Thee Aprille Foole

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Apologies to Chaucer fans and for any anachronisms in the story. I hope you enjoy it…and would love your vote (and comments!).


“When April comes with his sweet, fragrant showers, which pierce the dry ground of March, and bathe every root of every plant in sweet liquid, then people desire to go on pilgrimages.”

So begins Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”, a story of twenty-nine pilgrims on the road in April. There were actually more pilgrims on the journey, and this tale concerns one of the other members to join the group, “Thee Aprille Foole”

Unbeknownst to the rest of the group a new member joined the group as they made their pilgrimage to Canterbury, a small man of indeterminate age who claimed to have been a member of the royal court at one time and who, in his modest manner not only was a fair singer but was the wittiest soul alive. According to himself. His tale should prove most interesting if and when we get to hear it.

Quick of wit they said he was, ladies especially liked his tongue and not just for the words that sprang from it was the common story, said with a wink. Dressed in bright colors, it was said he had performed at court and at several of the better land owners. Whether that was true or not, one can only imagine as he, Thomas, neither confirmed nor denied what others said.

“Will you be going all the way to Canterbury with us?” the Miller’s assistant asked him. The large man sized the Foole up and down. “If ye are, make yourself useful and entertain us along the way, won’t you?”

Thomas tilted his head as though he was thinking it over. “Perhaps I will, but mainly I will try to entertain myself. I often find these travels provide a wealth of fodder for my future songs and stories. I find if I am not amused, neither shall you be.” He returned to his walking along the road, mingling among the wagons and other travelers, humming some and observing all.

The Miller’s assistant, Aron, watched Thomas leave. He liked to think of himself as the assistant to the Miller, but really was more of his brute. If something needed force, Aron was the man of choice. In times when water was low to turn the mill wheel, Aron could add ‘encouragement’. Suffice it to say that nuance and subtlety was not his forte.

After the sun had set and all the camps had been made groups gathered by the fire for a bite, a drink and most of all company. Those of wealth dined in small groups in quiet fashion while near the edge of the camps the less endowed gathered in larger, louder clumps. Aron and Thomas found themselves together again in one of these groups.

“I figured you for one of the betters’ camps, milord. What brings ye to us this fine night.” Aron growled at Thomas between long sips of beer and bites of dark bread.

Thomas sat across the fire from the large man. “Truth be told, my friend, these fires have a better flame. More heat and more to see. I prefer the company here. Less chance of my back being pricked. Any threat will usually come straight on.”

Aron let that sink in. He nodded. “That is true. We’ll tell you to your face when you’re an ass. I’d asked you before if you could entertain us. Do you think you can? Who wants a song?” He looked around to see who was with him. The group of men and women nodded and raised a glass. They were in the mood for some cheer.

“Very well, if you wish. I believe I have a song or tune remaining in this lute.” Thomas stood and began to pluck at his instrument. “A quick song for the maids among us.”

‘Here dwells a pretty Maid whose name is Miss.
You may come in and kiss
Her hole, her whole estate that is. ‘Tis sevente’en pence a year.
Yet you may kiss her if you come but near.

He struck a final chord and bowed to the group. One young woman in particular blushed at the words that accompanied his song. He continued with another and another, singing songs which mainly contained words with several meanings. To some they were playful, to others encouraging.

Finally as the fire began to die Thomas sat and drained a cup that Aron presented. “Ye did not disappoint. I wonder how you remember all those words. And the strings to touch with them. You are a marvel, Master Thomas. A glass to you!”

“A master I am not, but not without my hopes and talents. I appreciate your toast. May we have a safe and pleasant journey!” Thomas held out his glass for more and Aron obliged. “A sip or two more and away with me. A long day today and promise of more tomorrow.” Slowly all those by the fire came to the same conclusion and slipped off into the dark.

The several cups took there toll on Thomas and while the moon was still high he felt the need to go and relieve himself of a cup or more. While away from the camp doing his duty, he heard a rustling from behind a bush and went to see what it might be. Who knows, it might be a rabbit for the morrows’ stew?

As he quietly moved around the foliage, he spied the Miller’s man with the maid levent escort from the camp. It appeared they were wrestling and she was not about to win the match. Thomas watched as the thick hand of Aron cupped the maid’s breast and squeezed the milky skin in the moonlight.

