They Finally Meet Ch. 04

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Before meeting today they’d agreed that he would willingly submit to her wants and her desires. CFNM was what she had originally been interested in yet here she stood naked, wet, and trembling in his arms. His mouth was hungry on hers and she knew this kissing needed to end right now.

“Enough.” she said pulling her face away from his. She had tried to have a forceful tone but apparently it wasn’t forceful enough.

No sooner had she pulled away when his lips found hers again. He hadn’t moved his arms at all, one around her back, the other around her waist. It felt good to be held so tight, it made her feel desired.

The sensation of his tongue once more was driving her wild and the wetness was warm and plentiful between her cinched thighs. She tried to clear her head, organize her thoughts but his kisses were intoxicating making her want more and more. Get it together girl, she thought.

“I said enough.” Her tone much more stern this time as she pulled her face away and turned her head. “I want you to wash me now.”

Placing her hands on his chest she tried pushing him back but he wasn’t letting go just yet.

“You’re blushing.” he said pulling her closer.

Trying to maintain control of the situation, and herself, she looked at him and said rather plainly, “Of course I’m flush, I can’t breathe.”

He loosened his grip allowing her some wiggle room. This would be the perfect time to step away, to take his cock in her hand and lead him into the bathroom like leading a dog on a leash. But her hands were still on his chest, his arms still around her body, their eyes locked.

She felt frustration over the fact that she longed for him to kiss her again. To feel that force on her lips, their tongues dancing, to taste him. It was when he leaned in, as if reading her mind, that she snapped out of the erotic stupor in which she’d been placed.

Stepping back and wriggling free from his arms she let her right hand slide down his chest and take hold of his cock. “This way young man.” she said as they made their way toward the bathroom.

Her back was to him so he couldn’t see the delighted smile on her face as she lived out one more fantasy of leading her pet to the shower in such a wicked manner.

Of course, she couldn’t see his face either.

On that face was a self satisfied smile, for he’d felt her tremble in his arms. He felt her passion as they kissed, how she didn’t move away from his body immediately when he gave her the chance. He saw the moisture glistening between the tops of her thighs when finally she did step away from him. It was all an indication that her resolve was weakening and the shower would be the place that he would have his opportunity to take control.

For now he’d continue to let her pretend that she was the boss, what the hell he was having fun. After all, she had made him cum like no other woman had done before and she was such a sexy thing without even knowing it.

Watching her lead him across the room he let his eyes drift down her body to the tattoo on the small of her back. He was going to love looking at that ink while he was gripping her hips tight and pounding her from behind under the warm rush of water that awaited them. His smile widened a little more at the thought she had no idea what was in store for her.

She continued leading him like a dog into the cool darkness of the large bathroom when suddenly she was surrounded by light.

“Why, thank you pet” the words glibly rolling from her tongue.

“Anything for you Ma’am” was his reply as he placed his hand down by his side after flipping the light switch.

She let go of his cock and instructed him to turn on the shower. Not too hot, not too cold. Those were her only specifications regarding water temperature.

She leaned against the counter of the sink and watched as he knelt on the cool tiled floor to turn on the faucet. She took some time to study his face as well as admire his physique. Now she wanted to kneel beside him on the floor and kiss him, but she refrained. She was in charge and had to maintain a sense of control.

He glanced up at her as he let his fingers play under the warm water pouring from the spout. Her cheeks were pink, her eyes shined, her smile warmed his heart and stirred his loins. She looked like a woman in love.

He realized she was more relaxed now thus allowing her actual self to surface. This was the woman he knew so well.

This was the woman who had shared hardships she was having as well as jubilant times taking place in her life. She made him think, made him mad, made him laugh. She was capable of building him up as well as cutting him down. They talked like a couple, fought like a couple, loved like a couple. Their relationship may have only been online until this day but to him it had felt real for a long time. Seeing her face now made him well aware the feeling was mutual.

“What were you laughing about on the bed?” her voice breaking the silence between them.

Pulling the valve on the spout there was an audible shift kayseri escort in water pressure then the shower came bursting down like rain into the tub.

