The Young Sales Executive Ch. 12

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Jessica entered the boardroom and noted the serious demeanor of all the employees. As she began to wonder if something was amiss, Todd stood and greeted her with a big smile.

“Don’t mind us Jessica; we were just working out some things before you arrived.” Todd pulled a chair out for her before taking the seat beside her. With introductions out of the way, Jessica began her cost benefit analysis for moving to a full implementation for Todd’s team; her engineer, Jeff, provided the technical solution review.

Lunch arrived to the boardroom and the team took some time to socialize while they ate. Todd’s IT Manager, Trevor, pulled a chair up beside Jessica and immediately dove in to a conversation about the weather in the north. Jessica appraised Trevor; his big handlebar mustache was littered with grey to match his shortly cropped hair. As they talked, she couldn’t help but think he stepped out of a historic Italian village. Todd joined in on the small talk forcing Jessica to ensure that both men received her attention.

The meeting wrapped up late in the afternoon with a conversation about dinner plans. Once again, Jeff intended to avoid the suits and offered to take the technical guys out for dinner.

Jessica smiled and looked at Todd and Trevor, “Apparently we are on our own tonight.” They all laughed. Todd wrote the name and address of a restaurant down. The decision was made to meet there at 7.

As they rode back to the hotel, Jessica teased Jeff, “You always leave me alone with these guys!”

“What can I say? Not my idea of fun, hanging around a bunch of suits; I keep the techs happy and you keep the execs happy.”

Jessica gave him a playful nudge, “Your dinner dates aren’t thinking about having sex with you.”

Jeff blushed, “I sure hope they aren’t.”

In her hotel Jessica sorted through her closet thinking about what to wear. She decided that conservative would be the right choice after the way that Trevor was eyeing her up during the meeting today. Black slacks and her emerald green blouse would do the trick with a pair of low heels. Looking in the mirror she gave herself a nod before heading to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup.

Jessica made her way through the lobby and climbed in to a waiting cab. En route to the restaurant she checked her messages to find she had two new ones. Josh and Jack had both left voice mails.

Jack’s message was first, “Hey Baby girl, hoping to see you tonight. Send me a message when you get in; it doesn’t matter what time.”

Josh’s excited voice sang in her ear, “Well? No update? You can’t keep a husband waiting on juicy details. Call me when you can okay? Love you.”

Jessica called Josh back, “Hi baby.”

“Have you met up with Jack?” Josh’s excited voice danced in her ear.

Looking up, she saw the driver’s eyes watching in the mirror, “Yes dear, I had a short visit with Jack.”

“Oh my god! Did he fuck you? Did you let him fill you with cum?” The questions ran in to one another.

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes and Yes.”

Josh began to get frustrated, “DETAILS!”

“I’m just in a cab on my way to dinner with clients. I will give you a call after and check in okay?”

“Okay, okay. Don’t forget though okay?” Josh’s was clearly disappointed.

The taxi pulled to a stop and she made her way in to the restaurant; Todd waved her over. Both men stood as she arrived at the table and Trevor pulled a chair out for her between them. The three sat sipping wine and sharing stories about their interests until the meal arrived.

After eating a delicious lobster tail dinner, they finished up with dessert and coffee before calling it a night. Todd offered to drop her off at the hotel and she couldn’t help but think it was déjà vu. Todd was handsome Alanya Escort and she found herself wondering if he was packing the kind of heat that Steve and given her on vacation; in fact, most of the time black men made her remember the pleasure that Steve had given her.

On the drive back to her hotel, Todd’s phone rang and he picked it up on the speaker of his car, “Todd Abrams.”

“Hey Todd” Jessica recognized Jack’s voice immediately. “Are you free for a drink tonight?”

“I’m just driving Jessica back to her hotel. Where do you want to meet?” Todd was nonchalant.

After a thoughtful pause Jack replied, “Why don’t I meet you at the lobby bar in Jessica’s hotel? We can all grab a drink together.”

Todd looked questioning at Jessica, “You in?”

“Sure.” Jessica smiled.

Jack’s voice boomed happily, “Okay then, I will see you guys there in fifteen minutes or so.”

Jessica’s mind raced. What was Jack up to? Had he told Todd about us? She convinced herself that was not the case; she reasoned that Jack was just keeping himself in close proximity so they could spend time together tonight.

Jack arrived to find Jessica and Todd seated casually on lounge chairs with drinks in hand, “You started without me?”

Jessica stood and held her hand out for Jack, “Hi Jack, long time no see.”