“Nooo, I beg thee. I gave you a kiss as you asked, but you are wanting more than I can give.” There was desperation in the words the young woman whispered. “Please, no more.” She tried to move, but she would have had more success had she tried to move the tree beneath which they lay.

Thomas watched a moment more then cleared his throat with a “Huh-huh…” Announcing his presence, he stepped around the bush into the clearing where the entangled pair squirmed about. “Oh, my pardon. I thought I heard tomorrows’ dinner moving about here. I was clearly mistaken.” He saw Aron turn his head to see who dared interrupt. He saw the maids’ eyes grow wide.

“Foole. This concerns you not. Go back to the camp.” Aron barked at Thomas. All the while keeping tight hold on the breast his hand covered completely.

Thomas stood in the light. “I would, but this interests me. Besides. I might get lost. Or you might need assistance. You may have size on your side, but beware, She’s a crafty maid. Have you checked her for weapons? A needle might be waiting for you ‘neath those clothes. And there are other weapons a woman can unleash once she has a man where she wants him…”

“Stop. Begone, you, you… ‘Tis no affair of yours.” Aron started to rise, he turned away from what he had hoped would be his prize. “I need you not.”

“I beg to differ, my large friend.” Thomas continued. His voice was as light as Aron’s was gruff. “A worldly man such as yourself would surely know about the scourges a woman can depart upon a man. That drizzle that will not stop, the puss filled boils that develop on your shaft. Pissin’ becomes like passing liquid flame. Sure you have seen that in the sailors who have enjoyed the likes. Tis better by far to take matters into your own hand than to risk such a fate.”

Words have a way of deflating not only egos but manhood alike. It seemed as though a word or two had gotten to Aron. Perhaps he realized his game was found out or that the small man before him was not going to leave. Whatever the case he grunted and rose. He stood for a moment, glared at Thomas and moved past him toward the camp.

Thomas exhaled a sigh of relief. Had he wanted, Aron could have split him in two. But he was still whole. He turned to the woman who still lay on the ground before him and went to her. “Are you alright? From what I see, you are fine, but I hope all that has been injured is your pride.” He brushed a tendril of hair back into place. Her dark eyes glistened in the dark.

“I am fine, thanks to you, kind sir. A moment or two more and he would have had the whole of me. I owe thee. And I thank thee.” She looked at Thomas, but made no move to rise.

“You owe me and you thank me? For merely satisfying my curiosity about what might be behind the bush? I think that is high payment indeed. Although you are correct that the fellow did seem close to collecting you as his prize. I heard you say he asked for a kiss and you obliged, is that the way it began?”

“Yes, he asked for a kiss. I saw no harm in that. The moon is out, it is a pleasant night for this time of year. I gave him a kiss, but he wanted more. More than I wished to share. With him.” She turned her head slightly, allowing the moonlight to again play with her eyes.

Thomas moved beside her. “You say you wished to share no more, and he went to take it. Is that it? How feel you now about sharing? Perhaps the debt you owe can be repaid with a kiss. And with some interest perhaps?”

The maid moved close. “A kiss to repay is the least that can be done. He wanted his upon his lips. Where might you prefer yours? And will you return it once it is given?” A tongue ran along her lip and she bit the lower one while she awaited his reply.

“Oh, the choices that you present. I have a rod that has become quite stiff and would adore the kiss you offer to pay. And of course I will gladly return it. You women have the luxury of having two sets of lips. Tell me which should I make payment to?” Thomas began to undo the buttons to his trousers as he moved to lie down next to the woman.

“Allow me, kind sir. As a maid, I am quite good with buttons and fastenings.” She undid his pants and freed the hard cock from its’ prison. It was at full attention and she moved her hand along the length. “I’ve not had the chance to kiss the head of one of these. Will you let me try? I think it might be fun to see what happens when it meets this tongue of mine.” She used her hand to pull the shroud of foreskin from the tip of his uncut cock and placed her lips upon him. Her mouth opened and the tip disappeared within. She held him so and ran her tongue around the sensitive knob. He moaned okmeydanı escort softly as she continued, taking him deeper into her mouth.

“That is the deepest kiss of all” Thomas whispered. “And one most sweet. I hope to repay you with one of equal depth.” He placed a hand behind her head as she continued to kiss and lick and tease his hardened dick.