He stood up and looking her in the eyes said, “Well, when you were wiping up my cum with your panties…”

He watched as she stood upright from the counter, her body rigid, her face looked worried. He knew she was thinking she’d done something that he interpreted as foolish. He always felt she was too self critical.

“Go on” she said impatiently.

“It’s just that, well, when you did that I thought about when we would role play mother and son scenarios. That’s all.”

He waited for a reaction and saw her processing what he’d just said. He felt relieved as her face and body once more appeared relaxed.

Slowly she made her way over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their faces were so close that he thought she was going to kiss him. Instead she whispered, “Do you want to do that now?”

The idea of doing an actual role play like that made him dizzy.

YES, he wanted to shout, You bet I do! He kissed her hard, grabbing her ass and pulling her tight into his groin.

His brain was saying, No, no, no. Control is what you want right now.

But his cock, well his cock wanted her. It wanted anything she wanted. If she had pulled out a bottle of nail polish and told him to paint her toes he would have happily complied.

In the end though, having her pressed against him was maddening because what he really wanted was to be IN her. Be patient cock, he said to himself, then he broke the kiss.

As his lips left hers she felt a little stunned. She was under the impression that they’d be doing a role play now. When she opened her eyes he was smiling down at her.

“The shower is ready now Ma’am. I hope the temperature is to your liking.” He backed away and held out a hand allowing her to step in the tub.

The water running over her body was invigorating. Tipping her head under the stream, she smoothed her hair back. He stepped in behind her and pulled the curtain closed. It was a very accommodating space for two people.

Turning to face him she saw him unwrapping the small bar of soap that had been perched on the the shelf. She watched as he dropped the paper on the floor outside the tub then pick up a wash cloth.

“I believe I had been instructed to wash you Ma’am” then he soaped up the small white towel in his hand.

She didn’t say a word, only watched as he squeezed the towel a few times to produce a frothy white foam.

Even though the water was warm she suddenly felt goose bumps forming on her flesh. Her mouth went dry causing her to swallow hard as he reached his hand up and gently placed it on the side of her neck. She could only close her eyes now and think of how much her pussy ached for his touch.

Water was lightly splashing her face as he proceeded to stroke her neck with the soapy cloth. Her cheeks were pink again, as were the tops of her breasts and half of her neck. He let the cloth glide over her shoulder, down her arm then he squeezed forcing foam to run down to her hand.

She was silent, motionless, in fact he wasn’t sure she was even breathing.

Wrapping her hand in the small wash cloth he pulled her towards him while whispering, “Turn around so your back is against me”. She did as instructed, first turning then leaning against his body.

It felt good having her against him, too good because he could feel his cock getting ready to make another appearance. He thought perhaps she wouldn’t notice as he wasn’t fully aroused yet.

Peering over her shoulder he peeked at her face. Again her eyes were closed, cheeks red but now there was a tiny smile on her lips. Yup, she noticed.

He lathered up the cloth once more and began washing her stomach. His toweled hand caressed every dip and curve her torso had to offer. He felt her reach around and rest her hands on his hips. He let the cloth slip over her right hip, cross the top of her thigh then barely graze her swollen sex.

Gasping, she dug her nails into his skin waiting for his fingers to dip into her folds, but it never happened. There was a brief moment of disappointment until she felt his hand moving up her body between her breasts.

He wanted so badly to feel her skin under his hands. He needed to touch her body. He’d had enough of this damn cloth so he dropped it.

Impulsively she lurched forward upon hearing the loud wet thwack of the cloth hitting the floor of the tub. She attempted to turn around but couldn’t because his arms were around her so quickly. In his hands she noticed the small bar of soap.

Smiling widely she watched as he worked the bar between his hands into white lather. One hand was gone for a second then returned sans soap. Her heart was pounding as he worked the lather in his hands a few more times before softly placing them on her body.

She stared into the stream of water as she felt his hands moving over her ribs, up her torso. Her chest was heaving with anticipation as he cupped the underside of her breasts.

