands are on top of each other. They could almost feel both of their heart rates growing. With a slight turn of his head, he slowly moves his lips towards her neck. She could feel his light breath against her skin the closer he comes. As his lips touch her neck, kayseri escort she feels a warm shiver down her spine. She knows this has crossed a boundary. She feels the conflict to give in. He drops his stress ball and cups his hand gently laying it on the other side of her neck. He gently pulls her closer to him as she lets out a sigh. She knows the flirtatious game is over.

Her hand moves from the back of the chair to his left shoulder embracing the moment that has been building up throughout her time working for him. He stands up slowly from his seat and releases her neck from his lips. Her eyes are closed and lips slightly cracked open allowing her breath to escape. He wraps his hands around the back of her neck with his thumbs laying on her cheek. He gently lays a kiss on her forehead allowing for an intimate moment. Her back is now at the edge of his work desk, disheveled from the work day.

What was a slow intimate moment between the two like a nervous first timers step into a new room has suddenly switched gears. He releases his grip from her neck and moves down her back. His hands quickly graze over her butt to her upper back thighs. Her arms raise and rest on his shoulders for support as he lifts her and sits her at the edge of the desk. In a fast moment their eyes open and lock on each other. Is this about to happen? There is no going back once they move forward.

He grabs her neck again pulling her in for an intense kiss. With his other hand he pulls her in from her lower back allowing her legs to fall naturally on both sides of his waist. For the first time, they are intwined. As she gently wraps her legs around his, he moves his hand from her back to her shirt, unbuttoning the rest of it all the way down. Releasing her grip from his shoulders, she moves her arms back slipping off her shirt. The kissing has intensified, playing with each others lips. She had never had someone lightly grab her lips with their teeth before. She then moves her hands to the sides of his hips grabbing onto the bottom of his shirt to quickly remove it from his body. She throws it to the other side of the room anxious to be able to have more of their bodies touch skin on skin. Their bodies are getting warmer. He releases his lips from hers and again kisses her neck feeling her pulse in his lips. With a hand still on her neck gently pressing her into him, he releases her bra clasp with his other. She leans back allowing his head to be at her cleavage as she allows her bra to fall off of her shoulders and throws it towards the office couch. He never imagined the day would come that he could kiss her beautiful breasts.

Her hands run through his hair as he begins to kiss and lightly nibble on each of her breasts and nipples. Her breath is beginning to get stronger as she gets more turned on by every touch and kiss. She could feel him getting harder as she is still wrapped around his waist. She grabs his hair to pull him back from her chest and pulls herself down from the desk. They stand in front of each other, topless, as her hands move down to his belt buckle. His fantasy is actually happening. He then realizes standing there in front of this beautiful half naked woman that the fantasy may not have been his alone.

The buckle comes undone from her hands. A soft kiss on his lips and then on his chest gives him a tease of the direction her lips are going towards. As the blood starts pumping harder in his body downward, he feels his penis ready to burst out of the zipper. She then uses her fingers to unbutton his pants and pull down the zipper to its lowest point. She can see the bulge behind his underwear. In one swoop she grabs the top of his pants and black boxer briefs and pulls them down to his ankles at the same time kneeling on the soft carpet. He is fully exposed as he kicks away his clothing. She lightly grabs the top of his shaft and slowly moves it down to the bottom. With a light grip she guides the head of his cock on her tongue. Slowly she encompasses him with her lips. His head tilts up toward the ceiling with his eyes closed taking in every moment that is happening. His hand is lightly brushing through her hair as she gives him the best pleasure he has ever had. Slowly she moves him in and out of her mouth allowing her lips to have slight pressure on the head of the shaft. She can feel him getting harder and warmer.

He gently pulls at her long hair signaling her to raise up. Their lips lock as if they never will again. He picks her up by her waist walking her towards the office couch. He lays her down on the soft fabric, like lying on a cloud. There are no armrests as her legs are dangling over the edge. He kneels at the edge of the couch facing her and runs his fingers from her lips, down her neck, over her breasts and down her stomach feeling every curve and soft texture at the ends of his fingertips. As quickly as he can, he unbuttons her pants and, in similar was as she did, grabs the rest of her clothing and slips it off. He can see her lower lips glistening with pleasure and anticipation. He grabs her legs and moves them to rest on top of his shoulders and guides his face along her inner legs. Using his lips to kiss her clit, she begins to breathe harder with her back slightly arched. As he inserts his tongue into her warm pussy, she begins to moan. The feeling is incredible as he moves his tongue in a rapid up and down motion. He presses his whole head in towards her body intensifying the depth of his tongue in her pussy. Her toes curl at each pulse of pleasure that he gives her.

As she continues to breathe heavy and moan, he hears the first words uttered since the initial call for work help. With heavy breath the words “fuck me” is uttered from her lips. He doesn’t know if he heard her correctly. This is what has built up in his mind over the course of months of flirtation and fantasy. Again he hears the words “fuck me” slightly more intense. He can feel his cock fully erect and ready to please her how she asks. Once he removes his lips from her clit, he moves his entire body up through her legs. His penis laying over top of her pussy as he lays on top of her. They begin to kiss again, their tongues intertwining and eyes closed removing sight to intensify other senses.

He first slowly teases by gliding his cock’s shaft on top of her clit. He begins to kiss her neck again while holding her hands above her head. Again in an intense breathy voice, she says “fuck me” again. He raises his waist allowing his cock to angle towards her pussy. With one slow thrust he inserts himself into her. The feeling is overwhelming as his warm cock goes in rubbing inside of her wet pussy. Her mouth opens as she lets out a gasp. Her head slightly light headed from the pleasure leading up to this moment. At first slowly, he begins to thrust in and out. She wraps her legs around him helping to push him in further with every thrust. With their bodies up against each other and temperature rising, the thrusting begins to increase in depth and speed. They both could have sworn that their heart beats were matched with the rhythm of their bodies. He pushes himself up with his hands as his back is angled with arms straight gaining the maximum potential to go in deeper and harder. Her breasts moving with her body, she wraps her hands around his neck as they look into each others eyes. The pleasure is starting to cross the boundary of too intense. They both moan and breathe loudly with each push into each other.

He suddenly begins to slow down and holds himself firmly inside her as he begins to cum. Her legs clench around his waist taking in this long held thrust inside of her. It actually happened. What was building up in both of their minds finally came true. As their heart rates return to normal, he lays next to her holding her tight. Was this real? Was this a dream? Regardless, he would hold her as if holding on to a moment he did not want to let go of. As he lays on his back, she lays her leg over his and rests her head on his chest. Her arm draped over his stomach, she breaths a last long breath of release.

Work would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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