Thinkin’ About Lovin’

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This story was originally posted to another site and was modified to be submitted here.

This one’s for you, Cowboy!


1600 Hours She was wet and ready. She had been ready since his phone call almost an hour ago saying he was on his way home.

“Are you hungry?” she had asked

“I’m hungry for you, sweetheart.”

“Cowboy, my love,” she laughed softly. “I was talking about dinner.”

“Dinner can wait. I’ve been here half the night and all day today. I’m tired and irritable and all I want when I get home is a shower and my arms around you – not necessarily in that order.”

“Mmmm, and a massage and some pasta for dinner?”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, Texas boy.”

She took a container of her homemade marinara sauce out of the freezer, chilled some wine, changed into an evening robe and brushed her hair.

She stood at the kitchen counter – looking at the huge expanse of their back yard and sipped some wine. Her thoughts drifted back to yesterday morning when her cowboy had loved her awake before he got ready for work. She had been having a delicious dream.

He was holding her, caressing her skin and murmuring love words in her ear. “Baby, you are so soft and sweet. I have to touch you,” he whispered. “I have to kiss you…” He kissed the corners of her mouth, slowly licked her lips and briefly sucked her bottom lip before moving to her throat.

She arched her back, stretching deliciously as his mouth alternated between nibbling her throat and lips. He moved to suckle an earlobe and tease the contours of her ears with his tongue. His breath was warm and tickled her skin as he continued murmuring his love for her. “I love to touch you… I have to touch you,” he whispered as his hands continued to roam over her back – up to her shoulders and down to her hips. “You smell so good… so delicious.”

He filled his hands with her breasts – testing their fullness – gently pressing Antalya Escort his fingers into the soft flesh – taking great pleasure in feeling the weight of them in his palms. “You’re mine, little one. Every inch of you is mine.”

She could barely breathe. She gave in to the sensations he created with his touch. His arms were around her – his hands were caressing all the right places – his thumbs were teasing her nipples. His mouth followed his hands – leading the foray down and across her body to more hidden places.

When he spread her legs and dipped his head between her thighs, his hands cupped her butt, lifting her as his palms alternated, slapping the round firm flesh with gentle smacks, the intensity and tempo increasing as his mouth consumed her, and the pleasure intensified for both of them. She inhaled sharply, reached for him – running her hands through his dark brown hair – squeezing the strong corded neck she loved to touch – pressing her fingers into his shoulders. Her fists clenched – her back curved into an arc, her bottom stinging with pleasure. Uneven breaths escaped her throat accompanied by gasps, and then soft, sweet, low purring sounds.

He was intoxicated with her scent. He inhaled deeply and rubbed his lips and face over her soft folds. He thought the texture of her flesh was unlike any other and he reveled in the feel of her. Slipping his tongue into her heat, he filled his mouth with the taste of her. When he felt her body finally relax, he slipped his arms under her back and pulled her body to his so every inch of her was touching almost every inch of him. Tenderly, he rubbed her bottom, easing the heat from her flesh to his palms.

She sipped her wine and breathed deeply. Remembering their loving simply made her hungry for more. Cowboy’s loving could be tender and sweet; sometimes, it was fast and furious. He could be gentle and he could be rough in a gentle way. Always, it was deeply satisfying Antalya Escort Bayan for both of them.

She thought about how she was going to love him when he came home. When he opened the door, she’d be waiting. After he tossed his cover, she’d unbutton his jacket with one hand and unbuckle his belt with the other. Before he could protest – not that he would – she’d unzip his fly and tug his pants down at the same time. He’d probably laugh or say something to tease her.

Then, she’d push him against the door and kneel in front of him. Before she took him in her mouth, she’d look up at him, gauging his reaction. If she had to bet on it, she’d say his eyes were closed and his lips were parted. He’d have his hands in her hair and probably whisper to her.

“Baby, baby, I love the way you love me.”

And then, she’d love him. One hand would be stroking him, moving in rhythm with her mouth. Occasionally, she’d tug at the nest of fur surrounding his shaft, teasing him, tormenting him, making him hunger for more. He’d threaten to warm her ass if she didn’t stop teasing him, knowing full well she wouldn’t stop. Her other hand would fondle his testes, stroking, gently squeezing, lightly raking her nails over the sensitive sac. He’d groan his pleasure. She adored the sounds he made when she was loving him.

And just when it felt like he couldn’t take any more, she’d let him slip out of her mouth and lick him – running her tongue under the edge of the tip of him – down the outside to his balls – up again and… He’d pull her up to his chest, his hands under her robe, caressing her, his fingers seeking her moist heat. His mouth would capture hers, his tongue diving in and out. And when he finally lifted his head, he’d look at her and have to kiss her again. He’d breathe into her mouth and tell her how much he loved her and how hot her ass was going to be when he got through with her. She couldn’t wait and neither, could Escort Antalya he.

Holding her with one arm, he’d grab his pants with the other so he wouldn’t trip and he’d swiftly move to their bedroom so he could love her thoroughly.

Lying on her back, she’d spread her legs, inviting him. He’d probably pause to look at the sweetness of her sex, wet and ready for him, and loving the hint of color that spread across her face. He’d rid himself of the rest of his clothing and then, he’d cover her sex with his mouth, returning the pleasure she had given him, his hands stinging her butt cheeks, increasing her pleasure.

Before she floated back to him, he’d have her over his knee, his hands rubbing her butt before spanking her. He’d tune in to the sounds she made as his hand connected with her ass, careful not to push her too far, telling her how hot she looked, how sweet her ass was when it pinked, how hard he was for her. When he finally entered her, he’d whisper the love words meant for her ears alone and she’d whisper back. They’d be lost in each other and they’d rest, at ease in each other’s arms. Later, they’d shower together and he’d tease her while he toweled her dry.

“Couldn’t wait for me, could you, imp?” he’d grin as he moved the towel over her breasts, stopping to kiss one and then the other. Then, he’d kiss the tip of her nose when he saw her blush. “I bet you were thinkin’ about lovin’ ever since I left the house.”

“I’m always thinking about loving, Cowboy,” she’d say in all honesty, and slightly embarrassed, she’d bury her nose in his furry chest. “I’m always thinking about you and what you do to me and how you make me feel safe.”

“I love you, little one,” he’d say as he held her close to him.

“I know you do, Texas boy,” she’d reply, “and I love…”

She heard his car in the driveway. She put her wineglass on the counter and moved to the front door. When he opened the door, she was waiting. He gave her a big smile and tossed his cover. She unbuttoned his jacket with one hand and unbuckled his belt with the other. Before he could say a word, she unzipped his fly and tugged his pants down at the same time.

He laughed softly. “Thinkin’ about lovin’, sweetheart?

~ End ~

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