Leaning her head back it came to rest on his shoulder, their cheeks touching. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his hands massaging her flesh, his fingers teasing her sensitive nipples. She slid one hand behind his head and whispered into his ear, “I want you.”

He squeezed her breasts tight pinching her nipples hard when he heard those words. He wanted her too but on his terms this time. She’d have to be patient.

A whimper escaped her lips when he pinched her nipples so tightly, the sensation sending a shock wave through her core.

She wanted to stroke his cock but his hold was tight and didn’t allow her much freedom to move. She tried repositioning and was surprised to feel a sharp pain hit the top of her right thigh.

Opening her eyes she stared in disbelief. He just slapped me. Turning her head to look him in the face she saw little emotion.

She was going to ask if everything was okay but as soon as she opened her mouth to speak he cut her off by saying, “Please be still Ma’am.”

She now felt anxious. Not anxious thinking he might hurt her, she knew him and trusted him. She was anxious because she sensed the tide turning.

She contemplated falling back into character and saying something like, I won’t stand for such behavior, but instead said nothing. He’d already cum several times so if he chose to walk out on her she was the one losing.

She wanted to cum. She needed it. She wanted to feel him inside her. He was taking control by taking advantage of her lust and she was allowing it to happen.

It seemed their real life meeting was turning into one of the many power struggles they’d had online over the course of the years. The back and forth of one being dominant then the other. They would sometimes go on like that all day.

Strangely this thought comforted her, so she leaned against him as the words “I love you” danced through her head. Suddenly surrender wasn’t such a bad thing.

As her body once more relaxed against his, it filled him with shameless desire. His cock was hard, pressing against her ass cheek. That she relinquished control made him want to fuck her like a wild animal.

He slid his hands down her body resting them on her hips. Oh god he wanted to push her forward, tilt that ass up, slip inside that pussy he’d dreamt about for so long, yet he refrained. Instead he continued his descent until his fingers touched forming a triangle over her pussy.

He let his fingers slide between her thighs and although water was cascading down her body he could feel how wet her pussy was, slicker than water to the touch.

He allowed his fingers to glide first over, then between the folds of her skin.

She arched her back as his hands explored her sex, letting out a tiny cry as his teeth bit the top of her shoulder.

Unable to stay motionless anymore she reached for the shower wall to maintain her balance as she spread her legs to grant him more access to her aching body.

As he began rubbing her clit she threw her head back and moaned directly into the stream in front of her causing water to fill her mouth.

He watched as the droplets accumulated to overflowing, eventually trickling out the corners of her lips then down her chin until finally she spit the rest out as her head fell forward.

That sight had him rubbing her clit with even more enthusiasm now because he wished that water was his cum. He wanted to see his cum filling her mouth, dripping down her chin, lingering on her lips.

“Son of a bitch” he said out loud.

“What…” she replied instinctively but before she could say anything else he’d spun her around to face him.

“I’m going to fuck you. I can’t wait anymore. But you have to do something for me first.”

He saw nothing but excitement registering on her face as she eagerly nodded her head.

Nothing else was said, instead placing a hand on either of her shoulders he applied the slightest bit of pressure.

Gracefully she fell to her knees and taking his cock in her hand she began running her tongue over the length of it.

“I always find that saliva is a great lubricant.” His eyes closed as her tongue lapped at his cock with wild abandon.

If her mind had been less driven by sexual desire she would have noticed that she was the one who now appeared to be the dog, on her knees in front of her master obeying every command. And just as a dog wants a bone so did she, but hers was of a different variety.

Trying her best to please him she worked his cock with her mouth and tongue, licking, sucking and at times even drooling. The tip of his cock in her mouth allowed her to once more taste him.

Unconsciously she reached up, cupped his balls with her hands and began to take him as far as she possibly could into her mouth.

She was almost at the base of his cock when there was a pain in her head. It was his fingers gripping her hair, holding her in place then pulling her off him.

Following the cue she set his cock free while resting her hands by her sides.

“I’m sorry” she said quietly without looking up, his fingers now loosening their grip.

