The Wrong Bar_(0)

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I was running late that day. I had packed everything I thought I needed for the trip. I packed two pair of skimpy jean shorts, one Lulu Lemon* workout pair and a well worn, faded pair of blue jeans. Starting from our small home town in Oklahoma, my best friend, Erin and I were heading off on a road trip to California,

We were just a couple small town, naïve, farm girls. We were still innocent then. No worries at all.

Let me start by describing ourselves. My name is Amy. I am 21 years old. I have run all my life. My 5’3” frame is very small and petite. I have d cup breasts which look great with my washboard flat stomach. They stick out erect and firm. When my nipples protrude, you can see them clearly jutting out of my overly tight t-shirts I usually sport. My long, straight blond hair falls down to my ass. My ass is my best feature. When I stand or bend over, guys tell me I have the best ass they have ever seen in jeans. I have large baby blue eyes and nice firm luscious lips. I am sometimes accused of being a flirt or tease the way I stare at people. I always get what I want.

My friend Erin (18) is kind of like me. She has long brown hair to her ass and is 5’9” tall. Her medium size tits and rounded ass make her look fucking hot. She also works out and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her. You can see from her long firm legs and arms, that she is tight. You could bounce a quarter off her stomach and catch it. Erin’s legs are so long they seemed to go on forever. When she wears heels, the definition in her calves even turns me on. She walks down the street in her shorts and constantly gets cat calls and howls from men and women. Sometimes, guys even tell her that they fantasize about her and jerk off.

For our trip we were taking her convertible Mustang. It was about 6 years old so it should make the 1400 or so mile journey no problem. We had planned on staying a few weeks seeing we were both taking some time off.
It was a hot day, probably 90 degrees with no wind.

I wore a really small white cotton sundress, size 2. This dress barely covered the bottom part of my ass. I bought it when I was in Mexico last year, for $5.00. It was very light with spaghetti straps. The designs around the bottom and top were hand sewn in a Mayan pattern. The middle waist area of the dress hugged my very petite waist; I looked like a sexy little hour glass. I wore a teeny weenie white string bikini under the dress which had double flimsy strings on each side holding the front and rear patches together. I also like jewelry. My belly button is pierced and I wore two thin ankle charm bracelets. I wore an old pair of brown well worn cowboy boots on my feet.

Erin doesn’t like dresses as much. She was dressed in her favorite pair of well worn old faded Guess* blue jean shorts. They were short but not slutty short. They sat just above her pubic bone down to just below as to not show any “bottom bum”. I swear the seams up the sides were so worn they would tear if even slightly pulled. They had 3 buttons up the front to close them and she would always wear them with the first button with the front of her shorts folded over showing off her lacy white boy panties underneath. On top she wore a tight white t-shirt with a blue bull’s eye right between her breasts. Her tits were so firm she didn’t need a bra. She wore little runners and white socks with pomp pomps. She had her clit pierced with two studs and a tramp stamp of a devil’s tail. She liked to think she was kind of a nasty bad girl. She wore her hair that day in two tight French braids.

We let the top down on the car; I put my feet up on the dash and let the wind flow up my legs and mess up my hair. The hot Edirne Escort air turned me on.

We drove until midnight on that first night. Along the Interstate we chugged beers and smoked a bit of pot.
We stopped for gas in a small town that I can’t remember the name of. There was a gas station, a corner store, and a bar on the corner. The bar was old with the door and windows all blacked out. A few motorcycles were parked outside with a jacked up blue four by four. We both didn’t realize, really how much shit we had ingested until we stopped. We were a little unstable on our feet.

Erin wanted another beer so she told me to gas up and said she was going over to check out the bar for a quick drink. I told her I was tired and would gas up and then take a quick power nap while she was in there. I told her I would come in and grab her in about ½ hour. The irony now of the “grab her” reference would soon make sense. She was grabbed…over and over.

I gassed up and went for a nap at the side of the bar in the car. I awoke and looked at my watch. I was startled to realize I had been sleeping for almost 2 hours. I heard loud cheering coming from inside the bar. I couldn’t see in. It sounded like a really good party though so I decided to check it out. I was unaware of what had happened and what was still transpiring….