For what seemed an hour she ministered to his cock. Licking, devouring, bobbing up and down, using lips, hand and tongue to deliver wave after wave of pleasure to him.. Finally he felt it about to erupt. He arched his back and released a groan of pleasure. As it escaped his throat, his cum escaped the tip of his cock. Strings of hot white liquor gushed forth, some finding a home on the maids’ face, a drop or two on her lip. She ran her tongue around, tasting his offering while she moved to wipe the rest away.

“Mmmm. You are a salty one, you are. A tasty reward you provide.” She sat up slightly as she looked at him laying before her in the moonlight. “I must confess, I do not allow many men to partake of me. But I must admit, since I would have been taken had you not come along, I feel no shame in giving myself to you what saved me from that fate. If I was to be fucked tonight, I at least want to have a say in which one I take.” She pronounced fucked with a long ‘O’, like ‘fooked’.

Thomas rose to an elbow. “Well before anyone gets ‘fooked’, I believe you wanted to have that kiss returned. Have you ever had the nether lips you have be kissed? They must be jealous of the ones who get to see the light of day and be seen by all. I suggest that I should pay a bit of attention to them. What say you to that?”

“I can truthfully say that they have not been kissed. They have been parted by fingers and a cock or two, but never a tongue. Mind they are guarded by a bush. You’ll need to part that before you find the pink.” She lay back and began to pull the hem of her dress up. It rose slowly above the knee. Higher and higher revealing the same milky white skin Thomas had seen on her breast and had seen become colored with blush when he had sung his tunes before.

Finally as he watched a dark patch appeared. At the union of her body and her legs, hair grew in abundance. A gash appeared to be hidden amongst the hair, and unless his eyes deceived, it appeared moist and inviting.

“I believe I see the neglected lips in the moon’s light. They deserve attention. Perhaps first with a finger and then a deep kiss.” With that Thomas moved a hand between her legs and felt the warmth of her sex. He traced the outline of the lips and played with the thick thatch of hair before placing a finger at the opening. He looked into her eyes as he slid inside her. “My, what a warm inviting place. Would that I could crawl in there with that lucky finger. Perhaps I will, bit by bit. But for now this finger will have to do the exploring.” He moved his face down and began to nibble on the tender inner thigh of her leg, inching up toward the union.

“Oh my, yes. Your finger is a welcome visitor. You can have him invite a friend or two to visit. We don’t want him to be lonely. Besides, it is a big job to fill and he may need the help.” She lay back and opened her legs wider for better access.

“Then company he shall have!” Thomas slid a second finger into that moistened quim and moved his mouth to cover the top of the opening. He darted his tongue onto a hard little button that had appeared. “I believe I have uncovered a jewel here between your legs. A gem set in a beautiful setting that wraps around my fingers. I must kiss that ring to show my appreciation.” His tongue began to furiously lap at her clit while his fingers slid in and out. After a moment he moved the tongue to take the fingers place and tasted the sweet liquor of her pussy while the fingers rolled the hardened little nub at the top between themselves. Fingers flashing, tongue lashing out Thomas remained focused on the spot between her legs as she bucked and rolled beneath his face.

Suddenly her hands reached down and grasped his hair, holding him tight to her wet loins. Her back arched and he grabbed the round mounds of her ass holding her to him. She felt a wave rush over her and he felt her quiver as she began to cum. A jerk, a spasm and she lay back and was completely still.

“My word, I hope I haven’t killed you. You are alright, aren’t you?” Thomas feigned worry, knowing she was fine, just enjoying a complete release.

“Oh, I am alive. Just spent. I believe the French call it ‘Le petit morte’, the little death. I have never quite had that feeling. It was wonderful.” She said the words softly as she closed her legs and curled up slightly. “I wonder if I shall feel that again?”

“We always wonder what the future holds.” Thomas sat back and looked at the woman before him. “I know I caught sight of that wonderful arse of yours. Two well rounded loaves that seemed to cry out gülbağ escort to be kneaded. It appears my prick is once again steel hard. Perhaps you might provide it with a sheath?”