Ignoring her hand, Jack gave her a warm hug catching her off guard.

“Damn, do I get hugs too?” Todd chuckled at his own joke.

Jessica smiled, “Of course.”

Not wasting a moment, Todd stood and gave her a hug, “That is so much better than a handshake.”

Jack held his arms out with a big smile, “Come here big boy.”

Todd declined Jack with a shove and took his seat.

Two bottles of wine later, Jessica was feeling no pain and couldn’t help but think it was time for bed when Todd spoke up, “So Jessica, are you inviting us up to your room?”

“What?” She coughed her words out. When Jack touched her thigh and smiled, she knew definitively that Todd knew about her relationship with Jack. All she could do was look back and forth between the two men.

“Be a good girl Jessica; I told Jess what a good little girl you were for me.” Jack smiled and stood with his hand out for her to take.

Without thinking, Jessica took his hand and was pulled to her feet. Todd dropped some cash on the table and followed them to the elevator.

A stranger stood in front of them in the elevator. Jessica could feel a hand on each of her ass cheeks. Neither man moved there hand when the elevator stopped to release the stranger.

When the elevator door closed, Jack spun her to face him, “Give Daddy a kiss.” He leaned forward and kissed her holding her face as he devoured her mouth. Todd’s hands squeezed her as firmly as Jack kissed her.

Once inside the hotel room, Jack gave her a gentle smack on the ass, “Go put something sexier on for us.” Todd and Jack made their way to the small couch and sat down. Jessica headed to the bedroom and pulled out her sheer black teddy and panties; as she was about to put them on, she heard a third voice and peered out around the edge of the door.

Jack was smiling in to her phone as he used her phone to Skype Josh, “This is my buddy Todd. He’s a fan of your pretty little wife too Josh.”

“Hi Todd.” Josh’s voice met her ears. “Where is my little lady?”

Jack laughed, “Tonight she’s no lady. She’s putting something sexy on for us.”

“Excellent.” Josh laughed excitedly.

Jessica’s heart raced, pounding deep in her chest. Josh knows and doesn’t seem to mind. As relieving as that was, she still nervous beyond words as she changed in to the teddy. Slowly she exited the room stopping just outside the doorway, “Well?”

Josh spoke first, “Damn baby! You look Alanya Escort Bayan fuckable!”

Todd whistled and stood quickly making his way to her. Jack held the phone so Josh could watch.

Todd stood within inches of her as he looked up and down her body. His big hand reached around grabbing a handful of her thick blonde hair forcing her head back, “You are a hot little fuck toy!”

Todd’s language was unexpected and foreign to her ears; the look on his face told her he intended to use her as he wanted while her husband watched; her pussy began to moisten. With her hair still being held tightly, she lowered to her knees.

Todd held her head back, starring in to her eyes as he pulled his long black cock from the zipper. Her silky hair felt good, but her pretty little mouth would feel so much better. “Open your mouth Jessica.”

He watched as the tiny blonde parted her lips. “Stick that hot little tongue out.” When she complied, he moved forward and wiped the head of his cock over her tongue and let out a deep moan. “Good girl. Now suck that cock.”

Jessica reached up to hold the rapidly hardening cock resting on her tongue but Todd pushed her hand away. Leaning forward she began circling the head making it glisten with her saliva before sucking him deeper in to her mouth. He wasn’t thick like Steve, but he was long. She heard her husband’s voice saying “move closer.”

Jack moved the phone a foot from Jessica’s mouth to give Josh a nice view of his wife with a big black cock in her mouth. “I think she likes chocolate!” Jack laughed.

“She loves chocolate!” Josh teased making Jessica cut her eyes over towards the phone.

Todd grabbed another fistful of hair and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, “I didn’t realize she was already broke in! I was hoping to be the first black man fucking this pretty little thing.”

“Josh, we will take picture for you.” Jack didn’t wait for a reply and hung up the phone.

Immediately his pants were off and his cock was pointed at her mouth. She reached up and began stroking his cock as Todd power fucked the back of her throat making her eyes run like tiny rivers. Jack’s cock was rock hard and pulsed in her hand as she stroked it.

“Let’s get her on the bed Todd.” Jack made his way in to the small room.

Todd’s glistening shaft slowly pulled from her mouth and flopped down with its own weight. Jessica stood and made her way to the bed with Todd in tow. Jack locked his thumbs in her panties, pulling them down to her ankles in one smooth motion.

“Lay on your back baby girl.” Jack patted the bed.