“Don’t be” his voice shaky, “It was me, not you. I want to cum inside your pussy not your mouth but you’re driving me over the edge.”

His hands were smoothing her hair then cupping her face, motioning for her to stand.

When she was on her feet he kissed her hard then held her for a moment.

“You’re everything I dreamt you’d be” he whispered in her ear. He let her give him a little squeeze before adding, “Now, turn around and bend over.”

His words set her on fire. Lacing her fingers through his hair she kissed him with a passion she didn’t know she possessed. She wished this moment could last forever, she also wanted to feel him inside her.

Untwining her body from his, she turned back into the stream of water.

“Slowly, if you please” his voice was husky.

Even though these were his commands she realized she had a great deal of power right now.

Slowly she spread her legs as she lifted her arms to cup her breasts.

His hands were on her hips now, fingers digging into her soft flesh.

When her breasts were freed from the hand bra she’d created, water splashed on the shower floor. She felt one hand leave her hip then strike her on the ass.

A smile crossed her lips when she heard him say, “Stop teasing!”

“But you said to go slowly, I’m only trying to be oblige.”

One more sharp slap hit her ass cheek causing her to flinch.

“Please sir, may I have another?” she teased.

“Come on!” was all he could muster.

Giggling she quickly leaned forward as she placed her hands on the wall in front of her.

Soon she felt his cock rubbing against her ass. She relished the feeling of him enjoying her body in such a carnal way. His cock was now making its way to the place that had been begging for his attention for so long.

Just the tip of him was inside her pussy. Arching her back she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

He held himself just inside her for what seemed an eternity, mercilessly teasing both of them.

She felt him slipping deeper inside her, stretching her tightness. Unable to resist the urge she began gently backing her hips towards his body.

Groaning he began pumping his hips into her. Every thrust jerking her body back and forth easing her sexual ache.

Just as she’d wished the kiss they shared a few moments ago wouldn’t end, she now wished this delightful fucking would last forever. It made her feel they had a bond that couldn’t be broken. No matter how old they grew or where their lives brought them they’d always have this time when there was no world outside her hotel room.

His hands gripped her hips as he continued pounding her body. He recalled her telling him she was tight and man she wasn’t kidding. She felt good wrapped around him like this, he’d waited so long.

He was on the cusp of having one of the most massive orgasms he’d ever experienced and he wanted it to stop. Not yet, he thought, I can’t cum yet.

She was lost in the wonderful feeling of his cock moving in and out of her like a piston. This position was proving to be a new favorite as it allowed him to rub her the right way but she noticed the intensity had changed.

“Oh my god, this feels amazing!” she cried out.

SLAP! Right on the ass again.

He was trying his damnedest to keep this orgasm at bay but her words touching his ears were just as potent as her tongue touching his body.

“What?” Tired of the slapping she believed he either spank her properly or quit it all together.

“Be quiet.” was all he said.

Realizing he must be close to cumming, and trying to keep from doing so, she decided to torment him just a bit.

“I’m sorry” her words soft and sweet. “It’s just that your cock is so big and feels so good inside me.”

Oh man, why the hell doesn’t she shut up? Refusing to be distracted he maintained a slow shallow thrust.

Oh no you don’t, she said to herself She backed up driving him deeper inside her body causing a simultaneous moan to be heard.

Smiling at the erotic music they made together, he understood what she was doing and was glad. He was screwing her fast and furious now, ramming her for all he was worth.

She pushed hard against the wall of the shower fearing she might hit her head from all the force. The inside of her body felt hot and anxious, her knees were weak, her head swimming. Her breath was coming in short gasps. Her clit tingled with excitement, butterflies fluttered deliriously in her stomach.

“I’m cumming!” she cried out with excitement.

Thank god. “Me too” he answered.

Her movements were synchronized with his as they gave each other immense amounts of pleasure.

When the first tremble of spasm hit her core she let out a passionate shriek. Soon the familiar spasms of orgasm were tearing through her like lightning and she could hardly contain herself. The sensation of her pussy squeezing the cock inside her made her legs shake. She’d never had an orgasm like this with anyone, it was so raw.

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