Their Hot Dreams Come True

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(For months I’d been having an erotic online “affair” with Lisa. Our emails are in “Hot Emails Lead to Great Sex.”)

Hey Barry –

This morning I woke up and first thing I was thinking about was going to my P.O. box. Holy shit, I was so horny. I needed sex right away and needed to masturbate so bad, but I fought it off to wait to see what you’d sent me.

I tried to stay calm at the post office, but it was hard because I was so wet. I sped home, ran in and ripped open the package. What a sexy teddy! The straps in the back! The way it cups my tits! And the silk crotch piece! My fingers finally found my clit and I knew I’d come right away. I started thinking about you fucking me. About sucking your hard cock while you scream out, “You’re my fucking slut! You horny bitch! You’ve been driving me crazy for too long and now I’m going to fuck your brains out!” What a huge cum I had. Happy to tell you that you’ll never be returning that lingerie . . . it’s soaked!

And now for a surprise, Barry, my cousin’s getting married not far from where you live, at the Santa Barbara Hilton, next month. And you know what? I’m going to drive you fucking crazy. Yes, I will finally suck your cock and you will finally fuck me for real, but not before I tease you and flirt with you and drive you nuts.

Book a hotel room for the first weekend in July. And brace yourself. Be at the hotel Friday afternoon at 3:00. I’ll text you.

Your horny, wet slut

– Lisa

P.S. I am going to grind my pussy into your face so fucking hard!

Finally the day came and I drove to the Hilton and found a seat in the lobby cafe. My phone vibrated kayseri escort and I read the text: “That’s me in the black skirt. Get in the elevator, push the button for the top floor and stand in the back.”

In just a minute I was in the back of the elevator and Lisa came in with a big group. It was pretty crowded and she positioned herself right in front of me, with us both facing the elevator door. She pressed her beautiful ass right into my crotch. Immediately my dick was rock hard. She began caressing my dick with her ass. I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under her super thin skirt. By now my dick was way in her ass crack and she squeezed it, hard. Lisa came up on her toes and worked my dick up to her pussy. It was so hot I could feel it through my pants!

The elevator stopped and she stepped forward, but surprised me by slamming back into me. This girl was rough! She really ground herself on me until the elevator stopped again and she zipped off, leaving me there as dazed and horny as I’ve ever been.

A few minutes later I got another text, “I’m dying for you. Can’t wait to finally have your cock in my mouth. At 3:45 go down to the restaurant and take one of the tables in the back near the bathrooms.” Of course I did! The restaurant was pretty formal, with tablecloths that were draped over each table and went down to the plush carpeted floor. I ordered a beer and looked around. I heard the door to the bathroom closed and there was a rustle in the drapes – and I realized that Lisa was under the table. She unzipped me and had my cock in her mouth in about 10 seconds. Still so horny from the elevator ride, my cock swelled to full size instantly and I heard her gag under the table.

The waiter came with my beer and at first Lisa froze. Then she began flicking her tongue all over the head of my dick. Her tongue was darting everywhere. I was amazed at how hard, and stiff, and strong it was as it danced everywhere. Finally the waiter left. I reached under the table and firmly took her head in my two hands. Although we’d never spoken a word to each other, she knew. She turned herself over to me and became my slut, my bitch, my woman, my lover in a way no woman had ever done before.

I began fucking her mouth in the most complete and perfect way imaginable. Long, solid, strong strokes. No question I was going to come. Faster and faster . . . and then two last, long, intense strokes until the orgasm washed over me. She hungrily took every last drop and tenderly licked me clean. The curtains fluttered and she was gone.

Ten minutes later, another text: “Be under that same table by 5:30. Don’t worry about my girlfriends, they know.”

“Woah,” I thought, “this is getting freaky.” But there I was as three women came in and sat down. Shoes were kicked off and I was being caressed by all six feet. I could tell from the blue skirt that the middle woman was Lisa and she sank lower in her chair. Her legs spread wide around my head and I began kissing her thighs. Working my way towards her pussy was heaven and I tried to go as slowly as possible. I was completely caught up in kissing and licking Lisa, so I was surprised when the girl on my right took my right hand and moved it up to her crotch. Holy shit! Shaved and oh so smooth . . . and so wet! I ran my middle finger up her slit to her clit and she started shaking right on it. And, then (you guessed it!) the girl on my left brought my left hand up to her wet pussy, too. Lisa came pretty quickly on my face and the girl on my left came just from my finger! But it was the girl on my right who had me transfixed.

I moved over to get my lips on her pussy and as I moved up her thigh I noticed something that amazed me. I’ve always loved oral sex and the smell of pussy basically agrees with me. Too strong can be a bummer, but most of the time it’s OK with me. But this girl (I later found out her name is Cindy) had the most amazing pussy! Her juices had no pussy smell at all. At first, it was just like pure water. I quickly began feeling a strange thirst come over me. I had my whole tongue over her slit and began trying to lick up every drop I could. It was incredible. Her pussy was very small and I began fucking her with my tongue. She was so tight that it made me feel like my tongue was as big as my dick. Cindy started shaking again and her juices turned . . . sweet! Not a trace of anything salty or fishy or anything. Sweet, pure, clean, warm, and fantastic. And then, suddenly, she froze and then mashed her pussy into my face. She came quickly and went limp, caressing my head with both hands. Right away the three of them leaped to their feet and were gone. I had no trouble crawling unseen to the back wall and then slipped into the restroom. Just a minute later got another text, “Hey Babe – That was amazing. Wait at the hotel for 30 minutes then head over to the mall. We’ll be in a changing room at Victoria’s Secret. Head over, pick out the three hottest outfits, and then text me.”

(Next part coming soon!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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