When Erin had entered the bar, she didn’t know that she had entered the wrong bar. It was a ‘mens” night there and it was full of horny good old boys and oil workers. They were all off for the weekend and watching, of all things, mud wrestling.

Once she got the picture of what kind of place this was, Erin turned around to leave, but 2 men immediately blocked the door. She didn’t have a chance against 45 or so men. It seemed these men hadn’t had sex or got off in a week. The show made them that much hornier. Erin could see bulges in their pants. One guy, large guy, way over 6 feet tall, grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the pool table. He handed her a cue and told her to shoot. Every time she bent over to make a shot, men would come up behind her and fondle, spank or squeeze her ass, really hard. Bending over made the backside of her shorts separate from her waist just slightly. She felt a hand reach down and slowly finger her ass and slide back out. Another man poured a beer down her backside. She was spanked and had the rear pockets ripped off her shorts forcefully.

She turned around meaning to fight back, now with cue in her hands; she could use it as a weapon. The tall man was right in her face. She smacked him and told him she was leaving. A group of horny men came over and grabbed her wrists, the pool cue dropping to the floor. They tied her wrists and hands above her head to a set of overhead lights. Erin was trapped and helpless, dangling with her feet barely touching the ground. She looked like a sad deer in the headlights. It seemed she was a trophy buck or “fuck” to the guys, even hearing someone comment on “mounting her”. She hung there like a prized piece of meat. Her long tanned legs dangled and perky breasts needed lots of attention. Every inch of her body was about to be licked, pinched, fucked or cummed on and in. She was to be taught a very serious lesson for entering the wrong bar!

About 10 horny as hell guys surrounded her with hard cocks. She felt them pressing against her. A few guys would kiss her while others poured beer down her t-shirt and lick it off her. Her firm tits showed through the beer stained fabric. Many men groped and squeezed them. She cried out and moaned depending on the firmness of the grope.

She felt hands slide down the rear of her shorts and squeeze her tight ass cheeks. A guy Edirne Escort Bayan in front rubbed against her and grabbed the sides of her shorts. He pulled her tight towards him in a dry fucking manner. The side stitching stretched, tore and then gave way. Many hands reached up the sides of the now seamless jean shorts and grabbed at her panties. They were torn immediately into many pieces and thrown on the pool table. Erin was untied and carried to the long cold wooden beat up bar. She was pinned down on it. Her ankles and wrists were held so tight. She bucked and wriggled, only able to move her mid torso. It turned the men on, as her back arched up and tight ass and hips bucked and wiggled up and down. She grunted and moaned and begged to be let go.

A silver cold knife was used by someone to touch her stomach under her beer soaked t-shirt. She could hear the cutting of the fabric. The shirt fell to pieces around her. Everyone cheered, and guys grabbed and sucked those round firm tits. They begged for it. One guy knelt on the bar and shoved his 9 inch cock down her throat, fucking her face, hard, long deep strokes. She choked on it, struggling to breath, gagging. When he was ready, he plugged her nose to make sure she swallowed. She could feel hot cum on her face and in her hair. Her braids pulled and soaked with cum.

They were cruel. She was face fucked hard with the cocks going down her throat one after the other. Her tits were being stimulated and this made her want to cum. She wouldn’t give in. Load after load of cum was forced into her mouth. She gagged each time, but the onslaught was relentless.

The guys were horny and gross. They pulled off her shoes and socks and she could feel hands really tight holding her ankles. They were actually using her feet to jerk some of them off. She felt the warm cum of many men running down the top of her feet.

Erin was shirtless, shoeless and only wore tattered, torn jean shorts now. The men started pouring shots on her stomach and lining up taking turns sucking alcohol off her tits and stomach. The more the booze was poured on, the further it traveled down to her pussy. The front of her jean shorts were soaked in booze. A hand grabbed the front of them and tore them right off. Like a frenzied animal the man tore her shorts into pieces and called her a fucking tease.

