This Changes Everything Pt. 04

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The ears wake up first.

I hear birds outside the bedroom window in the predawn. The young-ins are hungry and chirping like crazy when the mama and papa come back to the nest with the morning grub. The little bastards are so loud.

Then the eyes are next.

Mine open and I’m looking straight into the photo on my nightstand of Meghan and Samantha and I at an amusement park when our daughter was 13. She wore braces then and, with the big grin for the group selfie, those braces were shining in the sunlight. The 5-by-7 photo cheers and saddens me.

Next comes sensation.

There’s a hand looped around my waist and nipples pressed into my back. A female is snoring lightly into my left ear. I feel her chest rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. A strange peace comes over me. I’d been worked up yesterday, and rightly so, and probably would be again today. But for the moment, I was at one with the universe and at peace with myself.

And finally, the memories.

Samantha didn’t have to wait long to be penetrated.

When she straddled me, my cock was growing fast, engorging with blood. Soon it was fully erect and pressing into my daughter’s labia. Samantha wasn’t sure of herself, but she knew she wanted to please me, so she clumsily mounted me, impaling herself on Daddy’s shaft.

My head exploded with the sensation of that gripping and wet ultratight tunnel

She tried to grind and rock and bounce on my shaft. It didn’t do her much good, but it sure did me. Samantha seemed to be at a loss for what to do.

I grabbed her hips and guided her into a slow undulating movement, with an occasional up and down, my cock slipping all the way out and then all the way back in, but in slow motion.

Samantha shuddered, overwhelmed with the sensation of the penis reopening her tunnel each time, plowing back in, sending ripples of pleasure flowing out of her young vagina and through her whole body.

I looked up at my daughter’s face, eyes closed beneath heavy auburn eyebrows, biting her lower lip with heavy breathing.

I felt a gush of liquid from inside her. Did my daughter just cum?

The whole sensory stimulation was too much. I couldn’t hold out.

I let loose a blast of sperm into my daughter’s pussy for the second night in a row. She bent down and sucked on my tongue as I flooded her insides.

How strange it was to be exchanging saliva with your own flesh and blood.

I told her, “damn your pussy is tight, girl. It’s tough to not cum right away.”

That wasn’t the right thing to say to a daughter you just fucked but I wasn’t thinking. She didn’t say that she minded but I made a mental note to be more queenbet güvenilirmi respectful. I just lapsed into how I talk with my slutty wife, Meghan, without thinking.

More respectful? Wait a minute, man, this isn’t going to happen again.

Oh, who was I kidding? If she came into bed with me again, it would happen again. I have nowhere near the willpower to turn down this young beauty, who happens to be my offspring.

I also had this fleeting thought: If we’re going to do this more often, I’ll need to focus on her needs, too, or she’ll soon tire of the sex.

I’m thinking like I’m falling in love with someone. No. No. No.

My cock shriveled and Samantha dismounted, falling against me, then she slid off and snuggled with her Daddy. Like we had done many times in a different life.

We spent quite a bit of time laying in bed, talking like lovers.

I asked Samantha about boys. She said she’s “done a lot” with boys but none ever penetrated her.

So, I took my daughter’s virginity. The thought hit me like a ton of bricks. What also hit me was that it’s not supposed to be that way. I quickly dismissed that damnable stray thought.

Why shouldn’t it?

Here’s another thought I tried on for size: I better start putting on a condom or I might knock up my own daughter. Even if we keep a relationship secret that couldn’t be kept secret.

Maybe I already did impregnate her. We just won’t know for some time.

Samantha wants to go to college but isn’t sure for what. I knew that all along. A pregnancy would certainly derail that, and her entire life. It would change everything.

My daughter kept wanting to talk about her mother and wondered what I was going to do about my wife’s cheating.

“Oh my god, Dad, mom is so fucking bad. I never would have suspected. I didn’t believe what I’d overheard the first time but after a few more calls …”

“Baby, let me handle this,” I told Samantha. “I don’t know yet what I am going to do. Please don’t say anything.”

I was planning on driving to the airport in a few hours to pick up Meghan. Meghan liked friends and family to think that she was this perfect wifey, and that they would be horrified to learn the truth. She loved the double life.

Now we all have secrets.

The brief time that passed since the thunderstorm now seems like a few months. My wife has been gone a long time, and a lot has happened. A lot has changed.

There’s a new dynamic now. How would I explain that? How would I explain that our daughter and I have opened a new chapter in our relationship?

Or maybe I shouldn’t say anything. And, maybe Samantha should queenbet yeni giriş stay quiet. Perhaps this budding father-daughter romance would fizzle out sooner than later.