“What are you suggesting, my good man? Are you wanting to mount me as a dog mounts its’ mate? Taking me from behind? Or would you do me as one man does another? I’ve no fondness for that. But I’ll bend to your will if it might mean another bout of joy.” The woman rolled to one side and got to all fours showing her shapely hindquarters. “You might say that there are two moons out tonight. Reach out and take the one you want.” With a shake, she made it clear which moon she meant.

Thomas moved behind her and presented his hardened cock. He slid it between the moist pink slit and teased her with the tip. “I do believe my fellow is afraid of the dark. The last dark place he was he found teeth. He seems to want to slide around out her a bit before coming inside.”

“Ha! He’ll find no teeth in there, but if he waits to long, he will never know. The gate may shut and leave him out.” Her ass wiggled more, pressing close against Thomas so he could feel her hot, wet pussy fairly begging him to enter.

In one motion he moved back and then ahead, plunging his turgid rod inside the wet, hot hole. The lips closed around him as he watched it disappear. He pulled back and the shaft glistened with the wetness it had picked up. “Ah, ’tis good to see him dive in and return covered with your essence. He drinks it in and will soon add his own to the mix.” Thomas grasped her hips and began to methodically slide in and out. Each stroke slightly faster than the last.

The moon above bore witness to the union of the two as they became one rocking entity. Thomas thrust and pulled back and thrust again. The maid moved her hips with him sliding back on the shaft as much as he slid into her. As the waves meet the beach, so did their motion take on a rhythm. Not one above or over the other, but two moving as one, bathed in a pale glow.

Their motion became quicker and Thomas asked first “Are you close? I am near exploding, can you join with me?’ He thrust in as deep as he could go, pressing his loins into the soft flesh of her ass, grabbing her hips and holding her tight to him. He felt his cock start to spasm.

“I am here as well. Fill me with your juice. I feel I might take it all. That hot milk of your cock. Give it, lest I have to use my hand to gather every last drop like from the cows’ teat.” Her voice slightly muffled as she spoke toward the ground with her ass joined to his throbbing cock.

“I believe you have it all. I’ve spared you nothing. Perhaps a drop on the tip if you care to check.” Thomas moved back on his heels, still sporting a sizeable erection between his legs.

“I’ll not be greedy. Save a drop of dew for the lily. But perhaps I’ll enjoy it another time.” The woman raised up, her skirt covering her skin. She shifted around and in a moment, her clothes were back in place as though nothing had not occurred. “I must be getting back, I feel the need to sleep a little before the sun returns and we begin our journey again. No need to walk me, I know the way.” She rose to leave.

“But a moment. I need to know your name. Perhaps I’ll use it in a song one day. Wouldst thou like that honor?” Thomas stood and pulled his pants to his waist. “Besides, we’ll be on this road for several more days and I am sure we will share time together.”

“My name in a song of yours? I do not think that is needed. But my name is Tess. That’s all you need. My full name will have to wait. It might be Elizabeth or Theresa or Tessa. ‘Tis not Mary, sweet and pure as you have found. Thank you for the offer, but I’ve no need to be remembered in a song. I’m sure I’ll be remembered in other ways.” With that, Tess turned and headed back to her spot in the camp.

Thomas stretched and looked up at the April moon. Bright and shiny. It saw all, but said nothing. A rustling came from the bushes behind where Thomas and Tess had joined. Aron emerged from the thicket.

“I saw our plan worked, Thomas. You saved her from this monster and she was more than grateful. Gratitude is a wonderous thing.” Aron held out his hand to the smaller man.

“Indeed, Aron. The plan is sound. You use your talent of might, I use mine of right. This Tess was mighty grateful, twice grateful, in fact. Such a sweet reward”

Aron chuckled. It seemed a bit unlike him, but the large man had a sense of humor it seemed. “Truth be told, I do enjoy the watching. ‘Tis entertainment better than you supply with your song. You play this instrument better than that one of wood.” He pointed toward Thomas’ crotch.

“Well others do seem to like my talents. Tess enjoyed this, but others liked the songs.” Thomas set his jaw and stood up for himself. “In fact, whether she wants a song or not, I have one I will sing tonight for her…”

The unlikely pair strode through the brush back to the camp. As they did, Aron hummed and Thomas spoke the words to his new tale.

Tess offered her honor,
He honored her offer.
It was honor, offer, honor, offer
All the night long.
They say that once a king, always a king
But once a knight is enough
‘cept for Tess who always wants more

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