She was grabbed by her hips, flipped face down. An enormous cock jammed into her pussy; it hurt, she let out a whimper. She was wet from all the attention and the giant cock slid in and out easy, gathering momentum, moving faster and faster. People gathered closely and pulled out their cocks. Cum from all over rained on her face, hair and tits. Erin knew the guy was ready to cum as his cock had gotten extremely hard and he was starting to grunt. The warm cum filled her inside. As he came he squeezed her hip so hard it made her cry.

When I entered the bar somewhat reluctantly, I saw a large group of males in the corner. They were in a semi-circle around something they were very interested in it appeared…

I went to the bar area and asked the bartender where my friend was. He pointed over to the guys and said she was over there.

I looked down at the floor as my foot stuck to it. On the ground were loads of semen and a torn and tattered pair of jean shorts. The jean shorts looked like they had been torn about 20 times in all directions. The shorts were wet from cum and smelled like beer. The buttons up the front were all popped or torn off except for one of them. I recognized them as Erin’s. Obviously, from the condition of them, it was clear she had them forcefully ripped off her precious body against her will.

I could Escort Edirne hear her above the music screaming and crying. I imagined she was probably fucked by all these guys at least once while I was sleeping in the car. I had let her down. Her body would be destroyed by these animals. There was surely a baby seed in her, but from who in this bar?

It was if a pin dropped. Everything stopped. All the men turned and looked at me. Half of them had their cocks out and were jerking off. Others were completely naked; others still clothed, all had erections that needed to be relieved. Were they going to do that on me?

I went to run, but cum, beer and her destroyed shorts under my cowboy boots made me slip and fall.

The men gathered around me. I was picked up from behind and held suspended off the ground. Many hands grabbed and tore my dress off like it was a dry paper bag. Cocks from every angle rubbed against my athletic body. They were wet and horny cocks. They made my legs shiny with pre cum. I lost my boots as I struggled, being held up in the air. They were passed around and jerked off in by numerous guys.

Hands groped under my little bathing suit. Both pieces were ripped off my body with little effort. A hand from behind groped my ass and went up it. These guys were rough. I was grabbed by the ankles and wrists and tilted face down about 3 feet off the bar floor. Their hands forcefully spread my ankles wide. A large wet cock entered my asshole from behind and pumped me hard. It hurt so much I couldn’t help it. I cried out! It hurt so much; it felt like my ass was on fire! I couldn’t think, all I could feel was this intense agony in my ass. I tried to relax my butt muscles to make it less painful, but he was just too big! This guy was so huge, he got his hands completely around my waist. I felt like a defenseless little rag doll being fucked by maniacs. They threw me around and had their way with me. I lost track of time. I was passed and thrown around relentlessly. I tried not to but came several times. Some of them knew when they got me off as I scream loud when I cum.

The worst fucking was when I was doubled by two large cocks and bent over for a third in my mouth. They worked me over, I tried to block it out, I was cum in so many times.

Hands clawed and squeezed my tits. I was passed around and around going through at least 20 guys.

When they were done with me I was a glistening cum filled, cum covered mess. It looked as if I had been swimming in the water. My pussy and ass had been worked over hard. I was bruised and bleeding. I had bite marks and scratches all over. They abused me more than Erin. I feel like I deserved it though, I deserted my friend in there.

When the guys had had enough of Erin and me, we were taken into the back. There was a scummy, walk-in shower. Five naked men with hard cocks took us in there, soaped and cleaned us up.

Erin couldn’t even walk from all the fucking. She lay exhausted on the floor. Before they finally let us go, the five guys pinned me against the glass wall of the shower and took turns fucking my ass and pussy. They went to town back there. I was sore all over though. I couldn’t feel my feet. My legs and knees were buckling beneath me. I blacked out.

When we woke up we were in our car in a totally different town. We were both naked under a blanket, battered and bruised. We weren’t aware what town or bar we had been in. We couldn’t do anything.
We couldn’t remember anything specific, only a blur of faces and cocks. We didn’t know what to do so we continued on our trip without another word about it until now. Be careful all you women out there, don’t go into strange bars… you never know what kind of experience is lurking behind the door.


Respond-what did you like about the story? Was one girl your favorite and why? What girl or outfit was better?

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