Todd positioned her head so it hung off the bed slightly and fed his cock back in to her hungry mouth. The view of this sexy little blonde sucking his dark cock was something he had only dreamed of and now he was getting his first taste of vanilla.

Jack watched Jessica buck her hips in the air when he touched her soaking wet pussy. His finger slide easily in and out a couple times before he climbed on the bed between her legs. Holding his cock he rubbed it in her juices watching her buck and listening to her muffled moans as she sucked Todd’s cock.

The sensation on her pussy was indescribable as Jack’s cock toyed over her magic button and traced her lips over and over. She attempted to push herself on his cock when it passed over her tiny opening but clearly Jack was enjoying the torment he was causing.

Reaching down, Todd grabbed a breast in each hand through the thin fabric and squeezed them. He enjoyed listening to the sexy slurping and whimpers as he pushed his cock to the back of her mouth.

“Stick that thing in the poor girl’s pussy Jack!” Todd tugged her nipples gently.

Jack slowly pushed his cock in to her pussy half way Escort Alanya before pulling it out and driving it all the way in her. He couldn’t help but smile at the muffled moan Jessica made as his cock invaded her for the second time. Holding himself deep inside her tiny pussy, Jack tugged her legs pressing his cock deeper.

A loud moan came from his crotch as Todd watched Jack bury his thick cock in their sexy little fuck toy. Todd increased his rhythm and felt his cock popping at the entrance to her throat; it was all he could do not to flood her mouth with his full nuts.

“Push it down her throat Todd! She can take it.” Jack prodded him on.

Todd slowly pushed his cock deeper and watched it disappear down Jessica’s throat. He was amazed at the sight of his cock disappearing; he had only seen it on porn and now his cock was slowly fucking a girl’s throat. His balls tensed as she sucked and swallowed his cock deep in her throat. It would only be moments and he knew his time was short. He pushed himself the rest of the way in her mouth and held it there as his cock exploded, “Fuuuucckk! Suck it bitch! Take that cum!”

Jessica swallowed as best she could when the cock down her throat exploded. Every pulse unleashed another enormous load that needed swallowing. Once sated by the petite blonde’s mouth, he slowly removed his cock from her. A long string of drool connected Jessica’s lips to his glistening black tool.

“Jesus Jessica! You are fucking talented.” Todd returned to the gentle man she recognized.

Jessica attempted to smile at Todd, but Jack was pounding her pussy hard. His hands mauled her breasts as he hammered her as hard as he could, “Todd, take some pictures of me breeding her.”

Todd began taking pictures as Jack lifted her legs over his shoulders. His thrusts were long and deep causing Jessica to scream out with each penetration, “Give it to her Jack!”

“You ready for me to breed this little pussy?” Jack leaned over her with his face close to Jessica’s.

Jessica nodded.

“Look at the camera while I fill you full of cum!” Jack began ploughing her harder.

Jessica gasped and yelped as Jack violently took her pussy. She was in sensory overload, her pussy was soaking wet, but she couldn’t orgasm. The thought of another load of Jack’s cum in her felt so naughty and she began to beg him to cum.

Todd placed his semi erect cock on her face and snapped a couple more pictures. “Put it back in your mouth.” A few more photos were taken with his black cock in her mouth, “I’m going to need copies of these. Damn!” To his amazement, he could feel his cock stirring to life with the help of her gentle sucking.”

The cock in her pussy pounded and stretched her deeper. She could her Jack’s breathing getting erratic and knew it was a matter of time. When he held his cock deep in her, she felt it begin to pulse and the wetness of her pussy increased dramatically as he filled her.

When Jack was satisfied his balls had left their treasure deep inside her, he removed his cock. Starring down proudly at her tiny pussy stretched out and dripping cum he motioned for Todd, “You need to take a picture of this!”

Jessica lay exhausted on the bed. She could feel the load of cum dripping from her pussy and Todd’s salty cum lingered in her mouth. Her pussy throbbed when she placed her hand over it to calm herself.

Jack and Todd headed back to the couch and picked up there drinks leaving her splayed on the bed.

Jessica gently rubbed herself finally able to focus on bringing herself to and orgasm. It only took a minute and she began bucking and squirting as the guys cheered from the couch.

“Come here and suck our cocks.” Todd’s voice was smooth.

Taking a moment to recover, she rolled off the bed and kneeled between the seated men taking a cock in each hand; both men were soft, “You sure you guys are up for it?”

Todd grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to his cock, “Once these pills kick in, we’ll see how tough talking you are.” Todd handed a small blue pill to Jack.

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