I stroke my daughter’s hair and feel the goo on my cock dry, leaving a residue.

Next, Samantha says she knows she’s not very good at sex. I pointed out that other young men wouldn’t be very good either, and that you learn how to do sexual things with experience, it’s like “a form of art.”

‘They’re so unemotional, Daddy,” Samantha whispers about boys her age. “They don’t know what they’re doing.”

Women do mature much faster in matters of sex. I assured Samantha that her father was once the same way, a long time ago.

“I want to skip over that part, Dad,” she says. “I want this cock, Daddy.”

With that, she wraps her fingers around my shaft as I lay on my back.

It had been long enough since I came that the flesh pole started filling with blood again.

“Do you want me to give you instructions on sucking cock?” I ask my daughter, not believing such words could come out of my mouth.

She didn’t say anything but began stroking the shaft. I took that as a yes.

“Stick your tongue out and lick the head,” I tell her.

Next, it was time to wrap her lips around the head and suck gently on it. Check.

With a free hand pump the shaft. Check.

Take as much of the cock into your mouth as possible. Check.

Now do all of that together. Check.

“That’s good, baby. Very good.”

Soft and hot mouth. Pumping. Can I shoot again?

“Keep it up. Faster. Make Daddy cum.”

I start pumping my hips up to meet her intake.

“Yes, you’re going to make Daddy cum.”

Pressure builds. Testicles tighten. They’re been working overtime to keep up with the sperm demand I’ve put on them the past two nights, but they are up to the task.

A minute more and they unload into my daughter’s mouth, spurt and spurt. She doesn’t miss a drop. It all goes straight into her belly. Hot cum straight from my testicles into my daughter’s stomach.

I am so bad, so wicked, enjoying this.

She continues sucking, swirling my rapidly deflating cock inside her mouth, letting me down easily. My dick doesn’t want to stay inflated after its two workouts, really three in 24 hours.

“Oh, Samantha, that was good,” I say running my fingers through her auburn hair and pressing her to me. “You make Dad happy.”

I am pretty well spent now and ready for sleep soon. I glance at the clock: 1:45.

“I never did that for any of the boys,” she says hoarsely as my softening member pops out of her mouth. “I just jerk them or queenbet giriş spit out their cum.”

So, that was another first.

“Honey, let’s not talk about this with Mom, OK?”

“Alright, Dad.”

Samantha keeps her head on my chest and we drift off to sleep, a very pleasant feeling in my empty testicles. I’ve spread a lot of my seed around the past two nights, and even though it was involving my daughter, I am content.

I shake myself away from last night’s memories and look at the clock. I didn’t even sleep five hours.

“Samantha, it’s 6:30. You have to go to school,” I say.

I reach around and shake her hip gently, then the snoring stops and the nipples freeze against my back as she groggily opens her eyes. The light outside is getting brighter. The birds are quiet with their bellies full.

“What, Dad?”

“You need to get up and go to school.”

“Must I?”


“Call me in sick and let’s stay in bed today.”

I pause, considering the tempting offer.

“No, honey. You go to school.”

I give her a moment and Samantha crawls over me, making sure her body lingers here and there, giggling a bit as she does. I feel the heat again from her hole, then she stands next to the bed.

She’s startled, putting her left hand over her mouth, and reaches down with the right and forms a cup under her vagina. Some of my sperm is leaking down her left leg, oozing out of her hole.

I watch fascinated for a couple seconds as the goo clings to that leg and begins a slow slide.

“I guess this is going to be something new,” Samantha says.

That means she’s not planning on making last night the last time. Another thought hits me: The upside of this is that I won’t have to worry about any of those boys. Maybe.

My daughter strides over to the bathroom in the master suite and pulls toilet paper off the dispenser, wiping the inside of her thigh.

Suddenly, it seems very natural that she’s here in this bedroom.

She gets a new idea, one that I’ve seen dozens of women do, and sits on the toilet, letting the sperm drain. I hear the gurgling sound of the drainage and the cum plopping into the water.

Soon, Samantha leans forward, elbows on knees, head down, hair hanging in front of her face.

I hear her pissing, a strong steady stream splashing against the inside of the toilet bowl.

“Dad, you’re not supposed to watch this.’


“I’m going to have to put a pad on to go to school,” she says, wiping herself and standing.

Samantha waves at me as she glides by, heading toward her room and her clothes and shoes. What if they were in this bedroom?

“Oh. Oh. Oh,” my daughter says looking at a clock on her mother’s dresser. “Gotta go.”

I lay my head back down on the pillow. Soon the shower starts down the hallway.

Oh, fuck it. I better get up.

I realize that I need to wash the bedding today and I don’t have a lot time.

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